Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 days

Three more days until I'm Mrs. Hunt and 3 hours (and some change) is how long it took us today to get from Charlotte to Bluffton.
We are here safe! The car was packed to the very very top!

You would think Hannah wouldn't be able to make it up front for sure this time....nope, you're wrong!

Here she comes!

This is when I almost had a heart attack because she was sitting on the door!

There she is! She couldn't have been comfortable at all!
Mr. Hunt had a fantasy football draft last night and River helped him pick his team.

Hannah was sleeping like a beauty queen!

Did I ever mention that I love my furbabies?

Have a good day!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 days

Four more days until I'm Mrs. Hunt and 4 bags are sucessfully packed.
I'm so tired right now I don't know what to do. I'm hungry too!
Today I let the dogs play outside almost all day except when the fence people came so that I could pack and get things done in the house without having them under my feet all day. I would periodically check on them to make sure they weren't digging or anything. I noticed that instead of their regular running around or bathing in the sun, they were both laying next to my magnolia tree/bush and were pretty content. I didn't think anything of it until both River and Hannah came inside to show me what they had. They both had a branch with leaves on it in their mouths and they were super excited! I knew right away that this was bad and ran outside.

They ate all the branches off and left them on the ground! This is a huge bummer but they will grow back.
Just a side note: look at this street.

You can't see that well but there are squished flattened cones all over the place. Not really sure what the road people were trying to prevent, but it didn't work because people were driving all through the coned off areas and all over all the cones. The worst part is that the workers were standing around and acting like nothing was wrong. Yeah nothing is wrong except people are driving crazy because your cones are squished in the middle of the road!
Have a good day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

5 days

Five more days until I'm Mrs. Hunt and I'm using about 5 different face creams and lotions right now on my face. Why? Because River donkey kicked my face lastnight and scratched my right cheek pretty badly. Oh gosh! He didn't mean to!
Today I have been running around like a crazy person. I have also been trying to start packing. Usually I don't pack for places until the night before or that day because I hate to forget anything and things like your bathroom supplies you have to use then until you leave.
Since we are packing for two things and two weeks, I'm trying to start early, but its kind of making me even more crazy! We won't be sleeping in our bed tonight because I am washing the sheets and there are clothes all over the bed.
I got to go, Mr. Hunt turned on the clean function of the oven and I think it may be on fire, at least that's what it smells like!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 days

Six days until I'm Mrs. Hunt and six more healthy eating days until I pig out on our honeymoon! I'm serious!
Today we met our honeymoon planner at the starbucks by our house and she gave us all of our travel documents, itinerary, etc. She was so organized and I'm glad that's one thing I don't have to get together because she did it for us!

I got bored waiting for her at starbucks and started taking pictures!
We also tried to change my car battery as that was the last thing wrong with it. I say tried because we didn't have a small enough wrench to get the old battery out. We are taking a break right now and will go off to find one a little later this evening. I definitely need it done by tomorrow so I can run errands.

Were getting closer!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The countdown begins!

Seven more days until I am married to Mr. Hunt finally!
Seven suitcases (more or less....probably more) will be packed and ready on Tuesday to head out for two and a half weeks of fun!

On a side note: my day today has been pretty funny/crazy already and it's only 1pm.
This morning I rolled out of bed and started walking down the steps to let the dogs out when I saw a man standing at our front door. I don't think he saw me but I ran back upstairs to get Mr. Hunt because all I was wearing were my undies and a tshirt!
Once Mr. Hunt walked outside to see what he wanted (mind you I was looking out the bedroom window and he never rang the doorbell...creepy), I walked back down to let the dogs out. Stupid me didn't think to put pants on because I was picturing Mr. Hunt intercepting him and asking him what he wanted. When I got the the back door I started to open the door for the dogs when I looked up to see the man in the back yard standing there and then he gave me a friendly wave! Oh my goodness, my eyes just got huge and I froze there like maybe if I was completely still he would see me.
Mr. Hunt came back inside and told me that the man was hysterically laughing at!!
Turns out he was spraypainting lines where our power lines are for the fence people that are coming to fix the fence!
Second thing was just funny! I went to pick my car up from the shop, got in the car, turned it on, and my old school Nelly CD was playing...LOUD! I just smiled because I knew that whoever was fixing my car must have been listening to it, because I sure wasn't when I left it there.
Lastly, it's always fun to get hit on by a car full of guys 7 days before your wedding! Ha! I was picking up my rehearsal dinner dress from the seamstress which happens to be white. As I was walking back to my car, they almost ran me over in the parking lot and I probably gave them a nasty look. When they got out, one of them said "congratulations!" I said thanks without even thinking. He said "your getting married right, that's your wedding dress right?" I told him it was my rehearsal dinner dress but he had a pretty good guess! Then he said. "I knew you we're getting married because that huge rock on your finger almost blinded me and that's why I almost ran you over!"

Oh geez!!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Better Days

Today was a better day. I like better days. The only thing that would have made it better would be if I didn't have to work. But honestly, work wasn't so bad either as I had alot of work to get done before my two and a half week vacation that started at 5pm today. You know they say time flies when your busy and I agree!
So anyway besides all that my day was full of time with my furbabies! Sometimes the days spent with slobber covering your face are the best ones.
When I got home, we played in the back yard. Nothing is better than 70 degrees and clouds coming through.

Now I'm laying on the couch, watching LOST, just ate pizza (bad choice 7 days before I say I do, but today I don't care), sitting next to Mr. Hunt and my sweet puppies. They both just landed some sloppy kisses on me while Mr. Hunt took pictures!
Still have slobber on my face...and I'm a happy girl!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A few things on my mind

There are a few things on my mind that I thought I would share. Mainly to relieve some stress!
First off, not everything on my mind is wedding related (surprise), but most is.
One thing is that I checked the 10 day forecast today as today was the first day it was on there, and here is what it said
High of 84 degrees, sunny, 10% chance of rain! Ahhh, doesnt that sound good. Let's pray it stays that way.
Another thing on my mind is my car, or truck as I call it. Obviously with two dogs, two dog crates, all the wedding stuff, and two and a half weeks worth of luggage, my car is the only one Mr. Hunt and I can drive down there. We are planning on leaving Tuesday afternoon, but now my car is acting up. Not just one thing. It's doing about 4 strange things all of the sudden, out of the blue. The problem is, is that it doesnt do all 4 things all the time so I know as soon as I take the car in, it wont have any symptoms. Just my luck! We need that car so I guess I need to take it in.
Another thing on my mind are my fur babies! I'm sure some of you think I talk about them way too much but I ran across an article about a black lab today that left me in tears. Read for yourself

This black lab just laid by his owners casket at his funeral.

Dogs are so smart, and as much as they can be annoying or hyper sometimes, it's solely because they love you! The fact that this dog knew his owner was in there and hurt (or gone) made me cry. It only made me want to go home and hug mine. Their purpose in life is to please their owners and to please them is to love them. That's one reason why I don't understood why some people don't like dogs or go as far as to abuse them. But that's a whole 'nother story!
Lastly is not really something on my mind, but it's just stress! Taking over my body. I'm tired, my body aches, I feel like I haven't taken care of my hair or makeup or outfit in days, all because I have so much on my mind about what to do next for the wedding. I'm so nervous that I'm going to forget to pack something. Right now I have a running list of things to remember. You know, me and my notes...
Take a gander really

And that's not even half of it, this is just what I had at work. The other two pages and five sticky notes are at home....somewhere.

So long story short, please pray for good weather, working cars, happy furbabies in the world, and low stress. I know Gods plan for Mr. Hunt and I is amazing even though I don't know what it is. But I do know that the stress is totally worth it! Besides marrying my best friend, we are going for a week long honeymoon too! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have given in and tried the couponing out. Let me tell you, I'm hooked!
No, I'm not the crazy people you see on TV, but I'm definitely saving us some money.
First things first, you CANT be brand specific or brand picky, just get what's on sale.
I shop right now at Target (they don't have much), CVS (you can get some amazing deals here, if you go the first day the sales are out, otherwise everything is gone), Rite Aid (awesome deals), Harris Teeter (doubles coupons up to .99 and also has super doubles sometimes, love this!), and Bi-Lo (doubles up to .60). Don't worry, I'm not driving all around town wasting gas, all of these stores are all in one area, it's great!
My last rule for myself is not to buy anything we won't use. I've done very good with this. I have been tempted a few times to buy things just because it seemed like a great deal, but stopped myself. Unless it's free, then I'll get it no matter what and I could always give it away. Hey, it was free.
My secret, my guest bathroom cabinets are almost full with soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, tissues, etc. But it feels good knowing that I won't and didn't pay full price for any of it!
The food is a little harder because you have to make sure you buy things that won't go bad if you don't eat it right away. The freezer is coming in handy alot. Otherwise I don't buy it and wait until there is another sale when we need it.
Mr. Hunt took awhile to get used to it, but I think he is good now. He didn't understand why I bought 5 tubes of toothpaste at once when it takes us a few months to go through just one tube. I tried to remind him that instead of paying full price for the tubes when we need them, we got these all at a VERY cheap price now, and won't have to pay later.
I definitely think this will be even better once we have kids and there are more than two of us in the house. I know the furbabies like the couponing because I bring home all sorts of new free treats!
So, this is what I bought yesterday at CVS. This was my best shop so far. Let me remind you, I'm not crazy coupon lady, but this is pretty good for being a "sort of" crazy coupon lady as Mr. Hunt would probably say.

12 rolls of paper towels, 16 rolls of toilet paper, 1 head and shoulders shampoo, three garnier fructis shampoos, three hand soaps, 4 boxes of puffs tissues, and a bag of salt and vinegar chips (not pictured...I was too hungry I had to eat them right away).

SPENT: $29.38
SAVED: $48.83

Plus I still have $3 left to spend at CVS on my next trip. Pretty good huh?

You should try it, it's fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl

So Mr. Hunt came home lastnight from Oklahoma around 2am. The furbabies and I were of course sleeping, and as usual they were taking up the whole bed.
When I woke up this morning this is how Hannah was

Look at this love. She can't get enough of her daddy. She definitely doesn't do this to me.

Friday, August 19, 2011

We are a mess

Ok guys! I'm on a kick of showing you guys my messy house. In reality it pretty much always looks like this. When you come over and it looks clean, it's either because we ran around like crazy people putting things away or the maid was just there! Hey, I'm in a honest mood.
If it were up to me, I would keep my house spotless all the time, but we are human and that doesn't happen on Settlers Trail.

Wow! Look at this kitchen! A hammer on the island, dishes piled in the sink, big cardboard boxes on the floor, etc. I do have to say alot of this mess is from the wedding. I'm having to move everything from the kitchen table to make room for my seating chart diagram, and we keep receiving wonderful wedding gifts that we are so greatful for, but they come in the biggest boxes with ten thousands papers inside!

Here is the kitchen table. Wow!

Ok! I'm done, this is making me crazy! I will be cleaning tonight before Mr. Hunt comes home.

And to think I blame him for making messes. Oops!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Endless laundry

Ok seriously! I'm not really sure what I'm going to do when I actually do have kids because Mr. Hunt and I's laundry is out of control.
No matter where I turn there is laundry to be done, folder, hung up, put away, switched from the washer to the dryer etc.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong because we are conscious of trying to wear things more than once if it isn't dirty. I know some people that wear everything only once. Maybe I should ask them their laundry tricks.
It's a serious thing guys! Literally everyday everywhere there is laundry! I'm starting to go crazy!

Laundry in and on the kitchen table chairs

Laundry needing to be folded

Dirty clothes that need to be washed. By the way the dogs LOVE to lay on the clothes! Not really sure...I'm guessing because it smells like us!
Anyway, this is what I'm doing now...laundry!
I actually like clean clothes, but I HATE folding and hanging. That doesn't really help me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Bachelorette Weekend!

The wedding is right around the corner so I had to celebrate one last time with my girls before I am a married woman!
I had a BLAST and that really doesn't explain it! This is what we did!
We went to Charleston SC and stayed in a two bedroom condo right in the middle of downtown.
To help make this blog not a million pages long, I'll just write a few points on what we did
-arrived Saturday afternoon.
-girls that came: Brandy and baby Cameron, Tatiana, Adrienne, Katie, Rachel, and Maggie
-checked out the condo while Brandy fed the baby
-walked across the street for lunch and a drink or two
-back to the condo for another feed, played the "who knows Jennifer best" game and said goodbye to Brandy and Cameron since they couldn't stay

-got ready for dinner and the night out while listening to music and snacking on yummy food
-got rushed because we saw a big storm coming and the plan was to walk everywhere
-thought we left early enough but it down poured on our walk/run to the restaurant
-ate Japanese food, drank Sake and had a great dinner while the storm blew over
-went to a bar called saloon for some dancing

-went to another bar called NV. We didn't have to pay the cover charge because we snuck in the back.
-danced the rest of the night away
-went back to condo, talked, passed out
-next morning, Adrienne cooked an amazing breakfast
-lounged around the condo
-ate lunch at a cute coffee shop around the corner
-said goodbye to Tatiana
-went back to the condo for a spa day
-we did nails, toe nails, massages and facials for 4 hours! It was so relaxing

-said goodbye to Katie
-went to a wine bar for dinner
-said goodbye to Maggie
-went to get ice-cream for dessert
-hung out at condo for the rest of the night watching movies, funny videos, and catching up
-next morning I said goodbye to Adrienne and Rachel and I headed home
I couldn't have asked for a better party. Each girl did something to make it special. I know they spent so much time, love, and money to put this together and I feel very loved. I can't wait until it's my turn to do this for them one day!


We have cicadas everywhere! At least I think it's a cicada! And I only find their shells. I guess they shed their body or something, but this is not something I want to find on my porch again.

Look! It's as big as my big toe! No thanks! Hannah went crazy with it and finally Mr. Hunt moved him because it was distracting Hannah from doing anything but play with it when she went outside!
Yuk! There shouldn't be this big of a bug this close to human life!

Dressing Mr. Hunt

I like to dress Mr. Hunt for his business trips. This is what we did last night too (along with messing with the new iPad).
I guess I should say I like to help him pick out an outfit, not dress him, that sounds a little funny.
He is really good about putting his suits together with the correct belt, socks, shoes, tie, etc, but I like to help with the otter stuff. When he is in Oklahoma this trip, his company is taking him to a horse race! How fun! They said to dress casual, jeans allowed. Off to the store we went for a new outfit! He lost so much weight with the P90X that none of his clothes fit anymore!
This is what we came up with. Everything including the shoes is new!

Tucked in or not, he looks hot!
And to make it better, he feels confident in his new outfit! Have fun babe!

iPad 2

We broke down lastnight and bought an iPad 2. This is how the decision process went. Mind you, we have been talking about getting one for a long time so it wasn't too random.
Mr. Hunt and I's new favorite show is Dexter. A few months ago we watched all four seasons in about two weeks, it was pretty awful how much time we spent in front of the tv, but the show is that good. Once we finished, we then had to wait for Dexter season 5 to come out on DVD. Well it finally came out yesterday. I called all the blockbusters I could but all were already checked out. Mr. Hunt searched everywhere and we finally came to the conclusion that if we had an iPad, we could order it on iTunes and stream it through the tv! Perfect!
Mr. Hunt also needs it for work. Remember me telling you how bad our laptop was? I can't wait to get rid of it but I won't do that until we get another laptop. The laptop now is so slow and small!
After we finally got home from buying it and Mr. Hunt downloading everything and getting things set up, it was 10pm. That is our bedtime. No Dexter! Haha!
I didn't even get to play with it or look at it! Now Mr. Hunt is off to Oklahoma for business for the rest of the week and of course he brought it with him. Now I won't get to use it until he gets back on Saturday. I should have known.
I'm over it already, it's just a big iPhone which we both have already. I'm just excited that I can use that when I need something bigger than this phone and it will be fast ad not super slow like the laptop!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

I love this goof

Most of you who know Mr. Hunt, know that he is a big goofball.
Over 90% of the time, he is telling a joke, laughing, or just being goofy! I love it though. I need it! It's a balance. I am too serious sometimes and he helps me to loosen up.
Here is a true example of a crazy kid!

This was part of the 90%. He couldn't even serious up (does that make sense) for a nice picture with his mother!

Here he goes again!

I finally had to give him the "look". I'm pretty sure he straightened up after that!

As much as he goods off, he also does really sweet things, like this...

He brought these home to me a few days ago...for no particular reason!
Goofy but kind of dude!

On a side note, look at this sweet little thing!

Another cute outfit I bought her! She's looking a little irritated, but still so precious!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy Dude on the Road

OK y'all. I ran into the craziest guy on the road today. I honestly should have gotten his licence plate number, but I was so appalled that I couldn't do anything.
On my way to work today, I was on 485 about to get off the Wilkinson Blvd. exit. I was in the far left lane, so I had to change two lanes so that I could eventually get off the exit.
In the meantime, I see this guy in a SUV behind me swerving in and out of traffic, acting like a crazy fool who must be late to work. I decided to get into the middle lane for my first change to get closer to the exit side. I turned my blinker on and looked behind me to make sure that I could switch lanes, like I always do. Nobody was there, so I gradually started to change lanes. Right as I was halfway in the lane, the crazy dude whipped into that lane and sped up. I kept getting into the lane because I was already halfway in the lane to start with. It made it seem like I cut him off, but if he werent speeding and being crazy it wouldn't have.
I thought that was it, but NO! He kept creeping up as close to my car as he could. I couldn't believe how close he was to my car and I am honestly surprised that he didn't hit me. I kept looking in my mirror at him because he was throwing his arms all around, flicking me off, and yelling crazy stuff!
OK, this next part is bad on my part, but I was starting to get heated. Usually when someone is driving close to me I put my brakes on to make sure they know that they are too close. This guy was WAY too close for me to even do that. If I had to tap on my breaks at all, he would have HIT ME! What if I had to break if someone was in front of me?
He was behind me like this for a good minute. I couldn't change lanes because there was morning traffic, and he stayed as close to me as he could. I even sped up a little for his sake. Its not like I was driving really slow or anything. Finally I changed lanes as soon as I could. I knew he would probably speed past me and start yelling, but I thought that would be it again.
But NO! I kid you not for this next part, and I'm still in total shock that he did this. He sped past me, not screaming or making nasty gestures, he just gave me a nasty glare. I was in the process of getting off the exit when he whipped right in front of me and made a complete STOP! I'm serious y'all. He stopped in the middle of the highway in front of me! COMPLETE STOP! I had to slam on my breaks because I didn't think he would do that. At first It thought he was being nasty and was just going to drive slow or something, but no, he stopped. He waiting a few seconds before peeling out his tires and uncontrollably getting back onto the highway.
I'm still in shock. I go from being really angry, to laughing. This man had to of woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
The first thing Mr. Hunt asked me was if he was in a junky car. Nope, he was a white male, probably about 50 years old in a nice SUV. I don't get it! People can be really crazy! They need God and some friends.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At work

Look at all this stuff. It's all I can do but put colorful stuff on my desk so that I dont get too bored!

Snacks, target puzzle dog, colorful highlighted and pens, sticky notes (duh), and much more consume my desk!
And this is what I look like....

Listening to James Taylor radio. Keeps me calm during all this wedding planning.
I swear I had NOTHING to do a few weeks ago, and now I feel like I'm not going to get everything done in time! Yikes!
I really hope I don't turn into this the day of the wedding...

Haha or this...

Hopefully it won't come to this. I'm hoping everything will be taken care of by then, but for now, I'm stressing big time!
Ok! Got to get back to table seatings and timeline configuring!
See ya!

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