Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mountain House

Last time we went to my families mountain house in NC was when Jane was Jackson's age, so over 2 years ago. It was about time for us to take a trip back, and thats just what we did. 

We got their late on Friday night. We arrived with a bang. Jane got carsick and threw up all over herself and the carseat, the dogs both pooped inside (even after we let them run around outside for a bit), and then Jackson had a blow out. We finally got the kids to bed by 11pm (YIKES).

We basically just did what we always do when we are at the mountain house, relax and hang out outside. The dogs loved the lake and so did Jane. The bottom of the lake has a gooey texture that I personally hate stepping on, but Jane didn't seem phased at all. 

Jane is becoming a GREAT swimmer so she would swim and we would relax on the dock and keep an eye on her. She was having fun in her own little world most of the time. Nana got in with her a few times and I got in with her once. It was a little too cold for me. 

We also have two blueberry bushes in the backyard so Jane picked a few that were blue, the rest weren't ready. 

Then we looked at the caterpillars.

Not really enough for blueberry muffins

I videotaped most of our trip, but I did squeeze in a few pictures. Then I had fun editing the pictures and putting on fun filters.

I have some of the same pictures of me on the dock at the lake that I cherish so I wanted to make sure I got some of Jane.

If you are wondering where Jackson is, he is probably sleeping on the porch or under the umbrella on the dock. Next year will look different.

Nana and Jane took an evening swim and I sat on the dock watching them. The water was peaceful, the air was peaceful, it was quiet. Nothing else was going on but those two in the water. It was perfect.

We had a great time, we will make sure we go back more often.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4th of July 2015

Now that July is half way through, I thought I should share our 4th of July activities. We didn't do much to be honest though. We drove to Charlotte which was fun because we hadn't been to Charlotte in awhile. Staying at Mimi and Papa's house is always fun (especially for the kids). 

We spent most of the time swimming, relaxing, and eating. Actually thats all we did. Im ok with that. 

Jane is ALMOST swimming on her own. Maybe by the end of summer she will be for sure. I thought it wouldn't happen this summer because Jackson is so little, I thought we wouldn't make it to the pool enough times from the heat. BUT, we've gone a lot actually, and she seems to LOVE the water and WANT to swim.

Love my two babies!

Jane did get stung by a bee which was probably more traumatic for me and Papa. She cried for about 30 seconds, pouted for another minute or so, and then was back to normal.

Jane was fine with fireworks the past two years, this year not so much. We shot some small ones off at Mimi and Papa's house and she wasn't a fan. Then we went over to our friends house and we shot off real BIG ones and she shook like a leaf. Jane isn't one to be attached to me...EVER, but she wouldn't let go of me for a good 15 minutes during the fireworks. Then Mr. Hunt came over and told her to buck but (basically) and like a switch of a light, she was fine. Running around, cheering for the fireworks, screaming with joy. It was strange, but Im glad she "likes" them now.

Look at this girl though...

Not a very good picture of the fireworks, but this was once she was "better." We sat far from the men shooting them off. Someone that was shooting theirs off near us got shot in the face with one (a poor little 5 year old girl) and they had to rush to the hospital. So, I was paranoid the rest of the time.

Mr. Hunt and I rarely get pictures together, and when we do, they are selfies!

We had a great relaxing weekend.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Jackson JUNE

Im back for my monthly dose of baby pictures. I like doing this because I can share the pictures without having to write exactly what was happening in each one. 

The dogs love him....

So do I...

Any picture of a baby sleeping is cute to me.

He is loving his playmat

He looks like a super hero here! haha

In our gamecock gear

Practicing his duck lips

Most smiley baby I've ever seen.

Playing with big sister

family photo love

Still obsessed with baby feet!

His lips are perfect, and he has the LONGEST eyelashes ever!

Aunt Jenn took this picture, its perfect!

Jane took this picture and its perfect too

Jane loves him so much

He was fussing so I put my hand on him and he grabbed it and fell asleep. My heart melted for the millionth time.

love his snuggles

the lips and eyelashes again....ahhhh

Sat him in the jumbo just to see if he would fit, and he did pretty good. Might still be a little young, but the boy loves sitting up and I can't hold him upright all day long. Also, I was so worried about having a pink bumbo and was looking for covers, now that he is here, I haven't thought about it since. Poor guy! second child problems.

Friday picnic time

That's all I got for June. He is already looking different. Love him so much!


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