Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Wonderful Baby Shower

I'm so late on writing this post....actually I'm so late on writing alot of posts lately. Seeing as I have low iron (I'm hoping it isn't too low now that Ive been taking my meds), and me just being in the third and LAST trimester, I am SO tired. I thought I was tired in the first trimester, but this is overboard. I literally wake up in the morning, make and eat my breakfast, do one chore of the day, and I'm done. I have to lay down and take a nap. Then it takes all of me to get back up and do more stuff before Mr. Hunt gets home. Its ridiculous!
Anyway, so that's why I haven't been keeping up with the blog. I'm just too tired. Maybe its my body's way of preparing me for when Jane gets here.
So, while Mr. Hunt and I went to go visit family back in the beginning of the month, my two best friends (Brandy and Tatiana) and my mom threw me the perfect baby shower. I couldn't have asked for a better time. I'm so blessed. Thanks to my great friend Kelly for taking pictures. I didn't take a single one, so these are all hers.
I was out for most of the day so that they could decorate the house without me being there, and when I still showed up a little early, I got to spend some quality time with my favorite one year old, Cameron. She is growing so fast and she actually interacted with me this time.

She gave me kisses when I asked, she loved playing with my necklace, and she looked at me and made faces while I talked to her about how much I loved her mommy. I'm so glad I got to spend that time with that little baby. I love her so much. If only we lived closer.
Then people started showing up and the party began. Everyone just mingled around and caught up with old friends. I hadn't seen alot of the people in a long time so it was great to catch up.
Oh, let me just TRY to explain how great the decorations were for this shower. I'm so impressed that they did SUCH a great job and had so much detail to everything.

Brandy and Tatiana made two diaper cakes...well one diaper cake and one diaper stork sack.

 Look at all the gifts Jane got! She is already spoiled!

Here is a close up of Brandy's diaper cake she made. This is her first one ever. Can you believe how great it turned out? The little bows are headbands and there are pacis on there too. Then the little owl stuffed animal I'm sure Jane will LOVE.

They also had little chalkboards all over with little sayings on them. So precious.
Oh, and the food. My mom was in charge of the food, and I'm so glad. She made/bought all my favorite  things and I ate so much. My favorite was the pimento cheese from Jim and Nicks. We don't have that here in Texas, so I asked for that. I'm so glad she got it. YUM!
Then we played a few games. We played the guess whats in the diaper game where there is a melted candy bar in the diaper and you have to guess which candy bar it is. Kinda gross, but funny, Kelly won that one. Then we played the baby food game. You had to taste the baby food and guess which flavor they were, my cousin Melissa won that one. Then we played the guess how big my belly is. They would measure out a piece of yarn to the size they thought my belly was and who ever got closest won. Well, my little cousin Ellie got it EXACTLY right. It was crazy! She did a great job. Then we played the bottle game. Three people had to race to see who could drink the liquid out of the bottle fastest. Apparently its harder than it looks. Tatiana won that won.

The last game we played was after the gifts were opened. While I was opening gifts, my little cousin Ellie tied all the ribbon from the gifts into one long string. Then we all sat in a circle and passed the ribbon string. Whoever the end landed on would be the lady who would have a baby next. Welp, it landed on me! haha!
Jane got SO many great gifts. There was a pattern which I'm not surprised about....gamecock apparel. This girl is going to be a great gamecock fan with all her outfits and pacis.

We also got alot of stuff from our registry which is wonderful since babies need alot of stuff. We also got a bunch of cute outfits and clothes. I'm so excited to dress her in it all. I may have to change her outfit two or three times a day in order for her to be able to wear everything, but that's OK. Ill make sure I take pictures.

All in all it was a great time. I'm so blessed and grateful for my best friends and family.

Not really sure what I would do without these girls. Best girls in the world. I love all three of them so much!
And, Ill leave you with a picture of the baby bump.

A few days later, we had another shower in Charlotte. It was a family get together/shower/engagement party. Ill post about that next!

Blessed Mom

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Little Me

While my Mom has been going through the attic and the house in general for their soon to be move, she came across alot of memories and fun stuff. She has already shared alot of my baby stuff with me. She has given me some stuff and told me about others, but I think as much as it was probably time consuming for her to go through all that stuff, I think she secretly enjoyed most of it. Who doesn't want to go through their child's old baby clothes and then documents, pictures, and everything else from their kid days?
So, when Mr. Hunt and I went for a visit this past week, she shared some of the best ones with us, and I just couldn't help but take pictures of them all. I have to admit, I was pretty funny when I was little.

First, she had this cute little ID from my preschool

and no, for you creeps out there.....I no longer live their, neither do my parents or anyone I know for that matter. I have a feeling Jane is going to have this hair. White and wavy. Why? Because I had it and so does Mr. Hunt.

Then I just had to take this picture so that I could have it. This is actually a big picture in my old bedroom in my parents house.

My mom did some modeling before and after I was born, so she signed me up for a few gigs when I was little. This was one of them. They had me eat this huge piece of watermelon and also an ice-cream cone for the cover of the Hilton Head Monthly Magazine. They ended up picking one with me and the ice-cream, but I love them all.

Now to the good stuff. Most of these were school assignments that my mom saved for one reason or another. I'm pretty sure the reason is because they are funny. I cant wait until Jane can show her personality and thoughts like this.

I'm not sure if you can read it but it says

"The thing that scares me the most is my small little brother because he pulls my hair and bites me too much. I am scared of too is my cat because he bites and scratches me a one more thing is Halloween because once I bumped into a ghost and I'm scared."
Haha! Seeing as someone wrote 1994 on the ghosts face, means I was 8 when I wrote this. Dylan, who would be the small little brother mentioned was 4. Oh, the minds of little kids.

I dont think this one was an assignment. I think I was just in love with Dylan this day and decided a love note would be good. There is writing on both sides, so it might be hard to read. Also, we were really into Barney the Purple Dinosaur so if you know him, you may see a similarity in my nice little poem.

"Dylan, you are the sweetest boy and you play with me. Were a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Wont you say you love me tooooooo. Love Jennifer."

Yes, very creative. Contrary to being scared of Dylan in my Halloween assignment, I really did and still do love Dylan. Ive said it a million times on this blog before and Ill say it again. My two brothers mean the WORLD to me, and clearly they always have. That will never change so I like this little love note. It reminds me that we were always like this and it makes me happy.

This one my mom really likes because its so colorful. It deserves a frame. Mr. Hunt was wowed by how great of a colorer I was too. I just like what I wrote....its a true story.

"I remember my dog Mara. We got him with out mom knowing. I had a fun time with him. He was black and cute. We let someone have him because he pooped in the house."

So, yes, this is totally true. My dad bought me a full grown black lad one day while at walmart. They were outside in the pens and he couldn't resist. I'm sure I had something to do with it. I'm not sure why I called her a him on this but she was definitely a girl. She was very sweet, but she wasn't potty trained. That with a mixture of my moms white carpets and her not agreeing to begin with on the dog, we had to give her back. They didn't get another dog until after I left for college. Maybe they thought I was too much to handle.

Mr. Hunt's favorite part is my miss-spelling on the last sentence. I really wrote "We let someone have him because he poped in the hose." Instead of pooped in the house. He couldn't stop laughing that this is what I decided to write about and I wrote about pooping. Yeah, I had to get my point across as to why she had to go.

I saved the best for last.....

This is my favorite food poetry frame:

"Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti. Good spaghetti, smooth spaghetti, long, spicy spaghetti. Last of all, best of all, saucy spaghetti."

Ive never seen Mr. Hunt laugh so hard at this poem. He kept reading it out loud in a soft voice. He memorized it. I think its funny too, but he LOVES it. I think the best part is my drawings of noodles and sauce or meatballs on the boarder. Funny thing too is that I don't ever remember having a favorite food growing up, but Ive always loved spaghetti. Mr. Hunt always makes fun of me for ordering spaghetti at restaurants because he thinks its a waste of money when I can easily make it at home. We eat it a lot here in the Hunt house, so maybe it really is one of my favorite foods.

I sent this picture to Mr. Hunt's phone, so if he is ever having a bad day, he can look at it and smile.

That's all I got. I hope I put a smile on your face today. Go talk to a little kid, they will certainly make you laugh.


Monday, October 22, 2012

3D Ultrasound

Ive always seen that many pregnant woman like to go get the 3D ultrasounds done so they can see what their little one looks like. When we got pregnant, I didn't think much of it. Then as the time went on, I thought, maybe we can do that. Insurance doesn't cover it, so its something you have to do on your own with your own money. I just googled 3D ultrasound and found a place nearby. Since the 18 week ultrasound when we found out that we were having a girl is technically the last ultrasound we will have unless there are complications, I started to miss seeing the little girl.
Then while thinking about my upcoming showers for Jane, I started to panic and wonder.....is she really a girl? What if she comes out a boy? I would feel horrible for calling him a girl this whole time and we would have way too much pink stuff! So, I talked to Mr. Hunt and he was all for it.

The day of the ultrasound I started to talk to Jane and told her that she better cooperate. The 3D ultrasounds are harder to get a good picture sometimes especially if they have a foot or hand in their face. We went in and started right away. The first thing she did was confirm that we were indeed having a girl! Phew! Then we looked for her face. Jane didn't have a foot or hand in her face (although her foot has right under her chin), but her face was squished up on the uterine wall which was making it hard to see her. We tried to poke her and move around a bit to move her face from that....and it worked.
She was definitely sleeping though. She didn't move much except for one time when we poked her. She rubbed her eyes with her hand and stretched her neck up a little like a little baby. It was crazy to see her like that. I'm so glad we did.

We still aren't sure who she looks like. Some of the pictures, I think she looks exactly like Chris, then others she looks exactly like me. Maybe I'm just making it up in hoping she looks like one of us. The 3D is pretty accurate, but its still hard to tell I think. Plus, she will start to look a lot different in the next few weeks with more fat on her face and body, and also Ive noticed that even after the baby is born, it can take a few days to see what they really look like after being swollen and everything.

All in all it was a great experience and Im so glad we ended up doing it. Now I only have a few more weeks until I can see her in person, hold her in kiss her.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Its My Birthday

To be honest, this is the first year that I didn't count down the days until my birthday from October 1st. I think it was a combination of preparing for Jane and going on our wonderful trip to see our families this past week, that I actually forgot my birthday was coming up until this week. I just happened to look at the calendar and then....oh, my birthday is on FRIDAY!

I told Mr. Hunt that I didn't want anything for my birthday this year. Although I do need a new camera lens before Jane comes and I'm sure I can think of a few other things that would be nice to have, but we are spending too much money right now on the little one. He did bring my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, home last night with a funny card. He is also taking me out to dinner tonight somewhere special and I'm really excited!
Wow, I'm 26 now! I'm not really sure why I'm saying wow since Ive thought I was 26 this whole year. Whenever anyone asks me how old I am, for some reason I always forget and Ive thought I was 26 this whole year. I think since Mr. Hunt is 26, I automatically think I am too....I'm not sure. So now, I'm officially 26!
26 short years ago, I was brought into this world by my great parents. Now in just a few short months, Mr. Hunt and I will bring another sweet girl into this world. Mr. Hunt gave me a kiss goodnight last night and said "that's the last time I will lay a kiss on a 25 year old." Then I turned around and said "Until Jane is 25." He smiled, and went to sleep.

Birthday Girl!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

26 Week Appointment

This past four weeks flew by for the first time. I'm not really sure why, but I liked it. I felt like I just wrote about my 22 week appointment. I think maybe its because I can feel Jane move around all day everyday that I know she is fine in there and I'm not counting the days to hear her heartbeat as much.
This week Mr. Hunt came with me. Although it was one of those "nothing" appointments, he really wanted to hear her heartbeat with me since he hasn't since week 18. He always giggles when he hears it, and then I do.
This week it took the doctor a few times to find her heartbeat because she was squirming around alot. I felt her moving before the doctor came in, so I wasn't surprised. Her heartbeat was in the 130s and I'm not sure what my belly was measuring. I did ask how Jane was sitting in there because I feel alot more movement in the right side and really low down in my pelvic area. She said her head was down in my pelvic area (which is right where she needs to be), and her little bum is up with her legs curved to the right. Which means I was right, she likes to kick a lot and that's what I'm feeling on my right side. Now when I feel little movements that are lower, I picture her little hands moving around. The doctor even grabbed one of Jane's feet and Jane kicked out of her hand, it was kind of funny, she didn't want to be messed with.
Then I asked more questions, and unlike last time, she spent some time talking to us. All my questions were mainly about hospital stuff, which means we are getting closer and closer! I cant wait! Oh, funny little side note: As much as Ive been rushing this all along, last night I was laying in bed and thinking about how much longer we have and for some reason, this time, I started freaking out and got a ton of butterflies thinking about how soon it really is. I'm not looking forward to my anxiety when the time comes.
Besides all that and talking to her about my cold/sinus infection, we were done! The best part? Now I only have to wait 2 weeks in between each appointment! Then at 36 weeks, I go in EVERY week! Wow!
Next time is when I have to drink that nasty drink and do the glucose test to see if I have diabetes....that should be fun!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weeks 25 and 26


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 17 lbs. For the first time, I am actually weighing and measuring my belly every Sunday morning before I eat. Only because I feel like I'm still super small, so I want to make sure I'm gaining and growing. Before, I was just weighing myself randomly, different days, different times. This week I was 38 inches around the belly!
Maternity Clothes?: I went shopping this weekend and got a pair of jeans and a few long sleeve shirts. Somehow I still feel like I don't have much to wear. 
Stretch Marks?: None on my belly still....fingers crossed
Sleep?: still good. I did wake up a few times this past week around 3am and cant go back to sleep, but I think I just need to take shorter naps during the day. I'm definitely not uncomfortable in the bed, so that's good
Feeling Sick?: Nope, I'm feeling great. Well, when I mean great, I don't count the constant tiredness
Best Moment This Week: Getting things done in Jane's room. I'm so excited everything is coming together
Movement?: Yeah, this girl moves SO much. She loves when Mr. Hunt puts music on my belly so she can dance
Food Cravings?: no cravings besides the usually turkey sub still
Gender?: girly girl
Labor Signs?: no
Belly Button In or Out?: The top is an outie, but I'm still calling it a flatty
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on, but any day now, they won't be able to go back on
What I Miss?: I miss my flat tummy this week. Only because I was going through old pictures. I forgot how I used to look pre-pregnancy
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Her being here, and our baby showers here in a few weeks
Anything Else?: Mr. Hunt was out of town this weekend. I somehow mustered up energy to do alot around the house....then I crashed. I may have done too much


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 17.6 lbs. Yeah, since I'm strict on the weighing, Ill be very specific on the weight gain. My belly is now 38.5 inches around
Maternity Clothes?: The problem is what to wear when I run errands. When IMO around the house, I don't care what I wear, usually my pjs. When I go out or to church, I have clothes. But when it comes time to just throw something on to run errands, I don't have anything. I don't want to get all dressed up, but I don't really have much else. Decisions decisions.
Stretch Marks?: no
Sleep?: Not good at all this week, but not because of pregnancy. I was sick all week with what turned out to be a sinus infection. This was the worse week yet because of that. 
Feeling Sick?: Yeah, but again only because of the sinus infection. It was AWFUL
Best Moment This Week: The random few minutes of being able to breathe out of my nose and get some sleep. Sad, I know
Movement?: Yes and this week was especially nice to know she was still good in there. With all the meds I tried (approved by my doctor, but still nervous about taking stuff), it was nice to feel her in there
Food Cravings?: no, I couldn't taste anything with a stuffy nose this week
Gender?: Girl
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button In or Out?: The top is an outie, but I'm still calling it a flatty
Wedding Ring On or Off?: on, but any day now, they won't be able to go back on
What I Miss?: I miss feeling "normal" or as normal as you can be pregnant. Its awful to be sick while pregnant
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Feeling better from this sinus infection and seeing family in a few weeks
Anything Else?: This really has been the worst week of pregnancy yet. Nothing is worse than already feeling like poop and then trying to get comfortable and trying to function on ZERO sleep. It really was bad! One thing was good though, I scheduled a 3D 4D ultrasound to see baby Jane next Saturday. I'm so excited to see what she looks like. Hopefully she will cooperate so that we can show our family when we go see them in a few weeks.


Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Critter Friend

The other day while putting together a dresser for Jane's room, I was startled by a little tiny baby lizard. I'm pretty sure Hannah ate one a few days before that because I found what looked like a half eaten lizard, but it was small. Now, I'm almost positive this is what it was. I have also seen two more right outside our house since this. I'm not exactly sure if they are babies or just small lizards.

Anyway, I decided to video tape me freeing the little guy since I knew it was going to be a challenge. I was actually a little freaked out which is why I talk to myself (and the little lizard) the whole time. Mr. Hunt watched the video and thought it was funny, so Ill share.


Critter Friendly Girl

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

Its about time that I share some of these great pictures that I take on my phone. I don't use Instagram...only because I don't get it and dont know how, so Ill just randomly share pictures on here. Obviously its easier to grab the phone and take a picture if something cute is happening, so most of the time I have more pictures on my phone than on the real camera.

Hannah LOVES sitting near this window and looking out at people with the occasional bark to say hello. This day, I found her sleeping on the chairs like a bed!

Mr. Hunt and I babysat this little guy one evening so his parents could go to dinner. Isn't he cute? He loved looking at himself in the camera.

This is how Mr. Hunt and River watch the Gamecock games. No lie. Mr. Hunt cannot sit down, and River just likes to sit under his legs whenever he is standing. River does watch the game though, its funny. Oh boys!

Mr. Hunt and Hannah were having a daddy daughter moment. They were laying on the ground listening to music, very content. Even when I came over with the camera, they still enjoyed their music. So sweet!

This one I didn't take but its the cutest picture ever. When I showed it to Mr. Hunt he said it made his heart smile! This is Cameron and Charlie! Brandy, Tatiana, and Cameron spent an hour or so at my parents house to talk about the upcoming baby shower they are throwing me in a week. Cameron loved Charlie! Look how good he is being with her!

This one I found on facebook I think and saved it to my phone. Now its Mr. Hunt's phone background. Its Cocky doing the Gangnam Style Dance at the game. I love Cocky!

That's it for now. I have a ton more, these were just my favorite.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sickness

Mr. Hunt thinks that I exaggerate alot when it comes to feeling sick.....OK maybe I do. I WILL be the first to admit that I cant stand feeling sick...even a little bit. Which is why I'm a little worried about labor, but that's a different story. So, when it came to last week, there was NO exaggeration here....I was SICK! Even Mr. Hunt and my own mother said they have never seen me (or heard me) so sick before.
Now, I wont go into all the details about each day, but I will explain a little what happened. I was mainly nervous about Jane being affected by me being sick, but lucky for me I already had an appointment scheduled and we checked on her, and she is doing GREAT!
When Mr. Hunt was out of town this two weekends ago, I started to get a stuffy nose at night, but during the day I was fine. This was what I thought was normal at first because honestly, Ive had a stuffy nose the whole pregnancy, which is normal. Then it just kept getting worse, day by day. Monday was pretty bad, but I fought through it. When I laid or sat down my nose would clog up the most so I tried to get some errands done and be up for most of the day. I thought (like I said before) that cleaning the entire garage the day before might have pushed me over the edge, so I just rested hoping it would go away. Mr. Hunt told me that a little cold was going around his office and since my immune system is "down" I figured I was getting that. Then Tuesday (the day of my appointment) was worse than Monday. I couldn't breathe out of my nose no matter what I did. The worse part was that when I blew my nose, nothing would come out....like my sinuses were just closed. I took a HOT shower before my appointment and when I got out, had some relief. At my appointment my doctor checked everything for me. My ears (good), my throat (good), no fever, no aches, and no green mucus. The one thing she said she saw was that my sinuses were really inflamed so she thought it was just allergies or something. I have NEVER had allergies, but apparently Texas is one of the worse places for allergies, so maybe I do now. She told me to take Claritin or Zyrtec for the allergy part and Sudafed for the congestion. I was REALLY hoping for some relief with any of these, but NO! Sudafed didn't work on the congestion what so ever, neither did Zyrtec or Claritin. Tuesday night was the worse BY FAR. I woke up at 1:30am not being able to breathe. I tried everything to clear  at least one nostril so that I could get some sleep. I sat at the humidifier with a towel over my head (nothing), I drank hot tea (nothing), I took a hot shower (nothing), I did the neti pot at least 5 times (nothing), and I even tried jumping jacks which was something I read online (nothing). Then at 6am, I laid back down and tried to sleep breathing through my mouth, and that was just miserable. So, its safe to say that I didn't get ANY sleep and Wednesday was no different. I randomly got one nostril cleared for about an hour so I tried to sleep right away, but maybe only got 30 minutes of sleep.

I ended up calling my doctor back when I started to cough up yuckiness because I had a feeling it was turning into a sinus infection. She prescribed me a 5 day antibiotic that is safe to take pregnant, and I started it right away.
Wednesday night, I was miserable again, partly because I hadn't slept and I had just had enough. Mr. Hunt remembered that he had this nasal spray from when he got a sinus infection in the spring. We called Kaki, my mother in law, and she said it was safe as long as I only used it at night and only 2 nights. I used it with an attitude, thinking that it wouldn't do anything like everything else I tried, but NO, it worked miracles! It was awesome! Instant relief.
I got a FULL nights sleep and I was a happy girl. The next day was hard again during the day, but it seemed like it was starting to get a little better from the antibiotics, plus I had sleep. Every day after that was better and better. So its safe to say, it probably was a sinus infection....and a bad one.
Now, a week later, I am still blowing my nose every 30 minutes or so, but stuff is actually coming out. I also have a pretty nasty cough, but honestly, its better than not being able to breathe. We have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for this Saturday so we will be able to see Jane and double check she made it through the week. I know shes still in there and she's being very active so I'm sure she is fine.

Only downside is that I have no clue how I got a sinus infection. I really wish I knew so that I can prevent it from happening next time.

sick lady

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