Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dog Loves Jackson

I remember when I was pregnant with Jane, both dogs seemed to be very interested in my belly. This time, not so much. Maybe its because I hardly sit down for them to come check it out, or that Im just too busy to even notice. Or that Jane is usually closest to me, and they often stay away from her these days. Either way, I kinda missed that. 

Until the other day when I was laying down playing with Jane and River just stuck his head up on my belly and inspected for a little bit. 

He's always such a sweet boy. He was our first "baby" and now he will soon have to "deal" with another baby in the house.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Jen's Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

Its been very fun celebrating my (soon to be) sister in law, and in less than TWO weeks, she will marry my little brother. I can still remember where I was when he called to tell me all about her, even before they were officially dating. 

I took some cute pictures at her shower. It was a fun, relaxing time. We played a few games, at some yummy food, and watched her open gifts. Just how a shower should be. It was a nice day. It was raining and a little chilly that morning, but the rain stopped and it warmed up just in time for the outdoor party. 

The mini cupcakes and cookies were so good!

Jen's teacher friends all came!

We don't have many pictures together so we always try to get some when we are together, BUT, we have the rest of our lives to get some good ones!


She also had her bachelorette party here in Charleston which was great because I was able to go out to lunch with them one of the days. For obvious reasons, I didn't go out with them at night. It was fun going downtown, having lunch, and shopping for the day with them though. I didn't get any pictures.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Jane's First Easter Egg Hunt

Im so excited about our new neighborhood. There are so many kids that are Jane's age that live here. We live in walking distance to the neighborhood playground, so we go there a lot and have been meeting people. Nobody that we've become great friends with yet, but I bet this summer we will see people more often and get to know more people. Anyway, our neighborhood also  has a ton of fun things planned for the summer time that we are excited about as well. 

The first activity that we attended with our neighborhood was the Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend. My Mom was in town helping me watch Jane while Mr. Hunt was at my brother's bachelor party and I attended Jenn's bachelorette for a little bit. 

We didn't go to an Easter Egg Hunt last year with Jane and the year before that she was only 3 months old. SO, this was her first egg hunt. I tried to get her excited for it before we left and tried my best to explain what would happen, but she just wasn't getting it. She was just excited that we were going to the playground.

My Mom dressed her super cute and we walked right over to the playground. Our neighborhood is pretty big so there are a lot of people that either had to drive, ride a gold cart, or ride their bikes. It was nice that we live so close. If only we lived close to the pool now :( this summer we will either be talking LONG HOT walks to the pool, or just getting in the car. 

Ive never seen so many children around the same age all in on place before. I was so shocked at how many kids their were. I knew there were a TON of kids in this neighborhood because we see them all the time, but to have them all in one place was crazy to see. I wasn't sure how the hunt would go since this was our first year here, but once we got there, there were just a whole bunch of eggs laying on the ground. So many that it was hard to walk around without thinking you may squish one. 

I started to show Jane what the hunt was all about and she quickly picked it up and started filling up her basket. It wasn't until her basket was almost full that I realized not many other kids were picking any eggs up. 

I changed her attention to the bounce house which she would have stayed in all day if we let her. Then ten minutes later they started the hunt. I felt bad a little bit, although they should have made it more clear. Jane wasn't the only one who started early. Also, once they started it was a mad house of kids getting eggs and for Jane's first time, she probably wouldn't have gotten any, they were going so fast. Also, I couldn't get her out of the bounce house either, so she probably wouldn't have got any! 

Then I had to leave to go meet the bachelorette girls downtown for lunch so my Mom and Jane stayed for some more fun! Im sad I missed the Easter Bunny. 

My Mom said that Jane waited patiently in line to see him. She wasn't scared at all and even offered him some of her Twizzler she was eating from her eggs. She talked about that bunny for a few days after, she loved him so much.

Its so fun to do things with Jane for the firs time. I know she will remember next year and get just as excited. Don't worry, we will wait next year and hunt with everyone else and not cheat.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

We have never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day too much in our house. BUT now that Jane is starting to understand and love holidays, I decided to at least do a few extra fun things with her. 

When she woke up, I told her it was St. Patricks Day. She changed it to Patricks Day and kept saying it all day. She said "Happy Patrick Day" to Mr. Hunt as he left for work and "Happy Patricks Day" to Jackson as well, both without anyone asking her to.

We both didn't have much green to wear. Green is actually my favorite color, but I just didn't have much in the maternity area of my closet. Jane had these cute pants that went with this shirt, so this is what she wore.

It was such a beautiful day out. I think it was close to 80 degrees or maybe hotter. So we hung out outside for a little bit in the morning before we had to run to Target.

I went to Target for two things so that we could do a fun craft after her nap. Guess what? Target didn't have either of the items. UGH! But you know I ended up buying stuff anyway, Target does that to me.

I did let Jane pick an insect from the dollar section and she picked the purple caterpillar. The rest of the day was centered around this little guy.

After her nap, I was really bummed that I didn't have the items for the craft, so we hung out in the front yard and blew bubbles and played with her big yellow ball. Ive never seen a kid get so excited over bubbles before. Once it was time to come in, she did this.....

"Im going back to sleep"

I don't really blame her. I could have fallen asleep out there too, the weather was just right. BUT she just was stalling to come inside. I had to make dinner so there may have been tears to come in.

Once Daddy got home we ate our St. Patricks Day meal which was a corned beef that I made for the first time. It could have come out a little better, but it was good for a first shot.

Then was the main event. I say main event because we really didn't do anything St. Patricks Day related since the craft fell through. I had been telling Jane about the green ice cream ALL day and she patiently knew it wasn't until after dinner that we could have it.

I made us a Shamrock float to share. Mr. Hunt was on a diet so he didn't have any. It turned out pretty good. It was just green sherbet and a splash of gingerale. I could tell that the gingerale was a little spicy for Jane because she doesn't ever drink sodas, so I made sure her bites her mainly sherbet and she loved it.

Look how sweet this kid is!

Maybe next year Ill be better prepared with some fun activities. What do y'all do on St. Patrick's Day?


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

33 Weeks Pregnant


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 27lbs. 2lbs from last week. Im not surprised. Ive been an eating machine, nothing seems to satisfy me.
Maternity Clothes?: Yes. So over this dressing myself thing. If I could do this all over again, maybe I would buy a few more items to wear, but its too late now. Don't want to waste my money
Stretch Marks?: Nope
Feeling Sick?: Feeling pretty good. Im just walking REALLY slow because my ligament pain is pretty bad. Im also getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Jackson loves to kick and jab a lot more than Jane so I feel pain that way too. Besides that though, Im hanging in there
Best Moment This Week: Going to Bluffton for my soon-to-be sister in law's bridal shower. 
Food Cravings?: Anything and everything fruity. Fruit smoothies, lemon flavored anything, JUICE, anything fruity and cold. Pickles still as well
Gender?: BOY, baby Jackson
Labor Signs?: No, just some braxton hicks contractions
Belly Button In or Out?: outie, it even sticks through some of my tighter shirts which never happened with Jane
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Im excited for my brothers wedding, but at the same time Im freaking out. Once his wedding is over, Jackson could come anytime. So we have to be ready
Anything Else?: Just trying to remind myself that if he were to come today, we would have everything we need. Just because we have about half the things we did with Jane, doesn't mean he needs as much. Its just strange that his room isn't going to be done and he was half the clothes and blankets as Jane ever did.

See Ya,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

31-32 Weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 24lbs. I was hoping for one pound a week, but it looks like the girl scout cookies had other plans.
Maternity Clothes?: Yeah. Once again, Im so sick of every single piece of maternity clothing I have. I just keep telling myself, 9 more weeks (or less). DONT BUY ANYTHING ELSE!
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: I have a funny feeling the third trimester sickness is starting. I had it a tiny bit with Jane around 34 weeks and on. I have felt nauseous on and off for the past three or four days now. Also, Ive had some REALLY bad headaches. Tensions ones where my head throbs and my neck and shoulders hurt too and are super stiff. Tylenol is the only thing I can take and it doesn't work. Im hoping I can snap out of this and its not going to stick around until Jackson arrives. I have WAY too much to do in the next month or so and when I have these headaches or feel sick, I can't do anything
Best Moment This Week: Having a relaxing weekend with Mr. Hunt and Jane. We didn't do ANYTHING and it felt great! We attempted a movie night in Mommy and Daddy's bed with Jane. Jane has never slept in our bed before, but Mr. Hunt wanted to try. She stayed up for the entire movie (Tangled) but then around 10:30 (her bedtime is usually 8) she was asking to go to her crib, so we took her up to her crib and she fell right to sleep. Girl loves her crib y'all
Food Cravings?: Nothing. BUT Im enjoying my girl scout cookies that finally came in
Gender?: BOY, baby Jackson
Labor Signs?: No. 
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On. At this time in Jane's pregnancy, I took my rings off. They don't seem tight yet so maybe Im not retaining as much water this time around....yet
What I'm Looking Forward To?: There is SO much to do around here for preparing for Jackson. Also, A TON is going on for my brother's wedding. Im just looking forward to all the activities, and hopefully finding clothes for all this
Anything Else?: Just trying to hang in there. It was finally this week that I just can't wait until Im not pregnant anymore. Reality has been with me this whole time knowing how much easier it is with him inside me still and only technically having ONE kid. Ive been nervous this whole time, unlike Jane's pregnancy where I was counting down the weeks from week ONE. BUT, with feeling sick, headaches, and just feeling over this whole pregnancy thing, I just want him here!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 25lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes. I finally found an outfit for my little brothers rehearsal dinner. I am officially DONE buying maternity clothes. I still don't have much to wear but I refuse to buy anything else for only 8 more weeks or less
Stretch Marks?: Nope, but my skin feels tight and I don't remember that with Jane's pregnancy
Feeling Sick?: Last week I was so worried with a whole bunch of symptoms. Thankfully this week I have been doing much better. Im just feeling pregnant. You know, random symptoms here and there and just feeling HUGE
Best Moment This Week: My mom came for the weekend and we went shopping. It was a fun girls day
Food Cravings?: PICKLES! I cannot seem to get enough. 
Gender?: BOY
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  I finally took them off. I took them off at 31 weeks with Jane. I haven't really been paying attention if they were getting tight or not until yesterday when I tried to take them off and they were STUCK! I took them off, and Im not putting them back on until after he gets here! 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My little brother's wedding and seeing family in a few weeks
Anything Else?: Sleep is finally starting to get a little rough. Nothing to complain about too much since I know it could be much worse. I just have a hard time rolling over and have to get up to pee which I didn't have to do much of before, thankfully


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