Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today is THE Day!!

I'm pretty sure Ive been waiting for this day even before I was pregnant. We find out today if we are having a little girl, or a little boy! Ive always wondered (to be honest, even before I married Mr. Hunt), if I would have a boy or girl first.
If you really think about it, it makes a world a difference, having an older brother in the family or an older sister, so to me, this is a BIG deal.
I honestly have no idea how couples can go their whole pregnancy without finding out. I know, and agree that its one of the most wonderful surprises in anyone's life, but its a surprise when you find out now too! I really do give props to those couples that can wait. Plus, I'm just too much of a planner. I already cant look at clothes, strollers, paint colors, or toys without thinking if its a boy or girl. There are alot of neutral items out there, but maybe I'm just that mom that wants pink or blue stuff?
I tried to take a poll with our family and friends on whether they thought it was a boy or girl, but then I got overwhelmed and distracted. That tends to happen to me when something big is about to happen. From the poll that I ended up getting, its pretty much split down the middle. Half think girl, half think boy. I get the question ALOT of whether Mr. Hunt and I think its a boy or girl. Since the beginning, Mr. Hunt and I always though boy for one reason or another. Last night, Mr. Hunt changed his mind. He said that now he thinks its girl. When I asked him why, he said that when he thinks of the little baby in the future, he always pictures a girl. I asked him if he would be sad if it was one or another, he said NO. He said it will be nice to have a boy so that we are definitely carrying on the Hunt last name, but since we are planning on having three kids, most likely we wont have three girls...knock on wood! Plus, Michael and Rachel can carry on the name too with a boy. Anyway, we are both going to be so happy with either a girl or boy, I'm pretty sure I'm just rambling now, so let me go!
Anyway, I'm just trying to past the time now.....our appointment is at 3pm so that Mr. Hunt can make it. I cant wait to see that little baby on the ultrasound screen! :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gotta Start on the Nursery

These weeks are starting to fly by now. I'm almost half way through my pregnancy already! I still feel silly looking for maternity wear or any baby items for some reason though. Maybe once I know if we are having a boy or girl, Ill be more into looking at stuff.
When we moved into this smaller house in Cedar Park Texas we knew that we wanted to have kids very soon so we made sure to look at houses with no less than three rooms. Right now we have the master, the guest room, and a JUNK room. When I was unpacking, I quickly ran out of room for a ton of stuff in all the rooms. The living room is too small, the dining room is too small, the kitchen is too small, then closets are too small, etc. I'm actually not complaining, we love this house, but we just have too much stuff. A mistake we made while trying to fill up our bigger than normal for a newly married couples home in Charlotte. Oh well.
Anyway, so now that JUNK room needs to magically turn into a nursery....somehow. The biggest problem besides the JUNK, is that the dogs crates are in there. I'm sure Ive mentioned before, but the dogs LOVE their crates. They even take naps in there during the day. The problem is that there isn't anywhere else to put the crates now. I will feel horrible if I have to get rid of them for good. I may just have them set up in the dining room when we don't have people over, then move them if we have company....that's to be determined.
The past few days, Ive felt a lot of pressure to get going in that room. I know its going to take a lot longer than I think because I easily get out of breathe already from my blood thickening. If I take it a little per day, maybe Ill get somewhere in there. I think the main reason I'm thinking that I need to start now is because soon, I imagine it will get harder and harder to move around too much. Id much rather be moving this JUNK now, then when I'm 7 or 8 months pregnant and can't bend over. Get my drift?
So, here is the start to the nursery. Are you excited? I know I am....and Ill be even more excited once I find something to do with all this JUNK. I need to just bite the bullet and sell or give most of it away.

Then after that Ill have to move onto the garage where we have brand new furniture in there that there is no place for in the house! geez!

Anyway, here is the BEFORE pictures of the sweet nursery, please don't laugh, this is serious. There is a TON to do. The JUNK has even overflowed out into the hallway.

This is the view looking in from the door. You are probably thinking, "those poor dogs have to be in there with all that JUNK!" To be honest, I think they like it. I think it feels like a den kind of.

There is SO MUCH STUFF! See that big rug? Its pretty new so I can't come to throw it away. Behind that are a bunch more boxes that we just haven't even opened yet.

This was supposed to be my craft table. Before I was pregnant, I dreamed of the day that I would clean this room out and the table off, and have a place to sew and do crafts. Because of that, all the craft stuff just gets thrown onto this table. This table is sitting right in front of the closet which also has a bunch more stuff in it, but as of now, I can't even get to the closet.

You see? I have a lot of work to do. I'm going to try to get most of it done on my own. Of course Ill need Mr. Hunt's help when its time to put some stuff in the attic. Ive actually already spent 3 hours in there since taking these pictures. The room is already looking better to me, but Mr. Hunt didn't notice any difference. That's gotta show you right there how much stuff is really in there. I'm hoping to have the room all cleaned out by August 7th, a little over 2 weeks, when Davis is arriving for a week. Maybe I can persuade him to help me paint a primer over that PINK!

Cleaning lady

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 14, 15, and 16

 Ok. I really do promise I will be better at posting these "real time." I tend to get lazy with transferring pictures onto the computer, that's the real problem here.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 2 pounds. So all of the sudden, 2 more pounds popped up on the scale. Maybe I ate too many July 4th foods 
Maternity Clothes?: I bought a belly band at Target and wore it with a few pairs of shorts this week. I also bought my first maternity shirt. I didn't have to wear it, but I did. Pants are really the only problem so far. 
Stretch Marks?: none yet
Sleep?: Sleep is great. I'm told that sleeping on my belly (which is how I normally sleep) is OK until it starts to feel uncomfortable, and some nights it can be. I'm also told NOT to sleep on my back, so side sleeping has started to happen which can sometimes make me not sleep well, but only because I'm not used to that
Feeling Sick?: No! yay! I do seem to get out of breathe easily, but I read that's because my blood is super thick!
Best Moment This Week: Visiting with both sides of our family and talking about Baby Hunt with everyone!
Movement?: nope
Food Cravings?: No, just still hungry more and more. 
Gender?: don't know yet
Labor Signs?: no thank God
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between
Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs and Margaritas
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Finding out if we are having a baby boy or baby girl
Anything Else?: After being with family this week, I think that it made me home sick. I really do miss everyone


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 3 pounds. Here we go! Looks like the weight gain is starting to progress. I read that I should only gain about 1 pound a week, so I'm going to try to monitor that, but its hard since I'm constantly starved
Maternity Clothes?: I still just try to wear stretchy pants that I already have. I really do need to go by cute maternity pants and shorts because its official.....I grew out of all my regular pants and shorts.
Stretch Marks?: no
Sleep?: Still trying to get used to sleeping on my sides. I don't know if Ive mentioned this yet not, but being pregnant makes me have the strangest and most real dreams. Very strange.
Feeling Sick?: Nope, just hungry all the time. Still need a nap sometimes during the day, but I definitely have most of my energy back. Even Mr. Hunt said the other day, "I'm glad to have my wife back." Poor guy did so well in the first trimester. I love him
Best Moment This Week: Our Dr. visit, and learning that Baby Hunt can now hear us!
Movement?: no, but I'm told that any week from now until 20 weeks I should start feeling some movement. I'm waiting....
Food Cravings?: No
Gender?: we are scheduled to find out on July 31st! YAY!
Labor Signs?: no 
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between
Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs and sushi
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Finding out if we are having a baby boy or baby girl! I really can't wait, and I think a lot of family and friends can't either
Anything Else?: I really am starting to show now. Before, it was hard to see anything in the morning and by night my tummy would show or after I ate a lot. But now, even in the morning there is a little bump there! And just to look back on, the Dr. measured my tummy and she said I'm 18cm. Don't really know what that means, but I'm recording it because I'm curious how much I'm going to grow!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 3 pounds still. 
Maternity Clothes?: still haven't bought anything else yet
Sleep?: still sleeping on my stomach when its comfortable just so I can get some good sleep. Then the rest of the nights I toss and turn from one side to another. Its starting to get annoying
Feeling Sick?: No. Random headaches and sleepiness are still happening, but I had that before pregnancy too
Best Moment This Week: Hanging out with our new neighbor friends
Movement?: I'm not sure if I felt movement or not. I thought I did, but I could be just making it up
Food Cravings?: Well, one random night I really wanted meatballs, which I normally don't eat, I normally just have meat sauce with my spaghetti. besides that though, no cravings really
Gender?: we are scheduled to find out on July 31st! YAY!
Labor Signs?: no 
Belly Button In or Out?: still in between
Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still on
What I Miss?: Turkey Subs 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Finding out if we are having a baby boy or baby girl and eating a turkey sub!
Anything Else?: The weeks seem to be going fast now. I'm getting nervous because I probably need to start the nursery before I'm way too big to move around and do anything.

That it! From now on, Ill make sure to post once a week with the picture and info from that week so you don't feel like you are reading about that past, but instead the present!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Third Appointment 15 weeks 2 days

I'm a little torn at how fast or slow this pregnancy is going. At first, I felt like the days or weeks couldn't go any slower. Now I'm starting to feel like its going faster and faster. I'm almost halfway done already!

Anyway, I had my third appointment this week. I wasn't sure what to expect this time. I knew that I wasn't getting an ultrasound so I wasn't going to see Baby Hunt, but I was going to hear the heartbeat. Other than that, I wasn't sure why I was going because my doctor said there was one other test to do, but they technically can't do it until 16 weeks so we were going to push that one back until the next visit.
So, I showed up to the office. They called me back, took my weight, peed in a cup, and she took my blood pressure. Then once the doctor came in, she just asked how I was feeling and if I had any questions. Then she measured my belly. I'm measuring at 18 cm which according to her is right on track. Then it was time to listen to the heartbeat. Before she turned the machine on and put the wand on my belly, she said "please don't panic or worry if I can't find the heartbeat right away, sometimes it can take a few seconds." But as soon as she placed the wand on my belly that sweet little heart was beating right away. We were both surprised. Then Baby Hunt wanted to squirm around again and she had to find the heartbeat a few more times after that. She mentioned that we had a mover....oh boy. Then she said "This is one of the strongest heartbeats Ive heard for 15 weeks." I was so happy. Looking back now, she might just say that to everyone if the heartbeat is normal, just to put their minds at ease. Whatever the case, it worked.
Then we were done. That was it. Even though we really didn't do anything, I'm glad I got to go in and was reassured the baby was doing well, because I don't think Id be able to wait much longer. She then asked me how bad we were wanting to know if Baby Hunt was a boy or girl, and I said BAD! So she made our next appointment in 3 weeks! So, on July 31st, we will hopefully find out if we will be having a boy or a girl. This will also be our last ultrasound.
Mr. Hunt and I are convinced for some reason that Baby Hunt is a boy. We really don't have a reason to think this, its just what we think for one reason or another. We also won't care either way what he/she is. We will be happy with either. Even though we think its a boy, that's not really what we want necessarily, just what we think. There are pros....not really cons for both of course. Anyway, I'm rambling because I'm so excited.

We are so blessed to be having a healthy baby so far. I pray that the rest of the pregnancy goes well also.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Hunt's Best Friend

Look who I got to spend a few hours with on our vacation.....

Yep, that's my best friend Brandy and her baby girl Cameron. Look how much bigger she is!!
My other best friend Tatiana was there too. We headed out to eat some breakfast at a little cafe called The Cottage in downtown Bluffton. It was very short, but I'm glad we got to spend time together catching up as much as we could.

Cameron is a little princess and I love her so much. She was so good at breakfast and sat in her highchair the whole time without making a fuss. She must have enjoyed girl time as much as we were.
See that smile?

We "introduced" her to Baby Hunt and told them that they were going to be the greatest pen pals ever. No matter if its a boy or girl, I'm pretty sure they really will be great friends since Brandy and I will forever be best friends. I hate being so far away, but I love the fact that even when we haven't seen each other in months, we always just pick up where we left off.

After breakfast we walked over to the little playground and Cameron swung on the swing for about 1 minute.

She didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we thought she would and she kept sliding down in the chair.

I miss all three of those girls already!


Friday, July 13, 2012

My New Ride

Mr. Hunt and I have been talking about getting me a new car for awhile now. We originally said we probably needed something in the next year or so since my Ford Explorer was getting older. I have this fear of getting stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car. The Ford Explorer hasn't ONCE given us any problems so I knew I was safe for a little while longer.
Mr. Hunt knows that my favorite/dream car is the Land Rover Range Rover. Ive always loved them, but wasn't sure how practical one would be for two dogs and a baby. One day, Mr. Hunt came home and said that he saw one at a used car dealership that he drives by everyday to and from work. I was shocked that he even wanted to go look at it, but I wasn't going to say no.
On the way there, I jokingly said that if the car was under $30,000 and under 30,000 miles, we should buy it, and Mr. Hunt said OK. Sure enough it wasn't under $30,000 and wasn't under 30,000 miles, but we looked at it anyway. They were actually changing the tires on the car while we were there so we didn't test drive it or anything, and we left. I really liked the car and everything, but Mr. Hunt couldn't keep his mind off of it. He fell in love. We talked about it for awhile and did some math on how much we thought it would be per month and if we could afford it. As much as I really wanted it, I almost felt guilty since we didn't really NEED it. We were headed on our vacation in two days, and we thought that if we waited to make a decision, the car would be gone by the time we got back, so we needed to make a decision.
I ultimately told Mr. Hunt it was up to him. He is the one that makes all the money, and I showed him all of our bills and whatnot from the past few months. We decided to sleep on it. The next day, Mr. Hunt made up his mind, he wanted it. We headed over, test drove the car, loved it even more, and bought it.

This is actually Mr. Hunt driving the car. He drove it the first day to work. As much as I love the car and I'm so excited to have it, I'm pretty sure he loves it more, and that's OK. It makes me feel better about buying it.
As you can see, we have kept the Ford Explorer for now. We are going to try to get it to South Carolina and give it to my parents so they can have another car, but it might be awhile before it gets there.

And yes, we are on a strict budget for now while we adjust to the new payments on this beaut.

Range Rover Driving Fool

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holiday Trip

Mr. Hunt and I have missed our families so much since moving here to Texas. We knew the best time to go and see both sides of the family all in one trip would be to go over the 4th of July holiday. Mr. Hunt's side always goes to their beach house in Beaufort South Carolina for the holiday and Beaufort is just 45 minutes away from my parents house, so it works out.
We flew in on Tuesday night and were greeted by my parents in the airport. Once we got back to their house, it was already 1am and so we headed to bed. The next morning, my mom had to work, but Mr. Hunt, me, and my dad headed over to Beaufort for the 4th of July celebrations. Soon after we arrived we ate a HUGE delicious lunch and then headed to the sand bar. The sand bar was very crowded, but just as fun as always. I actually forgot to take pictures until after we were getting ready to leave.

I think the boys look a lot alike in this picture.

I could be out on the boat all day everyday with southern views like these shrimp boats.

So could Mr. Hunt.

The next day we spent the day around the house in the morning while the boys went fishing. Then the girls headed over to the beach, while the boys started up dinner which was Frogmore Stew, or as I call it, Lowcountry Boil. YUM! My mom joined us for dinner that day. Im so glad she made it to see everyone since she couldn't spend time with us the day before when my dad was there. My mom also tried to teach Mr. Hunt and Michael the old fashion was of crabbing instead of their new and improved way. Both ways worked and we had three crabs to eat within a matter of 5 minutes to go with our dinner.
On Friday we had a slow morning and headed back out to the sandbar again. Mr. Hunt and I needed to hit the road back to Bluffton in time to take my parents to dinner so we might have been a little too early to the sandbar. It wasn't even there yet, but we still had a great time standing waist deep and spending time with family. I felt bad about having to leave early just as the sand bar was showing up.
We were happy to treat my parents to a yummy dinner at Captain Woodys. It was nice to spend time with them and just them. Not that my brothers are ever in the way, but it was just nice. Davis was headed back from his trip to NY that night so we stayed up playing board games and waited for him to arrive.
The next day was a day with my side of the family. Everyone was due to arrive around 2pm, so we first headed to the pond down the street to try to catch a few fish.
Davis and I posted up in some chairs in the shade while Mr. Hunt and Dylan started fishing. With Dylan's first cast, he caught this title guy.

My mom saw this picture and thought they were standing in the water!

Finally, Mr. Hunt caught one.

And Dylan another....

I decided to take a picture with Dylan's second one. Is that a crime to take a picture with a fish you didn't catch? I don't care, he offered.

Then the boys started walking down the pond and got too far away from me to take anymore pictures. Davis and I got way too hot so we got back in the car and picked the boys up on the other side of the pond. They told us about the HUGE fish they saw and tried to catch. They are determined to get him next time.

A few hours later, the family started to show up. I love spending family time. The "kids" headed to the pool for a little bit while the adults cooked. We had a great time at the pool even though we weren't there for long. Then we came back and enjoyed hot dogs, fried chicken, mac and cheese, and much more. I was so full. We then played an intense game of crochet. Well, I didn't. My pregnant self sat in a chair and watched, but it was intense. Then everyone had to leave.
Sunday morning, Davis and Mr. Hunt met Dylan, Zach, and my cousins Shane and Melissa to play a round of golf. I slept in and started packing up. We hung around the house for the rest of the day and headed to the airport around 4pm. We were so sad to leave, but we knew it wouldn't be long before we would be back.

We have the BEST family in the world. I wouldn't trade them ever. I know everyone probably thinks that, but you don't really know unless you are in the family :)
Hunt side minus Katie and McKay. We missed them so much.

Taylor side!

We're all pretty good looking too huh?

Oh, I almost had a heart attack and died on the plane home. Our flight from Savannah to Charlotte was a breeze, we both slept the whole time. Then we had a three hour layover in Charlotte and I had a very yummy dinner of a Bojangles biscuit. I was a very happy girl after eating that. Then we got on the plane to head to Austin. We took off, and about 15 minutes later, the attendant came on and said "everyone must stay seated, no getting up." It was a little weird, and she also turned on all the lights in the cabin. I tried not to freak out, but I could tell that Mr. Hunt looked a little worried, and he flies a lot more than I do. Then a few minutes later, the captain came on a said "We need to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Charlotte, our air conditioning isn't working and we need to fix it." Mr. Hunt thinks it was probably something a little more serious and they were trying to keep everyone calm. All I do know is that it did get REALLY hot in that plane. Of course every little sound I heard the plane make, I thought we were going to crash into the ground and it seemed like another hour before we finally landed BACK in Charlotte. There were also three fire trucks and some other emergency vehicles waiting for us, and they rushed us off the plane as soon as we landed, which makes me believe it was something other than just the air conditioner.
The last thing I wanted to do at this point was get on another plane, but we did. I tried to just sleep the whole time, but Im pretty sure they over compensated for the hot plane before and I felt like I was going to turn into an ice cube. We finally made it safe to Austin, and didn't get home until 3am. Thanking the sweet Lord we were safe.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

Since Mr. Hunt and I moved here not knowing a sole besides the people that work in his office, we have a lot of time to spend with each other. The weekends can get pretty redundant if we don't seek out something special to do like when we went camping. Some weekends we are content to just lay by the pool and watch a few movies, but other weekends we are inspired to get out and do something.
A few weekends ago we went fishing. We are both fans of saltwater fishing a lot more than a small pond that we found down the road, but we gave it a try.

This was our pond for the day. There was a nice breeze outside so it wasn't too hot.

There was even a pretty golf coarse across the way.

Of course I got my line stuck on this tree branch. Can you see the little red bobber that I was using?

This was out little spot. Wasn't the nicest area, but it was shaded so it worked.

Sometimes when you go fishing, you have to get a little dirty, especially when you are digging for worms.

So we never caught anything. Not even a bite. But we did catch a lot of this goop stuff. ewwwww.

Even though we didn't catch anything, we still had a good time together outside. It was something different than sitting inside all day. We both agreed that we would stick to the saltwater fishing.

Then the next weekend, we went golfing. Well, Mr. Hunt went golfing and I sat in the cart and ate french fries and peanut M&Ms, and cheered him on...I don't golf.

This golf course has a different look compared to what we are used to on the east coast. There are a lot of hills.

This golf course was the public golf coarse, but we were in the middle of a VERY rich looking neighborhood. The houses were huge and sitting on the side of the hills.

It was such a nice day. There were some clouds, even some rain clouds in the distance, and a breeze since we were up on some hills. I definitely enjoyed my ride.

See those houses? Wow!

Mr. Hunt enjoyed himself and played really well. He can't wait to go back, and I wouldn't mind some more of those fries. They were delicious. Plus, playing 9 holes for only $25 is a good deal. This is also where I encountered the first person to ask if I was pregnant. A sweet old man at the counter asked. I was shocked, but it made my day.

So, we continue to find fun things to do on the weekends that Mr. Hunt isn't too tired from the work week. We tried to go to the zoo one day a few weekends ago, but I ended up feeling too sick and it was over 100 degrees outside....not a good mix.
Good news though, we are headed over to a nice neighbors house tonight for dinner. Hopefully we can make some friends! Ill keep you updated.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Trimester

With the fear of possibly losing my sweet little baby very high in the first trimester, like other couples, Mr. Hunt and I decided to not share the AMAZING news with the world until after the first trimester. Believe me, it was SO hard to not stand on the top of the world and yell to everyone about it though. So even though we were enjoying the first trimester by ourselves and with close family and friends, I still wanted to document as much as possible. Like other blogs I have seen in the past, I decided to answer a few questions once a week about how Im feeling. I also took a belly picture once a week to add to the questions. Granted, there wasn't much to see in the belly department in the beginning, but I wasn't going to miss a beat. There were also a few weeks that I didn't take a belly picture, only from being lazy or not feeling well. I promise from now on out, there will be a belly picture every week because the belly is definitely growing every week. There also isn't much to document in the first trimester either, but again, Im not missing anything. Call it oversharing or whatever you like. So, lets go back in time and relive the first trimester. Or you can just tune in for the remainder of the pregnancy and follow week by week from now on out....your choice.

Mr. Hunt and I found out we were pregnant at about 3 and a half weeks, so I just started this documentation at 4 weeks. Please ignore my un-makeuped face most weeks. The first trimester was a little rough and I could hardly get the energy to make myself look decent.


Mr. Hunt accidentally took a blurry picture. To be honest, this was the morning we were leaving for Puerto Rico and it was 4am, so Ill let that slide. If you can't read what it says, it says "Baby Hunt is the size of a poppyseed, Mommy is VERY tired and constantly hungry, and Daddy is SUPER excited and very proud"

Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 pounds 
Maternity Clothes?: No, but towards the end of the day, I feel VERY bloated whether it be real or just something Im making up in my head....Im not sure
Stretch Marks?: No, I don't have to worry about that yet, I hope
Sleep?: Not sleeping very well. I read that it a pregnancy symptom in the beginning, but it might just be because Im so super excited. Im also having to get up two and three times to use the restroom...something I never did before.
Feeling Sick?: No
Best Moment This Week: Finding out we were pregnant!
Movement?: Too early for that
Food Cravings?: Nothing really, just really hungry all the time. 
Gender?: Too early to know, but can't wait to find out.
Labor Signs?: WAYYYY too early for that
Belly Button In or Out?: Ive always had an in-betweenie.
Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still on
What I Miss?: Nothing yet
What Im Looking Forward To?: Starting to show
Anything Else?: Just so excited!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 pounds 
Maternity Clothes?: No, not yet
Stretch Marks?: Nope
Sleep?: Sleeping is better than last week, but still getting up in the middle of the night for trips to the bathroom 
Feeling Sick?: A little. I have heartburn or acid reflux and also very gassy. TMI?
Best Moment This Week: Vacation to Puerto Rico, baby's first vacation?
Movement?: Too early for that
Food Cravings?: I don't think so
Gender?: Don't know that yet
Labor Signs?: Nope, thank God
Belly Button In or Out?: still an in-betweenie.
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On
What I Miss?: Nothing
What Im Looking Forward To?: Starting to show
Anything Else?: Still so excited! Counting down the days until my class on May 16th and my first appointment on May 22nd


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 pounds 
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: Nope
Sleep?: Sleeping is fine. I get REALLY hot in the middle of the night. Im not sure if its the pregnancy or just the fact that its getting really hot here in Texas. 
Feeling Sick?: Yes. Ugh, I was hoping this wouldn't come and Im counting the days until it is hopefully gone. I only got physically sick once while doing the dishes. Its smells that make me really nauseous. Other times, I just sit here and wait to feel sick, because it comes randomly.
Best Moment This Week: Resting. Thats all that I really did besides feel sick.
Movement?: no, too early
Food Cravings?: Not really, but I do have food aversions. Yes, I get sick just thinking about red meat like steak and mexican food. Too bad those used to be my favorite foods. Not anymore right now. I need to stop typing about it because its making me feel sick. I don't really have an appetite right now, and the only thing I can eat are very bland foods. I can't wait for this to go away, I like food too much.
Gender?: Don't know, but I think its a boy for some reason
Labor Signs?: Nope, thank God
Belly Button In or Out?: in-betweenie.
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On
What I Miss?: Feeling normal
What Im Looking Forward To?: Starting to show and my prenatal class next Wednesday.
Anything Else?: We are going to tell our parents and the rest of the family this coming Sunday....on Mothers Day. What a great surprise for them.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0.5 pounds 
Maternity Clothes?: No, but in the evening I definitely have a pooch and sometimes the button has to come undone
Stretch Marks?: No
Sleep?: Well, I usually sleep pretty well during the night, and all through the day. I seriously can't get enough sleep. Quite annoying actually.
Feeling Sick?: Yep. Random nauseousness creeps up whenever it feels like it. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm nauseous. Im testing out different prenatal vitamins right now because I swear it makes me nauseous. 
Best Moment This Week: Feeling well enough to go to Jersey Mike's with Mr. Hunt and actually eat it there! Isn't that sad? I just hate going anywhere for long periods of time because I worry Ill start to feel sick while were out. 
Movement?: no, too early
Food Cravings?: No. But, the food thing is driving me crazy. There are a lot of foods that make me want to be sick and the smell of a lot of food do make me sick so its hard to find something to eat. With that said, Im STARVING every two hours without fail, sometimes every hour and a half. Its ridiculous. If I don't eat right away, then I get naseous. So, every two hours I have to come up with something to eat out of the minimal things that won't make me sick. Very frustrating. 
Labor Signs?: Nope, thank God
Belly Button In or Out?: in-between still
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On. No chubby fingers yet
What I Miss?: Having energy throughout the day. 
What Im Looking Forward To?: The first trimester to be OVER. Im really not trying to rush this pregnancy, but just the first trimester. I am SO ready to feel better. Right now, I feel like I can't even enjoy being pregnant or get excited about a little baby because all I can think about is trying to feel better and what Im going to eat in two hours. 
Anything Else?: We told our family and very close friends. They are all so happy (most knew what we were going to tell them), and all very supportive. I know I will feel much more excited about this pregnancy when I get confirmation from the doctor next week. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0.5 pounds only still. Im very surprised by this because my stomach is definitely bigger, and Ive been eating ALOT!
Maternity Clothes?: No, but I don't wear normal clothes very often. I wear sweats during the day which have stretchy waists and only dress up on the weekends with Mr. Hunt. 
Stretch Marks?: Nope
Sleep?: Sleeping good and still taking hour naps during the day. Im so ready to have my energy back
Feeling Sick?: Yes. Its getting worse it seems. I can't believe its only been 2 and a half weeks since I started feeling sick, it feels like its been forever. Thankfully, Im not sick 24/7 like some pregnant people are. It just comes when it wants, which can be very annoying.
Best Moment This Week: Having the energy to spend the day outside with Mr. Hunt at the lake and camping. Although, the next few days after that were rough.
Movement?: no, too early
Food Cravings?: Not really. But since Im still being picky about what I eat or smell, if I think of something good to eat, I have to have it. I was craving Carrabbas the other day and Mr. Hunt brought some home from work. It was so good!
Labor Signs?: Nope
Belly Button In or Out?: in-between 
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On. No chubby fingers yet
What I Miss?: Having energy throughout the day. I am counting down the days to feeling somewhat normal again. 
What Im Looking Forward To?: 1st trimester to be over. I need to feel better and have energy, its starting to take a toll on me. I don't do my hair, I don't wear makeup, I hardly dress up. Poor Mr. Hunt probably thinks Ill never be the same. Im starting to think the same thing. 
Anything Else?: We had our first appointment this week. It was awesome. I was so nervous for this appointment, I use wanted the baby to be healthy, and he/she is! Its heartbeat is perfect and its growing at the speed its supposed to. Now I can't wait to seem him/her again for my 11 week appointment. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Im up to 1 pound. Still in shock, but thanking God all this food Im eating must be going straight to baby.
Maternity Clothes?: No, but getting there. 
Stretch Marks?: No, not yet. I need to buy some lotion soon though because this belly is growing. 
Sleep?: I sleep from 10 or 11pm to 8am and then one 1 hour nap everyday. And Im still tired. 
Feeling Sick?: Yes. OK. If Im not nauseous, I have a severe headache. If I don't have a headache, I have some sort of heartburn or indigestion (which is the worst of all of these symptoms), If its not the heartburn, its feeling hungry. And if its not that, then Im just super tired. Its always one of those symptoms. I am trying so hard not to complain, but I seriously feel like my body is shutting down. Mr. Hunt likes to remind me that this is what growing a baby feels like and always makes sure that I still want three kids. Im thinking hard about that now. 
Best Moment This Week: This week has been rough. After camping, Ive had a headache all day everyday for everyday since. I can only take Tylonol, which doesn't help. If I had to pick a best moment of the week so as not to sound like Im complaining too much, it would be watching So You Think You Can Dance. It took my mind off the headache for 2 hours. 
Movement?: no, but I watched a video on the baby's growth that said the baby is now moving. I probably won't feel movement until week 18 though. 9 more weeks. 
Food Cravings?: No. I no longer look at steak and want to get sick. I ate a bite of Mr. Hunt's the other day and it was delicious. I didn't really crave anything this week though besides goat cheese. YUM!
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: in-between still
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On.
What I Miss?: I still miss my energy. I once thought I didn't have energy before I was pregnant, now I know what having no energy is like. 
What Im Looking Forward To?: Only 3 more weeks until the 1st trimester is over. I really don't want to rush this, but I hear the 2nd trimester is the best, and Im really looking forward to that. Im also looking forward to my 11 week appointment.
Anything Else?: Nope, just God Bless Mr. Hunt. I sometimes want to burst out into tears thinking about what Im putting him through already. The man works from morning until night, even when he gets home, and I can't even get the house in order since I have no energy. He is probably wondering what the heck I do all day, well, I sleep, eat, and TRY to get the stuff done that absolutely can't wait like laundry and bills. Then when he gets home, I often ask him to cook, get up and get me something to drink, let the dogs out, etc. He is probably also highly confused because one minute, Im feeling fine, ready to go, doing things on my own. Then the VERY next minute, Im curled up on the couch with nausea, asking him to do everything for me and telling him I can't leave the house. Phew, when does this end, Im sure Mr. Hunt is thinking the same thing. I love him because he hasn't once complained...yet. The Mr. Hunt whose wife wasn't pregnant definitely would have said something by now. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs. I guess that one pound from last week went to the baby.
Maternity Clothes?: No, but Im still just wearing stretching pants and shirts. I need to go buy some pants.
Stretch Marks?: No, not yet. 
Sleep?: Im sleeping pretty well. I seem to wake up at around 4am every morning, starving. Then I roll around a little and go back to sleep.
Feeling Sick?: Im starting to feel a little better. I hope this is the end of the first trimester sickness. I get a horrible hunger feeling which I now think might be the indigestion. It comes on randomly and can last 24 hours. I hate it. Bad part is if its indigestion, I hear that just gets worse the further along you get. 
Best Moment This Week: Being at the pool for a few hours and soaking up the sun. I felt great! 
Movement?: No, not for another 9 weeks or so i think.
Food Cravings?: Not really. I ate Mexican Food though for the first time since I became pregnant, and I LOVED it. Im starting to get back to my old self :)
Labor Signs?: Nope
Belly Button In or Out?: in-between still
Wedding Ring On or Off?: On.
What I Miss?: I miss my energy. Im glad I'm starting to feel better, but Im still very tired. I can only get up from the couch for 30 minutes or less at a time before I have to lay back down. I can't wait to have some energy again.
What Im Looking Forward To?: Having my energy back, and seeing the baby next week on Tuesday for the 11 week appointment. 
Anything Else?: No, Mr. Hunt was out of town this week. I was hoping Id feel ok and be able to do stuff on my own. I didn't feel great, but better than the last few weeks so I was thankful for that. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs. Still SO surprised about this because I definitely have a pregnant belly, bigger boobies, a uterus the size of a grapefruit, and a baby that is about 2 inches long. Did I loose weight somewhere else that I don't notice?
Maternity Clothes?: Not yet, but I need to go buy some. Im running out of ideas. 
Stretch Marks?: Nope, but I bough the stretch mark lotion this week. I need to start using it before its too late.
Sleep?: I have the craziest dreams! I read thats a pregnancy symptom. Besides the dreams. I wake up usually around 3am every morning and can't really go back to sleep. I might be because of the naps I usually take during the day. Im not worried.
Feeling Sick?: Im feeling better. I still get nauseous, but only when Im hungry. I also still have the heartburn/indigestion thing that randomly comes, but I think Mylanta will be my life saver for that (even though it tastes awful!
Best Moment This Week: Our doctors visit. Mr. Hunt couldn't make it so I video taped the whole ultrasound for him. I love watching it over and over
Movement?: well the baby is moving around more than ever! It was moving so much the ultrasound lady was having trouble getting the measurements she needed. Of course I can't feel them yet though, but its fun to think about him/her jumping around in there.
Food Cravings?: Not really. I made brownies this week. I put extra chocolate chips in the batter. It took all of me not to lick the bowl like I always did before I was pregnant. The brownies turned out better than I imagined. 
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button In or Out?: in still
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on still
What I Miss?: cold turkey subs. I know I still have 29 more weeks to go before the baby is here, but I told Mr. Hunt that right now, once I pop the baby out, the first thing I want to eat is a Jersey Mikes turkey sub, mikes way. He laughed, but Im serious!
What Im Looking Forward To?: Going to see family in a few weeks. I miss them badly. 
Anything Else?: Just that the doctor visit went well. The ultrasound was the best part obviously. Then I had to get my finger pricked so they could check for down's syndrome and a few others. I will know the results of that in 7-10 days. Then I was out of there. Short and sweet


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 1 lb. I'm still shocked as to how I've only gained one pound. I feel like when I wasn't pregnant, I gained weight a lot easier. Good news is the doctor said most woman don't gain until the second trimester
Maternity Clothes?: No. I went shopping for some the other day and then got overwhelmed. I need to go again at the right state of mind, or maybe when I absolutely can't fit into anything anymore. I still have a few outfits to wear. 
Stretch Marks?: No, not yet.
Sleep?: some nights are amazing deep sleep, other nights I toss and turn all night. Saturday night was the worst for me this week. I couldn't get comfortable. I'm going to have a hard time sleeping when I can no longer sleep on my stomach because that's the only way I can sleep now. Saturday night my stomach was tender for some reason and I couldn't sleep on it. Sunday night was better though. 
Feeling Sick?: On and off still. I'm hoping it will dwindle soon. Now its either a good day where I feel great all day, or a bad day where I feel sick all day. Ive been getting horrible headaches lately too, and I can't function with headaches. 
Best Moment This Week: Feeling/seeing my uterus move up towards my belly button. The stomach is definitely getting bigger now. 
Movement?: No, not for another few weeks will I be expecting to feel anything
Food Cravings?: No, but I did have a strange dinner the other night and it wasn't until half way through that I realized what I was eating. It was a California Roll, Skittles, and Dill Pickle Chips. Can you say pregnant? 
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: in still, but as the days go on, I have a feeling its going to turn into an outie :)
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on still
What I Miss?: cold turkey subs still. Not a day goes by where I wish I had a turkey sub from Jersey Mikes. I don't know why its just Jersey Mikes though. I could care less about the other turkey subs. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Getting my energy back. I think I'm slowly starting to get more energy, but its not all back yet. There are still times where I need to catch my breathe or lay down during the day.
Anything Else?: Pregnancy is weird sometimes, including the trimesters. Some places say that week 12 is the second trimester, and others say week 13. I think its because once you hit 12 weeks, you are technically in the 13th week which would be the second trimester, and others just say wait until the actual 13 week. Whatever it is, I'm either done or almost done with the first trimester, and I'm waiting by the minute to start feeling myself again.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0.6 pounds. I'm going to go ahead and say that I haven't gained anything. Please take a look at that belly though....why haven't I gained any weight?
Maternity Clothes?: I bought a maternity shirt at target this week for my trip to the east coast. I haven't worn it yet though and most of my old clothes still fit somewhat.
Stretch Marks?: No, not yet.
Sleep?: sleep is back to normal. Sleeping on my belly is getting more and more uncomfortable though. 
Feeling Sick?: Not really. Just nauseous if I get hungry.
Best Moment This Week: getting bigger and finally saying I'm out of the first trimester!
Movement?: nope
Food Cravings?: not this week
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: still in
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on still
What I Miss?: turkey subs still. I'm not sure this will ever change
What I'm Looking Forward To?: watching my belly grow and my next appointment in two weeks
Anything Else?: just glad to be out of the first trimester. Bring on the "easy" trimester.

Thats it for the first trimester. Ill be back to update you from 13 weeks to where I am now, which is 15 weeks, then Ill do one a week until we are graced with Baby Hunt's presence. Sound good?


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