Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dogs vacation

A week before the cruise I started telling the dogs that they were going on a vacation too. I was worried sick about leaving them. I think because this was the first time ever we have left them for that long. We also don't have a permanent boarding place yet, so I don't feel very comfortable leaving them with people I am not sure about. I tried my hardest to get excited for the cruise, but I was also thinking about leaving the dogs in the back of my mind.
They day came where Mr. Hunt and I left them at the boarding place. We found a lady in Rock Hill SC. She has a little house behind her house for the dogs. The dogs have an indoor/outdoor crate. River and Hannah were in a crate together. The house was way back in the woods and there was alot of place for them to run around. She told us that the dogs would be let out at least twice a day during the weekend and during the week when she wasn't as busy, she would leave them out pretty much all day.

When we were on the cruise the first few days I couldn't stop thinking about them. I woke up in the middle of the night one of the nights and remembered that I never gave her my telephone number or a contact. What if something happens to them? I would never know until I went to pick them up. Mr. Hunt called his mom and asked her to call the boarding place to check up. She did and emailed us back to say they were doing great! Also, now she had her number in case something happened. For the rest of the trip, I felt alot better about them being there.

The day came for us to go pick them up. I was sad to leave the ship and our vacation, but I was so antsy to see them.

When I saw them for the first time they were so excited, jumping up and trying to reach my face for a kiss.

It was good to hear the lady talk about them because the things she said let me know that she actually spent time with them. She said that Hannah liked to talk and jump on people and that she didn't really want to eat, which is JUST like her. She also said that River LOVED the ball...yep! That's him!

It was hard to drive home, they jumped over the seats twice to come see us. That 30 minute drive home was very long!

They were actually, surprisingly very tired when we got home. They both ran around the house smelling everything and going crazy, but then passed out!
I was so happy to be back home with them!

Cruise Vacation

Mr. Hunt and I hadn't been on a "real" vacation in two years. It was way overdue! We were glad we went. It was a good break.

Friday Mr. Hunt and I dropped the dogs off. This was VERY hard for me. We had never left them for that long, ever. I was super nervous!

We flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida that morning. We actually got STUCK on the flight. We boarded the plane, and ended up having to sit there with the plane on the ground for 2 hours! It was awful! They said there was a dent in the plane. So we finally got the Fort Lauderdale and we ate dinner with Rachel's Aunt who lives there.

The next morning we boarded the ship! It is the biggest ship in the world, and man was it really big! It took us hours to explore the ship and we were ready for a nap when we finally could get into our room. Since there was a hurricane out there, we had to change our schedule. Instead of going to Labadee Haiti, we went to the Bahamas...not a bad trade.

On our first stop, Cozumel Mexico, we swam with the dolphins! It was amazing, better than imagined. We got to kiss and play with her. She pushed our feet and sent us flying through the water on a boogie board, we held onto her fins and she pulled us through the water, and she laid in our arms like we were holding her. She also did alot of tricks for us to watch. After swimming with her we got to swim with a Manatee (they are endangered). He felt really rough like a tree, and we got to feed him lettuce. Then we watched a Sea Lion show and Rachel got to volunteer to do tricks with them. They are so smart!

We celebrated Halloween on the ship too! They went ALL OUT! I didn't think they would make such a big deal out of Halloween, but they did! They decorated the WHOLE ship with Halloween decorations and there was a Monster Mash party that night. The party was awesome, everyone was dressed up and having such a good time. I dressed up as a sailor and Mr. Hunt was a hotdog.

In Costa Maya Mexico we went to the beach. It was so relaxing and nice outside. They offered free drinks too! I got bit by a horsefly which wasn't too fun though. Also, the bus ride there and back was 30 minutes each and the bus smelled horrible like pee! Then we had two days at sea where it was cloudy most of the time from the hurricane. We explored the ship most of the time. It was amazing how big it was! We kept finding new things everyday!

The casino was a blast! We mainly played Roulette where we all won some money. Its always fun when you are winning!

The last day we were in the Bahamas! We got off the ship and walked around and shopped in the shops they have on the side of the road. I bought a Louis Vuitton purse and luggage bag and Mr. Hunt bought a TAG watch! We got back on the ship early so that we could ride the zip line on the ship without having to stand in line for so long!
The last night as we headed back to Fort Lauderdale the ship was really rocking! I thought we were going to tip! I have never felt a ship rock that much, and to think this is the biggest ship in the world! Our cabinet doors were opening and closing, the hangers in the closet were clanking, and I felt like I was going to fall out of the bed a few times. I could also hear waves splashing on the side of the ship! Needless to say, I didnt get any sleep. Mr. Hunt snored right through it! He said that we felt it, but he must have been dreaming also. The hurricane was only a small one, I couldnt imagine how it would have been if it were a big hurricane.
The ship was so big that we never ran out of things to do! Here is just a few things that they had to offer.

A flowrider, zipline, ice skating rink, Aqua Theater with shows all the time, Carousel, tons of bars, Casino, four pools, adult pool, tons of restaurants and room service, tons of stores including Coach, and much much more!

We cant wait to go on our next cruise!

October 19, 1986

Wow! I have lost track of time! I hate when I get behind on the blog. I feel like I have a ton to say. I got a new job at Bank of America so I have been getting ready for that, and we also just got back from our Cruise! The Cruise was GREAT!
Anyways I wanted to talk about my birthday. It was great! The weekend before, Mr. Hunt and I went to Bluffton to get our engagement pictures taken. My Dad wasn't there but my Mom, brothers and Mr. Hunt sang Happy Birthday and we ate cupcakes. It was a pretty good weekend except for when the gamecocks lost to Kentucky!

On my real birthday, Tuesday, Mr. Hunt took me to a special place for dinner. It is called Fish Market. It is the best seafood restaurant we have found so far in Charlotte. We ate like a king and queen and then went home. We couldn't do much more that day since it was a work day/night.

So now I am 24. Doesn't feel much different if you ask me.

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