Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weird Girl

I was awakened again last night from Hannah. This time I was awake for more than 5 minutes after to really think about what she just did and how strange she is.
The first time this happened, we lived in Charlotte still. Its always happened in the middle of the night, except for once. All of the sudden, in her sleep, she howls REALLY loud, REALLY high pitched, and REALLY long, until someone shakes her or touches her. I remember the first time she did it, I was scared something was the matter with her. It sounds as if she is screaming in pain. As soon as you touch her to try to wake her up, she stops and is fast asleep again like nothing happened. So strange.
I know she has done it maybe two or three other times since that first time and then once while she was taking a nap in her crate and I was in the living room here in Texas. I remember sitting in the living room and she started howling. I knew right away what it was because it doesn't sound like any noise she makes when she is awake. I sat on the couch listening and waiting for her to hopefully stop on her own, and she did. But I had to go check on her after it was done. I'm telling you, if you heard it, you would be worried too.
Last night it happened again. It literally makes you just up out of bed and can wake you from a deep sleep. This time she was on my side of the bed. I kicked her with my leg, and Mr. Hunt mumbled something. I said "Jeez, that could literally wake the neighbors." The strangest thing to me, is she doesn't wake up. Even after I kick her and talk to Mr. Hunt. Remember I told you, you can't wake up this girl when she is sleeping. Its impossible. Well, I guess she can't even wake herself up with her high pitched screaming either.
I sat there wondering what she must dream about that makes her make such noises that she only makes while she is sleeping, only ever few months. Once again, I can't explain this poor fur baby of mine. She's a special one.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo Dump

I have a bunch of random pictures that I take around the house and never have a full post to write about them, so, Ill just do this photo dump. Enjoy!

Hannah looks really POed in this picture so of course I naturally think its funny. Look at her fur! Its so shiny! I guess this is what happens when you feed your fur babies one of the best (most expensive) dog food out there. Trust me, its not by choice, its because of River's bad skin. River's fur isn't this shiny.

The garage is finally starting to clear out. Only a few more empty boxes to be taken to the curb on garbage day. Then I need to unpack the actual garage boxes and then we will be finished! Whew!

Could life get any better than this? Not for her, she LOVES her bones. We have four of these!

This day was a beautiful day. I love having established trees in the yard. I don't think we will ever move into a neighborhood that doesn't have established trees again.

The fur babies actually LOVE their crates. When I'm home with them all day, they often go to their crates to take naps. They never did this in Charlotte since the crates were upstairs, but since they are just down the hall in this house, they can still hear if I start doing something interesting and can come out. This day, I decided to sneak in on them and see them sleeping to take a picture. To my surprise, they were cuddled up together, sharing River's crate. I almost cried. Of course when I walked in, they sprang right up like they weren't sleeping, so this was the best picture I could get. This warms my motherly heart.

This was the dreaded day of River's allergic reaction. Poor baby.

The first picture Ive taken of the front of the house....and proof that there is something wrong with the camera. If I hold it perfectly still and straight, it still takes a lopsided picture. Maybe I should set it down on a flat surface and see what happens.

A day at the lake.


Bad Fur Babies

Two very random pictures, I know. Wanted to share our mailbox, exciting I know! They don't have individual boxes here in each person's yard, just the cluster of them on each street. We lucked out though, ours isn't too far from our house. The second picture is of me standing at the boxes. See the first garbage can on the left side down the road a bit? That's our home!

River's ball obsession doesn't stop at tennis balls, although those are his favorite. He also shows interest in footballs now, and this exercise ball, I kid you not! I will try to get a video of him trying to play with this over sized ball.

I really really need to clean this room up. Soon!

Thats all for now!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Im looking forward to.....

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? I think this is the longest time that Ive been MIA since....well....a long time. To be honest, Ive had writers block. Remember when I wrote about my daily routine and I said that if I didn't write anything on the blog that day, it means that I didn't have anything to say? Well, that's still true and that's whats been happening around here. Everyday I open the computer, check out others blogs, go to mine to write something, and then have nothing to say.
So today, lets talk about what I'm looking forward to shall we? I literally sit here in the house everyday while Mr. Hunt is a work. I do just what was on the list I shared, and then by the time that's done and I run a few errands (always to the grocery store and the dry-cleaners), Mr. Hunt is on his way home. So, nothing really to write about there. But, there are a few things that I'm looking forward to that we can talk about.

First, Gamecock Football is on 99 days away. Yes, I'm counting, and so is Mr. Hunt. With such a strong finish to the season last year (best ever in school history), we are both bursting at the seams for a Saturday sitting in front of the TV screaming and eating junk food. We are sad that we probably won't make it to a game this year, but I like to say watching on TV can sometimes be better for those of us who like to know EXACTLY whats going on in the game like me. When you are at the game, sometimes you miss stuff.

I'm super duper excited because Mr. Hunt and I planned a trip back to the east coast to see both sides of the family for the 4th of July. Mr. Hunt's side always goes to their beach house in Beaufort for the holiday so we thought that would be the best time to go and be able to see both sides since Beaufort and Hilton Head are only about an hour away from each other. I'm sad the fur babies won't be able to come. I know they miss everyone, especially Charlie. We are staying for 5 days so we can't wait!

I'm also looking forward to Mr. Hunt and I's first wedding anniversary. This year is flying by and its only about 3 months away already. We don't have anything big planned, well, nothing planned right now. We were thinking of going somewhere and doing something big, but since we just got back from Puerto Rico and are headed East in July, we figured something little, but sweet somewhere close can be just as fun. We need to look some places up because a few people have told us that there are some good vineyards or bed and breakfasts not to far from here. I'm just looking forward to saying we've been married for one year.

Lastly, I was going to say I'm looking forward to the neighborhood pool opening, but I saw yesterday that it's finally open! Maybe I should say that I'm looking forward to this weekend which is a long weekend for Mr. Hunt. Since I don't work, I forget the days people get to take of work. It was a nice surprise when Mr. Hunt said he has Monday off. I'm pretty sure we will make it to the pool one, if not, all the days this weekend. Its been pool weather here since we moved here in March. I'm not kidding! I always wonder why hot weather places always wait so long to open their pools and then close them so early before its even cold out. I probably know the answer, money. But, hey, you need to budget your money better knowing that the weather here is hot. We actually have two pools in our neighborhood. One is right around the corner from our house, and the other is probably about a mile or less away (or what we will do is probably take the 1 minute drive).

PS: This is not what our pool looks like. I wish though.

That's all. Basically I'm just looking forward to the fun little changes around here. Something different than chores and being in the house.

Here's to not having writers block for too much longer.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

What a great day. Of course I am always forever grateful to my mom, mom in law, and grandmothers, but Mother's Day is just another day to let them know that and make them feel a little special.
Being all the way here in Texas with them in North and South Carolina, we did our best to let them know how much they meant to us from so far away.
So, I hope all the mothers out there had a great and relaxing day. All of you deserve that.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Hannah is Different

Hannah has been changing a little in the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure she has finally noticed that River might be getting a little more attention and cuddles. The reason for that is because its 10 times easier to love on a fur baby that isn't going crazy. She is finally starting to settle down and cuddle us and we are loving it.

Here she is laying on me. She's still learning what is comfortable to us too because she likes to lay right on us, but we embrace it for now. That poor tennis ball is on its last leg.

Here she is laying with Mr. Hunt. Nice and calm which isn't like her at all. We hope this is the new Hannah, because we are loving it.

A little side note:
Since I'm home all day these days, I thought it would be the perfect time to ween the fur babies out of their crates. I want them to eventually be able to stay out of the crates when we leave the house. Well, I haven't got to starting that yet, but now I'm not sure Ill be able to do this. Now, when we are just sitting around the house, they both go and lay in their crates, like their little spot. I can't take that away from them? So maybe Ill leave the crates there and still leave them out and they will just go in the crate anyway. We will see.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Nothing Special Really Happening

Ive been really sluggish over here since we got back from Puerto Rico. That trip really took it out of me. Being a stay at home wife, I made myself a schedule for each week so that I can keep myself on track. Before, I thought I could just look and decide what needed to be done, but that proved to not work. Seemed like all I could see that needed to be done was play and walk with the dogs, do stuff on the computer, and cook dinner. That wasn't working, so I had to make a schedule.
Just because I don't have much more to write about, Ill share it with you. Ill first let you know that I have my alarm set to go off every morning at 8:30am. Most mornings, I wake up with Mr. Hunt though around 7am and can't really go back to sleep. Once I'm up, I eat something, read my blogs, and write a blog post while watching TV. So its safe to say that if I don't post anything on a weekday, I must have really not had anything to say. I feel like that's whats been happening lately. By the time I'm done with all that, I then get to the schedule.

Do all laundry, including sheets from bed
Put laundry away once cleaned and make the bed with cleaned sheets
Take the trash out to the curb in the evening
Walk the dogs
Take Mr. Hunt's things to the dry cleaners

Pick up all dog poo in the backyard
Clean both bathrooms. Also check the guest bath shower liner to see if it needs to be washed
Water the yard
Go to the gym

Organize coupons and make shopping list
Go grocery shopping with coupons
Wipe all surfaces in the house clean including light switches
Brush the dogs
Clean out fridge
Go to the gym

Vacuum the entire house including the couch and all cushions
Walk the dogs
Water the yard

Windex all mirrors, windows, and picture frames in the house
Walk the dogs
Go to the gym

Some of these things come with explanations. When we signed the rent for this house, we agreed to water the yard twice a week. Right now though, the city of Cedar Park says we can't use the water, so obviously I'm not watering the yard until they say I can again. The gym thing changes throughout the week. Usually I wait for Mr. Hunt to be off work and go with him, if not, I go during the day.

Then on the 15th of the month, all week that week I do some other things that don't need to be done once a week.

Spray out and clean the recycling bin and all trash cans so they don't get super dirty and stinky
Cycle clean the washing machine
Cycle clean the dishwasher
Dust fans
Sweep and organize the garage
Switch out air vents even other month
Wipe down the fronts and backs of all doors and cabinets
Wipe all baseboards

That's it for now. Believe me, this stuff takes awhile. I would say my non busiest day is Friday, which I think is appropriate for a Friday. Then I don't do anything on the weekends except keep up with the dishes and have fun with my husband.

Now, I have something to admit, I didn't do any of this last week expect for the laundry. But, the laundry wasn't just the normal weekly laundry, it was vacation laundry that took awhile to do. Other than that, I was too pooped to do anything else.

Now, Ill go and brainstorm of what I have to tell you for the rest of the week.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Newly Engaged

I'm so happy to announce that I'm going to have another brother in law soon! Ugh, that was selfish. Sorry.

Seriously though. My sister in law Katie just got engaged to Michael McKay...except we all call him McKay.

If you can't tell by the picture, they are such a great couple. They are perfect for each other, and I'm just so excited for the both of them. I know from experience that they have a lot ahead of them in the next year or so, actually much more than I did. Ill be sure to keep y'all updated on them too because they have a lot of fun stuff planned for the next few years.
As for now, I send my love and happiness over to them. They deserve all of it.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Texas Home Tour

We have finally settled into our new home in Texas and we are loving it. Mr. Hunt and I agree that we may love this house more than our house in Charlotte. The main reason being that this house is a lot smaller, all of our furniture fits in the house, there is no yelling up and down the stairs, and it just feels cozy. That doesn't really matter though because we are just renting here, but maybe in the future when we go to buy another house, we will keep that in mind.
Anyway, it took me ALOT longer to unpack the boxes. I think Mr. Hunt unpacked a total of .5 boxes. I'm not complaining though. I didn't ask him ONCE to help me, for a few reasons. 1) because I knew he was already stressed with his new job 2) I didn't want him to put things away in the "wrong" spot and not be able to ever find it again 3) This was now my "job" and 4) we weren't in any sort of rush. Plus, by the time Mr. Hunt came home from work on the week days, I was way too tired to unpack anything else, and forget the weekends, we were out and about exploring our new city.
OK, so now that everything is 70% finished, I decided I could share. Then anytime I make a change or add something, we can have before and after pictures, and you will have an idea in your mind of what the house looks like.
I did a video to follow up the first video of the empty house. I'm sad to say that I'm not going to have a video this time. I have way too much to share with you and Ive been waiting to share this first, so pictures will have to do until I can figure out what is wrong with this crazy video.
Long story short, I had the house as clean as it could ever be when Davis was here visiting for his spring break. I had spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready for Rachel and Michael to get into town. What better time to video a clean house than when its clean for company? I got the camera out and starting taping when it shut off in the middle from no battery. I panicked! Then remembered I had a small video camera. I got that out and had to rush through the house while video taping because that one was about to run out of battery too. Now, apparently this Sony Handycam doesn't work well with macs. Ive looked up everything I can. Plus, I can't find the charger for the camcorder so right now, there is no video. I know, I'm a mess.
One day when I figure it out or even charge the camera, Ill share the video, even if its after we move out!

OK, below is what you see when you first walk throughout the front door. To the left is the collage wall and shoe cabinet. To the right is the dining room. Straight ahead is the family room.

This is the dining room. I still need to hem the curtains in here and figure out what I want to keep on display on the buffet cabinet. The trash can looking thing on the left is the dog food. The kitchen is so small, there wasn't any room for it. If we ever use the dining room, I will move the dog food somewhere else for the time being.

This is the wall between the entry way, the kitchen, and the dining room. I just put two pictures from our wedding in white frames with white mats. I love that you can see it as soon as you walk into the house and also from the dining room table. The picture on the floor is the picture and mat that our guests from our wedding signed. I haven't found a good spot for it yet and it also needs a hanging kit, so for now, it sits there. Told you we were only 70% done.

This is the collage wall that I have already shared on here with the new yellow mat in the palmetto tree frame on the bottom right. I love this entryway because its so colorful and happy. To spruce up the shoe storage, I just bought new knobs and put them on there.

This is the view if you were standing in the dining room with your back to the big window facing the front yard. It looks into the kitchen, and beyond that is the family room. It also shows the pictures from the wedding.

This is the view from the kitchen. Very small kitchen. I actually had a hard time trying to figure out where to put a lot of our kitchen stuff. I love that the kitchen looks out into the family room though. I tend to spend more time in there, if I can see everyone else.

This is the view if you have your back to the family room and you are looking into the dining room. Another thing about this house is there is so much natural light! No rooms feels dark.

This is standing in the same spot, just looking slightly to the left at the oven. This is our first gas stove and we love it. It makes us feel more like chefs, although its a little harder to keep clean. The door is to the pantry.

Here is our favorite room, looking in from the kitchen. The sectional fits in there perfectly. The room looks into the eat in kitchen area (I think the people who lived here before us used it as an office). To the left is where the TV stand is, and the hallway to the bedrooms. Also, my brother Davis makes the room look 10 times better.

Here is the TV stand wall. I originally thought this TV stand wouldn't look good here, but I LOVE it now. Its perfect. I bought the white boxes to go in the bottom cubbies so that I couldn't see the wires to the TV (That's one of my pet peeves). The other cubbies have a bunch of other fun stuff that Ill get into another day, including lots of my favorite animals. I made the white sunburst mirror above the TV, do you like it? It was super easy to make and can share the steps if you would like. To the left of that wall is the laundry room and the hallway to the entry of the house. To the right is the hallway to the bedrooms.

Here is a better shot of the TV Stand, and River's tail.

Here is the view when you are standing right in front of the TV looking to the left. The laundry room is to the right, and straight ahead is the entryway. To the left is the kitchen and the breakfast bar. I'm still on the lookout for two fun stools because Mr. Hunt and I would use this spot a lot if we had some.

Taking a few steps toward the entry is the little green drawers that I painted. The drawers have all of our medications, dog treats, dog toys, and randoms tools....all in separate drawers, don't worry.

Above them I put two circle mirrors and dressed the drawers up with freshly cut flowers, and a picture of Mr. Hunt and I. In the little white jar is where we keep the dog treats so we don't have to go into the drawers each time. Needless to say, the dogs LOVE when we walk over to this area of the house.

This is a horrible picture. 1) because the laundry room isn't this color, sunshine yellow, its the same yellow as the rest of the house and 2) because its not a clean laundry room. I tried my best to have a clean home, but in order to have a clean home, you have to have clean clothes, and to have clean clothes, you have to clean them...OK Ill stop there, just please don't laugh.

Making it back to the right side of the TV stand, this is the hallway to the bedrooms. Yep, I did another collage and I LOVE it. Everytime I look at it I smile.

Standing in the family room and looking into the eat in area and out to the backyard. Again, I need to hem the curtains still.

To the right is the table and the china cabinet. We couldn't fit all the dining room furniture into the dining room so the china cabinet made it here. It doesn't match to the best it can, but its fine.

And to the left are these little cubbies with a wine rack on top. I can't wait to paint the wine things a different fun color. See my white owl? I love him. Also, there is one basket missing in the cubbies. I didn't always have all of these baskets in these cubbies, I used to have some in the TV Stand cubbies too when we lived in Charlotte. Now, I'm one short and I don't think Ikea sells this basket anymore. So sad. Ill have to figure something out.

Now, if you go down the hallway to the bedrooms, the first bedroom is to the right and its the Master Bedroom. This view is if you are standing in the door looking to the right. We really like this bedroom for a few reasons, the main reason being that its a lot smaller than the master we had before so our furniture looks like it actually fits.  One thing I'm definitely going to change  is the color in this room. This room is a darker yellow than the rest of the house. I really would like a nice tan color or even grey. I took the window treatments they had down because they were hideous, so I still need something for the windows. I also want to make/buy something for right above the bed, that wall looks too plain.

Now just looking straight ahead you see the dresser with my jewelry and our fan. to the left of the dresser is the ballet bar my mom gave me a few years ago. Its folded down right now with Mr. Hunt's work clothes hanging on it. If I can get him to put them there and not the floor, its a success, so I don't complain. I originally didn't want the bar in the room, but there isn't any other place for it in this house unless its in storage, and I really do like to use it sometimes for stretching. Our room is in the back of the house so our windows look out into our privacy fenced backyard.

Looking left while standing in the doorway is the chest of drawers with the TV. We didn't have a TV in the master when we lived in Charlotte, and it was nice to be able to have "us" time when we went to bed. But again, there really wasn't another spot for the TV since we don't have a loft like we did in Charlotte. We love to watch movies now in bed, its a nice change. The double doors are to the bathroom.

Here is the master bath, looking in from the double doors. Nothing too different from a regular bath. I had to take the window treatments off that window too, so I need to find something for that window. Its nice having a window in the bathroom though, I don't think Ive ever had that before. I like having natural light to get ready in.

This closet is SO much smaller than what we had in Charlotte. This is the one room I would like to be a little bigger. This is as clean as it gets right now. This room is on my list of to do's.

Here is the hallway to the rest of the bedrooms. This is looking from the master doorway and is the continuation of the hall from the collage wall if you turn left. The only door on the left is the guest bath. The two on the right are bedrooms. The first bedroom is the guest bed, and the second is the dog room for now. Straight ahead is a little nook that I like but haven't figured out what to do with it yet. A little bit of storage has spilled out into the nook from the dog room. That stuff is just thrown up there. Oh, and the black thing hanging from the door is Mr. Hunt's pull up bar.

Here is the guest bath looking in from the door. I love the shower curtain and it actually matches with the lime green color they decided to paint this room. Davis was in town so that's his stuff on the sink. Nothing special about this room, but the shower curtain is the rounded kind and the towel bar is straight across from the toilet, if you were wondering.

Here is the not so finished guest bedroom. I got this bed from Ikea after realizing that our pull out couch wouldn't fit in the room. I just threw everything else together. I had the side tables which I may change the color of them. I would like to paint this room, but we will see what happens. You can see the corner of the small rug at the end of the bed. Its grey.

Here is the right side of the room. I put the tall cubbies in the corner with candles and other decorative items. On top is a basket of extra towels for the guests.

This is a horrible color in this picture. Ive had this bench since I was still living at home so its pretty beat up, but it looks good and is a good place for guests to keep their luggage. The shelf and curtains are what Davis and I put up while he was here. I have one more shelf that I want to put above that one one day too.

This is standing by the tall cubbies and looking out the door. I hung this huge mirror on the wall in front of the bed. It makes the room look a little bigger and also reflects a lot of light from the window infront of it.

I'm so sorry for this next picture/room. I just haven't got around to doing anything in there. When guests are here, I just shut the door. The first really bad thing about the room is the paint. The BRIGHT pink below and the stenciled white and silver above. Yuck! Everything else in here is left over stuff that we don't have room for and all my craft stuff. I NEED to go through this room.

That's it!

I hope you can understand all my direction changes. I goes you can go back to the first video and see where everything really is if you are confused. 
I really hope to get the video up here soon, but if not, Ill just have to wait to take another video the next time we have company, because lets face it, the house won't be clean until then. 


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