Monday, March 31, 2014


Mr. Hunt and I decided we needed some sort of break, and quickly, so we decided to book a staycation at one of our favorite places here in Austin. Well, really its in Bastrop which is 30 minutes from our house. But either way, its a staycation since its so close.
We booked a suite at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort for Saturday night and we had the best two days in awhile. Just the three of us. I really just needed a change of pace. Being a stay at home mom with a baby on a schedule means that I pretty much do the same thing everyday single day. Nothing changes. So, with no other trips in sight, this was a nice change and we enjoyed ourselves.
Mr. Hunt is a platinum member at Hyatt since he travels one night a week (at least) now for work, so he has racked up the points. This meant that we could check in early on Saturday as well as check out late on Sunday. So even though we were there for one night, we spent two days at the resort.
I'm not going to type about everything we did on here because I vlogged the ENTIRE trip and the videos will be on my YouTube page today (day one) and Wednesday (day two), but we did get some cute pictures too that I of course wanted to share.

The bluebonnets here in Texas are in full bloom. They are really popular here, in fact, if you pick one and get caught you get a ticket and have to pay a fine. A little ridiculous? I think. I still want to get some good ones of Jane in them, but had to get this one of my two loves. It was way too sunny to get a normal pic, but this is still cute.

The first day, Jane RAN into the water before we could even put our stuff down. She loved it. We loved that it was shallow for her to walk around in.

Look at this face. I'm loving her new headbands that I recently got, but the hair is way too wild. It definitely needs a hair tie or bow. haha

We went out to a field to let her run around and that's exactly what she did. Of course!

I'm not really sure what she thought of the bubbles. That lasted less than a minute before she was off doing her own thing again.

With only a 40 minute nap the first day, she decided to take a quick rest in the middle of the sidewalk. She actually got up and laid back down about three times. Poor girl wanted to go, but she was super tired.

Sunday morning we rented some bikes and rode around a bit. It was Jane's first time on a bike, my first time with a baby on a bike, and Mr. Hunt and I's first time in a few years. It was fun though.

Jane and I got to sit on a longhorn named Ribeye. Poor guy doesn't have a clue what his name means. His other friend's name was T-Bone.

If you couldn't tell, Jane was in love. She also got to pet a horse on this trip and was for sure it was a large dog.

Sunday's pool adventure was better than Saturday's. Jane felt like she knew what she was doing. She definitely liked just playing in the shallow end independently more than us having her in the deep end in a float. She's always wanting to do her own thing.

Nope, didn't pose this.

or this

Deciding what drink she should get.

She never got in this fountain thing. She stood on the edge like this and when she got splashed, she would scoot back. This water was freezing, but the pool water was awesome! A little girl ended up running through it, so Jane started to copy her and was laughing historically at the little girl, but once again, she backed up after getting splashed. She loved looking at it though.

This baby pool wasn't really her thing either.

I told Mr. Hunt to try to get some pictures of Jane in her hat. He took it was, put the camera in her face and snap a few photos. Oh, men.

Our only selfie of the trip.

This was by far Jane's favorite spot. She could honestly just do whatever she wanted. Of course, with us close by. She was obsessed with all the balls.

Daddy was showing her the wet sand.

I'm not 100% sure she was a fan of the sand. When she would touch it with her hands, she would immediately shake her hands off. Then for awhile she kept coming up and sitting in the sand, then immediately going and dipping her bottom in the water to rinse off. Then she would repeat that over and over. Here is her sandy bum.

We really did have a great time. If you want to see much more fun, head over to my YouTube.

See y'all later,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Little Fish

One night while getting her bath, Jane decided to be super brave and lay on her back. She hasn't wanted to bathe any other way now. She LOVES the water.

Her favorite is to kick her legs and make it splash!

Its a lot easier to wet her hair now, but not as easy to shampoo it.

The happiness is the best!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Park

Hey y'all! I'm back! Mr. Hunt took the computer out of town last week for work so you know what that means, I wasn't able to blog. Booooo! I'm thinking we need another computer so that I can do work if he uses it. We will see. 

I already posted a video of Jane playing in the park on YouTube, you can go see it here. But she was having so much fun and looking too cute not to snap a few photos for y'all as well. I'm trying to learn more about my professional camera. I was messing with the aperture and exposure so that I could get Jane in action. When she is outside, all she does is run so I need to be able to capture that instead of a big blur of her. 

"ball" is one of her new words and she loves this one.

Trying to throw it really high.

 "I'm flying"

mid run!

snack break

that's enough. Time to run again

another break

Looking for more snacks I'm sure

Once we got home a ball rolled under the ottoman. Now I don't just have River crying to get it out, I have Jane too.  Who taught who here?

Good times.

Love y'all,

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