Friday, May 16, 2014

Big, Happy, Awesome, Exciting, NEWS

Soooooooooo I have some big big big news to share with everyone!

WE ARE MOVING!!!!! Not just moving houses, we are moving back to SC and I couldn't be more happy!

Im not going to go into the long drawn out reason why we are going back, but the main reason is because we miss our family. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, because I think I type those words "We miss our family" in almost every blog post. Or every other blog post. Either way, its probably pretty clear.

There were a lot of prayers, conversations, decisions, and work that went into this and finally after months and months we are for sure going back. Funny thing is that we were praying for one thing, and we got an even better deal.

See this is how God works. If you pray, He WILL answer. The answer may not be what you want, or even in your timing, but he will eventually answer. We started praying for one thing and we weren't getting anywhere. We knew not to get frustrated and to keep praying, so we did. Obviously since it took months, our prayers weren't answered right away which was hard. BUT, now looking back, thats ok, because like I said before.....God blessed us with an even better situation. WOW!

So, Mr. Hunt is going to be starting a new job in Charleston SC on June 2nd. Lets just say we have been a little busy over here. The good news is that Mr. Hunt already quit his job here in Austin so that he could have a few weeks off. It has been a HUGE help to have him around while packing and making a million phone calls. Jane is also loving both of us home, we've made a million trips to the playground already.

Mr. Hunt is also growing a beard for the fist time EVER. Yeah, 3 whole weeks with no shaving and he's only gone as long as 1 week ever before, so this is fun! Maybe Ill take some pictures and post them here.

If you want to follow along this journey with us you should definitely go subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am going to be putting a lot of moving videos up and a new house tour and everything. I will probably end up putting pictures of our travels and the new house here as well, but video is always better, right?

Also, Im putting up a great video today called "Not my arms challenge." With Chris not being at work, we've been having some fun and we make brownies together and his arms are used for my arms. Does that make sense?

So go check it out.

See y'all soon!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are overalls coming back?

Are overalls coming back? 

I know kids have been wearing them forever, and how cute are they?

But I have been seeing adults wearing them again lately. Although I do live in Austin TX which is considered a "weird" place so maybe its just the adults here? I don't know.

I think the short overalls are kinda cute for adults if they are worn the correct way. The only other problem is I feel like as a Mom, Im too old now to pull them off. We will see if they catch on more.

Now onto Jane and her cuteness in her overalls. Mr. Hunt likes to make a squishy face at Jane and she makes it back. Its pretty funny!


If its not too uncomfratb;e, I may have to let her wear these overalls with no shirt underneath. Of is that just a boy thing....or redneck?

The little yellow ribbon came with the overalls, but its just that...a yellow ribbon. Throughout the day, it ended up falling off, and then got messed up in the washing machine...not sure why I washed it.

Either way, it gave me a good idea that I can just tie a different color ribbon through the belt loops to match the shirt underneath. 

And now for a fun game of peek-a-boo

Jane's Mom

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Yesterday was a wonderful second Mother's Day for me and I hope all you mothers reading this had the day you imagined as well.

Im not always into the flowers, cards, and gifts on mothers day. Don't get me wrong, flowers and gifts are nice, but I just like to spend quality time with my husband and kid and I like the fact that I get to choose what we do/eat all day. I also didn't change ONE diaper yesterday, that was pretty sweet.

Just like last year (and Im planning on making this a tradition), Jane and I took a Mothers Day picture. Im already excited to see what this picture looks like in a few years, maybe even with another baby!

Here is last year.... Jane was almost 5 months old

and here are some of the pictures from this year....Jane is almost 17 months and not very interested in taking these pictures at all

Jane had to have her baby in the picture since she was celebrating Mothers Day too with her baby.

Then she got down and grabbed this lamb stuffed animal as well.

Once more to drop off baby and lamb and grabbed her gamecock teddy.

Anything for the picture I guess...

Then I got a kiss.....precious!

and a hug

And of course the day didn't go by without me thinking and wishing my Mom and my Mom in Law a Happy Mother's Day as well. Its still so crazy to me the love that a Mother has for their child. Its something that cannot be explained, you just have to experience it yourself. Then once you do, you look at your Mother in a totally different least I did. Of course I loved her and my Mother in Law very very much before I had Jane, but something else happened once I had Jane. I would do ANYTHING for Jane and I know that's exactly how they feel about Mr. Hunt and I. Being a mom is HARD and they've been at it for 28+ years. Props to them :)

Love y'all,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

H&M Love

I wanted to share this little gem with you if you haven't already discovered it yourself. 

H&M KIDS!!!!

I'm serious y'all. The best part about this is that H&M just started offering shipping. You used to only be able to shop at their store and if you didn't have a store in your area....well, you were out of luck. 

So before I discovered H&M KIDS, I loved shopping for Jane at Old Navy, Gap, and Target. Old Navy is good and decent prices. Gap is expensive but so so cute, and Target can be good prices and cute stuff, but sometimes the Carters brand can be expensive in my opinion. These are all still great stores that I will still shop for Jane at but most of my shopping will be done at H&M now. 

Super duper cute kid clothes and AMAZING prices!!!

The ONLY drawback is that they don't have a large selection for babies. Its more of the 24 month-10yr clothes. Jane is wearing 18 months right now but Ive bought her some 24 month things there that I just couldn't pass up and she just wears big clothes.

Go look right now...I promise you won't be disappointed. 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Little Cook

My brother's girlfriend's Mom (phew) sent Jane some goodies in the mail a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw this apron, chef hat, and mitt, I put it on Jane right away and she LOVED it!

She immediately started running around squealing and hitting the dogs with the mitt. She of course had no idea what she was wearing, but I think my squealing and happiness in my voice got her really excited! Look how precious!

So naturally I got the camera out, well, Mr. Hunt did, and started snapping some pictures. I was sitting on the floor while Jane ran around and Mr. Hunt took pictures. Then I drifted off into my own thoughts.

Soon Jane will probably be playing dress up on her own, with a sibling, or with friends, and I won't always be right there to see how cute she looks.

She will dress herself for the day in something that doesn't match at all and it will be so normal that I won't feel like I need to take a picture.

Or she will just put on something ridiculous like last night when she ran around with a Minni Mouse boookbag and Easter bunny ears. We were skyping with my parents so I didn't get a picture, but I wish I did.

Love this one!

and this one where she is running to her Daddy

then ran right to me too.

I know I take a lot of pictures and of the same thing (Mr. Hunt does too), but this is my blog and I don't care. I know I will look back at these when she is too cool for me and remember our fun times and how cute she was (is) with all the different facial expressions I caught.

and all of these will make up for the many many many moments I will miss and will just have to store in my brain forever.

and now for a round of applause from Jane

Too cute!

Jen Hunt

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bad Mommy

Hey y'all! Sorry it's been awhile. We have a TON going on (do I always say that?) Ill have a huge announcement sometime next week so stay tuned.

I have a lot of other stuff on my mind, so coming up with something to write about has been really hard lately. I thought Id give a little Jane update today though. No surprise there!

So, since Ive started my YouTube channel, I haven't been doing Jane's monthly updates on here, Ive been doing them over there. Its so much easier to explain the things she is doing on camera, then writing it out. I thought about doing it in both places, but the redundancy would kill me. Anyway, so if you don't follow me on my YouTube page, you probably don't know everything Jane is doing.

I'm not going to go through it all but I will say that I have a full blown toddler running around over here. She has her own agenda and is a little person with her own thoughts, likes, and personality. I'm pleased to say that she is exactly half of me and half of Mr. Hunt. Its kind of crazy.

Just in the last few weeks, she's done so many new things. The main thing is that she likes to copy things that I do. I now have to watch what I say and do all the time. The other day, I was putting serum into my hair. I squeezed the bottle, rubbed my hands together, and rubbed it into my hair. Right after that Jane grabbed the bottle from the counter, squeezed the bottle, rubbed her hands together, and rubbed her hair. It was crazy! My mouth dropped. She watched me very closely that entire time, then repeated it exactly how I did.

She has also learned how to pop tops off of everything. If you remember, I never put locks on our kitchen cabinets because we are renting here and the cabinets are so old, I can't find any locks that fit. Anyway, she has this one cabinet that she likes to pull everything our of. Its the cabinet with the canned goods in it. It was harmless before because she would just pull all the cans out, put them on the floor, then back into the cabinet. Then while I was reorganizing, I put a few spices down there because we had duplicates. Well, now that she can pop off the tops, there have been a few instances where Jane comes running over with cinnamon all over her. Yeah....

But the scariest thing happened the other day and I just can't get it out of my Ill share it here. We have some baskets in our sun room with craft supplies in it. (You don't have to tell me that I should baby proof better, all the supplies that were in there weren't harmful...until she could open things). Just like the kitchen cabinets, Jane liked to take things out of the baskets and then put them all back in one by one. This was the incident that I realized she could open tops by the way. I was doing the dishes and all of the sudden I heard Jane spitting. She does the same spitting noise whenever she picks trash off the ground. If the dogs bring something in like dirt, or if there is a piece of scrap paper, or even when we are outside and she picks something up. She will pick it up, make the spitting noise, and bring it to me. So when I heard her making the noise, I was sure she was on her over to give me something.

Sure enough, she ran over to me, but her entire face was green! She had gotten into the paint! I mainly freaked out because it was ALL in her mouth! I quickly picked her up and threw her into the sink trying to wipe it all out of her mouth. I didn't really care about the rest of her face. After I got it out of her mouth, I looked at what kind of paint it was a googled if that was toxic. It was acrylic paint, and YES its toxic. Then I started freaking out more, and called poison control. They asked me a few questions before asking what brand the paint was. THANKFULLY, that brand wasn't toxic.

Once the scariness was over, I of course had to take a few pictures for Mr. Hunt. Jane had no clue what was going on and looked very confused that I was running around freaking out. When I squatted down to take this picture, she said "cheeeeese" and I instantly felt better.

Imagine the above, but ten times worse around and in her mouth!

Then I of course just put her in the bath, it was the easiest way to get it all off.

 She had no idea there was anything on her face.

I immediately felt like a horrible Mom. Why in the world would I leave paint available for her to try and open? Why wasn't I watching her better? A million things ran threw my head. But now a few days know what? I messed up. I did. But I'm pretty sure all Moms mess up here and there. We aren't always there for when the child falls off the couch or gets into something they weren't supposed to. As much as we try our best, we can't be everywhere at all times. You may be reading this and thinking of a million other things I did wrong, but it happened. Thank goodness it wasn't toxic or I would feel so much worse. I was taught a lesson and now all things (I think) that she can get into are put up.

Have you messed up as a Mom before? Please tell me yes.


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