Thursday, November 19, 2009


This past weekend, Chris and I drove down to Beaufort on Friday night and stayed at his family's beach house for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration. This is the second year they have done this. Its fun for us in two ways. One is that we get to go to his family's Thanksgiving, and then go to my family's Thanksgiving. Two is that we get to eat delicious food twice.
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things that we may not always realize we are thankful for. I am very thankful that Chris and I can be together on that day. We are both thankful for our two wonderful dogs, our house we live in, our jobs, our families, and of course we are thankful for each other and alot more.
After work on Friday, we packed up and hit the road. We decided to take the dogs over to my parents house for the weekend, so that we could relax at the beach and not worry about them the whole time. They might have tried to eat all the food too. My parents only live about 45 minutes away from the beach house which is nice. After we dropped off the dogs, we made it to the beach house around 11pm. We were pretty tired, so we headed to bed.
The next day, Saturday was the day we would have Thanksgiving. Chris's family was cooking all morning and it smelled great. We watched football and ate around 1pm. Everything tasted so good and I of course got so full. We took quick naps and woke up in time to watch the Gamecocks play the undefeated Gators. The game was actually better than I thought. For awhile, I thought we had a chance to win but we couldn't hold on long enough.
On Sunday and Chris and I decided that we were going to go visit with my parents and eat lunch over at their house. We had sandwiches and beef stew which was so good. After visiting for awhile, we headed home.
The weekend was full of food and family and that's what we always love to do. I cant wait until the real Thanksgiving when we go to my parents house to eat MORE turkey.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weddings, Birthday, and Promotions!!!

WOW! Ive had a very busy past 2 weeks. I've been wanting to update the blog, but haven't had much time. So here is a quick update of everything I've been up to.
October 17, 2009 Michael and Rachel tied the knot. It was a very busy but super fun day. I woke up early to get my hair done with Rachel then went over to the wedding venue and got my makeup done. Everything went by so fast but the wedding was beautiful. The wedding was outside and it was very cold, but we bared it for the hour we were out there for the ceremony and pictures and then got warmed up during the reception. I am so happy that I got to be apart of their day as a bridesmaid. Chris was the best man and his speech was great! Short but sweet! I know they had a great time at their weeding and that is all that matters.
My birthday was that Monday. I had to work because I took off on Friday for the wedding. My co-workers took me out to lunch which was very nice. Later after work Chris gave me one of my gifts. He got me a camera/video camera. It is so small that it fits in my purse and it takes pictures and records stuff. We have been using it alot. Chris then took me to the mall and he bought me a Vera Bradley toiletry bag and flat iron cover that I wanted. I think the pattern is called Green Cupcake or something like that. I love it. I cant wait to go on some sort of trip so that I can use it. Then we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I cant remember the name but it was so good. Too much food for us to finish but we enjoyed the leftovers. I am so grateful for Chris and the things he did to make by birthday very special. Being 23 isn't much different than 22. I have a feeling I might lose track of how old I am soon because they all seem the same.
Last Thursday I finally got a promotion at work. I have been asking my general manager what I could do to get a better position and get started on my career. We went back and forth about a few positions and we finally agreed on one. I am now a Sales Manager here at The Blake Hotel. It has been very tough already, but I'm ready for a challenge and ready to learn. I hope that I can catch on fast and book lots of rooms for the hotel. I'll update you soon on my progress since its only been three days.

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