Friday, August 24, 2012

18 Week Appointment

I totally forgot to update on my 18 week appointment, so this is mainly for me to look back on.

When we first got there, we were so excited to hopefully find out if we were having a boy or girl. We were called in right away for the ultrasound. The tech told us that she was going to record the ultrasound on DVD for us so that our family can see. Normally for the gender appointment, the couple can bring friends and family, but sadly we didn't have many people around so it was just us. The DVD will be great to show everyone though. The baby was moving around so much and it was so fun to see what looked like a real baby on the screen. All the features were looking like a little human. Right away the tech asked if we were sure we wanted to know the gender, and we of course said YES. I'm not sure why I thought this, but I thought for sure it would take her a few minutes to look and double and triple check, but right away she said "you're have a little girl." Mr. Hunt looked over to me right away and smiled. I was glad he was happy.

The rest of the appointment I tried to hard to pay attention but all I could think about was that it was a girl. I couldn't believe it. I thought she was a boy! The tech said that usually what the Mom thinks that baby will be is the opposite, and the Dad is usually right. This was the last ultrasound we are scheduled to have so the tech went through every single body part inside and out and measured everything. She passed everything 100%, we have a healthy little nugget. She was actually measuring 2 days bigger than my due date, but the tech said that changes alot. The little girl was talking to us. Everytime we looked at her face, her mouth was opening and closing like she was talking, then she yawned. It was so cute.

After that, I still had to check in with my doctor and get more blood work done. She measured my stomach at 21 cm and said that was good. She also showed me how the baby was sitting in my uterus and where my placenta was in comparison to her. I have an anterior placenta which means that the baby is behind the placenta which is right in front of my stomach. She said that it will probably move around as the baby moves around, but for now, I might not feel alot of movements since its covering her. I hope that makes sense. After talking, the doctor was a little worried about me having a ton of bloody noses. I know....gross. But they last for close to 45 minutes each when I get them. So while I was getting my blood work done, I got an extra tube done to check on that. Everything came back normal and I haven't had a bloody nose since.

It was so fun to talk to Mr. Hunt about having a girl while we waited for each doctor. He really is excited. He mentioned that he understands there will be alot of dance classes and recitals in his future. Of course I'm not going to push dance on her, but I really hope she likes it as much as I do!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adventures in Cloth Diapers

Yep, we're going to do it, Jane will wear cloth diapers. How did we come to this conclusions? Well, its kind of a long story, but I shorten it a little.
The family of one of the blogs that I read use cloth diapers and they cannot stop praising them. That's where I first learned about them. Of course, I knew what cloth diapers were, but I thought you still had to fold them and use pins which I definitely wouldn't have the patience for. This was two years ago when I read about this family using them, but since then Ive always thought that Id do more research once I became pregnant.
Obviously the cloth diapers are usually used because they are good for the environment, or maybe just not as bad as the disposable diapers. It takes disposable diapers about 500 years to decompose in a landfill, and 92% of all dirty diapers make it to the landfill. One baby can go through between 3000 and 3500 diapers in just one year. Most kids aren't potty trained until sometime in their second year or even third year, so 6000 diapers at the least. Wow! That's just ONE baby!
As much as I like to say that I care for the environment, because I do, that wasn't the reason I decided to go with them.....or to even bring it up to Mr. Hunt. Selfishly the two main reasons I decided to do more research was because they are significantly cheaper, and because they are too cute to pass up!

Here are the rough specifics (can there really be rough specifics?) with the pros and cons of each.

The disposables are obviously easier and more convenient to use. From the research Ive done, disposables can cost up to $3000 in total. That's a whole lot of money. That doesn't include wipes though, but with disposables, you have coupons everywhere and you usually get alot at your baby shower which can help with the cost.

The cloth diapers are significantly cheaper for the diaper themselves. I'm investing in 6-7 GDiapers for the newborn stage and 12 Bum Genius diapers for the remainder of the diaper days (I will explain these later and why I chose these brands). The GDiapers are $18 a piece, so $126. I did register for these so hopefully someone will buy them for us. I just bought 12 Bum Genius diapers online for $171. These will last the remainder of the diaper days for us. So, for all the diapers, that's only $297 compared to the $3000 of the disposables. The cloth diapers do require a sprayer for your toilet which can range from $20-50 and obviously you still need wipes for these too. Ive also seen where people complain that you still have to wash and dry them which constitutes in more money there. Honestly, I do laundry almost once a week (I'm not sure how we go through so many clothes), so one more cycle a week, isn't going to be so different than what we are doing now. Plus, if you are thinking about having more than one child, which we are, these cloth diapers can be used for more than one child. Of course if I ever have two in diapers at the same time, I may have to buy more cloth diapers, but over all its still a whole lot cheaper than disposable. I made sure to get gender neutral colors so that I can use them on a boy if we have one next.

So that's just the tip of the iceberg with the cloth vs disposable diapers. There is a bunch more, for instance, the cloth diapers are known to prevent diaper rash more than the disposable, and they prevent less blow outs than disposables and I know blow outs can be BIG! I won Mr. Hunt over with the up front cost of the diapers themselves and he did some research with me.

Now, I will explain what I am getting and how I will go about making them work.

The family of the blog that I originally read used all Bum Genius diapers for their now two year old daughter. They bought 10 diapers to start out with, and two years later that's all they've needed. The Bum Genius diapers are one size fits all. They have snaps that snap to the three different sizes needed for the baby. This is what I was going to do until I talked to a few more people and got a different opinion.

Conveniently, my new neighbor friend uses cloth diapers for her baby boy and he is 11 months right now. Also, her friend which Ive met and who belongs to my small group just had a baby and she uses them also. It has helped to look at theirs in person, and get their opinions, which has helped me come to this conclusion.

Bum Genius

OK, these are awesome. Basically they are the one size fits all diapers that come in very cute colors. There are two parts to the diaper, the outside shell and the insert. The insert is to capture the poo and pee and help absorb so not to leak onto the shell. With these diapers you can also double up on the inserts for overnight pees.
The not so appealing part is the clean up, but it really isn't that bad. If its just pee, you can take the diaper off, take the insert out, and throw it into your diaper pail. But if it poo, you have to take it into the bathroom and spray the poo off with the toilet sprayer that you buy separately. This is gross in the beginning since baby's poo is soft and wet, but becomes alot easier as they eat solid foods and the poo can just roll off. TMI? Then take the insert out and throw them into the pail. Then once every three or four days you wash the diapers and they are ready to go again. You can watch YouTube videos and research if you are interested in more than that. There is alot more about how to wash them and how they are known for coming out with NO stains.
The downside of the one size fits all is that when the diaper is snapped to the smallest size, it is basically folded down, so it makes the diaper very bulky. It doesn't bother some people, but some people say their clothes don't fit right and the baby looks uncomfortable. I don't want Jane to be uncomfortable with a HUGE diaper on, which leads me to the GDiapers.


I picked these only because these are what my neighbor and friend use and they like them. They also use Bum Genius which works out for them, so I'm hoping it will work out for me too. There are actually a TON of other brands out there, but the research takes a long time for each brand, and I know these work for my friends.
The GDiapers are not one size fits all, you have to buy small, medium, or large for these. I liked the idea of the one size fits all better, but decided to go with a few smalls for when Jane is a newborn so she doesn't have to wear the bulky Bum Geniuses then. Then she will graduate to the Bum Genius when she grows out of them.
These are a little different than the Bum Genius diapers in the way they are used and cleaned too. These have the colorful shell, a snap in liner, and an insert. The snap in liner is used in hopes to be able to use the shell more than once between washes. Just snap in another liner. Sometimes though, the poo can leak past the snap on liner, so its not 100% preventable. Pee though (as long as its not overnight) you can usually use the shell again. That's why I am only registered for 6-7 shells. Then I just need more snap in liners and then that leads me to the inserts. The inserts with Bum Genius are cloth inserts so they are washed with the shells. With GDiapers you can chose between cloth inserts and flushable inserts. I think the main idea behind the flushable ones are so you can use them easier when you are out and about and not have to worry about carrying around a dirty diaper. I'm going to go with the flushable  inserts for the GDiapers because I will be using them when she is a newborn. Newborn pee and poo a WHOLE lot more than when they are older. I would have to buy a ton of cloth inserts and do the wash alot more. Instead, Ill just have the 6-7 shells, about 20 snap in liners, and the flushable inserts. These inserts can also be doubled up like the Bum Genius for night time use too.

I really hope this makes sense to y'all. If you are interested in doing it yourself, I would encourage alot of research. Don't hesitate to ask me anything either, of course I don't know much more than this since Jane isn't here yet, and I'm not using them.

With all of this said, Mr. Hunt and I decided together that we are not going to be strict cloth diaper users. For instance, if we are headed out of town where there wont be a washer or dryer, we will probably just use disposable for the trip. Or if I'm headed out of the house while she is in Bum Genius and I cant flush the inserts, I might just put a disposable on her. From the research, it seems pretty easy to carry around a dirty diaper for a little bit and just put it in the pail when I get home, but Ill cross that bridge when I get there. Also, during the summer I will just use the disposable water diapers for the pool and ocean. They have cloth diapers for that too for the hard core people, but I don't see the point for only a dew uses. Since Ill be home with her most of the time, the cloth diapers are what we choose to do. I may have made a different choice if she was going to have to do to daycare or something.

That's it for now. Wow, that was alot more than I thought I could write. Sorry if this bored you, but just know we are excited to see how these work. My mom used cloth on me (the kind you fold and pin) for a short time so I thought that was cool. And I'm pretty sure Mr. Hunt ultimately agreed knowing that I do the nasty laundry part.

Bye bye for now,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weeks 17, 18, and 19


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 4 pounds. I read that one pound a week now is about right. Im trying to stay with that, but we will see. Some days I just have to eat ALL day long
Maternity Clothes?: This week I bought all my maternity clothes that I will need hopefully until winter. I bought two shorts, one pair of capris, three dresses, and a bunch of tops. Once it starts getting a little cooler, I may need to buy a few more things, but I should be good for now.
Stretch Marks?: no, but my stomach is starting to itch which means its growing!
Sleep?: Sleep is still good. Cant sleep on my stomach anymore, but surprisingly that hasn't messed anything up yet. 
Feeling Sick?: Nope. If I get too hungry then Ill start to feel weak, but not really sick anymore
Best Moment This Week: Finding a great church that we will hopefully bring our little baby too so he or she can learn about our wonderful God with us!
Movement?: Im not really sure, Im going to say no
Food Cravings?: not anything more than random cravings for certain foods or restaurants that I had before I was pregnant.
Gender?: we find out next week!
Labor Signs?: no 
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between, but its getting stretched out a little
Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs (Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns)
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Finding out the gender. Im counting down the days!
Anything Else?: I started cleaning out the nursery. Oh please help, its crazy in there!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 4.5 pounds!
Maternity Clothes?: Nothing else from what I already have, but I definitely have to wear the maternity clothes. There is no squeezing into the regular clothes anymore
Stretch Marks?: no
Sleep?: sleep is good. I am getting the most sleep on my right side
Feeling Sick?: no
Best Moment This Week: Finding out that little baby Hunt is a GIRL! We cant believe it and we are over the freaking moon!
Movement?: Yes....I think....If Im laying on my back I can feel something sometimes I think. They showed us on the ultrasound that the placenta is on top of the baby so her kicks and punches might not be as hard yet
Food Cravings?: no, not really
Gender?: GIRL! GIRL! GIRL! Jane Audrey Hunt
Labor Signs?: nope 
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs (Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns)!! ugh! hurry baby! I need a turkey sub!
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Feeling more movement and starting to buy baby girl stuff
Anything Else?: Now that we know its a girl, I can have more motivation to finish cleaning out the nursery and start buying everything. I get overwhelmed though, looking for strollers, car seats, cribs, ect. so Im going to just take my time. Also, at the doctor appointment, my doctor said that I was measuring at 21 cm this time. I was told by a few other people that the cms are supposed to correspond with the weeks. So if Im 18 weeks, I should be 18cm. The doctor didn't say anything was wrong with being 21cm, I guess being bigger is better than smaller. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 6 pounds!
Maternity Clothes?: Nothing new, but I definitely have to either wear the maternity clothes, or sweatpants and tshirts. No more squeezing into pre pregnancy pants for me. 
Stretch Marks?: no and Im rubbing cocoa butter everywhere. Although I read that there is no way to prevent stretch marks. If you're going to get them, you're going to get them. 
Sleep?: Ive heard that pregnant woman have strange dreams, and Im no exception. Before being pregnant, I maybe had a dream once a week, if that. Now I have them every night! I guess that means Im getting good sleep. 
Feeling Sick?: no, but other symptoms are starting up that Im not a fan of. The first one is feeling like Im about to faint. It happened first when I was shopping at Target with Mr. Hunt. I started to feel a little faint, but tried to ignore it. Then Mr. Hunt went to another isle and I felt like I was going to just fall over. I had to grab onto a pole in the isle. I never ended up fainting, but we left without before we were finished shopping. This has happened a few other times, I know its "normal" but its scary too. Ive also developed a heart flutter. Ive had this before I was pregnant actually, but it only did it once every 3 months or so. It feels like my heart skips, flutters, vibrates, or something. Very weird. But this week, it has started to do it everyday over and over and over. I called the doctor and apparently that normal too. She said its my heart trying to pump all the extra blood that my body has produced. Its more annoying than anything now that I know its also normal. Besides those two new things, everything is fine. Oh, I am ALWAYS out of breathe and the hard part is that I know its probably only going to get worse. 
Best Moment This Week: Mr. Hunt got to feel Jane kick! It was so great! Ive heard that it can sometimes take a few more weeks for someone on the outside to feel the kicks, but we've got a strong girl on our hands. She kicks all the time. Ive tried to see if I can see the kicks from the outside, but not yet. Also, Davis was in town for the whole week. We had a great time, and he also got to feel Jane. 
Movement?: Yes. Lots of kicks and punches. It not longer feels like flutters (like last week), but more like little pokes. I haven't felt any rolls that I could tell. The little movements just make everything else more real
Food Cravings?: No, but Ive found myself eating tons of Cheezits and bagels with cream cheese. I don't really crave them, that just a go to breakfast and snack for me. 
Gender?: GIRL! 
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between but its flattening out now. I have a feeling its going to poke out!
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs (Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns)!! ugh, this isn't going to change until I get one. I also missed sushi this week. I was craving a spicy tuna roll
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Registering for Jane's stuff and getting her nursery set up. Ive been watching youtube videos of woman at the same week of pregnancy as me, and most of them have a lot more done than I do. I need to hurry because I know in a few short weeks, I wont be able to move much! Heck, I lose my breath walking to the bathroom and back nowadays.
Anything Else?: Davis helped me paint the nursery this week. It looks 100% better already! I cannot wait to finish up in there. We also received a package from Cameron Brodie (Brandy's baby) with clothes and a Hello Kitty stuffed animal for Jane. I love every single thing and Im so grateful to have a best friend like her.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Clothes Clothes Clothes

So once we found out we were having a girl, the first thing I did was go buy three outfits. I stopped at three though. I realize that one of the main gifts people give are clothes so I wanted to wait to see what we get from others before going out to buy a bunch of stuff. Babies grow so fast so I don't want to be stuck with a million newborn sized clothes, and she not be able to wear half of it. I admittedly have bought three more things that Ive seen online and just couldn't pass up, but I'm limiting it, I promise.
Not only do people buy a bunch of clothes, but people also pass down baby clothes that their babies cant fit into anymore. Can you guess who might be sending me little girl clothes? Yep, these two!

Brandy has been itching to know if our baby was going to be a boy or girl, so that she knew if she could start sending me stuff. Well, we just found out its a girl, and we have already received a box of goodies.

I'm in LOVE with everything she sent, including the little stuffed Hello Kitty from Cameron. How sweet? Its so hard to believe that our little girl is going to really be this small. Especially looking at all the socks. They are TINY!

They sent all of this and a little note saying there is alot more to come, most of it was still in their attic. We are so thankful to have great friends that are willing to share clothes. I cant wait to dress her in all of these things. 

Thanks Brandy, Bev, and Cameron! We love you!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Sound of Music

I was so excited to find out that there was a FREE play of The Sound of Music in downtown Austin in a Park. I'm pretty sure I know all the words to every song of that movie I watched it so many times when I was little. I even have home videos of me reenacting some of the scenes. This was a huge deal. Mr. Hunt originally found it online somewhere and we planned on attending, but then our neighbors reminded us of it and wanted to know if we wanted to go with them, so we did.
We should have thought ahead a little more and gotten there a little earlier. Seeing as it was free, we just sat wherever we could find a spot. We went to dinner beforehand and we showed up as soon as the play was starting, so naturally there wasn't that many good seats left. We brought blankets and snacks and set up where we found the best spot.
The play was good even though they didn't follow the movie story line as well as I thought they would. I guess since the movie is forever long, they had to shorten it a bit. It was still so much fun. I loved being outside in the warm weather, laying on a blanket with Mr. Hunt, and watching one of my favorite movies turned into a play.

We are definitely going back to the next play and we will get there a little earlier next time to get a good seat!

Sound of Music Loving Gal

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nursery Officially Started

I finally got the nursery cleaned out! It took a very long time. To make things a little easier, I made four different piles. Attic, Goodwill, Crafts, and Misc. Once I had everything sorted, I had Mr. Hunt help me put the things in the attic, I took the things to Goodwill, and I reorganized the crafts into different spots in the house.
Here is what the room looked like before I touched anything, if you don't remember.

Oh, I moved the dog crates into the dining room for now. We don't eat in there ever and it was the only other spot that was out of the way. I'm going to try my hardest to get them weened off the crate, but they just love them so much. I will definitely move them when guests come, but for now, they are fine there. I also had a HUGE pile of pictures and frames that I still haven't done anything with, but I might use some of them for the nursery, so they are just sitting in the hall right now. The big table is now residing in the garage with all the other random extra furniture that we have.

Once cleaned out, it looked like this....

The paint didn't look as bad when there was a bunch of junk in there, I had to paint over it....and QUICK!

Ive been seeing some very pretty nurseries that are painted grey, with a few accents colors splashed in with the bedding and what not, so that's what I decided to do. Plus, I miss the grey walls that we painted the dining and living room in our house in Charlotte, so I used the same color. Davis and I painted it while he was here, and it turned out great!

Don't mind River's behind in the second picture, I couldn't get him to move. The grey is a little lighter in person, it seems dark in these pictures, but it turned out great! For the accent colors, Mr. Hunt decided that he wanted this painting in the nursery

I love the painting too, and any input that Mr. Hunt wanted to give about his little girl's room is fine with me. I wasnt too keen on a theme really and Im still not sure I want a fish theme, but Im thinking about it. This is it up against the grey wall. This grey color is a little more like how it looks in person. So, I am going to pick two or three colors from this fish painting for the bedding and to be the accent colors. The crib, dresser, and chair will all be white. I'm also going to get a cushy rug for under the crib in a fun color. I'm not sure how much I like the brown carpet against the grey walls, but once all the furniture and rug are in there, it will be fine.

So that's it for now. Mr. Hunt and I are probably going to go this weekend to look for cribs and stuff. Ill be back with updates as we go.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Davis Was Here

So just yesterday I drove Davis back to the airport to return home after his week long visit. Did you know that "pregnancy brain" is a real thing? Like, us pregnant woman really do forget alot of stuff? I always though pregnant woman made it up, but I have it! I read its real, you can look it up. Anyway, Ive had alot of "pregnancy brain" lately. Most of the time, I just cant think of a word that I'm trying to say. I accidentally called a horse a dog the other day just for an example. Sometimes I just stop in the middle of a sentence to think of the word, then the sentence is ruined.
All this pregnancy brain is to explain two things. One, is the excuse as to where Ive been lately. I have about three weeks of pregnancy info and bump pictures to share, and the beginnings of the nursery. Two, is the excuse as to why I didn't take one single photo while Davis was here. We did some pretty fun stuff, but I forgot my camera every time. So, Ill tell you about his visit in a short but sweet non picture way.

Since Mr. Hunt still had to work, Davis and I hung out most of the days and waited for Mr. Hunt to get home so that we could go to some great restaurants. We tried alot of new places for dinner. One of the days while Mr. Hunt was at work, Davis and I painted the nursery. I was surprised and pleased at how fast it took with the two of us working together, and it turned out great. Another day we went to the pool. I also got Davis hooked on the TV show American Horror Story. Davis is just like me and Mr. Hunt and he loves scary movies. American Horror Story is like one long scary movie, but a TV show. We spent some time watching all the episodes of the first season and got ready for the second season coming this September.
On Saturday we decided to drive to San Antonio (well, New Braunfels) to go to a water park called Shlitterbahn. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to ride most of the slides, but I was content with the idea of laying in a chair, or floating in the lazy river. Shlitterbahn is known for two of the rides. The ride that was voted the #1 water ride in the world for the last 8 years and the longest water ride in the world. The boys wanted to make sure that they got to ride both so as soon as we got there, they took off for the line for the #1 ride. I parked myself in a chair next to what I thought was the lazy river and told the boys to meet me back there. We all left our phones in the car, so there wasn't another way to keep track of each other, or the time. Alot of time went by and I was starting to get hot, so I went to get into the lazy river when the lifeguard told me that this was an exit only to this ride. Long story short, I couldn't get in. I sat back down thinking the boys would be back any minute and I was starting to get hungry. I didn't want to leave the chair or the area thinking that any minute they would come back. THREE HOURS LATER, they came back. At this point, I was so hungry, tired, HOT, and cranky. That's not a good mix for a pregnant woman. I cant believe that the line was really 3 hours long. The boys said they were glad they did it, but they wouldn't wait in line again. We hurried and got something to eat as we were all three starved by this time. Then we rode the longest ride in the world which was actually very fun and the water was very refreshingly cold. By the time that ride was over (30 minutes), we decided we were ready to go. We got there at 10am and it was already 3pm and we had only rode two rides. The other good rides were a 2 hour wait and I couldn't go on them either, so it was just time for us to leave.
We met Mr. Hunt's aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin's girlfriend in Gruene Texas for dinner on our way back. I wrote a post about that place awhile back when we met them there for lunch once. It was good food and we sat in the shade. It was alot cooler by then thank goodness. We found out later that it was 108 degrees that day. Wow!
Sunday was very relaxing. We were still tired from the day before to be honest. We woke up early and went to the grocery store to get stuff to grill. We came back, grilled, and watched team USA win a gold metal in basketball. Then the boys watched a movie (I took a nap), and watched more sports. We headed out once more in the evening to pick up our favorite take and bake pizza and had that while watching the Braves game. Nothing like eating food all day while watching sports. At least for the boys it was fun. I was just glad to be relaxing, the day before took everything out of me.
Then came Monday when I had to take Davis back to the airport. I still cant believe that I didn't take one picture. And yes, I blame the pregnancy brain, I really do. I had the camera out, just always forgot to take it with us when we left the house. Oh well, y'all have good imaginations.

I promise to update you on all things pregnancy, but that's probably not going to be until Mr. Hunt gets back from his business trip. He has to take the laptop with him, so no blogging for me. Ill miss you too!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

My God is Good!!!!!

I have found myself in the last few weeks thinking further into this whole pregnancy thing. Usually it happens when I'm by myself, driving, or just thinking about my little girl, which is pretty much always. The main thing Ive been thinking about lately is how AWESOME it is that God picked ME to grow this little girl. ME, nobody else. He picked Mr. Hunt to be a great Dad, which he already is. Its so strange to think that I am carrying and growing this little girl that will one day be walking on this earth and on her own. God must really love and trust me to be a mommy to her. I really cant get this thought past my mind lately. It almost brings tears to my eyes every time.
He has also blessed us with some friends here in Austin. Mr. Hunt and I can usually do our own thing and be just as happy together, but we were itching for some friends, and one day at the pool, a sweet girl introduced herself to me. Her and her husband are our age and they have a little boy who is the sweetest thing in the world. He is 10 months old now, so our babies will be close in age. Although they are very fun, nice, and welcoming, they also introduced us to their church. Mr. Hunt and I have been wanting to try out churches and find a good church before the baby was born. It is important for us to raise the child going to church every Sunday and to be around the love of God as much as possible. We've gone to their church now for two weeks and we really do like it. I truly believe that God put them in our lives for this, also to have friends of course, but we are so thankful.
Lastly, I beam with love and I'm so proud that Mr. Hunt is my husband every time I think about what he is doing. There are a TON of homeless people in the Austin area. Ive never seen so many in one area. We run into one almost every time we go anywhere. My heart breaks for them and I cant help but wonder how they got to that point, but its not my place to judge. The problem is that we never have cash on us, so we can hardly every help. Mr. Hunt decided that he was going to buy mini Bibles and hand them out to the homeless people instead of giving them money. He is so proud of his idea, and I think its perfect. They came in the mail yesterday and he has them in his car since he runs into them alot more than I do. Isn't that awesome? Yeah, that's my husband.
God has been so good to us lately. I know he is always there, but I truly believe that he comes into our lives a little more when we really do need him. Just like I need him, being here without family close by and pregnant. There are plenty of days or times where I just want to hug my mommy or hear the comforting words of my mom in law besides just over the phone. That's when I just talk to God, and honestly I feel better right away. I talk to him and think about all that he has given Mr. Hunt and I and why we are even here.
God is Good People!!! Get to know Him and you will know what I'm talking about.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We know! We know!

Little baby Hunt was NOT shy yesterday at our appointment to find out if we were having a boy or girl. The ultrasound tech asked right away "are you sure you wanna know?" "Its a......"

Go there to see!

Mommy of a......

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