Wednesday, February 25, 2015

29 & 30 Weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 20lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, and once again, I feel like I have NOTHING to wear, but I REFUSE to buy anything else except maybe a dress for my brothers Rehearsal Dinner or something that can definitely be worn as a non maternity dress or shirt later. Im cheap I guess
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: No, not sick. If I eat a big meal and lay down right away then I get some indigestion but nothing like the indigestion I had in the first trimester so its not bad. I also have pulled a muscle somewhere on the bottom left of my belly. I feel it and it hurts everyday but some days are so bad that I can't stand up straight. Im worried it will be like this until the baby arrives
Best Moment This Week: Valentine's Day!!!
Food Cravings?: Nothing major, but if I see or think about anything sour, I want it. Especially lemonade. 
Gender?: BOY, baby Jackson
Labor Signs?: No. 
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On still
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Continuing to get his room ready and getting all the other baby things set up. I feel like I should do that soon so that Jane can get used to them being around
Anything Else?: I get SUPER hot at night. Nothing that keeps me up though which is good and I still don't have to get out of bed to pee at night, so sleep is really good. I usually like to be cold at night so I can snuggle up really good in the blankets. Im fine when Im falling asleep and the blankets are on, but I wake up with all the blankets off and super hot.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 22lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes. I finally got to bring out my maternity capris ONE day this past week. Hoping to be able to wear those more so I have more than just ONE thing! Ugh!
Stretch Marks?: Nope
Feeling Sick?: No. Feeling good except for my horrible ligament/back pain
Best Moment This Week: buying some fun things for Jackson online
Food Cravings?: Pickles
Gender?: Boy
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Continuing to buy baby Jackson some things. There are only a few more things that I feel like we NEED and Ive given myself a weekly budget so that I don't buy everything at once. Hopefully we will have it all here by the time he is born
Anything Else?: No much. This back pain gets pretty bad at some points, but then thankfully it subsides a little bit too. It never goes away completely, but I try to get through each day. Besides that though, Im feeling pretty good! 10 more weeks!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day!

With social media, and especially Pinterest, sometimes I feel like Im failing Jane with the holidays. Are you a bad Mom if you don't have "presents" out on Valentine's Day morning, or you don't make special heart shaped pancakes? 
I know she wont be able to see what others get, but in the back of my mind, I feel like maybe I don't do enough. The holidays just sneak up on ya and also, sometimes things are too expensive!
I will admit though, that we did have some treats out for Jane in the morning AND I made heart shaped pancakes! haha! 
The main thing she wanted was a balloon. Every single time we go to the grocery store, she points out all the balloons. For a few weeks, she would point out all the heart ones that were out for Valentine's Day. So I knew for sure I wanted to get her one, but Mr. Hunt beat me to it. And it was definitely her favorite thing! 

I grabbed a little pink cat sippy cup from Target mainly because we really need more sippy cups. I can't stand ones that leak, so if they leak, they go in the trash. I also got her that little tube of Skittles, but turns out she likes chocolate I ate all the Skittles. Mr. Hunt also bought her that little box of chocolate, once again a "winner" in her book. The main "gift" we got her was that mini barbie doll. I wasn't sure if she would like it, but she loves her! She even sleeps with her at night. Then of course we got her some cookies and icing to make later that day. Simple, but a surprise in her eyes!

Here are the pancakes!

They were chocolate chip if you couldn't tell.

We had a pretty relaxing day. Nothing special. Mr. Hunt and Jane made the cookies together before bed.

They turned out very good!

Easter is coming up and I feel like I need to hurry and get ready. Does it matter she doesn't have an Easter dress? Should I get one? Or just put her in a regular dress she would normally wear for church. Again, I don't want her to be the only one at church NOT in an Easter dress! Also, Jackson is due right around that time, so I really need to get things ready ahead of time for multiple reasons.

Bye Y'all,

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jane's Bike

Our new neighborhood is FILLED with little kids. We love it! We haven't met many of them, and most of them were just in passing, but I know we will become good friends with some in the future. 

BUT, Jane constantly sees little kids riding their bikes, and every time she would ask for one. It finally got to the point that she would just randomly ask for one, even without seeing another kid on one, so we pulled the trigger. 

We thought about getting her a small tricycle or something where she could learn to pedal, but the price tags on these things are ridiculous. Jane is also tall for her age, so we knew that she would quickly outgrow a smaller tricycle.

Here she is on her new Princess Bike (she calls bicycle) and her Mini Mouse helmet. 

She is just the right size for it, but just as I expected, she has no clue how to pedal. I didn't expect her to automatically know, but she wasn't really getting it even when we were trying to teach her. The good thing is that she doesn't care that we push her, as long as she is going, she is happy. For a VERY independent child, this is a good thing. Also, Im sure learning how to brake will be hard too.

SO, for now, she just rides and we push. BUT we have it for when she starts to get it later on or gets a little older.


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Jane has been LOVING her gym class. She talks about it all the time and we only go once a week. She is the leader of her class (not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing). She isn't shy and loves to play with all the other kids. 

Im so glad I signed her up. Im contemplating signing her up for dance class. BUT I don't think we can afford both. The good thing about gym is that they learn things. They learn colors, counting, listening to directions....and dance class would just be dance class.

Also, dance class wouldn't be a mommy and me type class like gym is. Im not worried about Jane being sad, because she could care less if Im in there or not. Im more worried about me not being in there to help her listen to directions and not be mean to other kids. She's in the phase where she think everything is hers. Yeah....

But I do know that any dance class that allows 2 year olds probably realize that these things happen. So, Im conflicted. All I know, is that Jane is obsessed with this class. It the highlight of her week every week. And all the teachers love her too so thats a plus!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Got a New Car

For as long as I could remember, I wanted a Range Rover. My dream came true when Mr. Hunt bought me one 2 years ago. I was so happy and I loved that car. BUT, the day came where we outgrew it. Bye bye Range Rover.....hello Ford Expedition EL

The Range Rover only had one row of seats in the back. It was fine when it was just us, but with Jackson on the way, we needed something bigger. You see, the two 100lb labs take up a bunch of room. We drive to Bluffton and Beaufort A LOT and we bring the dogs with us. SO, on an everyday basis, we would deb fine with the Range Rover, but for those short weekend trips, there was no more room for Jackson.

We would put the dogs in the back and our luggage in the row next to Jane. So literally NO ROOM for another child. We do have one of those car top carriers, but putting that on and off every other weekend would be a pain. Its still great for longer trips of course. Plus, the Range Rover didn't have roof racks so we would of had to buy some.

Also, the Range Rover took premium gas and was very expensive to upkeep. Obviously a Ford is not. SO, there we go.

We got the Ford Expedition EL because even the regular Expedition was still a little small for what we wanted. We wanted to be able to have Jackson and Jane in the first row of seat, the luggage in the second row of seats, and still have room for the dogs in the way back. The EL (extra length) allowed that, while the regular Expedition was shorter and we would of had to fold down the third row for the dogs to fit which would defeat the purpose of having a spot for luggage.

We LOVE the car. Its awesome. Jane loves that it has DVD players in the headrest. I love that its big.  Mr. Hunt loves that it was blue tooth like his car and he can listen to whatever he wants. He also loves that it feels like he is driving a truck. He has wanted a truck for a VERY long time.

BEST husband award goes to him. First, he bought me the Range Rover, then this car, all while he drove the same Ford Fusion and has wanted to truck so bad. Yeah, he's pretty great!


Sunday, February 15, 2015


Jane loves when I turn the iPhone camera to face her so she can see herself. Then we take selfies. The best is when she tries to make the faces I do. I don't ever take selfies, but when I do, its with her! haha!


Sorry about this one, she did this all on her own.

She's the cutest!

Selfie Momma

Friday, February 13, 2015

Chris Turns 29

Chris turned 29 on February 7th. I used to be so good a wishing my loved ones a Happy Birthday on my blog, but to be honest, it probably wont happen much anymore on the actual day.

Moving right along. This birthday was fun because it was on a Saturday which meant he could pick whatever we did all day long. Most years, we just have to celebrate when he comes home from work.

Mr. Hunt slept in a little and when he got up, he wanted to go straight to the Rod and Gun store here in Charleston. Before we left, Jane and I gave him some pictures she drew and painted and also gave him his one present which were a  pair of Columbia Fishing Shorts. I think he was happy. We didn't get him anything else because his main gift is the Good Hunt he is actually on right now with his friends in Arkansas.

So, we went to the Rod and Gun store and he loved it more than he thought. He is excited its right down the street from our house...I don't know how to feel about that! haha

Next, he really wanted to go buy a fishing pole for Jane so they could go fishing after her nap, so we went over to Dicks Sporting Goods. Jane has also been wanting a soccer ball (not sure where she learned that from), so Mr. Hunt bought her a fishing pole and a kid soccer ball. Jane was so excited.

We had lunch at Grouchos Deli which is a yummy deli that we used to eat at in Columbia SC when we were in college.

During Jane's nap, I napped as well. Mr. Hunt played some video games and relaxed. Once Jane woke up, we went straight to the little pond in our neighborhood. It was a nice walk for Jane in the wagon. She loves wan rides.

 It was the cutest thing to see Mr. Hunt teach Jane about fishing. She actually showed interest in it. Too bad we didn't catch anything (we aren't even sure if there is anything living in this pond). Im sure if we actually caught something, she would have loved it even more.

 She liked pretending she was casting the best. She also would forget about the line and run around with the pole and get all tangled. What do you expect?

Mr. Hunt just liked being out there with her in the sun. Jane also accidentally dropped her soccer ball and since we were on a hill, it rolled right into the pond. It was "gone" for about 30 minutes before Mr. Hunt saved it with his pole, so that took most of our time after we realized catching a fish was probably not going to happen.

When we were out there fishing, a few little girls rode by on their bikes. Jane has been asking for a bike for a few weeks now. Mr. Hunt decided we should go look at them and see. Of course that means buy one. So we went to Target and got her a helmet and bike. We didn't have time to ride it that day because it still needed to be put together.

Mr. Hunt wanted to try a new place for dinner called Hubee Dee's (or something like that). It was good chicken. Then when we got home it was just in time to sing Happy Birthday and cut into the ice cream cake I got him at Marble Slab. He isn't a big sweets fan, but I know he likes ice cream more than cake, so I thought that was good. He liked it.

He gave Jane a bath and put her to bed. That was the end of our day. I think he had a good time. Like I said, it was more fun than the last few years because we had the entire day to celebrate him. Of course he took the time to spoil his little girl on HIS day. Buying her a fishing pole, soccer ball, helmet, and a bike! I promise that doesn't happen every day. I guess his idea of fun is seeing Jane super happy.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Mr. Hunt! We love you so much! Next year 30 will be very fun Im sure with TWO kids! You're the BEST!

Jennifer and Jane

Thursday, February 12, 2015

26-28 Weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 15lbs. Lost a pound from being sick, Im sure Ill gain it back at some point in the next 14 weeks
Maternity Clothes?: Yes. or PJs
Stretch Marks?: No. Hopefully I wont get any, I didn't with Jane
Feeling Sick?: Well seeing as I had a pretty bad cold all week that has now turned into a sinus infection....yeah, Im feeling sick. BUT not pregnancy related
Best Moment This Week: Mr. Hunt bought me a new car! Im so excited! Ill post about it soon
Food Cravings?: Anything salty or sour. Im trying to stay away from salt though so I don't retain too much water.
Gender?: BOY
Labor Signs?: Nope
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Feeling better!
Anything Else?: My parents decided not to come this past weekend to help start paint the nurse and Jane's room since I was sick. We are going to try a redo this weekend.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 17lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yep. Im getting sick of them too
Stretch Marks?: No. But I had a dream last night that I got two on my belly. Lets hope these crazy dreams don't come true
Feeling Sick?: We still have this nasty cold running around our family. All three of us aren't 100% yet and its been two weeks. Im almost positive we got two different colds going around. Pregnancy wise I feel fine though :)
Best Moment This Week: Painting Jane's big girl room and Jackson's nursery! Im so excited!
Food Cravings?: Dessert this week. I bought three different kinds at the grocery this week
Gender?: BOY BOY BOY
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Finishing the kids rooms
Anything Else?: We have a few busy weeks coming up....ugh...who am I kidding, we have a few busy months coming up, and then Jackson will be here! YIKES!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 19lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes. All of the sudden my belly is so big that the tops I could wear with leggings are now too short. I already have a long torso, so this is already usually a problem, but I did have a few and maternity leggings are so comfy. I refuse to wear a top that shows my bum in leggings. SO, that means I have to either wear yoga pants (which I don't have maternity yoga pants, and my regular ones are starting to get really tight even if I wear them low down) or jeans, and I only have one pair of maternity jeans. Am I the only one that hates buying maternity clothes? I just can't justify it since I only have 3 more months and I don't plan on being pregnant again....I don't think
Stretch Marks?: No not yet
Feeling Sick?: The cold is finally leaving our house after three weeks. That was annoying. Other than that Im feeling good
Best Moment This Week: Celebrating Mr. Hunt's 29th birthday
Food Cravings?: Nothing much, Im missing turkey subs though a lot
Gender?: baby boy jackson
Labor Signs?: Nope
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  still on
What I'm Looking Forward To?: buying more baby boy clothes. There are some cute things out there but every time I go shopping, I keep finding myself in the girl section. The girl clothes are just that much cuter
Anything Else?: I have this HORRIBLE ligament pain (at least thats what my doctor said it was) in my lower left side of my belly. Sometimes it goes to my back. It doesn't go away. Ugh!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

With her Daddy

Does your house look like this after church?

Ours doesn't always. Sometimes we have errands to run. BUT these are the best Sundays. Aren't they the cutest?

I remember when Jane was super little, but still was just all over the place all the time, Mr. Hunt would always say that he couldn't wait until she could cuddle to watch a movie. FINALLY he got his wish. She still doesn't sit for an entire movie, but she will sit long enough for him to be satisfied. I think he is still waiting for a fun movie night where we keep her up past her bedtime and we make popcorn and a fort or something.

I just love them.


A Girl and Her Dog

As you may already know, our dogs are the BEST with Jane. They have been since the day we brought her home from the hospital, and Jane thinks the world of them. 

I will say that River puts up with a lot more when it comes to Jane climbing and  "riding" them though. If Jane goes over to Hannah, and Hannah doesn't want to deal with it, she just gets up and walks away. Thats how its been. So, then this happened, Mr. Hunt and I took advantage and took a million pictures. 

I swear we didn't stage this. Jane laid right next to Hannah to watch something on TV and Hannah reached over and put her arm around Jane. They laid like this for a good 15 minutes. I may have shed a tear.

I can't wait for Jane to look back on this pictures one day.


Our dogs can her VERY obnoxious, especially when other people are over. They just love other people, and they aren't trained well enough. They like to jump up and just go crazy when we have visitors. BUT, its times like this that I couldn't be happier with them. They truly are the best dogs in the world and I can't wait for Jackson to play with them too.

Doggy Mommy

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