Sunday, June 30, 2013


Im back!

So we took the laptop to Apple and something was wrong with it. Honestly, the lady that was looking at it was talking computer language and I had no clue what she was telling me happened. Long story short, it wasn't anything we did and since we still had a warranty on it, we got something replaced for free. All I know is that the mouse works again, and I'm happy. 

So, just wanted to let everyone know that I have Instagram now. I know I know, Instagram has been a thing for like 2 years now...or more, I don't know. But, I had reservations about it at first. Why? Well, because I'm a freak when it comes to my pictures. I like to know where all my pictures are and I like to keep all my pictures. The worst thing for me is to lose pictures, its so sad. Anyway, so before I knew what Instagram really was, I just didn't want another place where I stored pictures. I wasn't sure if they would back up on my computer and I just didn't want to deal with it. Then one day recently, I decided to give it a try and see what happened. I took this picture....

and then noticed that it not only saved on my Instagram, but it also saved on my phone. I always back up the pictures that are on my phone because I take alot of pictures with it, so I happy! I'm kinda sad that I didn't try this or ask someone before now, but oh well, you live and you learn.

So do you wanna follow me? I'm sure all y'all have Instagram since I think I'm the last one to the entire world.

Follow me: Jentayhunt

Love Y'all,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

BRB Friends

Hey guys!

I'm writing this on my IPhone so who knows what this will end up looking like on the blog, and I'm just going to apologize right now for any spelling or errors of any kind, I'm not going to review this....not like I ever really review any of my other posts. But now I'm getting off subject.

The point is is that I have about 8 or 9 posts that are almost ready to be posted, but our only laptop has decided to have a mind of its own. The mouse trackpad does its own thing! It's almost like someone is hacked into the laptop and is playing a joke on us. I've seen crazy mice before, but this is something totally different. Not only does the mouse go all over the screen and definitely not where I'm telling it to go, it also highlights, clicks, and drags stuff places. Stuff I'm definitely not trying to do.

So writing or doing anything really on the laptop is pretty much impossible right now. I think I'm going to have to take a trip to the apple store tomorrow to find out the problem. I'm hoping its just debris in the trackpad and nothing too crazy.

So, I'll be right back...hang in there friends.

Love, Jen

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating Update

Our child loves food! Shes a pro eater now and its fun to watch her try new foods. The doctor mentioned that since neither Mr. Hunt or I or any of our family have any major food allergies that we could just wait a few days in between introducing new food instead of a whole week now. There are so many things I want her to try and waiting a whole week was getting old fast. 

Right now, I'm still making all her food which just consists of either mashing or pureeing all the food. Its actually alot easier than I thought it would be and doesn't take that much time. I enjoy doing it. When I mash or puree the food, I make sure to not puree it all the way to a liquid, and allow it to be a little textured. She makes the funniest faces when trying new textures, but its good when she gets used to it. 

Here is what she eats now:

Sweet Potatoes: likes texture and loves taste, she was a little questionable on texture at first
Rice Cereal: Likes texture and taste
Green Beans: Took a while to like the texture and taste, but now loves them
Squash: Loved them from the very first bite
Bananas: took a little bit to get used to texture but loved the taste. Now this is her favorite food so far
Avocados: Doesn't like these AT ALL. We stopped feeding her these
Apples: Just tried them yesterday for the first time. She isn't used to the texture yet or taste, but I think she will like them. 

You might wonder how I know if its the texture or taste she doesn't like. When she doesn't like the texture, she makes a really funny face, but eventually swallows the food. When its the taste that she doesn't like, she will gag and spit the food out. 

She loves when I give her the spoon when she is done. She is smart and knows which part goes in her mouth.

Trying to hit the camera with her spoon.

She has also now tried banana puffs. She is still learning about the texture and how to chew, but she likes them.  For those of you who don't know what they are, they are like the cereal pops. They melt in her mouth too so just in case she doesn't chew it all the way, she wont choke. I put a few puffs on her highchair while I feed her other food. She is learning right now to grab them but doesn't quite understand to put them in her mouth. If I pick one up though, she opens her mouth wide so she knows where they go. A few times, she grabbed my hand with the puff on it and put it in her mouth that way. She will eventually get it.

I am also trying to cut up a few pieces of food that she is eating (if its soft enough, like a banana) and letting her try to grab and feed it to herself. I guess its a little bit like baby led weening. I just like that she is learning to pick up food and feed herself. Also, she learns to chew. Im not doing baby led weening 100% because I know she is eating more when I feed her the purees instead of half of her food being on the floor.

She has also had baby mum mums. She LOVES them. Its basically a large flattened puff. Here she is eating one below. These are good to have in the diaper bag to hold her over if we are out and about.

Lastly, we are also introducing the sippy cup and water now that she is 6 months old. Ive heard alot about how there are pros and cons of all different kinds of sippy cups. There are the ones that are like a bottle where she needs to tip it up to get the water out, and then there are the ones with a straw. We are introducing the straw sippy cups mainly because she already drinks out of a bottle so she will know how to tip a cup up if she needs to unlike babies that are breastfed and wont know either way. If I were still breastfeeding I may introduce both. Right now, she doesn't really know how to sip out of a straw, but she does every now and then and I think if I just keep giving it to her, she will eventually get it. Even our doctor said it may be a little too early for it, but it wouldn't hurt to give it to her during her meals so she gets used to it. 

All this means, more stuff to pack in the diaper bag! But its all very exciting and new for the whole family. 


No T-Shirt Challenge

I made up a challenge for myself and so far Ive done really well so I thought Id share it.

Being a stay at home mom means that there are plenty of days where I don't get to dress up. At first I liked the idea of this. I no longer had to think of cute outfits to wear at 6am or pick it out the night before. I didn't have to shop for ONLY work clothes which seemed to be what was happening when I worked. I could finally just get out of my pjs and put on whatever. If I wanted to dress up or wear something cute, then I would. If I wanted to just get into something else comfy, I would. Shopping changed, I now look for comfy clothes to wear instead of work clothes.

I liked it at first, but now not so much. I miss shopping for "real" clothes. I often see really cute dress up clothes, but I have to talk myself out of buying it because I have no where to wear them. Before, I would only dress up nice if Mr. Hunt and I went out on a date and I often got more dressed up than needed just because I could. But now with a baby and no babysitter right now, there is no date night without Jane and that means there is no fancy date nights. I still dress up nice as much as I can, but its very rare.

Anyway....I found myself going through my pile of old t-shirts and wearing them everyday. Baggy, old, worn out, not flattering t-shirts and a pair of yoga pants or sofie shorts. Not cute. One day while putting my long sleeve shirts and clothes away and bringing out my summer clothes I realized how many cute clothes I actually have and NEVER wear. So, I came up with a challenge for myself. For one week, I wouldn't wear ANY t-shirts, not even to sleep. This would force me to wear clothes that I have and somewhat dress up.

Some days I didn't leave the house at all, but I still felt good about myself. It also forced me to brush my hair and do something with it. Its no work clothes and heels, but its a step in the cute direction. I even have a whole bunch of fun pjs that I wasn't ever wearing and pulling out from under all the tshirts. After a week with success and enjoying "getting ready" in the morning, I'm extending the challenge. I'm going to try my best to not wear tshirts. I'm going to pick out and wear actual outfits even if I don't leave the house. It makes me feels better about myself which then somehow helps me get more stuff done during the day...who knew?

If you are a stay at home mom also and find yourself in this rut, try it! You might like it!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Family

Our little family! I'm not sure what made me think of this the other day, but look at us! Look at where we have come! First it was just Mr. Hunt and I learning about each other. Learning what we like and don't like. Then we added a puppy, and another puppy 6 months later. Life as we knew it was pretty awesome. We had two little buddies to take care of and take to the dog park, go on walks, and train to do cool tricks. 

Life still felt like there was something missing. So we had Jane (really wasn't that easy, but you get the point). God has blessed us a million times over. He knew exactly what we needed. He knew the exact baby that would fit into our lifestyle. A dog loving, relaxed, chatty, loves to be out and about baby. She fits in! 

Now we are a family of 3 human and 2 fur babies. Life is perfect right now. We were walking to dinner the other evening and decided to take some pictures of our shadows. 

Look at my big......bag! haha

I sometimes feel like we live in this fast paced world and its swallowing us whole. I often tell Mr. Hunt how I wished we lived in the olden days when there were no cell phones, not alot of TV, and people were a lot slower. He doesn't wish that though, he likes technology. Either way, sometimes it feels so good to just stop and look around. Look at what God has given us and take a shadow picture. This was in the middle of the street too. We were living dangerously!

As I mentioned before, Jane loves to look at herself in the IPhone camera. It calls for some fun family photo selfies.

Maybe we will get some better quality ones soon. 

Plus its not a perfect family photo without the pups.

We kissed Jane while Jane kissed (chewed on) my arm.

This Little Family

Random Photos!

I have some fun random photos to share. Mostly of Jane, whats new?

Hannah loves to lay by Jane especially during tummy time. Jane enjoys it too, she usually will roll over so that she can pet Hannah.....then Hannah gets up.

My little brother is still in fireman training. The facebook page for his group posts pictures of them as they train. I love looking at him. There he is in the back.

And that's him in the front with all his gear on...looking good!

Look at this little chunk! That smile is too much!

Took Jane to happy hour and she couldn't hang.

Did I even mention how people in Austin are weird? Well I know this happens other places, but I see things like this all the time here...if you don't notice, the girl in the black either is wearing some sort of tail, or she is smuggling a cat into the sub shop..

Jane's tyedye onsie finally fits. She's groovin.

If you never believed me when I said that River has to be near me 24/7 here is an example. I was rocking Jane to sleep and she came and felt that he had to stand in between my legs.

Here they are again for tummy time. This time Jane tried to hold Hannah's hand.

Jane loves the camera these days. I knew she would finally warm up to it. She loves it best if you face the iPhone camera so that she can see herself.

Must have been a long day. Look at that little tongue.

Just a really cute outfit day. Thanks Dulls

We had a nice lunch on Lake Austin last weekend. Jane sat in the big girl high chair and enjoyed herself and her sweet potatoes.

Jane hasn't slept like this with me in FOREVER. I ALWAYS put her in her crib. This was Fathers Day and she was having teething pain. She only took a 30 minute nap and then was fussy the rest of the time. I finally got her to fall sleep with me and I just let her stay there since I knew she wasn't feeling great. I sure did enjoy having her snuggles too. There's River again....right by us.

We learned that Jane doesn't want just a few toys at once, she wants them ALL. We just put the box of toys on her play nest and she was entertained for a good 10 minutes....which is a long time for Jane.

Doesn't she look like a little girl and not a baby in this picture?

Told you she loves River.

She discovered this big teddy that I got one Christmas in high school. Mr. Hunt named him Tom. Jane loves him.

Thats it for now yall.

See ya!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sitting Up?

As I said on her 6th month update, Jane is finally sitting up on her own. I still don't let her sit up on her own if I'm not on the floor with her since she does tend to get super excited and throw her head back and fall back. Or sometimes the dogs will come lick her face and it throws off her balance and she falls back. But she loves to sit up on her own. 

She no longer wants to be laying down especially on her back. She will roll right over onto her tummy and not stay there for long before she fusses to sit up.

Soon she will be able to go from laying to sitting on her own. I cant wait for that so that I cant get stuff done while she plays. Right now I'm right there and even if I do leave her while she is doing tummy time, she doesn't last long before I have to go back over there to distract her or help her to sit up.

We still use the play nest thing and she loves that too, but she tends to get lazy and lean back in it.

I have been looking froward to her sitting up on her own for awhile. Again, I just think she can be more independent while playing and can reach most toys that are nearby. Of course if the puppies walk by, she gets distracted.

But....I can definitely wait for the crawling. As much fun as it will be to see her move around on her own, I'm not quite ready for a mobile baby. I like knowing that when I put her down and go grab something in the bedroom, she will be in the general spot I left her when I come back in 30 seconds. I know by this girls personality and eagerness to move already, that once she learns she can crawl, she will be going non-stop.

Bath time has changed also. She refuses to lay back in the tub now. We still use her whale tub from Adrienne though because it has a grip on it and the big tub is too slippery. This makes it harder to wash her hair since she wont lean back, but she actually likes to have water poured on her face.

Isn't she cute?

Man, she is growing so fast! It seems like everyday there is something new whether it is something big (sitting up), or something small (adding ba to her vocabulary).



Jane has a TON of Gamecock outfits, but if you ask Mr. Hunt and I, she doesn't have enough. Here she is when the baseball team was playing the other day. 

The shape of this paci is way different from her normal paci so when I tried to put this one in her mouth, she made funny faces.

Then couldn't get it straight. Haha

Looking for the dogs.

Here she is yelling "GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!"

Jen H

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Months Old

I CANNOT believe that Jane is already 1/2 year old. It just hit me today....weird. This girl has changed so much since last month. Its weird because I write everything down on my phone whenever she does something for the first time so that when I write these I can remember everything. By looking at the list you would think not much as happened compared to the last 5 months, but maybe that's just because the things that did happen this month were all BIG things!

Jane can now sit up on her own. I still need to sit right there with her because she tends to get excited and thrown her had back which leads to her falling back too. But I would definitely say she it sitting on her own and she doesn't really like to be on her back anymore. She likes to look around whether she is on her tummy or sitting up.

As you can see in the picture below, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, including the arm to her rocking chair.

Part of putting everything in her mouth has to do with her teething. She has been "teething" for an entire month and still no teeth. I thought the drooling was bad in the last couple of months, but oh man was I wrong. Her drooling is out of control now. I have to change her outfit 3 times a day because she soaks her clothes. Ive tried to put a bib on her to soak the drool up but she just tears it off in two seconds. The doctor today said that her right bottom too will come trough anytime now. She also sticks her tongue out and chews on it if there is nothing else to chew and she is  tired of chewing her fingers.

She grabs for EVERYTHING now. I can't drink coffee near her or she will grab the mug and spill it on herself. Anything anybody has, she grabs for it. Mr. Hunt will play with her and hold a toy up, she will grab it. Right then he holds up another toy, she drops the old one and grabs for the one he has. She will do that over and over. She also grabs for toys while on her tummy.

She smiles when I say "cheeeeese"

She also talks a lot! She is stating new consonants and babbles all the time.

She got her first diaper rash on June 5th. Not too bad for no diaper rash the first 5 months of life. It wasn't a bad one and it never seemed to bother her.

She went to Bluffton SC for the first time. It was just her and I that went and we went for two weeks. She met alot of people for the first time:

Great Grandma Adams
Great Grandpa Adams
Great Aunt Laura
Great Aunt Lisa
Great Uncle Dean
Great Grammy Taylor
Great Aunt Deb
Great Uncle Jim
and a TON more.

She also got to see Nana, Pappy, Dylan, Jen, Davis, Mimi, Pawpaw, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Michael, and Aunt Katie. We had a great time and Jane was such a good girl. She got to go to our mountain house for the first time too. Not only did she meet all those family and friends for the first time, she also met a TON of dogs. The girl LOVES dogs, especially River. Every time she sees River she kicks her legs, flings her arms around, throws her self back to almost jump out of my arms, and squeals really loud. Anytime she is anywhere close to him she reaches out to try to pet him.

This month proved harder to take these pictures. She gets excited when she sees the camera and tried to lung and grab it. This makes the rocking chair start to rock and Im afraid she will fall right off. 

On June 8th, Jane went swimming in a pool for the first time. She cried at first, but I think it was because it was cold. She was only in the water for about 10 minutes before we realized it was her eating time. After eating she passed out so we left. I'm confident she will like the pool more next time. 

Jane and I took our first bath together on June 16 which was also her first Father's Day and Hannah's birthday. I wanted to wait until she could sit on her own to take a bath with me. We both loved it. She especially loved to touch the water coming out of the spout.

She is starting to show some signs of separation anxiety. Not all the time, but sometimes when I leave the room she will scream and cry until I walk back in. Again, its not all the time and I hope it doesn't start more.

She also notices when I walk into a room and will smile and get excited to see me. It makes me so happy and warm inside.

Here she is so excited that she is throwing her entire body back. This is when she would fall over while sitting on her own.

She loves to play with things that aren't toys. Doesn't this happen with all kids? She will have a million toys in front of her and she would rather play with my phone, a spoon, or her favorite is tags. Just like her Uncle Dylan when he was little, Jane will find the tag on any stuffed animal and play with it. It will keep her attention for a long time.

She constantly rolls from back to front and front to back and will roll to get to a certain toy. She also grabs her feet ALL THE TIME!

She loves food. She now eats

Sweet potatoes
Green Beans
Rice Cereal

We tried avocados, but she hates them. She will eat them with a banana, but not by itself.

The picture below she is looking for River who was sitting with us for the photo shoot.

She gets distracted really easily. Like when we are feeding her her bottle, we cant be doing anything else or she gets distracted and stops eating and then milk goes everywhere.

Weight: 16lbs 15oz which is the 65th percentile
Height: 27 inches long which is 75th percentile
Head: 43 cm which is 75th percentile

So she is pretty proportionate, but big!

I knew she was long because she is now in 6 months onsies which makes sense, but for jammies with the feet she wears 9 months because her legs are so long. I also don't ever put shoes on her since she doesn't walk yet, but I tried some on today just to see what size she might wear and she is in between a 2 and 3 which I think is big for her age. Her feet are really fat right now so its hard to stuff them in shoes anyway.

Oh man, you are changing right before our eyes. Your Daddy says everyday how your little personality is showing and he loves that you smile at him whenever you see him. You are becoming so fun and active and we are cherishing this time with you as we learned this first half of your first year flew by at a blink of an eye. Keep up the cuteness little bean. We love you so much.

Mommy and Daddy

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