Friday, September 18, 2009


For those of you who do not know, I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8! I have been watching the show since day one and I wont miss an episode on a Monday night. Even though their marriage had fallen apart, I still support their family by watching the show because the kids are too darn cute. People keep saying they need to stop the show and spend time with their kids, well here is what I think of that. Even though they make tons of money for each episode, they still do not have enough money to keep raising all eight children AND put them through college if they stop the show now. Jon and Kate both have said their kids like doing the show, so why not. If they stop the show, then they will both have to go back to work and therefore they REALLY wont have time for their kids. Anyways, as you can see, I love the show and nothing will change my mind.

My manager and I went to a meeting at Visit Charlotte on Wednesday to try and get a contract signed and while we were there we were both given two tickets to the Southern Women's Show on Thursday-Sunday. I asked my manager what it was and she recommended that I attend. She said it was a bunch of booths and you walk around and get free stuff like makeup, shampoo, etc. The next morning when I got to work, I decided to look online to see what times the show was open to see if I could go sometime over the weekend when I saw KATE GOSSELIN'S name! I thought surely she wasn't coming to this show, but sure enough, SHE WAS!!! The only problem I saw was that she was going to be there from 1:30pm-3:30pm on Thursday (today, while I work).

I quickly came to the conclusion that I would go during my lunch break and ask my manager if I could take a little longer tlunch and take a short lunch on Friday. She approved!! Man, I was so excited.

I left work at noon and got there at 12:30pm so that I could buy her book and find where she would be, in time not to miss a minute. I knew I only had an hour or two so I thought ahead and asked the lady I bought the book from where she would be signing them after so I could get as close to that area as possible. She didn't have a clue. I waited and waited for a long time. I didn't want to go anywhere else and lose my close spot to the stage. It got quite boring since I was by myself, but I didn't care. Lucky for me I heard a lady say where she would be signing the books after and sure enough there was already a line forming (before she even was on stage). I realized that if I got in line right then I would still be able to see the stage, so I hopped in line and waited some more. Lucky for me again because I was the last person they let stand in line until she was done talking because it was going to block the way of other attendees.

While waiting I saw Kate's body guard. The man that people say she is in a relationship with, and everyone was taking pictures of him. (by the way, Kate said that the body guard is NOT her man) Finally Kate came out and answered questions for an hour.


  • Their dogs (Shoka and Nala) were given back tot he breeders. She says they may get them back in the future, but right now is too hard

  • She really misses Jon, the old Jon (she cried)

  • Mady and Cara are going to a Taylor Swift concert for their bday coming up

  • Her recipe book is coming out in the fall

There are a lot more, I just cant think of them right now.

Kate finally made it over to the table where she was signing her books and I was about #20 in line. I found out later that there was about 1,500 people there. I was so happy I was in the front of the line. As we got closer to her, the security told us we could only take pics of her, not with her. (I wanted a pic with her). Finally it was my turn. I handed her my book and she asked how I was doing. I told her good and that I wished I lived in Pennsylvania so that I could babysit her kids. And she told me that I looked like a respectable young lady that she would definitely consider me to watch her kids if I lived close!!! WOO WHO! That made my day. Little did I know there was MORE to come.

The next day I got to work and I opened the Internet. My homepage that pops up is the Charlotte Observer Newspaper website. I read it almost every morning. I saw the title of an article saying something that Kate had said at the show so I clicked on it to read about it. I read the whole article and there was a picture of Kate on the stage smiling. As I clicked the back button to read more of the paper I saw that there was two pictures. I had a feeling it was going to be of her signing the books so I clicked back on the article. (I swear this was ALL in slow motion) I clicked on the next button to see the next picture and THERE I WAS. STANDING THERE WITH KATE GOSSELIN!!!!!!!! I stopped and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Out of ALL 1,500 people, there I was with Kate.

I got what I wished for!!! A picture WITH Kate, not just OF Kate! Since the picture was the second one on the website I thought for sure they would use the first one in the actual newspaper, BUT NO! My manager walked in and handed my the newspaper, opened to the page where the picture of my newest friend Kate and I are in. I am still in shock that this is really me. I think I might try and get ahold of her and tell her that I must really be destined to babysit for her or something. But then again, she talked to 1,500 people, I know she doesn't remember me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dance Lessons and Gamecocks

This post is a little out of order, but I was reading my older posts and remembered that I never wrote about our dance lessons. Chris's brother Michael and his fiancee Rachel invited Chris and I to take dance lessons with them for the wedding. It ended up being Michael and Rachel, Chris and I, Rachel's parents, and Chris's parents. It was a lot of fun. Each week we would go into class and add new steps to the ones we learned the week before. After we got the steps down, we would rotate partners. So I ended up dancing with not just Chris. I danced with Michael, Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Crunk! We mainly learned swing, but the last few weeks we worked on salsa. It was so funny to see the boys try to catch on to the moves. They would always want to be a better partner than the other. My main partner was Chris though and I hope he remembers all the moves so when the wedding comes we don't look crazy on the dance floor.
I think Michael and Rachel are taking a few other classes without everyone so they can learn what to do for their first dance.
Chris actually, surprisingly liked dance class. At first I had to beg him to take it with me but then he loved it. He even wants to take our own private classes one day...and of course i would LOVE that. He wants to learn TANGO! looks hard.
All in all it was a great experience and great bonding for the two families.
Now skipping back to this past weekend. Chris and I drove to N. Augusta, SC for Rachel and Michael's wedding shower at Chris's Aunt Mary-Alice's house. It was a fun shower but didn't last too long. We stayed the night so that we could watch the Gamecocks play the Bulldogs. The game was sooo good but we ended up losing at the VERY end. The score was 37-41. So sad. But the good news is that Stephen Garcia (our QB) is looking very good. Finally we have a good looking quarterback, and our team looked put together. I am very excited for the rest of the season. I think we will do alot better than last year.
While we were in N. Augusta we had to board River for the first time. I was a little upset and sad but then I got over it. River had such a good time and he was pooped when we picked him up on Sunday. I'm glad that we got the boarding thing over with so now I wont be hesitant on taking him there. We had to bring Hannah with us since she doesn't have her rabies shot yet, but she wasn't in the way. We kept her in the crate for half the day when a bunch of people were around, but once everyone left we brought her out and she played with Reese (Mary-Alice's dog).
It was a good back to work.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gamecocks and Labor Day

Since my last post nothing has been going on to write about. Just work, entertain dogs, and rest! This past weekend was the first exciting weekend in awhile. Chris and I were supposed to go to the beach with some of our friends but that trip got cancelled at the last minute. I called my parents to see what they were up to and they were headed to the mountains for the weekend. I though that would be a fun but very relaxing time and its only and hour and 45 minutes from our house in Charlotte. It turned out to be a blast.
Friday after I got off work Chris took me to Outback Steakhouse which is one of my favorite restaurants ever (i know its lame because its a chain restaurant, but i cant pass up the cheese fries EVER). After eating, going home and packing we were on the road by 8pm and arrived at the lake house around 9:45 pm. My parents and Davis finally arrived at 10pm and by the time they settled in and we chatted for awhile we all went to sleep.
The next morning Chris and I woke up around 11am and put our bathing suits on right away. We hung out on the lake for a few hours. The dogs LOVED it. River had the most energy I have ever seen him have but he was so funny jumping off the dock over and over again like the energizer bunny. Charlie tried to keep up but he would get annoyed and go lay on the couch on the porch. Hannah would have spurts of energy and she was swimming more than we have ever seen her. (by the way...I would post pictures but Hannah chewed the cord that transfers the pics from my camera to the computer) Later that day after we had lunch we all got showers and headed to the Apple Festival in downtown Hendersonville with the family. I was so excited because my favorite candy store is in downtown Hendersonville so I got to get tons of candy. We didn't buy anything besides the candy and some hot dogs but it was fun to look at everything. After we left the Apple Festival we all went to the grocery and picked out dinner. We saw a really yummy looking Greek salad at the Apple Festival so we decided to have that and grilled chicken. It turned out great. My Grandpa wanted my mom to make some other stuff including fudge. YUM! That night we watched tons of football and played games and did puzzles. it was relaxing that is for sure.
The next morning we tried to sleep in a little but we couldn't because the dogs were so excited to get out on the lake again. Chris had some work to do so he did that and we all just took it easy for the day by the lake. My mom made beef stew and cornbread for dinner and fudge for desert. The beef stew was so good but the fudge never hardened. She thinks that Grandpa gave her the wrong recipe. It was fine though because we ended up using it for hot fudge on top of ice cream. It was so good and we got to bring some home. I still have tons of leftovers.
The weekend was fun and was much needed
As for the Gamecocks...I'm so excited for the football season. If you know me, then you know that I LOVE the gamecocks!!! They won their first game last Thursday and I'm looking forward to a good season. Don't worry if you don't keep track of them because I will surely do that on here. Our next game is this Saturday against Georgia. Tough game, but I think we can pull it off. Keep your fingers crossed!!! :)

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