Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Mr. Hunt and I had a great Christmas. I will write another blog about our holiday with some pictures, but I just wanted to write about some of our presents we received.

Mr. Hunt and I exchanged gifts on Thursday night. I got Mr. Hunt a PS3 (which he opened a little bit earlier than Thursday night), a new work bag/briefcase, some business socks, shoe polish for his work shoes, and new electric razor, and a year subscription for his XMradio in his car. Mr. Hunt got me a new camel color Peacoat which I was really wanting, a green North face rain jacket which I also really wanted, and a gorgeous infinity necklace. I have been telling Mr. Hunt that I really wanted that necklace one day since we started dating. It was a great surprise to see that he got it for me.

Some other great gifts that we received from others include, a new Gamecock Bench for our entry way, a Taylormade driver, alot of clothes, alot of Gamecock stuff, Brighton Jewelry which I love, rain boots, Lost season 6, a few gift certificates, tumblers which I have used every day so far, and so so so much more. Mr. Hunt was excited to use his chicken wing hanger on Monday night. The wings turned out great, he had to take a picture!

Mr. Hunt and I are very grateful for all of the gifts that we received but the most important and our favorite of all is the gift that God gave us, his son, Jesus Christ. Because of this gift, we are saved from our sins and we live in peace knowing that he loves us.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

White Christmas in Charlotte

So Charlotte had a wonderful white Christmas, but Mr. Hunt and I missed it. Its ok though because it snowed enough for us to still see it when we got back on Sunday night. As a matter of fact, we still have about a half an inch of snow in our backyard, enough to not see the ground yet.

On Sunday, Mr. Hunt and I left Bluffton and headed up to North Augusta, South Carolina to celebrate Christmas with some of his relatives. We drove in snow the whole way there. It was very pretty. It snowed almost the whole time we were there in North Augusta, but it never stuck to the ground.

On our way home, I fell asleep right away (as always). Mr. Hunt woke me up when we got to Columbia to see all the snow. I really don't think I have seen that much snow before. All of the tree branches were drooping down from the snow and I couldn't see any grass. It was so pretty especially as the sun was coming down.

As we kept driving toward Charlotte, the snow got thicker and thicker. It was funny to see the dogs get out of the car and run straight to the "grass" and get confused as to what was on the ground.

Although I really despise the cold weather, it was nice to have one snow of the year. OK, I'm ready for the warm weather now.

Gettin' their veggies

The past few weeks, Mr. Hunt has been trying to eat somewhat healthy so I bought him some celery and baby carrots (among some other things too) to have for a snack when he gets hungry. I decided to see if the dogs liked carrots because I heard that they help dogs teeth and they are also better than giving raw hides, which we give all the time.

At first they were a little confused about what it was but they knew they liked it. It was hard for them to chew it or break it because they were so small and I was also nervous they would choke so I stood right there while they ate them. At first, they shredded them and then looked at me as to say, "what do we do with them now?" I started picking up the shredded pieces and letting them eat out of my hand. They couldn't get enough of them and when they were gone they were searching for more.

So this evening on my daily grocery store stop, I picked up some big carrot sticks to give them. Again, they were confused but they were definitely easier to eat because they were bigger. They shredded them again, not sure why, and then ate it all. They loved them.

I'm excited to give them that as a treat now and know that it is healthy and good for them. The only downside is that it doesn't take them that long to eat them like raw hides do.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saying "YES" to my dress!

The Sunday after our engagement party, I went wedding dress shopping. I decided to do it then so that my mom, aunt, and grandma could come while they were already here for the party. Along with them, Mrs. Hunt, Katie, and Rachel came too.
Before going, I found a few dresses online that I liked. My wedding consultant picked those out along with others that she thought I would like by seeing what I already picked. One of the dresses that I picked out did not look good on me. Of course it looked good on the girl online, but it wasn't for me, no big deal. The other one that I picked out was great! I loved it! Then the consultant put a dress on me that JUST came in the store. I fell in love before I could even see what it looked like on me! I didn't want to take it off.
Then I tried on a few other ones, in different styles to make sure that I liked what I already picked. Everyone was going around the store and picking dresses for me to try on. It was alot of fun and I tried on some very pretty dresses.
Then it came down to the two that I loved. The one that I picked out, and the one that the consultant picked out. I tried both of them on again, and I decided! The one the consultant picked was it! I never would have thought the consultant would pick a perfect dress for me. I always pictured myself finding it on the rack for some reason.
I really didn't want to take it off. It took me awhile to finally say yes only because this was the first time I went dress shopping. I was wondering if I should go other places before I chose. I just couldn't think about leaving without the dress though, so I finally said YES!!!!!
The consultant told me it would be about 15 weeks for the dress to come in, but it ended up only taking about 3 weeks! I am going to go pick it up Wednesday. Since the dress was new, it still isn't posted online. I am excited to finally see it again, even though I do have some pictures of it from when I tried it on. I cant stop looking at the pictures. If I am going to get this excited about a dress, I cant imagine what I'm going to be like on the actual wedding day when everything comes together.
While we were there, I picked out the bridesmaids dresses too. Once again, the dress I finally chose was nothing that I picked out before getting there. I had three dresses that I saw online that I thought were cute, but then they weren't as cute on when we got there. Katie and Rachel tried on a few dresses and finally the one I decided on.
I'm so excited to have this part of the wedding planned. Now I feel like I can move forward with the decor and ideas.
Wedding dress shopping is once in a lifetime thing that you get to do. I'm glad that I got to do it with the girls that I love. I wouldnt have had it any other way.
Sorry, but I'm not putting any pictures up. Not even of the dresses I didn't pick. Even though Mr. Hunt doesn't read my blog (he wants to read it ALL one day when he is old), I don't want to take any risks.

Engagement Party

So wayyyyy back in November, Mr. Hunt and I had our engagement party! Mrs. Hunt and Boss Hunt held it at their house. We are so grateful for all their hard work. Boss Hunt cooked low country boil, or as they call it, Frogmore Stew. Whatever it is called, it is yummy! Mrs. Hunt made all sorts of appetizers and some very cute chocolate engagement rings and palm tree shaped cookies for favors.
My family came up on Friday night for the weekend and they brought alot for the party too.
I was so happy that some of my friends could make it from Hilton Head. I know it is tough for people to get off work and spend money to travel and stay overnight, so I was so grateful for all of them.
It was fun to talk about Mr. Hunt and I's plans and wedding stuff. It was also nice to get both Mr. Hunt and I's family together so everyone can get to know each other.
Thank so you much to both of our parents. Not only for planning and executing this party, but for everything in our lives. We couldn't do all this without you!
Happy Planning to US~

Friday, December 10, 2010


WOW! Finally I'm back. Its been hard not being able to update on here. Chris and I have been debating on which wireless Internet company to go with for our new house. AT&T is pretty much the only one in our area right now since our neighborhood is still new. We had some problems with them in the past, so we were a little hesitant and not rushing to make a decision. We finally just got the Internet setup last night. It took forever and it reminded us why we were taking our time.
I recently just got another new job, at Bank of America, and I cant update my blog at work like I used to (I know....that's bad) because since its the bank, they block alot of websites, and my blog is one of them.
I tried to update my blog using my phone to just tell everyone I didn't forget about my blog, but even my phone wasn't letting me do it.
Ahhhh, it feels good to be back. Now, where do I start? I'm going to upload some pictures first so that you can look at some stuff while you read.
Ill be right back!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dogs vacation

A week before the cruise I started telling the dogs that they were going on a vacation too. I was worried sick about leaving them. I think because this was the first time ever we have left them for that long. We also don't have a permanent boarding place yet, so I don't feel very comfortable leaving them with people I am not sure about. I tried my hardest to get excited for the cruise, but I was also thinking about leaving the dogs in the back of my mind.
They day came where Mr. Hunt and I left them at the boarding place. We found a lady in Rock Hill SC. She has a little house behind her house for the dogs. The dogs have an indoor/outdoor crate. River and Hannah were in a crate together. The house was way back in the woods and there was alot of place for them to run around. She told us that the dogs would be let out at least twice a day during the weekend and during the week when she wasn't as busy, she would leave them out pretty much all day.

When we were on the cruise the first few days I couldn't stop thinking about them. I woke up in the middle of the night one of the nights and remembered that I never gave her my telephone number or a contact. What if something happens to them? I would never know until I went to pick them up. Mr. Hunt called his mom and asked her to call the boarding place to check up. She did and emailed us back to say they were doing great! Also, now she had her number in case something happened. For the rest of the trip, I felt alot better about them being there.

The day came for us to go pick them up. I was sad to leave the ship and our vacation, but I was so antsy to see them.

When I saw them for the first time they were so excited, jumping up and trying to reach my face for a kiss.

It was good to hear the lady talk about them because the things she said let me know that she actually spent time with them. She said that Hannah liked to talk and jump on people and that she didn't really want to eat, which is JUST like her. She also said that River LOVED the ball...yep! That's him!

It was hard to drive home, they jumped over the seats twice to come see us. That 30 minute drive home was very long!

They were actually, surprisingly very tired when we got home. They both ran around the house smelling everything and going crazy, but then passed out!
I was so happy to be back home with them!

Cruise Vacation

Mr. Hunt and I hadn't been on a "real" vacation in two years. It was way overdue! We were glad we went. It was a good break.

Friday Mr. Hunt and I dropped the dogs off. This was VERY hard for me. We had never left them for that long, ever. I was super nervous!

We flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida that morning. We actually got STUCK on the flight. We boarded the plane, and ended up having to sit there with the plane on the ground for 2 hours! It was awful! They said there was a dent in the plane. So we finally got the Fort Lauderdale and we ate dinner with Rachel's Aunt who lives there.

The next morning we boarded the ship! It is the biggest ship in the world, and man was it really big! It took us hours to explore the ship and we were ready for a nap when we finally could get into our room. Since there was a hurricane out there, we had to change our schedule. Instead of going to Labadee Haiti, we went to the Bahamas...not a bad trade.

On our first stop, Cozumel Mexico, we swam with the dolphins! It was amazing, better than imagined. We got to kiss and play with her. She pushed our feet and sent us flying through the water on a boogie board, we held onto her fins and she pulled us through the water, and she laid in our arms like we were holding her. She also did alot of tricks for us to watch. After swimming with her we got to swim with a Manatee (they are endangered). He felt really rough like a tree, and we got to feed him lettuce. Then we watched a Sea Lion show and Rachel got to volunteer to do tricks with them. They are so smart!

We celebrated Halloween on the ship too! They went ALL OUT! I didn't think they would make such a big deal out of Halloween, but they did! They decorated the WHOLE ship with Halloween decorations and there was a Monster Mash party that night. The party was awesome, everyone was dressed up and having such a good time. I dressed up as a sailor and Mr. Hunt was a hotdog.

In Costa Maya Mexico we went to the beach. It was so relaxing and nice outside. They offered free drinks too! I got bit by a horsefly which wasn't too fun though. Also, the bus ride there and back was 30 minutes each and the bus smelled horrible like pee! Then we had two days at sea where it was cloudy most of the time from the hurricane. We explored the ship most of the time. It was amazing how big it was! We kept finding new things everyday!

The casino was a blast! We mainly played Roulette where we all won some money. Its always fun when you are winning!

The last day we were in the Bahamas! We got off the ship and walked around and shopped in the shops they have on the side of the road. I bought a Louis Vuitton purse and luggage bag and Mr. Hunt bought a TAG watch! We got back on the ship early so that we could ride the zip line on the ship without having to stand in line for so long!
The last night as we headed back to Fort Lauderdale the ship was really rocking! I thought we were going to tip! I have never felt a ship rock that much, and to think this is the biggest ship in the world! Our cabinet doors were opening and closing, the hangers in the closet were clanking, and I felt like I was going to fall out of the bed a few times. I could also hear waves splashing on the side of the ship! Needless to say, I didnt get any sleep. Mr. Hunt snored right through it! He said that we felt it, but he must have been dreaming also. The hurricane was only a small one, I couldnt imagine how it would have been if it were a big hurricane.
The ship was so big that we never ran out of things to do! Here is just a few things that they had to offer.

A flowrider, zipline, ice skating rink, Aqua Theater with shows all the time, Carousel, tons of bars, Casino, four pools, adult pool, tons of restaurants and room service, tons of stores including Coach, and much much more!

We cant wait to go on our next cruise!

October 19, 1986

Wow! I have lost track of time! I hate when I get behind on the blog. I feel like I have a ton to say. I got a new job at Bank of America so I have been getting ready for that, and we also just got back from our Cruise! The Cruise was GREAT!
Anyways I wanted to talk about my birthday. It was great! The weekend before, Mr. Hunt and I went to Bluffton to get our engagement pictures taken. My Dad wasn't there but my Mom, brothers and Mr. Hunt sang Happy Birthday and we ate cupcakes. It was a pretty good weekend except for when the gamecocks lost to Kentucky!

On my real birthday, Tuesday, Mr. Hunt took me to a special place for dinner. It is called Fish Market. It is the best seafood restaurant we have found so far in Charlotte. We ate like a king and queen and then went home. We couldn't do much more that day since it was a work day/night.

So now I am 24. Doesn't feel much different if you ask me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My many recent run-ins with the law

I kind of feel somewhat like a criminal who is trying to run away. I swear I'm not a bad girl. I made a small mistake and now I feel like the police are out to catch me and only me.
When I moved from South Carolina to North Carolina, Mr. Hunt warned me that I needed to get my car inspected. We did no such thing down in SC.
"OK," I said, "no big deal." Well I as wrong. Its a big deal. Apparently, in order to get your registration renewed, your car has to pass an inspection. The tricky part though, is that YOU have to remember yourself when it expires! Man, just another thing for me to remember.
So, about two weeks ago, I was in the bank drive through and there was a police man behind me in line. He wasn't making a deposit or doing anything at the bank like I thought, he was looking up my registration and tags on my license plate. As soon as I pulled out of the line he put his lights on and pulled me over. What could I have done wrong?
He informed me that my registration was expired and that I needed to get my car inspected. I proceeded to tell him that I was sorry, but I never got a notice in the mail that it was soon to be expired. I went on and on about how we just moved into a new house and everything. He looked at me funny and said, "Well that's a part of being an adult, maybe you should write it on your calendar." Wow! How rude! At this point, the angry Jennifer came out. I proceeded to tell him how I was from SC and we never had to do this. If our registration was about to expire, we got a notice. So long story short, he wasted my whole lunch break and I got a citation. He told me that I needed to get my car inspected by November 21 and go to court and prove it. OK, lesson learned. He did let me go for not having a NC license yet. I need to change that ASAP and so does Mr. Hunt before we both get in trouble. Why do they make it so hard to do? People work you know. The DMV closes at 4pm. How can anyone ever go besides weekends? The weekends will take all day because they are so busy. We just need to do it!
Then, a week later, I was driving to work running late as usual. I might have been going a little faster than normal. I was going 75 in a 65. Not that bad huh? I was about to get off my exit and I get pulled over again. I was so angry because I was already running late. The police came to my window and asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I said "Yeah 75." Then he asked if I knew the speed limit. I said "Yeah 65." Then he said, "Well it was 65, but it just changed to 60." WHAT!?!? They must really be trying to make money or something. You are going to wait for the speed to change down and pull me over right away? I wasn't even past the sign when he turned his lights on.
When he came back to the car he said I wasn't going to get a ticket for speeding because it had just changed, but I was going to get a citation for not having my car inspected. After I told him that I already got one, he looked at it and looked at me and got all angry at me. "Why didn't you tell me this. You could have saved me alot of time." Yeah? Well you could have saved me alot of time too, and not pulled me over. So he told me to go to the regular court date, and give them both citations and as long as my car is passed, they will drop the charges.
Then, just yesterday, I was driving to work again. This time I had my cruise control on so I wasn't speeding. All of the sudden, someone is tailing me. I look up to see that it is a state trooper. I tried to move over in different lanes, but he kept following very close behind me so I knew he was going to pull me over. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes of him behind me, he turned his lights on. This time I was ready to yell at him. When he came up to my window, I didn't even say anything and just handed him the two citations that I already had. He said "You have already been pulled over for this?" and I said "Yea, twice." He looked them over, handed them back to me, and said "have a nice day." Man, that was a waste of my time.
The reason I am so angry over this is because the original police gave me a month to do this. I shouldn't be getting pulled over every week in between. They should be able to pull up my license number and see that I already have two citations.

Go pick on someone else!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The people at this job...

I really am going to blog about my wonderful birthday that I had but I need time to update pics and videos. So for now I'm going to tell you about the people I work with.
I am absolutely the youngest one here! We just hired a girl that is a few years older than me, but other than that I would guess the youngest would be 35 or so and it goes all the way up to the oldest, 66.
I was talking to one of the ladies today about how long she has worked here. She has been working here since 5 years before I was born. Do you understand that? Five years before I was born, this lady started working here and she has been here ever since. So for my entire life, I look back on everything, she has been here the whole time.
WOW! That is crazy! No changes..nothing!
I don't know why I think that is so amazing, people have to work. She likes the job (I hope) and so she has been here the whole time.
She told me all about what it was like "back then." They didn't have computers, and when the fax machine came out, it was a miracle.
Anyway, I thought that was so fascinating.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lowcountry Weekend

So I FINALLY got to see Mr. Hunt around 2:30pm on Friday when he pulled up to my parents house in Bluffton. We turned right around to go pick up Davis from school. I was happy to see him of course, and so were the dogs.

So if I haven't mentioned it before, my dogs don't really listen to me very much. They will do things for me sometimes if I have a treat, but other than that they act like they cant hear me. If Mr. Hunt tells them anything though, they do it in a heartbeat. I have tried a few things but nothing really works. Most of the time when Mr. Hunt is with me and I'm trying to get them to do (or not do) something, and they aren't listening, I just say "Chris" and he will get them to do it. This probably doesnt help me at all, but its the quickest way.

Anyway, so when Mr. Hunt was gone it took alot longer for me to get them to do things and I was dreading the car ride down to Bluffton by myself. Like I mentioned in a previous post, Hannah likes to climb around in the car and try to get to the front seat, Mr. Hunt will yell at her and she climbs back in a hurry, unless she gets stuck.

I had to pull over on 77 five different times because she had climbed to the front. She would slowly make her way to the front and I couldnt really do anything about it of course because I was driving. She would get up on the front seat, sit on my purse and everything else that was there and look miserable because she couldn't lay down. The worst part about it was that the beeping kept going off because she didn't have her seat belt on.

Finally after I rearranged the car to try to keep her from the front on the fifth time stopping, she climbed to the middle and then got stuck. I just left her there because if I helped her she would probably make it back to the front again.

She was so tired though, she kept falling asleep with her head up and trying to use things like my shoulder and her arm to lay her head down on. I felt sorta bad, but not really because she was annoying me.

The visit was good. We got our engagement pictures taken on Saturday morning. We got to see most of them and pick out our favorites before she touches them up. I think they came out good. It was fun!

Then the gamecocks lost to Kentucky so our day wasn't so good after that.

Sunday, the boys played their usual round of golf and I stayed home with my mom and played with the dogs.

The ride home was a cinch. The dogs were so tired they only woke up once when we stopped for gas. When we got home, they fell asleep right away, and even this morning they slept in and after I woke them up for breakfast, they fell back asleep. It was easy to get ready for work this morning without them under my feet.

Now....something special is going to be going on tomorrow...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So Ive been thinking about the names that I use on Mr. Hunt (Chris). It may eventually get a little confusing using that, and some people may think that I'm referring to Mr. Hunt (Tony, Chris' dad).

So I have a new name for Mr. Hunt (Tony, Chris' dad). Are you ready for it? From now on I will refer him to Boss Hunt. Now if I say Mr. Hunt you will know that I am definitely referring to Chris and if I say Boss Hunt, you will know I'm referring to Tony, because he is the boss! Now I need to think of a blog to write about Boss Hunt so that I can use it.

OK! So now I think everyone is situated, I'm going to go look up recipes for a meal for one!

A Night Without Mr. Hunt

This was the first night by myself in our new house. Mr. Hunt went on a business trip and I wont see him until Friday evening when I meet him in Bluffton for the weekend.
When I found out that he was going to be gone I planned on doing as much work around the house as I could. As I said before, it is very hard for me to clean the house and do chores when Mr. Hunt is around because all I want to do is hang out with him. We like to cook together, but we don't like to clean the mess. Most week nights we get home around the same time, we walk the dogs, we make and eat dinner, and then we watch TV until we go to bed. There is really no time to clean in between there. Then on the weekends, we have so much to do and cleaning is not #1 on the list. I know that something needs to change here because I am going to be living with Mr. Hunt for the rest of my life. If I continue to wait until he is out of the house to clean, then our house is going to be pretty messy. Ill figure something out, but for now, he is gone for two nights and I have alot to do. Here is just some of the list.

Clean kitchen
Put away clothes
Pack for the weekend
Clean and Organize Coat Closet (cool weather is coming and we have jackets on the floor in there)
Finish painting bedroom
Clean the carpet from where the dogs tracked in mud
Hang up pictures in bedroom
Water front and back yard (we just put grass seed down)

So guess how much I got done last night? Laundry and cleaning the kitchen. That is it! I was just so tired, I didn't even take the dogs on a walk. I baked a pizza, sat on the couch, and caught up on all of my TV shows that Mr. Hunt doesn't mind not watching. I occasionally got up to fold clothes and put new loads in and I cleaned the kitchen after I ate.

I did get a little bit scared once. Hannah hardly ever barks but all of the sudden last night she ran into the front room and started barking at the door. She stood there for another 5 minutes and paced the room. I just looked from a distance. She finally came back in the living room and laid next to me to watch TV.

Needless to say if I want to get the list done, I need to bust my tush tonight. Not sure how much I can get done in a 3 1/2 hour time frame, but I'm motivated, I think. We will see how I feel after a day of work.

If I finish painting the room all by myself, Mr. Hunt would be very surprised. Maybe Ill do that first after walking the dogs, then tackle everything else. My fingers are crossed!

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I miss you! So do River and Hannah. Every time they would hear something outside yesterday evening, they looked outside to see if it was you coming home. They laid in your spot on the bed last night. They may have been a little more comfortable then usual, but don't worry, you can have your spot back. I tried to get some stuff done last night but I was tired. I promise to try again tonight, no guarantees though. I am dreading packing the car by myself on Friday, the crates are so heavy.
I hope you enjoyed watching Man vs. Food last night in the hotel/resort. I watched Quintuplets by Surprise and the game show know, the shows you don't like.
I hate that I didn't get to talk to you this morning, but hopefully I can catch you on my lunch break today.
Anyway, I love you and cant wait to see you on Friday. Get ready for a fun filled weekend!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corn Maze, Football, and Wedding Show

This past weekend was a great one!
Friday night, Mr. Hunt and I went to the Corn Maze (Maize Maze) in Huntersville with some friends, Chris and his two girls Taylor (7) and Chandler (9). We had a great time. It was actually very hard to do. We had to search for 12 mailboxes that had a puzzle piece in each one and put them together to make the map so that we could find our way out. We ended up finding nine of the pieces before we were pooped and decided to be finished. We were being lead by the girls, so I think we went around in the same circle 3 times in a row. We kept finding the same mailboxes. Finally we got a clue from someone else and found our way into the middle of the maze. Taylor's legs were starting to hurt (mine were too, so I know hers were) and we were all hungry, so we left. We got there around 8pm and didn't leave until 10pm. we were walking around in the maze for two hours. It was alot of fun, I will certainly go back! After we left, we went to a Mexican restaurant for a LATE dinner. The girls fell asleep on my shoulders in the car on the way there, but they were hungry so they woke up when we got there.
Saturday was game day. This was a very important game for the gamecocks. We were playing the #1 ranked team, Alabama (we were ranked #19). ESPN Game day was on from 10AM-12PM and my brother Dylan was there, so Mr. Hunt and I watched for him. There were too many people there so we didn't see him. We recorded it though so we can go back and check again. The game started at 3:30PM. We were all very nervous. The gamecocks played very well in the first half which is typical of us. But what is also typical of us is to lose it in the second half. True gamecock fans know the game isn't over until the game is over. Sure I was super excited that we were doing well, but I was still super nervous. Turns out that I didn't even celebrate the win until there were 3 seconds left in the game! BUT WE WON!!! This is the first time that USC has beaten the #1 ranked team in football. Also the biggest upset EVER in college football! There were grown men crying at the stadium. I was in shock the rest of the day! I still cant believe it and its three days later. I am happy to be a gamecock and I am excited to see what happens the rest of the season. After the game we went over to Michael and Rachel's house for dinner. Rachel cooked Alfredo which was very good! We watched more football (Florida vs. LSU), then went straight to bed.
Sunday morning I went to a bridal show in downtown Charlotte with Mrs. Hunt. It was a good show. I got alot of information and ideas. I am excited for another one in January that is much bigger. I think Ill have more of an idea about everything by then. After the show we headed over to Rachel's parents house where her and the boys were watching the Panthers game. Panthers lost again! They aren't having a good season at all. Good thing I like the Redskins as well because they won!
It was a fun filled, busy, exciting weekend but now it is back to work. This coming weekend Mr. Hunt and I are taking our engagement photos. Should be alot of fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mess!

My car gets in a mess so easily. I know why, there are a few reasons. One is because I eat lunch in my car almost everyday. I try to bring things to do like magazines and wedding stuff to keep be busy and then they end up staying in my car along with trash from my lunch. Two is because when Mr. Hunt and I go anywhere, we usually drive my car. If he brings anything into the car, it will not be taken out unless I take it out! I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a point.
Last Friday before we left for Bluffton I cleaned the car out. It was mostly clothes, lunch trash, wedding stuff, and Mr. Hunts opened mail in the car. I felt much better after cleaning it out. I need to try to keep it clean so that it doesn't get that bad again!
For the trip down to Bluffton, I decided I would try a new setup for the dogs. Usually they stay in the back with the middle seat up so they cant come to the front. One of the last times we came home from Bluffton, I had the seats down already so I kept them down and put our luggage the middle to prevent them from coming up front. It worked very well, but I learned this time that it was because they were tired from the weekend. It didn't work quite as well this time around.

As soon as we got on the road, Hannah was crawling all over everything to try to get to the front. All of the sudden I heard panting in my right ear. I looked over and it was her, trying to squeeze between the door and my chair to get up to the front seat. She was also drooling on the seat over something I was eating. We ended up having to pull over because she knocked one of the bags into "their" area, so then River didn't have anywhere to sit.
We should have learned our lesson and put the seats up, but instead we just stacked the bags a different way. That didn't work again. This time she crawled up the middle and just laid on the bags. At least she didn't climb in the front. Poor River was so confused and he wished he could have been that close too. A few times, he would stretch his head as far forward as he could to get closer. Needless to say on the way home and from now on, we will have the chairs up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Golf Cart Tricks

This past weekend, Mr. Hunt and I went down to Bluffton to be with my family for a few days. We watched the Braves games (they are going to the playoffs!) and alot of football. My Aunt Laura, Uncle Dean, and Grandma came over Saturday and we ate Boston butt, wings, and appetizers all day long. We went to church Sunday morning. The boys headed to golf while my mom and I ate lunch and talked wedding talk. I took the dogs on an off leash walk! I wish I had my camera. They did so well, especially considering they only listen to Mr. Hunt and he wasn't there. Hannah found a mud puddle to roll in. She literally went under the water. River played in it too of course so I gave them baths when we got back.

The best part of the weekend for me though was the golf cart tricks! Dylan wanted to pull the boogie board on the back of the golf cart like he did with his friend JW a few days before. Davis did it once around the house when the boogie board broke. We started to look around the garage for other things to ride on, some worked, some didn't.
My mom and I had a turn on the top of the trash can lid. That was fun, but it hurt my hands to hold onto the rope. We only made it a few feet. Then my dad tried to ride the scooter on the back. I though that wouldn't work at all, but it did for a little bit. I tried to be pulled in a huge bin, but I just kept getting pulled out of the bin instead of forward in the bin.

Then Davis tried to sit in the OLD wagon that we have had since I was born. It worked about half way around the house before one of the wheels fell off and Davis went crashing down. The three of us couldn't stop laughing for awhile.

Lastly, I tried to sit on top of a rolling cooler, but the handle got yanked off after a few seconds. It was then that we decided we were finished because we were breaking too many things.

It was so much fun though. We were all laughing the whole time. Too bad Mr. Hunt was taking a nap inside with the dogs. I showed him the videos so he wouldn't be left out!
I dont know if the video uploaded....but I will upload them tomorrow!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Walks

The dogs love to go on their daily walks. Sometimes, obviously, we cant go on the walk for one reason or another, and it really makes them sad. You can tell. They watch your every move to see when you might go to get the leashes. Besides knowing that they need their exercise everyday, I walk them for a few personal reasons too. One being that I need my own exercise. I am getting more and more out of shape, and sometimes I get very discouraged that I am not in the same shape I was when I danced 24/7. The other reason being that I want a life in my own house. I want to be able to move around, or lay on the couch. We cant really do anything when they have pent up energy. They are either running around after each other and I'm screaming because I think they are going to knock stuff over, or they are staring at us wondering why we are laying down instead of taking them on a walk. With that said, we try to walk them everyday so that we can relax when we get back and enjoy or evenings.

I like it when Mr. Hunt walks with me. It isn't very hard to walk both at the same time, but it is definitely easier to walk just one, Plus I like the company. The only difference when Mr. Hunt walks with me is that when I walk alone, I try to power walk and get some sort of workout. When Mr. Hunt walks with us, he strolls along and lets the dogs sniff EVERYTHING. I don't think they get as tired as they do when we power walk together. Anyway, I would rather not get my exercise and have Mr. Hunt walk with us.

Whether you are walking River, Hannah, or both you get three very different experiences. As soon as Mr. Hunt or I reach for the leashes and they hear it or see it, they are bouncing off the walls. They run to the front door and cant sit still. We refuse to put the leashes on until they sit so sometimes it takes awhile at the front door, especially for Hannah. River usually sits first, so we put his leash on. Then Hannah decides that she wants to eat Rivers leash and make her famous noises. We ignore her and finally she sits so that she can have a leash too.

River is a very good walker. He hardly ever pulls on the leash (we have the retractable leashes, so they can go 15 feet in front). As soon as the retractable leash stops and he knows he has gone to far, he slows down or stops and waits for us to catch up. He likes to sniff alot. When he gets a good scent it is hard to pull him (96 lbs) away from it, especially if you have Hannah in the other hand. For the most part, River is very easy to walk.

Hannah is very hard to walk. She cannot walk in a straight line. She zig-zags everywhere. If River is smelling something, she HAS to smell it too. She runs in front until the leash stops, and then pulls you along. When she sees people (especially moving people like people on bikes, roller blades, skateboards, and especially if they are running) she will stop first and look at them. Then all of the sudden when you are least expecting it, she starts chasing them. Not only does the person usually get scared because she didn't initially look like she was going to run after them, but it scares me too because I have to pull her back with the leash. Phew. She walks while she goes poop so it is so hard to clean up. I have to pick up five little pieces in a row instead of one mound. Then she kicks the grass behind her after she finishes. (side note: The other day there was a lady walking behind us and the dogs we very curious to meet her so I was trying to walk fast so that we could get far enough ahead. Hannah stopped to poop (walking of course) and I bent down to pick it up to early. She kicked the grass and dirt all over my head, in my face, and in my hair. I bet the lady behind us was laughing to herself) I think Hannah is just too happy with her life that she cant get enough of her walks. She pants with excitement like she has been walking a mile as soon as we leave the house.

Both isn't as bad as you may think. The hardest part is when one is sniffing something, and the other is walking ahead, sometimes my arms almost feel like they are going to get pulled out of their sockets. Also trying to not let the leashes get tangled. With Hannah zig-zagging, she tangles up the leashes easily. Sometimes I have to twirl around (do a little dance) to get them untangled. Lastly, when one goes around one side of a mailbox or pole, and the other doesn't. I have to try to fix that before they pull the leash out of my hand.

Mr. Hunt likes to walk River even though he knows it is more difficult to walk Hannah. He says he does that because he doesn't want people to see us walking our dogs and think that he made me walk the bigger dog, while he is walking the smaller dog. I just smile and agree, I guess it would look a little funny if I saw that too. Sometimes though if we start to walk by little kids on bikes or people fishing, Mr. Hunt will switch with me and take Hannah.

I really think the dogs look forward to us coming home just so they can go on walks. I look forward to it too especially in nice cooler weather like today. Soon it is going to be dark by the time we get home. Then I will definitely need Mr. Hunt to walk with me.

I wonder if someone were trying to attack me if Hannah and River would try to make friends, or protect me?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I cant get this weather right! This past weekend it was HOT outside....not it is freezing (I think freezing is 65 degrees) outside today.

My favorite kind of weather is very hot weather. I like to be warm and hate to be cold. I dread the cold months. With that said, I don't think I would want to live somewhere that didn't have cold months because Christmas wouldn't be the same if it were hot outside, and I still love to lay by the fire. Mr. Hunt and I have a fireplace in our new home and I am waiting to turn it on!

This past Sunday it rained all day. It was nice to stay inside and get things done around the house and then relax on the couch, watch football, and have the blinds open so I can see the rain coming down. Sunday night Mr. Hunt opened one of our bedroom windows so that I can hear the rain come down. I love to hear the outside while I sleep. I wish that I could have the windows open all year round, but when I am sleeping I actually like the be cold so that I can snuggle up to my blankets....and Mr. Hunt, so having the windows open during the summer would not be nice.

It continued to rain all yesterday, last night, and today, and our bedroom window is still open. I love that the fresh fall air is coming through my house during the day and all through the night. I am very thankful for the rain because our grass was dying. We tried to start to water it, but we werent seeing any progress so we kind of gave up for awhile.

The ONLY bad side to all of this rain is that the dogs are cooped up inside. Yesterday when I got home it had stopped raining for awhile so I look them on a really long walk while Mr. Hunt made me dinner (stuffed peppers over spaghetti). We absolutely cannot let them out in the backyard like we usually do because it is muddy. Since we moved in over the summer, the grass didn't grow all the way in yet and the hot summer days didn't help it grow at all. We are going to get the backyard some grass this fall so hopefully this wont be an issue, but for now it is. So we have to put the dogs on their leash (which confuses them because they think they are going on a walk) and let them out the front door.

This would be an easy task for any regular dog, but for some reason River hates the rain. As much as he loves the pool and water in general, it surprises me that he hates the rain and wet grass. When we take him out, he tries his hardest to tiptoe through the wet grass, goes potty right away, and runs back inside. I can never get him to go #2, so he has been holding it for awhile. That explains why he went twice on his walk yesterday. Hannah of course doesn't even notice that it is raining.

I hope that the cooler (not cold) weather continues so that I can keep my window open but I will make sure to start to wear weather appropriate clothes to work so that I'm not freezing in the office like I am today. Dear warm weather, don't stay gone for long....I will miss you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Ones

If you don't know already, I love children. Something about them always makes me happy. I love to talk to little kids and hear all the funny things they say, or what they think about anything. They are happy, cute, and so much fun! I cant wait to have kids of my own one day!
Mr. Hunt and I went down the street Saturday morning to an old work friend of mine's (Chris)nine year old daughter's soccer game. Mr. Hunt enjoyed it because he used to play when he was that age. That afternoon, we invited them over to our house to watch football all day and relax. He has a seven year old named Taylor, and a nine year old named Chandler. Chandler was at a birthday party for most of the day so it was just Taylor and I.

We put together a few puzzles which seemed hard, but she was doing great and she loved it. We played with River and Hannah in the backyard where Taylor kept throwing the ball over the fence on accident. She sure has an arm, and it confused the dogs. We made chocolate chip cookies (and sneaked a few bites of the cookie dough). We played with her doll who drank water and then peed it out. We fed her ALOT of water and gave her alot of eye drops, I think she was taken care of pretty well. When Chandler got back from her party, she helped us finish some of the puzzles and gave us alot of candy. They also loved to feed the turtle. I think the turtle got enough food for a week and I'm sure he loved it!

Both Taylor and Chandler were a little afraid of River and Hannah at first. River is just so big, and Hannah is crazy so I don't blame them. After they got used to the dogs, they couldn't get enough. They got so many kisses from both River and Hannah. At one point Hannah jumped up on the chair with Taylor and sat on her. I haven't seen the dogs that tired in a long time. The girls wore them out, which I was very thankful for.

Chris likes the Texas Longhorns so we watched that game. Unfortunately they lost so we were hoping for a good game for the Gamecocks. That didn't happen. It was a sad day for college football, but a good day for me, Mr. Hunt (who had a friend to watch all the games with), Taylor and Chandler, Chris, and the dogs. I say it was a successful Saturday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

River might be half human

I really think that River is a human sometimes. I have NEVER met a dog that acts so much like a person in my life. I always wonder where he gets these habits from, but I can only think of one reason. Maybe since when he was little, he wasn't around that many dogs, and he learned alot from Mr. Hunt and I. I know it sounds silly, but that has to be it. Hannah on the other hand, is definitely a dog.
Little things that River does to make us think he is human:
Groans when he is tired and goes to lay down
Sits like a human
Sits like a human on the couch and watches TV
Sleeps like a human
Snores like a human (I know other dogs snore too)
Is calm like most humans and unlike most dogs
Wipes his feet before he comes in side (most of the time)
When he is bored, he wants to eat like humans (he goes in the pantry and tries to open the food)
Would rather be around humans than other dogs most of the time

....And alot more that I just cant think of right now, but I swear there are a ton more.

This past weekend, I was watching TV upstairs while Mr. Hunt was watching football. When I came downstairs I found River sleeping next to Mr. Hunt. His face was smushed against the couch like a human would be when they sleep. It was so funny, I had to take a picture. Plus, Mr. Hunt couldn't see him and if he moved, he would have woke River up.

Also, River likes to cheer the Gamecocks on, just like Mr. Hunt and I. He puts his Gamecock bandanna on and watches every play pretty much, unless he falls asleep (which happens most of the time). Of course, Hannah is off in her own world, and I dont think she has ever noticed the TV before.

I love that dog! He and Hannah are the EXACT opposites. I like it that way. That way, Mr. Hunt and I get a little bit of both personalities.

I asked Mr. Hunt last night as I was petting Hannah, "What would we do without Hannah and River?" He said, "I don't remember what our lives were like without them, and that is a good thing."

The babies laying on Mr. Hunts lap.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gamecock Football = my favorite sport and team

I am so proud that the Carolina Gamecocks are ranked #12!! Mr. Hunt and I went to the Georgia game last weekend and we had a blast!

We drove down Friday night and hung out at the bars for a few hours with some long lost friends that we haven't seen in forever. Alot of them haven't seen us since we got engaged, so that was fun to see everyones reactions! We left pretty early and headed to the hotel to go to bed decently early so that we could have as much energy as we could for the game on Saturday.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a hot breakfast for free at the hotel and headed to the tailgate. It took a little bit to get down there with all the traffic, but we finally parked and headed to see some of our friends.

This was my brother Dylan's first gamecock tailgate, and he was so excited! After Mr. Hunt and I visited with some of our friends, we went to go see him and some of his buddies before we had to head to the stadium.

When we got to the stadium, we knew our seats were going to be pretty high up. We got to the top and showed the lady our tickets. She said, "Oh, you're at the VERY top!" We knew that, but we didn't know until we got there that we were literally at the VERY top. You couldn't get any further than where we were. To top it off, we were in the section with all the Georgia fans. Not acceptable! I have never screamed so hard for the gamecocks before. I wanted all the Georgia people to know that I was a gamecock.

This is a picture of us in our seats....see NOTHING behind us!
Mr. Hunt didn't really scream or make a big scene like I did. He said that because I was a girl and he was a guy. It was ok for me to do that because the men weren't going to try to start something with me, but they may try to start something with him. I could understand that. There were a few plays where Mr. Hunt got just as excited as I was. We still had fun up there.

After the first half, Mr. Hunt and I were so thirsty. It would take us 10 minutes to go down to where the drinks were, and the Georgia fans were getting angry because they were losing. They started to say some nasty things, and I was getting pretty angry, so we decided to head back to the tailgates where we could watch the rest of the game with other gamecocks!

After watching us WIN, we went back over to see what my brother was up to. As we turned the corner where his spot was, I saw him standing on the back of his truck, no shirt on, dancing with some strange guy! It was really funny. They were having a blast! The guy was hilarious! I'm glad Dylan had a great time at the tailgate. He was screaming and hollering and enjoying himself very much.

When we left there, we decided to go see what was going on at Mr. Hunt's fraternity tailgate. It was very strange to go back because instead of knowing EVERYONE like we did back in school, we only knew a handful of people. It was good to catch up with everyone though.

Mr. Hunt and I hadn't eaten since our morning hot breakfast and we were starved. We walked back to the car and headed over to where Mr. Hunt used to work, Danos. I love Danos Pizza. Everytime I go to Columbia now, I absolutely have to get some. We called Katie on our way and she met up with us. It was so good to catch up with her, and talk more about Mr. Hunt and I's wedding.

Mr. Hunt and I had a blast! We were very tired when we returned home. Our feet were so dirty and our legs were weak, but it was worth it. When Mr. Hunt and I were in school, we didn't really walk as much during the tailgate. We walked to the frat tailgate, the stadium, back to the frat tailgate, and home. I guess I didn't realize, but we walked alot, that's why it was ok to eat Danos!

I am very excited to see the rest of the games this season, and we hope to make it back to Columbia for at least one more home game.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


On Tuesday, I was just about to sit down at Panera Bread to eat my delicious lunch I just ordered when I felt something weird in my mouth. When I moved my tongue to see what it was, I realized that there was a huge hole in one of my teeth. Sure enough when I went to the bathroom to look, half of the bottom, left, second to the back tooth had fallen all the way off! I was in shock. I thought that I had good teeth? But my biggest concern right then was how was I going to eat my lunch?

I got through the lunch, barely (good thing I ordered some soup) and went back to work. As I was thinking about what could be wrong with my tooth, I remembered that I had a cavity on that tooth before. Also, whenever I eat something hard and it touched that tooth the wrong way, it would hurt pretty bad. That afternoon I made an appointment (an expensive one) at the dentist so that she could determine what I needed, or what was wrong with it. She said that the cavity got worse and basically decayed the tooth and part of it broke off. I left knowing that I couldn't eat ANYTHING on that side of my mouth. It was pretty hard to do.

Then today I went back for her to put a temporary cap on my tooth, and take an impression of it so that they can get a permanent cap to put on in two weeks. Let me just tell you that I really don't like the dentist. Mainly because they give me the numbing shot, and half the time it doesn't work well enough. The past few times I have gone, I was in pain. Today was a little different, thank God. The shots definitely hurt, but then I didn't have any pain after that. The bad news: Whenever anyone gets a cap put on their tooth, there is a 50-50% chance that they will need a root canal. Yep, not very happy about that, because I know that hurts for sure!

Now I am sitting here with a numb face, bad tasting mouth, a tooth that isn't smooth like the others, and gums that are already starting to feel sore. Oh, and I cant forget that my gums on the other side of my mouth are sore too because I have been having to eat on that side for the past two days. If you cant tell, I am in a pretty bad mood. To top it all off, I thought I could go back to eating whatever now, but no! I cant have bread or meat! Thats all I ever eat is bread and meat! Jeez, I'm thinking this should have happened a little closer to my wedding date because I'm going to lose weight not being able to eat anything for two weeks.

On a lighter note, my Gamecock football boys are ranked # 13 in the nation, I was there to witness the game against Georgia last weekend when we won (more on that later), I am going to a Panthers game this weekend, Mr. Hunt and I just got a new couch for our family room (pictures to come), and my tooth wont hurt forever (I hope)!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Proud Fiance

I would like to announce to everyone who reads my blog that Mr. Hunt was ranked 4th in the national in sales last month (August)! This is a HUGE deal! Not only was he first in his office, but he sold more last month than he has since he was employed, and he is still going strong this month.
Mr. Hunt is VERY serious about his job. Most of the time I have to ask him to stop thinking about work when he is at home, but that is just who he is. He is determined to be the best that he can be and more!

He started at Paycom in November of last year. He learned all about payroll and HR very quickly and started selling right away. Summer is a very slow time for selling in general because people are on vacations and it is hard to set up times to meet with people and get the ball rolling. During this slow time, he was getting upset and his numbers were low. I hated it because I hate to see him upset. Now that it is fall (best selling time) he is rolling, and he is happy. Except now he has so much more work to do!

When anyone meets their goal for the month, they get to go out to dinner with the boss (on the company) and anyone else who made quota. This time they let the "wives" come along which was very nice! We went to 131 Main and had a great time. When we were getting ready to leave, Mr. Hunt's boss looked at me and said "Does Chris tell you how well he is doing? Because if he doesn't, Ill tell you that he is doing very well." That was very sweet of him to say, although I already know how well he is doing.

I love to see Mr. Hunt smile!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not Enough Time to Read

Everyday at work, it is my job to check the mail after lunch and distribute it to the correct sales people.
The owner of the company gets about 15 or more magazines a DAY! This isn't an exaggeration, this is for real! I don't know how he can read all of them. By the time he gets to one issue, I bet the next months issue is out. Its pretty ridiculous.

I thought at first that maybe since this is a publication company, and we do ads for magazines, he was getting ideas or something, but there is no way he can even go through them.

Sometimes I like to skim through the girly ones, like the home magazines. I'm sure Mr. Hunt would be jealous of all the golf, ESPN, and college football magazines he gets.

Who has time for all of this??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Mr. Hunt and I had a GREAT Labor Day weekend!

Friday night we stayed home and watched a movie together. We cooked dinner together also. I cooked sausage and cheese stuffed jalapenos, and he cooked chicken and shrimp on the grill. It was very good. I had to de-vein and de-seed 11 jalapenos. My fingers/fingernails we so spicy for two days! It was horrible, even River and Hannah didn't want to lick my fingers! I also bought Mr. Hunt and I some ice cream. I had cheesecake brownie and he had cherry Garcia. I love Ben and Jerry's!

Saturday morning Mr. Hunt woke up at 7:30am and was ready to go for the day. I think it was because college football was on and that's sort of like Christmas to him. Once, the dogs woke him up, he wasn't going back to sleep because he was too excited! He took the dogs on a morning walk since it was so cool outside, and he let me sleep a little longer. Once he got back, he begged me to get up and go to the grocery store with him. He slow cooked ribs on the grill all morning and they were finished just in time for lunch. By the time lunch was over, it felt like it was evening already since we had been up for so long. Mr. Hunt and I didn't leave the house again after the grocery store. The dogs were even in a lazy mood. The four of us napped, ate, and watched college football all day long.

Sunday morning, Mr. Hunt and I woke up again very early. I don't understand why it is harder for both of us to get up for the work day, but we get up at the same time on weekends and it is a piece of cake. Mr. Hunt wanted to slow cook ribs AGAIN. He said he learned from his mistakes the day before, and wanted to try again (even though the ribs the day before we delicious, he thought he could do better). This time, I took the dogs on a VERY LONG walk, while Mr. Hunt went to eh grocery (twice because he got all the way there the first time and realized he didn't have his wallet). While the ribs cooked, we mowed the backyard, picked weeds, vacuumed, and straightened up the house. I vacuumed the whole downstairs and half way up the stairs. I got too tired and quit, so the vacuum is still half way up the stairs right now. I will get to the second half this week. Probably tomorrow. The ribs were delicious again! Then we headed to the pool. We invited some friends over. Carla and Kevin with little Eli who is 10 months old. He loves the water and he is the cutest little boy ever. We also invited over Chris and his two little girls, Chandler who is 9 and Taylor who is 7. We all had a great time. I played with the girls the whole time. Man, they wore me out! Then we all decided to go out to dinner to Fuji (Japanese). I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The cook and the boys were being silly. When we got home around 8:30, we both showered and went straight to bed. It was such a fun but long day and we didn't rest at all. By that time, we were ready to sleep.

Monday of course, we woke up early again. We headed to the golf course for Mr. Hunt to play for awhile. When we got there it was way to busy so we left. We stopped by target and decided to start our wedding registry (even though we have no parties planned yet). We had fun and laughed alot there too. Then we both bought new pairs of boat shoes and ate lunch at Five Guys. Mr. Hunt wanted to cook on the grill AGAIN, so we bought a Boston butt. Man, we ate alot of pork, and we have ALOT left too. We cooked that and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Good news!! Our pool stays open longer than I thought! Open until September 30th. Come on over whenever you want!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog Baths

Mr. Hunt and I (and the vet) are trying to figure out what (if anything) River is allergic to. He is constantly scratching and biting all over his body. His skin has scabs and is turning black in some areas. I feel so bad for him.

I took him to the vet a few months ago and the vet was going to put him on special food to see what he was allergic to. Right when he was finishing up, one of his assistants saw a flea on him. That changed the vets mind immediately. He told me that River must be allergic to fleas. I treated the fleas and he was still itchy. I have gave him three different flea medications, but the skin isn't better. I don't think he is allergic to fleas because I never see any on him and he is still so itchy.

Then this past weekend after he was playing in the mud, I thought to myself that maybe he is just having a skin irritation because he is dirty. Mr. Hunt and I don't ever give them baths. Maybe once or twice every three or four months. For labs, you aren't supposed to wash them too much or they will loose the oil in their fur and I guess that is bad.
Anyway so I got this wonderful idea that Mr. Hunt and I needed to wash the dogs. This is actually pretty hard to do. We tie them up somewhere (this time to the grill), rinse them down, scrub them with soap, and rinse them off. Sounds easy huh? No it isn't. The move around, sit down when you are trying to clean their bum, shake every few minutes, etc. Then it takes forever to dry them (since they have seven layers of fur). Last night we took them on a long walk so they could dry off. Now they smell and look pretty, but River is still itching. I woke up in the middle of the night because he was itching so much. The itching noise was in my dream as something else, then when I woke up I realized it was him. Poor thing cant even sleep through the night. I can just picture him in his crate all day with nothing to do. I bet he scratches himself ALL DAY!

I guess I need to take him back to the vet again. UGH!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25 Years

My parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! I feel very lucky to have such great, loving, selfless, fun, dedicated parents. They have shown my brothers and I how a marriage should be. Celebrating with them this past weekend made me that more excited to be getting married to Mr. Hunt. I can only hope that Mr. Hunt and I's marriage will be just as good as theirs.

For their anniversary my brothers and I decided that we would do a photo shoot at the church they got married in and make a book with the pictures and a few saying and quotes about family. Mr. Hunt was the photographer. He did such a good job. My Mom and Dad loved the book! You should check the photo books out on They are awesome and not very expensive at all. It makes for a very thoughtful, but reasonable gift.

Saturday night, my grandmother put together a little party for my parents at a restaurant in Bluffton. Our family got a private room. We shared appetizers, looked at my parents wedding albums, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed each other very much.

After the party, my Mom, Dad, Mr. Hunt and I went out for a few drinks. We met up with my cousin at a little outside bar that had a band playing. It was a perfect night.

I said it in my toast at the party, but Ill say it again. HERE'S TO 25 MORE YEARS!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Dirty

This past weekend, Mr. Hunt and I went down to Bluffton again to be with my family. We celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary (more on that tomorrow) and had a great time.
Sunday morning/afternoon I was getting very antsy and was annoyed because the boys (Mr. Hunt, Dylan, and Davis) had been playing video games all morning. I get so bored when they do that, so I told them to "turn it off, and lets do something fun!" We decided to play wiffle ball!
At first we had the dogs outside with us, but that didn't work as you could imagine. If River caught the ball he would run away so we couldn't get the runner out. If Charlie got the ball, it was history. He never gives the ball/toy back! Hannah was just laying in outfield eating grass. We decided we were going to get serious about the game so we put the dogs inside.
It was The Fiances vs. The Brothers. It ended with Dylan hitting a walk-off home run to win the game. They celebrated at home plate like it was a "real" serious game or something. We played another game for a while until we had to stop for a water break. Once we got inside, we never made it back out. Lets just say that my team (me and Dylan) won that time.
All four of us were covered in dirt. We played barefoot of course so our feet were black (dirt and some people stepped in dog poo too), we had bug bites all over, and we were sweating like crazy. Sometimes it feels good to just have a good sweat. It reminded me of when I was growing up. I played outside all day everyday and would come home just like that. For some reason I never wore shoes when I was little. My Mom and Dad never made me.
A little while after that, the dogs had their turn. They ran in the creek behind my parents house. They were covered in mud! River's was up to his chest, and Hannah's was up to her neck. They loved that too.
This is what country living is about. You never wear shoes, you get dirty, you take golf cart rides with dogs, and you enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.
I actually really like getting dirty like that. Lets do that again boys.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What goes on while Mr. Hunt watches football

Don't get me wrong. I love football. It is my favorite sport (besides dance)! I'm really not liking this pre-season stuff though. I told Mr. Hunt that I only enjoy watching NFL on Sundays and Mondays. He still proceeds to watch it though, like last night for example. It's OK though, because then I just go outside and play with the dogs.

It is getting to be nice outside at night. I wasn't sweating by the time I came in from playing for 30 minutes.

As everyone knows, River loves his tennis balls. We have inside tennis balls and outside tennis balls because the outside ones getting really gross. He loves the gross ones though because even with clean ones inside, sometimes he will lay in front of the sliding glass door and look outside at his dirty ball and cry.

Hannah likes fetch too but she doesn't like to play when River is playing. She already knows that she cant get it if he is playing. Most of the time she just eats grass when we are outside. Sometimes she thinks its funny to pretend like she is going to go get the ball. When I throw it she jumps on top of River instead to slow him down. She really gets a kick out of this, you can tell.

Here are some pictures of us playing last night. Please excuse our grass. It is still trying to grow in the backyard and it is in patches. Hopefully we can get the grass growing better this fall.

Eating the grass (what she really enjoys doing while we play fetch)


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