Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jane's First Birthday Party

We decided to have Jane's first birthday party at my parents house while we were visiting for Christmas. Mainly because we have more friends and especially family that could join us, but also because we were leaving the day after her actual birthday to visit for a week so it just made sense. A HUGE thanks to my Momma who made most of the decorations. I pinned a while bunch of stuff on Pinterest and bought all the supplies and gave them to her in November. She ended up making everything for me, and everything turned out wonderful. No Pinterest Fails which ends up happening to me quite often.

How cute did this banner turn out that we put on the fireplace mantle?

Here is Uncle Dylan messing with the birthday girl. Oh how I wish we lived closer, Jane has the best Aunts and Uncles.

I also printed 2 pictures of Jane from each month and put them into a shape of a 1. I think it turned out pretty good, and I love all the pictures.

Here are some other banners that my Mom made that turned out great. We put them in the kitchen where Jane would eat her smash cake.

She also made some Pom Poms that we hung around. Excuse the birthday girl in her diaper! haha!

This is a table that is right by the door that everyone entered and exited. We had birthday hats which were all the colors in the color theme we went with (how lucky). Nobody wore the hats though....bummer. I also bought those cute frames at Michael's and spray painted them gold and put a picture of us in it for the favors. We only had one other child at the party so I went with a more adult like favor.

Here is Jane's smash cake. We went with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting since that is what I had as well as my two brothers. I also put gold edible glitter on it.

I wish I would have got more pictures of the set up with the food and drinks but I forgot once the party started. Here is where the drinks were. My more dipped the mason jars in gold glitter and put those cute paper straws in them. We put the drinks in the galvanized bin.

Here is where we had the food. We had a few different sliders as well as chips, fruit, and pasta salad. All made by my Mom. I'm telling you, she is wonderful y'all!

Jane of course wouldn't sit still for a good picture of her party outfit. She had a onsie that said ONE in gold glitter and this cute tutu made by my good friend Whitney Tate. Y'all can go to her Facebook page to order lots of cute goodies. Its Maddie Claire Designs. I also had a matching bow that she made, but of course that didn't stay on at all.

I went to pick Cameron up from Brandy for the party. Brandy is on bed rest for her new baby girl and we all knew that Cameron wanted to come to the party, so I gladly went to get her for a few hours. This is the first time where they actually played a lot together and it was the cutest thing. I wish Brandy could have seen it. She requested I take lots of pictures of them, but they were non stop moving and it was hard.

With the time difference, Jane kept waking up super early and then she would be way off her schedule for the rest of the day. She started to get pretty fussy so we hurried to open gifts. Jane didn't really get it, but she loved tissue paper and wrapping paper. Cameron helped us open most of the gifts so I know she had fun!

Look at her face here!

She got a lot of dog themed gifts. Looks like her family and friends know her well. Jane LOVES dogs!

Tissue Paper!

Jane's daddy and Uncle Michael!

Uncle Michael and Aunt Rachel got Jane this radio flyer wagon. Isn't it the cutest?

This is just perfect!

Then it was cake time.

Didn't really know what to think at first!

Then she tasted it....

Meanwhile Cameron had a cupcake as well. haha

And then it started to get messy

Then since she was super tired, she started to rub her eyes which had chocolate icing all over them and then it was over. She didn't like that so Uncle Dylan came to the rescue. He sacrificed his nice new shirt and saved her.

Soon after her bath we put her down for her nap. Then I had some one on one Cameron time and we had a blast. 

She even read a few books with Mr. Hunt. She was so super sweet and was such a good well behaved little girl.

Thank you to everyone who came to Jane's party. I know she had such a good time and she loved all of her presents. It makes it ten times more special to be with family for her one year birthday since we don't see those people very often. We love each and every one of you so much. I always do this and then feel super bad. I get caught up in what I'm doing and whats going on at the time that I forget to thank everyone and tell them how much they mean to us. Then when everything is over I feel like I didn't express how thankful I was enough. So I hope everyone knows.

Lastly, I made this video for Jane's first year of life. It 14 minutes long but its great. It has videos and pictures of all the fun things that happened in her first year. We showed it at the party and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Oh, I also made this One Year Interview. I am going to video tape an interview with Jane on each of her birthdays. Obviously she doesn't really talk right now so its more of a funny cute video. We didn't show this at the party, but Ill add it here.

We love y'all and we love baby Jane.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Christmas Pictures

My good friend Shanyn (who has taken our maternity pictures as well as Jane's newborn pictures) took a few pictures of us for Christmas. I love how they all turned out!

Thanks Shanyn!

The Hunts

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