Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In

Mr. Hunt and I were snowed in for two days earlier this week. Well, I guess we weren't really snowed in, but almost all of Charlotte was closed and we couldn't really go anywhere very far because the roads were very bad.

On Monday morning it started to snow around 3am. By the time we woke up to get ready for work, there was already 4 inches of snow. We knew we weren't going into work so we went back to bed for a little bit and when we woke up it was still snowing. It snowed until around 8pm Monday night when it then turned into freezing rain.

On Monday, we ventured out to Subway and the grocery store. It was very easy to get the snow off the car because it was just like powder. It was exciting to see all the snow everywhere.

Tuesday morning was so much worse. I had no idea that the pretty powdery snow would turn into such a nightmare. As soon as Mr. Hunt stepped foot on the driveway he fell. Then I tried to go see what it was like and I got stuck sliding down the driveway. I couldn't walk back up without sliding back. Mr. Hunt had to come rescue me.

For some reason, Mr. Hunt and I didn't think Monday that we should get food for Tuesday, so again on Tuesday we had to venture out to the grocery to get food. It was alot scarier to go out in the snow.

The snow was very pretty and it was nice not having to go into work, but by Tuesday night I was ready for it to be done with.

We still have ice/snow in our backyard. The dogs have such a hard time trying to go potty out there. They look like they are ice-skating. I think its going to be awhile before it is gone. It is a pretty thick piece of ice.

I have decided that I like snow, but it would be ten times better if it came with warm weather. I would play in it all day long.

Christmas Baby

Our Christmas baby turned two years old (14 in doggie years) this Christmas. He had such a great day. My mom put reindeer antlers and bells on his legs and arms and had him run around the house. Everyone gave him a birthday kiss and he got an extra gift.

I feel a little bad because I didn't get him a cake like I did Hannah last year, but Ill give him a piece of Hannah's again in June when Hannah turns two.

Mr. Hunt and I started a new tradition of singing happy birthday to them in the morning as soon as we wake up...even before we get out of bed. Even though I know they have no idea what we are singing, they LOVE it. They get very excited and happy hearing our happy tone of voice.

River is the best dog we could have asked for. Mr. Hunt and I didn't really know what we were signing up for when we picked him up for the first time, but he was a great "starter" dog. If River were as hyper as Hannah, I don't think we would have got another dog. So good thing he was the way he was, or else we might of not got Hannah.


We love you very much. Thank you for being a great, loving, and especially loyal dog. We love everything that you do that makes you you. We love your love for any kind of ball and food because we love to see how happy you are when you have them. We love that you think you are a small lap dog because we love to cuddle with you too. We love that you a so confused sometimes but go with the flow because that makes it alot easier for us to handle you and your sister. We love that you love us more than we love you because sometimes we need to be reminded that we need to love each other unconditionally like you do us. Thank you for protecting us (kinda), being there whenever we need you, and keeping our lives VERY interesting.

We love you and your smelly bum!


Mom and Dad

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was amazing as usual. This was the first year that Mr. Hunt and I were together the whole day, were with each other for Christmas eve, and then together on Christmas morning. We had so much fun with my family, but we missed Chris' family alot.

The Thursday before Christmas (day before Christmas eve) we went over to the Hunts house to have dinner and exchange our gifts. We got alot of awesome gifts that I mentioned in my recent blog, but we also had a great time visiting with family. Grandmamma and granddaddy Hunt, Aunt Lease and Aunt Kena, and Aunt Marsha were all there too.

The next morning (Christmas eve) we headed down to Bluffton. It was a challenge trying to fit everything into the car with all the Christmas gifts we brought down. When we got there, we relaxed for a bit before going to church that evening. The church service was great as usual and it really put me in the Christmas spirit. When we got home from church, we got ready for Christmas the next day.

Now my family has some traditions for Christmas eve that we have stuck to all these years. For awhile I thought that every family did this, but I guess not. We don't put out any gifts under the tree at all. Not even gifts from eachother. We liked it when we were kids because it made it seem like there were so many gifts the next morning. Now we just do it because that is the tradition. We also put our stockings in the seat that we want to open our gifts at the next morning. Davis has always been the one to choose where everyone sits, so we still let him do that. My parents also always give us a pair of Christmas PJs to wear that night and Christmas morning. They got Mr. Hunt a pair this year so that he wouldn't feel left out. So we followed our usual traditions and headed to bed early.

The next morning we opened our gifts and headed over to our cousin Melissa and Shane's house for the family get together. It was nice of Melissa to have it over at her house so that our Grandpa could come out of the therapy place and come over since she lives close. It is always nice to see the famly but we were missing our Aunt Lisa and Aunt Fran. We did our traditional girls and boys picture. We have done this since before I was born. The boys picture was always smaller than the girls but this year was the first year we had a ton more boys. My Grandma has all the pictures together at her house from all the years. Its funny to see them all and see how the family has changed in all the years.

The next day we headed to North Augusta, South Carolina to see Mr. Hunts family. His family always meets there at Grandmamma Geri's house sometime around Christmas to get together and eat and exchange gifts. I'm happy to say that they/we have added a new tradition this year and that is to read the story of Jesus' birth out of the Bible before we eat. I think that is a great idea. Sometimes we need to be reminded why we are here, and why we celebrate Christmas, and that is the perfect reminder. It snowed the whole way up there and the whole way home and I loved it.

When we finally got home Sunday night, we had at least three inches of snow! The dogs were super excited, and so was I. Too bad we weren't there when it was snowing on Christmas to have a white Christmas.....but we wouldn't have changed a thing about our Christmas.

I hope yours was as good as ours :)

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