Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In case you were curious

I went by Mr. Hunt and I's old house the other day just because I was curious to see it. When Mr. Hunt was told that he was being transferred to Charlotte for his job, we were in somewhat of a rush to find a house to rent in Charlotte at a decent price. We found this nice little house in downtown Charlotte that we loved.

This is a two bedroom, one bath house that was flipped so it was totally updated inside. There was a fenced in backyard and a wooden swing in the front yard (see it)?
We were at the dead end of the street and the only problem was that there were train tracks literally on the  other side of our fence, but quickly got used to it coming by every hour or so.
Anyway, we were in here for one year, but even in that short amount of time, that house will always be in our minds and hearts.
We brought Hannah home for the first time in this house
We started our new lives in Charlotte in this house
This was our first actually home together as before we lived in an apartment
We planned on buying our first house together in this house
....and a whole lot more!

Here is what the street looked like from our driveway

This was just as pretty in the summer with so many trees and beautiful flowers. I loved that there wasn't a strict HOA like a have now. There is all sorts of character on this street and in the neighborhood.

I would totally live here! This house was on our street too! Can you believe it? Our little tiny house, and then this! I love this house. I love the chocolate brown color and the huge front porch. Beautiful!

And this tree again. I made this tree one of the pictures of the day, but I had to share it again. Every single leaf is bright yellow and the leaves that have fallen around the tree are also just as beautiful. I might have to blow this picture up a frame it.

Oh the memories,
Jennifer Hunt

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Mr. Hunt and I had some visitors a couple weeks ago. Well not really. Our good friends, Kelly and Brad were in town Christmas Shopping and since we dont see them that often, they invited us to dinner that night. Of course we said yes and we had a great time.
If you don't remember, Kelly was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I was one in hers. She is awesome! We have the same taste in alot of things and I wish we lived closer.
Anyway, you should really check out her blog and you will see how we are similar.

Aren't they so cute?

Best Buds!!!

I just love her! Come play anytime Kelly!
Ps: I stole these pictures from her blog, I didnt bring my camera.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Littell/Ford Wedding

My very good friend that I have known since I was born got married on Saturday in Charleston. We had a great time.

Her dad walked her and her childhood dog Miko down the aisle. How sweet is that?

Her hair was gorgeous. It was a side updo with braids.

Mr. and Mrs. Ford!!! Look at that dress? And yes, it had pockets!

Their first dance was precious!

Brandy and Bev were also there.

They had some very yummy food and a cupcake tower for their cake.
The ceremony and reception took place in a plantation called Magnolia Plantation. It was beautiful!

We had a great time!
After the wedding we went straight to our hotel and watched the South Carolina/Clemson football game in the lobby. I'm pretty sure we made a big scene as my mom felt like she needed to scream VERY loud every time we got a touchdown. We had a great time and I know I screamed some too! Most importantly though, WE WON! We beat Clemson, our rivals for the third time in a row! This was also our 10th win of the season. We haven't had 10 wins in one season in 25 years, so this was very good!

No matter if we win every game in the season, if we lose to Clemson, then the season was a BUST. And if we lose every game in the season, and beat Clemson, then the season was GREAT! I'm still smiling ear to ear thinking about this game. We have another 364 days of bragging rights!

Your Truly,
Clemson Hater!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Updates

Monday November 21 2011

Mr. Hunt cooked me some Gumbo this night. Yeah, he is wearing his bathing suit, he said he couldn't find anything else to wear!

Tuesday November 22 2011

We bought these yummy dog treats at the Southern Christmas Show and had the intentions to give them to the fur babies on Christmas, but that didn't last. They are treats covered in chocolate.....don't worry, its dog safe chocolate!

Wednesday November 23 2011

I took the dogs on a long walk this day. There are still a few houses being built, but the fur babies like to climb up on this hill and run back and forth in the tall grass. We were jogging in this picture, pretty talented huh?

Thursday November 24 2011

This is how I felt on Thanksgiving day. Very very thankful and happy!

Friday November 25 2011

This shows Mr. Hunt's love for Diet Coke, he took this picture.

Saturday November 26 2011

Such a beautiful Palmetto Tree. This is a great picture for this day since the "battle for the palmetto state" game took place. We won!

Sunday November 27 2011

River is using the pillow like he is a human. The fur babies were at the Pet Resort for the night and they were pooped when we brought them home. They both haven't moved!


Jen H

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving a little late! Mr. Hunt and I had a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, a wedding, and traveling which explains why I'm a little behind.
On Thanksgiving day, Mr. Hunt and I spent our morning and early afternoon at his parents house.

We had so many snacks while we hung out with our family. We also goofed off in the kitchen!

We had yummy mimosas and watched Katie make some peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses on top. Mr. Hunt tried to shoot the champagne top all the way across the backyard, but it didn't make it far enough. Then Mr. Hunt and our family friend Micheal Butler had a "moment" sharing a drink of champagne.

Then Mr. Hunt had a "great idea." If you don't know Mr. Hunt that well then you might not know, but Mr. Hunt loves to make up crazy ideas, and this was NO exception. Boss Hunt was out in the backyard smoking one turkey and frying another one. Mr. Hunt decided that he wanted to try to smoke a peanut butter cookie. So he plopped a blob of cookie dough on tinfoil and threw it into the smoker. After checking on it 5 or 6 different times, it was finally "done." It turned out to be the nastiest thing I have ever tasted in my life. Actually, I'm not even sure why I tried it, but it tasted like a melted zip lock bag. We won't ever be doing that again, but don't those men look like they are having a great time drinking their mimosas and smoking a cookie?
At about 3pm we headed over to Michael and Rachel's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel's whole family was there also. We had some very yummy food and I enjoyed playing with their new addition, Scooter.

Although I missed my side of the family very much, I had a great Thanksgiving.
Here is a very small list of what I am thankful for this year
1. God, because without him I wouldn't have anything else to be thankful for
2. My Husband, Mr. Hunt
3. My Parents
4. My New In Laws
5. My siblings, old and new
6. My Fur Babies
7. My job
8. My House
9. My Friends
10. My amazing life in general

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and you were able to reflect on the things that you have a be grateful for everything.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiger Burn

The Tiger Burn happens each year on the Monday before the big game. (I promised that I wouldn't jinx us, so I wont be talking about the actual game). The University of South Carolina builds a huge paper tiger and then burn it down to the ground!
When I was on the dance team, we got to do a few dances while everyone was on their way in. It is awesome the amount of energy and fun we have burning that thing down. Of course I wasn't there yesterday when they did it, but I found an awesome video for you to watch.
The song, Sandstorm is the song that we play at all the home games to get the crowd pumped! Also, at the end they show a Clemson fan pouting in the stands. That was from last year when we kicked their butts. He threw the biggest temper tantrum that even the camera crew clued in and saw him. He was on ESPN for weeks, everyone was making fun of him.
Anyway, watch the video. I hope it will work for you. I cant seem to shorten the link.

Tiger Hater

Renaissance Festival

Mr. Hunt, Mom, Dad, Davis and I went to the Renaissance Festival this year. I went once when I was little with my parents, even before Davis was born, and we had a lot of fun.
Yep, that's Dylan and I. I look like I was having a great time!

Then me, Mr. Hunt, Michael and Rachel went two years ago and also had a great time. We didn't plan too well on times to be there to see any shows or anything, but we still had a good time. We didn't make it last year.
Ever since I moved to Charlotte, my mom has been saying she wanted to go back to the festival, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to come on up to Charlotte after the football game in Columbia. This was also Davis' first time.
Can you believe they had the same thing there for this picture as they did YEARS ago?

Now Ill let the pictures tell the story.

This goose didn't like to be touched (clearly from the sign) and he kinda freaked me out a little. Every time I would move a little closer, he would close his eyes.

Mr. Hunt was so excited to eat the huge turkey leg. I couldn't even get the camera out fast enough, he ate it so fast.

Mr. Hunt and Davis plotting about how they were going to take down the guy in the paintball game.

Kind of weird that they had hanging stuffed animals for you to shoot too.

And here is the guy. He would dance around and taunt the boys while they tried to shoot them. I will say that they did great. They shot him in the face about 10 times each.

See all the hanging stuffed animals. That's awful!

Davis was serious, Mr. Hunt couldn't stop laughing.

 And this little boy did great!

This is the Taylor family coat of arms. We couldn't find the Hunt one.

Then we watched the jousting.

This was our guy, he lost though.

Davis wanted to stay to see the jousting to the death, but we had to leave so that they could drive home.

We ate so much food too, just didn't get many pictures of that because I was the one who was stuffing my face. Here is a list of some food we ate:
Chicken Fingers
French Fries
Bread Bowl filled with Beef Stew
Steak on a stake
Turkey Leg
Fried Shrimp
Chocolate Covered Pecans
Beef Jerky
Soft Pretzel
and probably other things I'm forgetting.
We had a great time. We will for sure be going back.

See y'all later,


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