Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its Christmas time in the city

Wow! It is already New Years Eve. This year has flown by but it was such a good year. Last night Chris and I were counting and recalling all the things we did together in 2009. Just a few, River joined the family, we moved to Charlotte, we both got good jobs, Hannah joined the family, Rachel and Michael got married, we bought a house, and so so so much more. We are very excited to see what 2010 has in store for us.
This blog was really supposed to be about Christmas though. Chris and I have been very busy with the new house stuff that I havent got a chance to tell you how our Christmas went. This was the first Christmas that Chris and I spent together ever, so it was very special. On Thursday (Christmas eve) Chris and I both had to work for a bit. After work I went up to the mountains to see my family and Chris went over to his parents house. When I got to the mountains there was still tons of snow on the ground. (Now for those of you that do not know, I have only seen real snow on the ground once and I was 3 years old so I don't remember). The dogs have never seen snow either, so it was very interesting to see how they reacted. They loved the snow so much and they ran in it forever. My family and I tobogganed down the hill on the side of the house.
On Christmas day we woke up and opened all of our gifts which I love them all and am very thankful for everything. Christmas is also River's birthday. He turned one this year. It was so funny to see him turn his head sideways when I sang happy birthday to him as soon as he woke up. I think he had a great birthday in the snow. Later, we went back outside and tobogganed more, but this time we made a jump out of snow and we went down on rafts too that we have for the lake in the summer. We laughed so hard. Chris joined us alter that day and we had a great dinner and played with Davis' new Wii Fit Plus. That was very funny too.
The next day we relaxed and played outside in the snow and went out to eat at a Irish restaurant. On Sunday we went to a small small church around the corner from the house. There were only about 40 people there and the main lady that sang the songs upfront noticed that we were visiting and asked if any of us could sing. My mom said that we could sing but didn't have a song, but the lady didn't hear the last part. After singing one more song she invited us up to the front. When we told her that we werent going to sing, she looked a little disappointed. When we got back from church we ate pancakes and said bye to my family. We drove back to Charlotte and headed over to Chris' family's house. We ate dinner and opened more gifts from them. My favorite was the new Dyson animal vacuum. Now we can suck up all the dog hair that appears every day on the floor. It works very well.
All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. Anytime that I get to spend with my family is always a time that I love. We always have so much fun together. I'm glad that Chris got to share the special Christmas time with my family and I got to spend it with his. I hope that years to come will be the same way. I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as I did.
I hope everyone has a great New Years celebration tonight and a great 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Even though I haven't posted about this yet, Chris and I have been looking to buy a house. We have looked at a few places and neighborhoods. The first house we looked at was the one we liked the best.

After a few months of thinking long and hard about it and looking at hundreds of houses (it seemed like), we signed a contract on the first house we looked at yesterday!!

We are so excited and happy. The house has all the things I was looking for in a house.

Laundry room (not laundry closet)

Fenced in Backyard (for the puppies)

Fireplace (to keep us warm in the winter)

Garden Tub (I love taking baths)

Walk-in closet (too many clothes)

plenty of storage (too many toys)

Two Car Garage (keep the cars clean)

The house has:

4 bedrooms

2 1/2 baths




eat in kitchen

We may not have furniture to put in the house, but we will make due and slowly add stuff.

The neighborhood has:


kiddie pool

pond to fish (cant keep them to eat)

miles of walking trails (for the puppies)

Right across the street from Lake Wylie

Right across the street from a Park (we can go camping right across the street)

The house should be finished at the end of March or beginning of April. The is nothing on the lot right now, but I plan to post pics of the process. This is what the house is going to look like when it is all finished.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This weekend we babysat Chris' sister's boyfriend, Tim's (whew that's alot) puppy Stella. She is 6 months old, the same age as Hannah. Tim got her at the pound and she looks like a boarder collie mix. She is adorable. Even though they are the same age, Hannah is alot bigger than Stella, so Stella shouldn't get much bigger. The dogs had so much fun. They played in the backyard all day Saturday and even when they came inside, they just couldn't get enough of each other.
It rained today, so they stayed inside. I'm glad they all got along so well, and now River and Hannah are pooped!
We are looking forward to the next few weeks celebrating Christmas.Chris was cold outside while watching the puppies run around.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Since Chris and I haven't had a computer in awhile, I haven't had the chance to put any pictures up on my blogs. But we just bought a new Netbook, so I wanted to update you on some pictures of Chris, the dogs, and I.
Hannah has gotten alot bigger since the last time I put pictures of her on here. They are both doing well, and still crazy as ever. Oh the joys of having puppies. They do make my day everyday, one way or another.

I have videos too, but I need to download something on the Netbook to play them so I know which ones I am putting on here. I have alot more pics, but this is good for now. I will start putting them up regularly.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feeling Thankful

I know Thanksgiving has already past and we are supposed to be thankful everyday, but for some reason today I have been feeling even more thankful for the things that I have then I have ever been. It may be for a few reasons.
A girl that I went to high school with just lost her boyfriend in Afghanistan. I don't talk to her anymore, but she is my friend on facebook and I found out through the NewsFeed. I think the funereal was either yesterday or today. I cant even imagine what that feels like. I have been thinking about her all day today and I am just so thankful for all the people in my life. I'm sure all of her friends and family are taking good care of her, and I'm sure she realizes that and is thankful for them too. You never know when someone close to you will pass away, so make sure they know you love them.
I am also reading a blog that someone suggested I read. A woman named Stefanie (nienie for short) is a mother of 4 I think. She was in a plane crash with her husband and her husband had to pull her out of the burning plane. Her and her husband got burned pretty badly. She looks totally different now and she writes about her life. How she feels about the way she looks, how her kids react, how grateful she is to be alive, and much more. Every time I read it, I think about how lucky I am to be alive and well. I feel bad sometimes because there are days that I go through and don't even think about how lucky I am. all I can think about is, I want this and what can I do for myself. Instead I need to think about how great it is to wake up in the morning and be able to walk talk, laugh, and love.
Lastly, I think what topped it off today was when I was going back to work from my lunch break, I ran into traffic from a huge car accident. As I passed by, I saw a man on a stretcher. He didn't look good. Thanks God that wasn't me, thank God that wasn't any of my friends or family, but please help him to be healthy.
I think we all need to sit back sometimes and just think about how great it is to even be able to breathe. It sounds silly, but just think about how much worse your life could be. When I go onto Facebook, I see alot of quotes that people put on their statuses. Alot of them are the same, but there is one that I usually just read and not even pay attention to what it means. I really don't remember how it goes, but its something like "don't take life for granted. smile and laugh when you can because every minute you area sad is 60 seconds of happiness you will never get back." I don't know what has gotten into me but I can stop thinking about it today so I decided to write about it on my blog. You just never know when the last time you will get a hug from someone or even see someone is. I'm going to start being thankful for every kiss I get from Chris, every lick from the dogs, every phone call from my parents and brothers, and every day that I wake up. From now on, if I'm in a bad mood, I'm just going to remember the things and people I have in my life, and I know that will change my mood.

My new favorite song: Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews "I'm Alive"

"And today you know that’s good enough for me
Breathin' in and out's a blessin' can’t you see
Today's the first day of the rest of my life
And I’m alive, and well
I’m alive, and well"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. Chris and I both had off Thursday(Thanksgiving) through Sunday off and each day was full of activities. This is the first time in a long time that we have had that many days off together!
Wednesday: After work we met at Best Buy to buy my parents their Christmas gift, a 42" flat screen TV. We wanted to bring it with us and give it to them on Thanksgiving so that we could watch all the football games on it! Then we went home, packed up the car and the dogs, and headed to Bluffton. We got their late, but we woke up my dad and gave them the TV. They were so happy (so were my brothers of course) and we set it up right away.
Thursday: Thanksgiving day we woke up and slowing started our day. My grandparents and cousins came over around 1pm and we ate Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm. It was so yummy! We cooked one turkey in the oven and my dad fried one in the fryer, both were delicious. Surprisingly there weren't many leftovers of the turkey but alot of the corn and green beans. The rest of the day, we sat and watched football, took the dogs on a long walk, and played many family games including the "what we are thankful for game" we play every year. By the way, when we took the dogs on a walk, we didn't put leashes on them for the first time and they listened very well....such good puppies we have!
Friday: This was a day full of more football, eating, and relaxing. Chris and I also went to the grocery store to get dinner for everyone. Since the fryer was already out from the turkey, my dad decided that he was going to fry some chicken wings. We always make a bunch of different flavors. We had BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot, and Garlic Hot. They were all so good. That night we played more games and taught my mom how to play circle of death. That was interesting :)
Saturday: This was the big day for the game! South Carolina vs. Clemson, what I think is the biggest rivalry of the south. Chris and I were so excited for this game, especially since we had the new TV to watch it on. More of my family came over to watch with us and sure enough....GAMECOCKS WON!!!! Chris and I always say that we don't care if we lose all the games of the season, as long as we win that one, it was a good season. After the game, we had an oyster roast. My dad is a good oyster cooker for sure. I wish it was a little warmer outside that night so that I could have stayed out there longer, but I had to keep coming inside it was so cold. That night River got really sick. He was throwing up, shaking, and wouldn't eat or drink. River throws up alot normally because he has a weak stomach, but he has never refused to eat. I was so worried, I thought for sure we were going to have to go to the animal ER. Chris made him drink some milk and took him outside where he ate a ton of grass. He came back inside and was perfectly fine. We still aren't sure what was wrong with him, but I think he just had cramps from gas or something. We reminded my mom and taught my brother and dad how to play circle of death ans we played it all night long. We couldn't stop laughing the whole time.
Sunday: We slept in and ate breakfast. While Chris slept a little longer I went to visit Tatiana and see her new apartment that she shares with Brandy. They also have a new little kitten that was so cute. It was good to catch up with her...I really do miss all my girlfriends. Later that evening Chris and I packed back up and headed home.

Now it is time to get ready for Christmas. I love both of our families so much and I love spending time with them. I wish we could do things like this every weekend.

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