Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 23 and 24


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 14 lbs. Oops! I gained two lbs since last week. My goal was the normal 1 lb a week. Id rather not gain extra pounds that I will just have to work off later. 
Maternity Clothes?: Still wearing the same outfits over and over
Stretch Marks?: none on my belly yet. I'm not even itching either so I don't think my skin is being stretched too much for stretchmarks yet, but we will see
Sleep?: Still going strong. Keeping my fingers crossed
Feeling Sick?: just when I thought the heart palpitations were gone, they came back. I'm getting used to them now though so its not too worrisome. I also had a HORRIBLE day on Wednesday. I had round ligament pain at its worse. I had this a few weeks ago and it was manageable, but this time not so much. It was hurting so bad that I decided to try to sooth it in a warm bath. Little did I know that laying or sitting down with it made it worse for me. So I was stuck in the tub in pain, I couldn't move. Luckily Mr. Hunt came home a little early. When I heard the door open, I called to him right away to help me out of the tub....yes, it was that bad. I was sobbing. He was scared. He wanted to take me to the hospital, but I pretty much knew it was round ligament pain and that they couldn't do anything for me. Once out of the tub, I just stood up or leaned on a counter and breathed heavily, I almost felt like I was in labor. After a little bit, it went away somewhat. It was still there, just sore. I didn't get ANY sleep that night from the pain laying down. It was really bad, but hasn't come back thank God!
Best Moment This Week: Definitely our trip to Galveston. It was so relaxing and I loved having Mr. Hunt to myself for more than just two days on the weekends. 
Movement?: Yes. She moves around so much. The other day I was video taping her move since we can see it from the outside now, and she rolled from my left side where shes been hanging out all the way to the right side. It was crazy to see. 
Food Cravings?: No, but I need to start eating alot healthier. I really do try, but the weekends are the worst for me. We eat out alot and its just so hard to go for the salad every time. 
Gender?: still a girl, but really we haven't seen that since week 18 :)
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button In or Out?: A flatty. Looks like the top of the belly button it starting to poke out. We will see if the whole thing pops or not
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on, but getting tight
What I Miss?: Having energy. I'm pretty sure I wont be back to my normal energetic self for awhile. Id be silly to think that once she comes, Ill have energy. With late night feedings and waking up every few hours, it will probably get worse. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Her being here...is that new news? 
Anything Else?: Not really. Kind of a boring week


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 15 lbs. With little Jane gaining weight herself like never before, the pounds are finally starting to pack on. I know its going to happen, but seeing the scale go up by the week is still kind of scary
Maternity Clothes?: It was cold here this week! Cold as in 65-70 degrees all week, especially in the mornings. It was so nice! I looked through some of my bigger long sleeve shirts, and I was surprised that I can actually wear some of them as maternity shirts, so that is good! I will probably still need some more colder weather things soon, but for now, I'm good
Stretch Marks?: none on my belly
Sleep?: I'm now really surprised that I'm still sleeping great. Knock on wood. All other pregnancy moms at my stage are struggling. This is what I was actually dreading the most even before I was pregnant. I used to sleep on my stomach every single night so I thought for sure Id have problems sleeping on my sides. About 15 more weeks to go and I'm still doing good, no body pillow or anything. There are times where I lay there wishing I could roll to my tummy, but its not too bad and it doesn't keep me up. 
Feeling Sick?: Just heart palpitations and tiredness. I have to take a nap once a day. normally they aren't any longer than 45 minutes or so, but I always feel so refreshed. I always wonder why I'm SO tired, but then I'm reminded that I'm growing a human...that's probably why.
Best Moment This Week: We got Jane's crib set up and we bought a dresser. I still need to put the dresser together, but having the crib all put together is awesome. I love it. 
Movement?: I can now feel her at all times. I used to only feel her when I was laying flat or on my side. Now I feel her sitting up, standing up, walking around, everything. She is growing muscles now so her kicks and punches are getting stronger. Sometimes they even hurt.
Food Cravings?: Please give me a Jersey Mike's SUB! I cant stand it anymore!
Gender?: Girl
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: The top is out, but I wouldn't call it an outie quite yet.
Wedding Ring On or Off?: I wear them, but I also take them off alot which I didn't ever do before. Its hard to get them off and when I do, you can see an indention in my finger. I'm not sure I can last for another 15 weeks.
What I Miss?: Bloody Marys....truth
What I'm Looking Forward To?: a 3D ultrasound. Mr. Hunt and I decided we definitely wanted to do one. We still need to sign up, but in my baby book, it says that you can tell what Jane will look like now when she gets here, all her facial features are formed correctly. We also want to just double check on that girl thing. :)
Anything Else?: Now that the crib is set up, I cannot wait to finish up the nursery.

Ill be back with weeks 25 and this week....26!


Monday, September 24, 2012

I Might Have Over Done It

Mr. Hunt was out of town this past weekend for a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach. He also spent an evening in Charlotte with his parents that he was really happy he was able to do.
If you know Mr. Hunt and I well, you would know that we LOVE to relax and take it easy. Yes, we like to get together with friends and family and go out and about to do things, but most weekends, we lay low....very low. Now that its football season, we lay even lower (if that's possible) and pretty much watch football all weekend with an occasional outing here and there, and of course church.
So anyway, I decided ahead of time that this past weekend, I was going to get alot done while Mr. Hunt was away. The main thing was to get the garage cleaned out. This task has been on my to do list since we moved here. All the boxes that were put in our garage from the movers were still sitting there unopened and it is a pain to try to find stuff in there. We also need room in at least half of the garage to pull in the explorer so its out of the driveway which is overcrowded right now with three cars.
I started cleaning it out about a week or so ago, but quickly found myself just moving things around and not really getting anywhere since I still needed some sort of shelving unit for everything.
So with the garage job on my list for when Mr. Hunt was gone, I went to bought the shelves after church on Sunday and got to it. The one problem was that on Friday night, I started to feel like I was coming down with something. My nose was extra stuffed up (its been somewhat stuffy the whole pregnancy) and my throat was sore. On Saturday and Sunday, I only felt bad when I was sitting or laying down. That's when I would be all clogged up the most.
So on Sunday, I cleaned the ENTIRE garage, did 5 loads of laundry, ran some errands, cleaned the kitchen, and some other little things around the house. I was on a roll really. Needless to say, I did ALOT more than my normal weekly activities. I was determined to have everything done by the time I picked Mr. Hunt up from the airport. Of course with being pregnant and losing my breathe easily, there was alot of breaks in between all this, but I got it all done and I was happy.
Now its Monday, and I feel like CRAP! I think I might have overdone it yesterday. I cant breathe through my nose what so ever, I have a headache, I'm sore, I'm tired, and I'm just plain upset. I should have known better. It may just be the "coming three days, here three days, going three days" and I might just be on the "here three days" part, but oh man, I feel defeated. The worst of it is that I cant take any medications bedsides Tylenol, which doesn't really help at all. I did read that if it gets REALLY bad, there is a certain antibiotic that I can take while pregnant.
Anyway, this is really just a little post to let you know that I have alot to update you on, I just cant do it today. I have about 4 weeks of pregnancy to update you on, a nursery update, and I have my 26 week appointment tomorrow, so Ill have that to update you on too. I also took some pictures of the garage cleaning so there is at least one update that doesn't have to do with Jane coming. (I was thinking the other day how this blog has turned into a Jane update, but really that's all that's going on in our lives)
I'm going to get some rest (as much as I can with breathing out of my mouth), and hopefully tomorrow Ill be feeling a little better.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Im Ready, But Im Not

I know Ive said this more than once now on my weekly updates, but I'm so ready to be done with the pregnancy. At the beginning, I was so happy to finally be pregnant, plus I knew I still had a good 9 more months to go that I just tried my best to soak it all up. Now that I have about 15 weeks left, I'm so ready to be done. I can definitely say that I'm not the woman who likes to be pregnant. Mainly because I just really want the baby to be here already. Maybe on baby number two, I can enjoy the pregnancy more and I wont be in a rush to meet the baby because my mind will be more occupied with Jane. That, and I'm sure the time will go by alot faster with little Jane running around. Sometimes I wish I were like the other women who apparently LOVE to be pregnant. They must not have very many symptoms, or they have a high tolerance for pain or something.

Anyway, with all that said, I'm mentally ready for her, but not physically ready. The nursery is still just an empty room. I feel like 3 more months until she is here seems like ALOT of time and its silly for me to buy all the furniture at once. I did buy her crib and we are picking it up this weekend so I'm excited about that. Every week, I like to go onto YouTube and watch other women's pregnancy vlogs. Most do a weekly update, kinda like what I do on here, but theirs is a video. So I look up whatever week I'm on and watch what they are up to. Most all the ones I watch have the entire nursery finished! Im so shocked! Mr. Hunt told me that they have nothing else to do.....but neither do I really. These women are buying all sorts of outfits and baby things and I'm so surprised. Mr. Hunt and I decided we werent going to buy ANYTHING (unless its furniture) until after the baby shower. We will see what we are given, and then go buy what we need after that. I'm hoping that I'm not making a mistake with waiting that long.

We are having two baby showers in one weekend. One in Hilton Head/Bluffton, and then one in Charlotte which will be a joint party. Baby Shower for Mr. Hunt and I and also an engagement party for Katie and McKay. Those are the only two showers we are having and since they are in the middle of October, we will have about 2 more months after we get back to get everything else that we need. I'm hoping that's enough time.

So if you were wondering why I haven't blogged about a nursery update, that's why. It still looks the same, I promise. As much as I cannot wait until its finished and I can start buying a bunch of stuff and decorate, we are on a budget and need to spread out the spending! Im also hoping that the time will start to FLY once I have alot to do in the nursery and the doctor appointments start to come quicker. We will see I guess.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back on the Coupon Wagon

I was on a roll when we lived in South Carolina with all the couponing and saving money. I had a pretty big stock pile of random stuff. Mainly bathroom stuff, paper towels, and toilet paper. It was hard to pack it all up and move it here, but once we did, I was still wanting to do the whole couponing thing. So I signed up for the Sunday paper here and got going. This is where I ran into my first problem.
In South and North Carolina there are a ton of different grocery stores, in Texas, not so much. There is only HEB and Randall's unless you want to go to a Whole Foods which if you are trying to save money, that's not the place to go. Ive learned that even Randall's are rare here, its basically JUST HEB. The website that I used to use to tell me what coupons to use with what deals, doesn't have Randall's on there, but it does that HEB. First bummer though is that neither Randall's nor HEB double coupons and I feel like that's where you save the most money.

Anyway, I started getting the Sunday paper and I found that it was taking almost double my time to try to figure out the sales and which coupons to use on my own. Then I wasn't really even saving that much (at least not as much as I was in Charlotte), and I got burned out. To top it off, the Sunday paper stopped coming to me. I'm not sure if I didn't sign up for the reoccurring delivery or not, but it wasn't charging me anymore either, so I just never renewed it.
Then I got pregnant and the shopping for food really changed. In the first trimester, nothing sounded good to eat. Mr. Hunt and I were eating different things all the time, we never really had a meal together. Also, since I was feeling SO tired and sick, the last thing I wanted to do was sort through coupons, and shop at the grocery. Since we still had a stock pile of bathroom stuff and paper products we were still going strong for the time being.
Now that its been 6 months, we are running low on bathroom stuff and all the paper products are gone. I cringe when I have to buy paper towels and toilet paper at full price. Plus having to buy alot of expensive stuff for Jane and trying to save money for her, Mr. Hunt and I's habit of spending is getting out of control.
You see, neither Mr. Hunt nor I ever look at how much anything costs, especially when grocery shopping. If we need it or want it, we buy it. We don't compare prices with other products or wait for anything to go on sale, we just get it. Its a horrible habit that we both admit to. Don't get me wrong. We don't have the money to spend like that. Like I said, we are trying to save money for Jane and we have alot of baby items to buy before she gets here and we are a one income household, so this needs to change.
First we tried to be more cautious and at least look at the prices of things, but after a few weeks of that, nothing was really different. So, looooooong story short, I'm going to try the whole couponing thing again. I signed up for the Sunday paper again and I'm going to put my best effort forward to try to save money. Its the least I can do if Im not working.
I'm going to shop at HEB since I think this is where I can save the most money, and I can use the website to help me out. I will go every Monday and get what we need for the entire week. This will prevent us from eating out on the days that I didn't feel like going to the grocery store. If we have the food at home, I will cook it, and we will eat it. I will buy snacks and the essential items I need for the entire week plus four dinners. We don't cook on Wednesdays since we eat with our small group. Weekends are questionable for us, so I wont buy food for that. The four dinners will depend on what is on sale and what coupons I have.
Yesterday, I went to HEB to shop for the week. I obviously didn't have any coupons since I just resubscribed for the Sunday paper, but I still feel like I did good. I got food for the entire week, four dinners, lunch food for me, and some bathroom stuff. I spent $88 and saved $20 (with NO coupons). If I can save $20 with no coupons, I'm hoping I can save a whole lot more with them.
$88 seemed like a good price for the week for us. When I would go to the grocery store everyday for dinner stuff, I would spend at least $25-30 each time and I would always be tempted to buy things we didn't need. That's $100-120 for four evenings which is already more than the $88 with no coupons. Doesn't seem like that much of a difference, but I'm crossing my fingers the coupons will save more, ill be able to keep up with it, and the small $20 or more savings will start to add up.
We will also try our best to not eat out so much on the weekends and if we do, go somewhere cheap....or at least not so expensive.
Of course we can save money other places too. This is just a start and honestly its where we spend most of our money. Mr. Hunt and I eat out ALOT, like more than any other couples we know. We just love food, and don't always like to cook.
Ill let you know how it goes once I actually use coupons. Im hopng I can keep up with the meal planning. We did try meal planning once before and never liked what we had to eat when the time came to eat it. This time its not an option in my mind. In about three months from now, when Jane gets here, things may change, but we need to save money and this is a start.

Coupon girl once more

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anniversary Trip Part Two

Saturday morning was a different story. Lots of people had arrived for the Labor Day Weekend and they were all at the beach by the time we woke up, so we decided not to take the dogs out to the beach. Instead, we headed out and went grocery shopping for food at the house, and brought back McAlisters for lunch. Of course, since it was the first Saturday of college football, we spent most of the time inside watching games. I did go out to the beach for a little bit, but then it started raining. As soon as I got my stuff together and walked back to the house, Mr. Hunt had the fur babies on the leash, ready for a walk on the beach. He didn't realize it was raining. We decided to be fun and go run on the beach and in the water in the rain. It really was fun. Most people had left the beach, so we had most of the beach to ourselves. It only rained for about 10 minutes, if that, and then we stayed out for awhile with the dogs. Once again, no pictures since it was raining, but believe me, they had a great time!

Saturday evening we went to a little Mexican restaurant that we found. Ive had better Mexican food before, but it wasn't bad. Then, we headed back to the house and watched more football for the rest of the night. I know you are probably thinking, why did we go to the beach and stay inside all day? Well, we did get out for a little bit on the beach, and for dinner, but the best part is that we kept the door open all day. It was so nice to have the ocean breeze and sound of the waves all day long.

Sunday morning we woke up and decided to go out for breakfast. We went to this place called Jimmy's on the boardwalk.

The food was great, and once again I wanted a sip of Mr. Hunt's drink. He got a bloody mary, and I LOVE bloody marys! I was so jealous!

We headed back and took the dogs right to the beach. We decided that we couldn't be scared to take them when others were there, we just had to keep them on a leash. There were so many other dogs out there too, so we knew they were welcomed.

They were so funny at first because they didn't realize they had to jump over the waves or they would get water to the face. After a few times though, they were pros and jumped over each wave.

Whoa pregnant belly!

The fur babies were actually really good on the beach. We spent most of the time in the water, but then when we wanted to sit on our towels, they sat right there with us. They did really want to meet a little wiener dog that was running around, but we kept them close by. 

This was our last night in Galveston, and we decided to celebrate our anniversary this evening, even though our real anniversary wasn't until the next day. 

Mr. Hunt took come prego pictures of me before we left. 

Then we headed to downtown Galveston to look around a pirate museum. Mr. Hunt LOVES pirates. The museum was interesting and we learned alot about Galveston too.

Then we went to this nice seafood restaurant that we head reservations at called Gaido's. This was its 101st year open! Wow!

The food was delicious, and we talked about all the things that happened in this past year, and what we think will happen this coming year. There really is no way of telling.

The next day, we had to leave by 10am. It was our actual anniversary, but by the time we got home, we were too tired to do anything. It doesn't matter though, we had a great anniversary weekend. The fur babies did too.

I love you Mr. Hunt. I can't wait to spend more and more anniversaries with you!

Wife of one year

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anniversary Trip

When our anniversary was quickly approaching, Mr. Hunt and I went through so many ideas of how to celebrate. Another all inclusive trip, a cruise, going home to see family, going to a small bed and breakfast, going somewhere random in TX, going to the beach, etc. With Jane on the way, some of the choices were going to be too expensive, and some were just not practical for a pregnant woman. For example, I really wanted to go to a vineyard and stay in a bed and breakfast or something, but whats the point of going to a vineyard if I can't drink the wine? So, after much thought, we decided to go to Galveston TX which is about 4 hours away and is an island. We looked into some nice hotels on the beach with suites and a view, but they were SO expensive. That and the fact that the fur babies would have to go to daycare (which is almost $75 per night), it was getting expensive. Then we decided to look into renting a home on the beach so that we could bring the dogs. BINGO! We rented a little one bedroom house that was literally ON THE BEACH! I was so nice and comfy.

This is the view from the house porch.

Galveston is a little tiny strip of an island. Most of the time while driving down the strip, you are literally right on the water.

This picture was taken from the car. Not zoomed in at all.

There were some super cute houses on the strip. I loved all the colors.

 The sunsets were really great too. We heard the sunrises were better, but we never woke up for any of those.

Only bad thing was that we both got bit by a bunch of mosquitoes and if you haven't heard, West Nile is really bad here in TX right now. I cant wait until the end of September, when the mosquitoes are supposed to go away and I don't have to constantly worry about getting bit. As for now, we have mosquitoes bites, despite spraying bug spray, and we are waiting to see how we feel in the next two weeks. Please pray that we don't get sick. It takes 3 to 14 days to show symptoms.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Thursday night is when we arrived. I already talked about our Thursday night and how we watched the football game and I cried.

Poor River is never good with change. He paced around the small little house looking for a spot to rest and couldn't ever get comfortable. Usually he goes into our room and lays in the bed at home, but he wasn't even having that. After a little bit, we realized he wasn't pacing and Mr. Hunt found him in the bathroom.

Friday morning, we woke up around 9am and took the dogs right out to the water. There wasn't anyone there so we let them off the leash and they had a great time. Surprisingly, this was Hannah's first ever visit to the ocean. I'm not sure how she is three years old and hasn't been, but its true. I have NO pictures of this though. Why? Because my camera lens broke or something. It was all foggy. I couldn't see through it. Thankfully, I had another lens and I put that on when we got back to the house. I think the humidity got to it. It was IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture outside in the morning there. I thought I knew what humid weather was like, but this was nothing like Ive ever experienced. Even my sunglasses would fog up when I walked outside. Wiping them off two of three times would do the trick. I'm sure it didn't help that we were so close to the water.
Anyway, the dogs had a BLAST at the beach. They also loved to sit on the porch and watch people and their dogs at the beach. The porch had a gate so that they were contained, and we took advantage of that alot.  I'm pretty sure they like being rinsed off by the hose just as much as they liked being in the ocean.

As I was getting ready for dinner Friday night, I took my rings off and put them on the table so that I could put lotion on. I ended up not putting them back on until last minute. Mr. Hunt had put a BRAND NEW ring right next to mine. He bought me a one year anniversary band! When we went ring shopping for the wedding bands, I told him that I wanted the same band one day. He mentioned me having it for our one year anniversary, but then we decided that we needed the money for Jane instead. He said that he would get it for my "push present" which is a present that husbands get their wives for pushing that little baby out. I was fine with that. We decided not to get gifts for each other, the trip was the gift. Well, Mr. Hunt had secretly been saving money in a different account that I don't look at alot and had bought it for me. I was so happy, but also sad because I didn't have anything for him. I almost cried...go figure. I love my new ring though. Its the band on top of the engagement ring. The band on the bottom is my wedding band. I wont ever forget which is which though, because we both got our wedding band engraved.

After the excitement went down from the ring, Mr. Hunt and I got all dressed up and ready to go to The Rainforest Cafe. We went to a Rainforest Cafe in Vegas for my 21st birthday, so we wanted to go again.
This was the first and last time I straightened my hair on this trip too. Again with the humidity, I couldn't control the hair.

Mr. Hunt ordered this CoronaRita. I'm not sure I would have ordered this for myself, but I was sad I couldn't at least try it.

I LOVE ELEPHANTS! These guys "came alive" every 15 minutes.

That was it for Friday.

This post is getting extra long now, so I split it in two. Come back for tomorrow for part two.


Friday, September 7, 2012

22 Week Appointment

Last Tuesday, I went to my 22 week update appointment. The only thing they do at these small appointments are take my weight, my heart rate, check something when I pee in a cup, measure my belly, and check Jane's heartbeat. That's it. It takes no time at all really.
From my last appointment at 18 weeks, I accumulated alot of small questions. The past appointments, I never really had any questions, maybe one, but this time I had at least 6 from a few new symptoms, to questions about the future and Jane.  I wrote them down in my phone so that I could remember when I got there.
Right when my doctor came in, I started asking her my first question, when her beeper went off. She told me that it was labor and delivery and that she had to step out for a second. I could hear her talking to a nurse about a patient who must have been in labor. I didn't catch the whole conversation, but I did hear her say "OK, give me a few minutes and Ill be over there." Oh, the office is attached to the hospital that I will deliver in, so my doctor runs back and forth when she has someone in labor. Anyway, I knew I was still on my first question, and I had a feeling she was going to rush me.....and she did. I was really disappointed. I kept thinking about how if I were the one in labor, I would definitely want her to hurry over to me if I needed her, but I was just let down. I honestly was so distracted by her short and rushed answers for everything that I don't even remember half her answers.
Don't get me wrong, I love my doctor. Ive really liked her from the beginning, but this time she really just hurt my feelings. Here I am, growing a human being for the FIRST time, a little baby girl that means more than the world to me. I have alot of questions. I look forward to each appointment(every 4 weeks right now, which goes by so slow as it is) so that I can be reassured each time that she is doing well and that everything looks great. I understand that this isn't as special to my doctor as it is to me, it never will be, and I don't expect that. But I do expect a little more attention I guess. So, the rest of the day, I was a little bummed out.
Although I was bummed, I was also happy that Jane was doing well. In the rush of everything, my doctor measured my belly, but never told me how many cm I was. I did gain some weight. I'm not sure how much Ive gained since last appointment at 18 weeks, but Ive gained 12 pounds in total from the beginning, and she said that was right on track. Also, Jane's heartbeat was in the 140s and she said that was good too. Her little heartbeat was on the right side of my belly and that's where Ive felt alot of her kicks and punches, so I think shes hanging out over there.
Now I wait another 4 weeks to get another short update at the end of September. This will be 26 weeks. I really cant wait for this baby to be here. I cant wait until 36 weeks where I get to go once a week and everything will start to move faster. I don't want to rush time though. I know that I will miss her being with me all the time once she is out, and I also by no means have everything ready for her yet, but I cant wait to hold her and kiss her.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Gamecock football has officially started and I'm so happy about that. I LOVE football season....everything about it. This year, I was looking forward to it for another reason too. I always recall football season going by SO fast. This year, when football season is over, means that Jane will be here any time. We are hoping to get a good bowl game so that Jane can actually enjoy her first game outside in the world, we will see. So, I kind of want football season to go by fast again this year, but believe me, I will be enjoying every second.
This past Thursday was the first game. Mr. Hunt and I left Thursday afternoon to head to Galveston Texas for our anniversary trip. We got to Galveston just in enough time for the game to start. I had planned on calling and ordering pizza before the game started, I don't like talking during the game. So, I called Domino's to see if they delivered to our beach home. Long story short, we rented a house on the strip of Galveston, and there wasn't any food anywhere nearby. Everything was a good 15 minute drive away. The Domino's person told me they did deliver, and so I ordered and the game started! A few minutes later, I got a call saying, never mind, they don't deliver. I was annoyed. By this time, the game had started and now I had to find another place to deliver to us. Next up, and really the last choice was Pizza Hut. I called and asked specifically again if they delivered to me. They said yes, took my order, and hung up. Once again, they called back a few minutes later to say never mind, they don't. I honestly don't know what the problem was. Why did both say yes, and then say never mind? I'm sure they get alot of calls from homes near me, and I know I had the correct address.
Here is where the pregnancy took over. I sat in the chair thinking of how I was missing the game trying to find some food. I was starving and of course I wasn't going to leave the house or the TV, so I started crying. As soon as I started crying was when Lattimore ran the ball in for the first touchdown of the season! You would think I would be happy about that? Nope, I was more worried about food. Mr. Hunt had a good time laughing at the fact that I cried during the first touchdown of college football as a whole. I really cant blame anything but being pregnant, it makes me do weird things. Thinking back, if the two places had just told me no off the bat, I probably wouldn't have broke down.
Mr. Hunt calmed me down and took over the job of finding something to eat. We ended up having to wait until halftime to drive and pick up food, which wasn't that good, but I was really into the game by then that the taste of the food didn't really matter.

I'm so glad my jersey still fits! At least for now.
I got my act together and was able to enjoy the rest of the game.....sort of. That game was very stressful. We didn't look as good as I imagined and there were some worries we were going to lose a few times. I'm hoping the team will get some practice in and fix some of their stupid mistakes. I also hope that Connor Shaw's injury to his shoulder wont prevent him from playing. We really need him.

Anyway. The first game of the year had its ups and downs for sure, and I have a feeling that with me being pregnant, and the gamecocks history in general, there will be alot of stress filled games. I'm OK with it though, I love football.

So does Jane, she was moving around the whole game!

Up next, ECU Pirates! They are going DOWN!

Gamecock Lover

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, Mr. Hunt and I said our vows before our family, friends, and especially God.

As always, this past year has FLOWN by, but its been great and ALOT has happened. Most importantly, we have a little girl on the way and life couldn't get much better. 

We will never forget that day, September 3, 2011, when all of our friends and family gathered together to celebrate our love. Each and every person there has a special place in our hearts.

We are in Galveston TX, well, on our way home today, but we spent the weekend here. I will update on our anniversary trip soon.

Here's to a million more years!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weeks 20, 21, & 22


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 8 pounds. My doctor never actually told me how much she expected me to gain or how well I'm doing so far, so I decided to look it up myself. I put in a bunch of information and the chart said I should have gained between 10-16 pounds by now. I'm hoping 2 pounds under isn't a huge deal. My next doctors appointment is in two weeks, so until then I wont know. I also met a girl in my small group who has the same due date as me.....how weird? She is also having a girl, but she said she has already gained 19 pounds! I'm guessing its because she is already tiny as it is, and I know that everyone is different so I'm not going to worry until my doctor says to.
Maternity Clothes?: Still wearing what I have until it gets a little colder and I need more stuff. 
Stretch Marks?: I discovered two on my right boob. Ugh! I guess that means my skin is prone to stretchmarks and I will soon get them on my tummy, but for now, I'm good. I'm not too worried about the stretchmarks on my boob though because nobody but Mr. Hunt sees those. :)
Sleep?: Still doing good in the sleep department. I tend to wake up sweaty lately which has never happened to me before. I'm guessing its from the deep sleep that I get with crazy dreams. Who knows?
Feeling Sick?: The heart palpitations continue. They have woken me up from sleep and are still scary. I really cant do anything but wait to see the doctor in 2 weeks because they said not to worry. 
Best Moment This Week: Mr. Hunt was gone on a business trip, but I got to go to my first small group meeting this week. I was sad Mr. Hunt couldn't go with me, but we will go together now that he is home. I'm excited to get to know more people our age while hearing and learning about God together.
Movement?: Oh yes. This week, Jane decided she wanted to be a little lower in my stomach area. She now tends to kick my bladder which not only makes me have to pee instantly, but also hurts pretty bad. Like a sharp shooting pain. No matter what though, I still love feeling her move around. Its awesome
Food Cravings?: No. I'm trying to eat healthier now and I'm making alot of different combinations of smoothies recently..
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: A flatty. Is there such thing?
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on
What I Miss?: Well I missed Mr. Hunt this week. I also miss being able to do things without loosing my breath. Oh the sacrifices of pregnancy.
What I'm Looking Forward To?: I'm looking forward to people noticing that I'm pregnant. I'm honestly not sure how people don't notice. Maybe they are just being cautious as to not hurt my feeling if I weren't pregnant, but even people that Ive met and been around say "Oh wow I didn't even notice" when they find out. Come on people, women aren't skinny everywhere except for a protruding belly. Get with it. 
Anything Else?: This week was honestly a horrible week. I'm just being honest. I'm not sure if it was the fact that Mr. Hunt was gone and I wasn't feeling well, but it was just really bad. Things have gotten easier since he's gotten home. There were three days in a row where I just burst into tears for no reason. Then I would think of things to be sad about and cry more. The crying went on and off for three whole days like I was a depressed person or something. I just kept thinking about how I was ready for Jane to just be here already. I thought I would love pregnancy, but I think I got that mixed up with just loving a new baby to be. The fact that I'm only half way done was making me discouraged. I also didn't feel well. I would have a headache, cramps (which are scary while pregnant), and heart palpitations all at once....just plain awful. When I finally picked Mr. Hunt up at the airport, I cried then too. I haven't cried since so I'm hoping I was just missing my man, but I have a sneaky suspicion this will happen at least one more time before Jane comes.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Almost 10 lbs. Looks like I'm now gaining weight by the day! Yikes! 
Maternity Clothes?: I'm running out of clothes. I thought a few nice shirts and pants/shorts would be good, and just to wear tshirts during the day.....but the tshirts aren't fitting anymore either. I have to wear Mr. Hunt's and I really cant go out in those.  
Stretch Marks?: Still just the ones I found last week
Sleep?: Sleep is good until about 5am. I keep waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. Then I'm up for the day which then makes me have to take a nap during the day. Its a vicious cycle I need to put an end to.
Feeling Sick?: The heart palpitations have gone away...almost. Ill randomly get a few, but definitely not as bad as before. Other than that, I'm doing good. 
Best Moment This Week: This week was pretty lay low. I did alot of research and am going to buy her crib, chair, and dresser soon. I cant wait to put everything together.
Movement?: Yes, Jane moves around alot! Its so fun! Seems like she likes to move around all day long one day, and then next not alot. Its on and off, but she's definitely moving around.
Food Cravings?: No not really. 
Gender?: little lady
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: A flatty still. The top is starting to poke out, especially when I'm full.
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on still
What I Miss?: Being able to move around easily. Yes, its started. Its starting to get hard to move in general and Mr. Hunt says that I waddle now. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?:  I'm looking forward to seeing what Jane looks like. The weeks aren't flying by like everyone said they were, so I'm just counting days. Each new week is what I really look forward to. 
Anything Else?: This week was so much better than last. I didn't feel sick at all practically and I had my husband home.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Got weighed at the doctor and Ive gained 12 lbs! She told me that I was doing good, because starting in the third trimester, Jane will gain almost a pound a week and I will start to retain water. Her goal for me is 25-30 lbs total. Hopefully I wont gain much more than that, because that will be extra I didn't need.
Maternity Clothes?: Still scrounging for things to wear. At least I don't work so most people don't notice that I'm wearing the same things over an over. Mr. Hunt will just have to get use to these few outfits.
Stretch Marks?: None on my belly yet
Sleep?: I'm thanking God that sleep is still decent for me. Of course, when I need to move from side to side, its a little harder than before and it wakes me up, but other than that, I'm sleeping great. I only have about 17 weeks to go...so the more weeks I get of good sleep, the less weeks I have to be uncomfortable with no sleep, because I know its coming.
Feeling Sick?: The heart palpitations are pretty much gone except for when I drink Coke. I think its probably just too much caffeine for me and Jane. I can still drink Sweet Tea for my caffeine fix and it doesn't do anything, but sometimes I just need to bubbles from Coke so I just have a few sips here and there
Best Moment This Week: Mr. Hunt and I are headed to Galveston Texas for our one year anniversary. We are leaving on Thursday morning and coming back on our anniversary, which is Monday the 3rd. We rented a little house right on the beach and we get to bring the fur babies. Its should be a good time. 
Movement?: Jane is still moving around alot. Day to day she starts to kick, or punch harder and harder.  I read that she will start to develop a sleep and awake schedule that  she will most likely mimic when she gets here. I'm trying to figure out what it is now.
Food Cravings?: No, but I can definitely eat alot more that Mr. Hunt these days. I thought that she was squishing my stomach which was making me not be able to eat much, but she must have moved from that, because I can eat alot now. 
Gender?: little lady still
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button In or Out?: A flatty still. 
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on still but some days its hard for me to take it off, I need to make sure it doesn't get stuck. 
What I Miss?: bending down is finally getting tricky. I miss that.
What I'm Looking Forward To?:  the third trimester. I know, I know, I'm rushing things. Everyone says the second is the best, why do I want to rush to the uncomfortable trimester? Well, because that means she will be here soon.
Anything Else?: I had my appointment this week. I will write a post about it, but it wasn't the best appointment. Nothing is wrong with me or Jane, I just wasn't happy. I have no clue what my belly measured, but Jane is sitting on my right side and her heart beat was 140.


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