Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Newest Excitement

So my newest excitement in life, besides all the wedding stuff of course, is that one of my best friends is going to be having a baby!
Brandy and I have known each other since pre-school and have been VERY good friends since freshman year of college. She is one of my bridesmaids too!
She is going to be my first friend to have a baby and I couldn't be more happy for her. I know that she has concerns, as would anyone with their first child, but I know her and Bev will be the best parents.
As everyone knows already, I am pretty much obsessed with children and babies, so this is so exciting for me. I cant wait to have one of my own so that her baby and my baby can be friends too!
So she is due August 3 (unless it has changed) which is exactly one month before the wedding! We have so much to look forward to and this summer is going to be filled with parties and excitement. I cant wait to hold the baby.

Brandy- I hope you know that I love you very much. You are certainly one of my best friends and you know that I am here for you. I will hurry and have a baby too so that I don't take yours away from you. I cant wait to meet him or her and buy clothes and hold him or her all day long. Even though I haven't had a baby yet, I have heard that this will be a challenging time, but a VERY rewarding time too. Know that I am always here for you to talk and I am already so proud of you.


Wedding Updates

Man this wedding stuff is really coming together. I was getting a little worried with all of the things I kept thinking of that needed to be done, but time is finally on my side and things are getting themselves done.
If you didn't know already, I am a freak about using sticky notes. Actually, I think the freakiness comes from first being a freak about organization. I am very proud of my wedding binder. I have EVERYTHING in there. Everything from ideas, pictures, contracts, due dates, prices, honeymoon info, etc. But as you go through the binder, you will also see a million and one sticky notes. Oh well, this way I can be happy knowing that all of my thoughts are written down.
We still have a few things left to lock in place like flowers and wedding cake, but I am getting so excited about the "theme/style" of everything.
Mr. Hunt and I are in the middle of pre-marital counseling. Even though it can be a little awkward at times, I think I'm going to like it. We each had to take a survey and we will be comparing our answers next. Should be interesting! We will be taking 8-10 sessions. I will update how we are doing later, but I don't suspect any problems.
We also have set our honeymoon in place. We originally wanted to go to Tahiti, but we have decided otherwise for a few reasons. One being that for some reason no resorts in Tahiti offer "all inclusive" packages. We were already at our max with our budget, and the price didn't include food or drinks so we figured we wanted to get something that was all inclusive so that we didn't have to constantly worry about how much we were spending while we were there. Also, it would have taken us 2 days (with the time change) to get there and 2 days to get back. We didn't want to have to take that many days off to just be flying. So anyway, we have now decided to head to St. Lucia. We are going to be staying eight nights at the Sandals Grande in one of their swim-up suites. We also have alot of excursions planned, but my favorite part is that we are going to be taking a helicopter from the airport to the resort! I can just picture it now. It will be like they do on the Bachelor! Wearing the headphone things and look at the pretty jungle.
My mom is headed to Charlotte next weekend so that we can hash out more wedding stuff and maybe even do some arts and crafts. It should be tons of fun.
My dad may be coming to so that he can build us a better, bigger patio. We are very thankful and excited about it. We are also getting sod laid on our backyard since we couldn't (for whatever reason) seem to grow grass since we moved here. We will finally be able to play in our backyard!
Well that's it for now. Ill be back with more wedding details later.

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