Monday, November 30, 2015

Matching PJs

I think one of the cutest things ever is siblings in matching pjs. They don't have to be the same gender...they just look SO CUTE!

I got Jane and Jax some matching pjs for Christmas Eve and it came in a two pack so these were the other pair. Jax didnt have many pjs that fit him so I let them wear them early. 

So cute! Ill be doing this more often!


Jackson October and November

Y'all....Im sorry Ive been MIA! We have been SO busy! I feel like I have a ton to update on, but we will start here. I missed Jackson's October pictures and now its the end of November already. So, Im just going to do both here now!

This picture seems like so long ago because soon after this....he was done with that chair. Even strapping him in, he just wanted to roll right out!

First time sitting up by himself!

First time in the highchair! Taking it all in!

Dino Towel

Sitting up like a big boy in the stroller

So cute!

My little redskin

It was a nice day out

These two!

He's always smiling

Not a fan of the hay

Cuddling Daddy

Loves bath

Reading books

Time with River

First bath with Sister

His first Halloween

Enjoying the beach in October

Loving the toast

 His little mohawk

Love my sweet boy

Little Batman

First fire of the season

Thats it! We will see in you December!

Jackson's Mom!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jackson's 6 Month Update

YAY! Jackson is a half a year old already! I swear it feels like a blink of an eye and also a lifetime at the same time. How does that even happen! Kids grow SO fast!!

Jackson can put his paci in his mouth on his own....most of the time. If he can get it in his hand facing the correct way, then he can get it in. We've put tons of pacis in his crib in hopes that he can find one and put it in in the middle of the night soon!

Jackson can sit up all by himself now. No wobbling and he is very sturdy. He loves sitting up in the bath now, rarely likes to lay back (only when I wash his hair). He has started splashing in the tub and its funny when the water splashes in his face, he seems startled. 

 He LOVES Jane. She is his favorite person. If she is in the same room he will lock eyes on her the entire time. Wherever she goes in the room, his eyes are following. He is constantly laughing at her as well, even when she isn't doing anything funny. He also tries to do things like her....he is already trying to crawl just so he can keep up with her. When she tries to make him laugh its the cutest thing. I can do the same exact thing to Jackson and he wont even smile at me.

He has started to actually play with Jane some. She loves to push him around in his walker and he thinks its the funnest thing! He also just likes to sit near her and watch her play with her dolls or other toys. Jane is still learning to share good, but other then that, they are so cute together! I can't wait to see their relationship in the future. 

 He helped me celebrate my 29th birthday this past month! It was so fun to have both my babies with me for my last year of my 20s!

Jackson sat up in his stroller for the first time....meaning he wasn't strapped into his carseat on the stroller. He loved to be able to look around at everything and play with his toys on the tray infant of him

He also sat up in a grocery cart for the first time without his carseat. It was at Target, and again, he loved just looking around at everything. I guess he really couldn't see much while laying back in his carseat this whole time!

He is still sleeping great and trying to drop his third nap. Im just paying it by ear but right now he still gets a little fussy in the evening around 5 or 6 so I put him in the swing and he will nap for about 10 minutes, then be a totally different baby. There have been some days where he doesn't take that last nap and he is just extra tired at bedtime (which is fine) but he hasn't dropped it all together quite yet!

This little boy loves his bottle. If it is in reach or in eye sight, he will fuss until he gets it close enough. Then he grabs it and puts it in his mouth. He can hold the bottle on his own but once the milk is almost gone, he hasn't figured out how to tilt the bottle back to get more so he ends up sucking air which isn't good, so we still feed him, but he's pretty close to doing it himself

He grabs everything! Then everything goes straight to his mouth...even my hair! I guess thats just this phase! He isn't teething though, at his six month appointment the pediatrician said there are no teeth in sight!

These pictures of Jax and Jane are so cute!

 She really didn't want him to touch her Elsa dress, I personally thought it was funny!

She's a good big sister though and let him!

He is 
16lb 11oz 32nd percentile
27 1/4 inches tall 75th percentile
17inch head 43rd percentile

Fun fact is that these are the EXACT same measurements as Jane at 6 months! How did that happen!?

The pediatrician was a little worried because his weight dropped in percentiles and isn't following his curve from we are trying to feed him a little more and see what happens. I don't think its too much to worry about...I hope!

We also had to go get X-rays on Jackson's head the day after his 6 month appointment. This was because the pediatrician thought that his skull had fused together prematurely. The way his head is growing is perfect, but hone she was feeling around his skull, she thought different. He has some pretty big bumps on the side of his head. Turns out everything is great. The X-rays came back showing that his skull is totally normal so we are thanking God for that!

This big boy wears 6 and 9 month clothes. 9 month is a little big but thats what we buy now. He is definitely in 9 month pjs though because he is tall!

This guy is just the best! He is still so laid back and easy going, loves to smile, and just is content and happy all the time! My two babies are just precious!

Thank you for being just the best little boy. I hope you stay happy and positive forever. I know you don't know what sharing is, but when your sister takes stuff out of your hands, you just smile and laugh. I know one day that will change, but for now its just the sweetest thing. We all love you so much! I can't believe in just another half of a year you will be ONE. If it goes by the same speed as the first 6 months, we will be throwing your party tomorrow!



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