Sunday, May 31, 2015

Newborn Features (Comparison)

So when Jane was a newborn, I decided to take pictures of all of her little features. I didn't want to ever forget what she looked like. Even what her ears and bellybutton looked like. Im so glad I did, because when people say babies grow up quick, they aren't lying. Sometimes I go back and look at all the pictures of Jane as a baby, and I miss it! 

So of course I dint forget to do it with Jackson either. As I was uploading the pictures, I decided to go back and look at Jane's again. To my surprise, I noticed that they are practically TWINS! I knew that they're faces looked very similar. Im pretty sure the first thing I said when I saw Jackson for the first time was "He looks like Jane did!" BUT, I was surprised at how similar their other features were, so I made some comparisons. 

Is it true that it depends on how the doctor clamps the umbilical cord to determine what your belly button will look like? Either way, they both have cute little outies that look really similar. 

This is the one that shocked me the most. I don't tend to pay attention to what people's ears look like, even my own babies, but since I was taking pictures of all their features, I didn't leave the ears out. Their ears are EXACTLY the same. They even have a little point at the top! How crazy!

Like I said, I already knew that they looks the same in the face. You can see here that they have to same nose and mouth. They also have the same shape eyes, but you can't tell that well here. The shape of their heads are the same too. Jackson is already starting to look like his own person, but their newborn faces are the same.

They both have the same shape feet. Same shape toes. Both large feet. They even have the same wrinkles on the bottom.

I didn't have a great picture of Jane's hand/fingers, but they both have long fingers.

That's all I have to compare, but I just think that is so crazy! Im curious to see what they look like when they get older. I used to think my brothers and I didn't look much alike, but we sure do now! 

Here are some more pictures of Jackson's features. 

I love little baby feet the best I think. You can't beat baby rolls either though.

Jane and Jackson's Mom!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend. It was the first time we took Jackson out of the house overnight. There was a lot of packing and we had a least one more full bag than we usually did with just the three of us before Jackson. 

We were going to go straight to my parents house, but we decided to stop in at the Beaufort house for two nights since my family had a wedding to go to anyway. I was hesitant to pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, and unpack again all in three days, but looking back, Im glad we did. We had a great relaxing weekend. 

We took Jane to the pool the first day in Beaufort. She loved it. I haven't been to the pool with her since last summer so I wasn't sure how good of a swimmer she was. She had the puddle jumper last summer, but still wasn't a great swimmer and didn't really grasp the concept. Since then, she's got it down (she's gone to the pool a few times with her Mimi to practice). 

For the most part, she swam all by herself. Mr. Hunt stayed in the pool just in case, but she was having a blast. She loved the pink "moodle."

Mr. Hunt thought this would be fun, but Jane really thought he was trying to take the noodle away so she started to scream.

Jackson stayed in the shade. We really need to find something else for him to sit in this swimmer while at the pool and beach. This carseat is the WORST at keeping him cool. He is always soaked in sweat when I get him out of the carseat, even after being in an air conditioned car.

Look at the joy!

Its going to be a FUN summer!

 What a precious moment. This girl is always on the go and rarely takes the time to cuddle. She sat like this wrapped up in his arms for a good 5 minutes while I got everything ready to leave. I think she was really tired from all the swimming, but Mr. Hunt soaked it in!

She really didn't want him to put her down, so he carried her all the way home, along with Jackson!

 Look at my sweet babies taking a rest on the couch!

I can't remember what she said she was doing here...

All snuggled up!

We love the sunsets at the Beaufort house. We spent the first evening out on the dock, and the hammock, watching the sunset.

This was Jackson's first time seeing the ocean, although I don't think he ever opened his eyes

We sang on the hammock

Jane got REALLY dirty in the meantime. We told her that if she wanted to walk on the dock, she had to hold onto the railing. It must have been really dirty because she walked up and down about 5 times before she got a splinter and REALLY dirty hands.

 My boys minus River

After that, we headed over to my parents house. The boys went golfing two days in a row and my mom and I (and Jenn came over both days) spent time relaxing and hanging out with Jackson. I didn't get any pictures because we didn't do much but play outside in the backyard.

I did get this picture though, its Jane sleeping in the pack and play. We didn't bring the monitor for the first time ever and I went to go check on her right before we went to bed. Poor thing is WAY too big for the pack and play these days. She was sleeping with her feet up! Good thing we are transferring to a big girl bed VERY soon. Jackson will need the pack and play next!

Jane has been doing WONDERFUL with Jackson. I kept saying that once he can move around and grab her toys, it might be a different story. We are really working on sharing, but she's two...theres only so much she can get. SO, I was changing Jane's diaper and I laid Jackson right next to her. I also put Jane's Lovie and Elmo next to Jackson. Thats when Jane looked at Jackson and said "NO Jackson, that's MY Lala and Lovie! Don't touch them!" She kept telling him that until I moved them closer to her. Then she was content. Poor guy wasn't even touching or looking at them, they were just closer to him than her.

Jane, Nana, Jenn, and I spent a lot of time outside in the backyard. The weather was great!

It was a great three day weekend and it also gave me confidence that traveling with two kids and two dogs isn't so far.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jackson's Newborn Photos

We got Jackson's newborn photos done when he was exactly a week old. There are a ton of pictures, so Im not going to type a lot. Im just going to say that taking newborn photos of a naked baby is recipe for a lot of pee and poop. Below is a screen shot of what she wrote about Jackson once we left! haha!

I thought about not sharing all of these family shots, but Jane's faces are just too much to handle!

Im very surprised that these pictures of these two turned out good at all. They were both squirming all over the place!

She put on SO many hats! They are all cute!

We brought this Panthers hat, since Mr. Hunt is a panthers fan!

Go Gamecocks!

She also gave us all of the pictures in black and white as well. Im so glad we got these pictures done because I cherish Jane's very much. Its crazy how similar Jane and Jackson look at this age. I can't wait to see what Jackson looks like when he grows up a little more. 



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