Thursday, October 28, 2010

My many recent run-ins with the law

I kind of feel somewhat like a criminal who is trying to run away. I swear I'm not a bad girl. I made a small mistake and now I feel like the police are out to catch me and only me.
When I moved from South Carolina to North Carolina, Mr. Hunt warned me that I needed to get my car inspected. We did no such thing down in SC.
"OK," I said, "no big deal." Well I as wrong. Its a big deal. Apparently, in order to get your registration renewed, your car has to pass an inspection. The tricky part though, is that YOU have to remember yourself when it expires! Man, just another thing for me to remember.
So, about two weeks ago, I was in the bank drive through and there was a police man behind me in line. He wasn't making a deposit or doing anything at the bank like I thought, he was looking up my registration and tags on my license plate. As soon as I pulled out of the line he put his lights on and pulled me over. What could I have done wrong?
He informed me that my registration was expired and that I needed to get my car inspected. I proceeded to tell him that I was sorry, but I never got a notice in the mail that it was soon to be expired. I went on and on about how we just moved into a new house and everything. He looked at me funny and said, "Well that's a part of being an adult, maybe you should write it on your calendar." Wow! How rude! At this point, the angry Jennifer came out. I proceeded to tell him how I was from SC and we never had to do this. If our registration was about to expire, we got a notice. So long story short, he wasted my whole lunch break and I got a citation. He told me that I needed to get my car inspected by November 21 and go to court and prove it. OK, lesson learned. He did let me go for not having a NC license yet. I need to change that ASAP and so does Mr. Hunt before we both get in trouble. Why do they make it so hard to do? People work you know. The DMV closes at 4pm. How can anyone ever go besides weekends? The weekends will take all day because they are so busy. We just need to do it!
Then, a week later, I was driving to work running late as usual. I might have been going a little faster than normal. I was going 75 in a 65. Not that bad huh? I was about to get off my exit and I get pulled over again. I was so angry because I was already running late. The police came to my window and asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I said "Yeah 75." Then he asked if I knew the speed limit. I said "Yeah 65." Then he said, "Well it was 65, but it just changed to 60." WHAT!?!? They must really be trying to make money or something. You are going to wait for the speed to change down and pull me over right away? I wasn't even past the sign when he turned his lights on.
When he came back to the car he said I wasn't going to get a ticket for speeding because it had just changed, but I was going to get a citation for not having my car inspected. After I told him that I already got one, he looked at it and looked at me and got all angry at me. "Why didn't you tell me this. You could have saved me alot of time." Yeah? Well you could have saved me alot of time too, and not pulled me over. So he told me to go to the regular court date, and give them both citations and as long as my car is passed, they will drop the charges.
Then, just yesterday, I was driving to work again. This time I had my cruise control on so I wasn't speeding. All of the sudden, someone is tailing me. I look up to see that it is a state trooper. I tried to move over in different lanes, but he kept following very close behind me so I knew he was going to pull me over. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes of him behind me, he turned his lights on. This time I was ready to yell at him. When he came up to my window, I didn't even say anything and just handed him the two citations that I already had. He said "You have already been pulled over for this?" and I said "Yea, twice." He looked them over, handed them back to me, and said "have a nice day." Man, that was a waste of my time.
The reason I am so angry over this is because the original police gave me a month to do this. I shouldn't be getting pulled over every week in between. They should be able to pull up my license number and see that I already have two citations.

Go pick on someone else!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The people at this job...

I really am going to blog about my wonderful birthday that I had but I need time to update pics and videos. So for now I'm going to tell you about the people I work with.
I am absolutely the youngest one here! We just hired a girl that is a few years older than me, but other than that I would guess the youngest would be 35 or so and it goes all the way up to the oldest, 66.
I was talking to one of the ladies today about how long she has worked here. She has been working here since 5 years before I was born. Do you understand that? Five years before I was born, this lady started working here and she has been here ever since. So for my entire life, I look back on everything, she has been here the whole time.
WOW! That is crazy! No changes..nothing!
I don't know why I think that is so amazing, people have to work. She likes the job (I hope) and so she has been here the whole time.
She told me all about what it was like "back then." They didn't have computers, and when the fax machine came out, it was a miracle.
Anyway, I thought that was so fascinating.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lowcountry Weekend

So I FINALLY got to see Mr. Hunt around 2:30pm on Friday when he pulled up to my parents house in Bluffton. We turned right around to go pick up Davis from school. I was happy to see him of course, and so were the dogs.

So if I haven't mentioned it before, my dogs don't really listen to me very much. They will do things for me sometimes if I have a treat, but other than that they act like they cant hear me. If Mr. Hunt tells them anything though, they do it in a heartbeat. I have tried a few things but nothing really works. Most of the time when Mr. Hunt is with me and I'm trying to get them to do (or not do) something, and they aren't listening, I just say "Chris" and he will get them to do it. This probably doesnt help me at all, but its the quickest way.

Anyway, so when Mr. Hunt was gone it took alot longer for me to get them to do things and I was dreading the car ride down to Bluffton by myself. Like I mentioned in a previous post, Hannah likes to climb around in the car and try to get to the front seat, Mr. Hunt will yell at her and she climbs back in a hurry, unless she gets stuck.

I had to pull over on 77 five different times because she had climbed to the front. She would slowly make her way to the front and I couldnt really do anything about it of course because I was driving. She would get up on the front seat, sit on my purse and everything else that was there and look miserable because she couldn't lay down. The worst part about it was that the beeping kept going off because she didn't have her seat belt on.

Finally after I rearranged the car to try to keep her from the front on the fifth time stopping, she climbed to the middle and then got stuck. I just left her there because if I helped her she would probably make it back to the front again.

She was so tired though, she kept falling asleep with her head up and trying to use things like my shoulder and her arm to lay her head down on. I felt sorta bad, but not really because she was annoying me.

The visit was good. We got our engagement pictures taken on Saturday morning. We got to see most of them and pick out our favorites before she touches them up. I think they came out good. It was fun!

Then the gamecocks lost to Kentucky so our day wasn't so good after that.

Sunday, the boys played their usual round of golf and I stayed home with my mom and played with the dogs.

The ride home was a cinch. The dogs were so tired they only woke up once when we stopped for gas. When we got home, they fell asleep right away, and even this morning they slept in and after I woke them up for breakfast, they fell back asleep. It was easy to get ready for work this morning without them under my feet.

Now....something special is going to be going on tomorrow...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So Ive been thinking about the names that I use on Mr. Hunt (Chris). It may eventually get a little confusing using that, and some people may think that I'm referring to Mr. Hunt (Tony, Chris' dad).

So I have a new name for Mr. Hunt (Tony, Chris' dad). Are you ready for it? From now on I will refer him to Boss Hunt. Now if I say Mr. Hunt you will know that I am definitely referring to Chris and if I say Boss Hunt, you will know I'm referring to Tony, because he is the boss! Now I need to think of a blog to write about Boss Hunt so that I can use it.

OK! So now I think everyone is situated, I'm going to go look up recipes for a meal for one!

A Night Without Mr. Hunt

This was the first night by myself in our new house. Mr. Hunt went on a business trip and I wont see him until Friday evening when I meet him in Bluffton for the weekend.
When I found out that he was going to be gone I planned on doing as much work around the house as I could. As I said before, it is very hard for me to clean the house and do chores when Mr. Hunt is around because all I want to do is hang out with him. We like to cook together, but we don't like to clean the mess. Most week nights we get home around the same time, we walk the dogs, we make and eat dinner, and then we watch TV until we go to bed. There is really no time to clean in between there. Then on the weekends, we have so much to do and cleaning is not #1 on the list. I know that something needs to change here because I am going to be living with Mr. Hunt for the rest of my life. If I continue to wait until he is out of the house to clean, then our house is going to be pretty messy. Ill figure something out, but for now, he is gone for two nights and I have alot to do. Here is just some of the list.

Clean kitchen
Put away clothes
Pack for the weekend
Clean and Organize Coat Closet (cool weather is coming and we have jackets on the floor in there)
Finish painting bedroom
Clean the carpet from where the dogs tracked in mud
Hang up pictures in bedroom
Water front and back yard (we just put grass seed down)

So guess how much I got done last night? Laundry and cleaning the kitchen. That is it! I was just so tired, I didn't even take the dogs on a walk. I baked a pizza, sat on the couch, and caught up on all of my TV shows that Mr. Hunt doesn't mind not watching. I occasionally got up to fold clothes and put new loads in and I cleaned the kitchen after I ate.

I did get a little bit scared once. Hannah hardly ever barks but all of the sudden last night she ran into the front room and started barking at the door. She stood there for another 5 minutes and paced the room. I just looked from a distance. She finally came back in the living room and laid next to me to watch TV.

Needless to say if I want to get the list done, I need to bust my tush tonight. Not sure how much I can get done in a 3 1/2 hour time frame, but I'm motivated, I think. We will see how I feel after a day of work.

If I finish painting the room all by myself, Mr. Hunt would be very surprised. Maybe Ill do that first after walking the dogs, then tackle everything else. My fingers are crossed!

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I miss you! So do River and Hannah. Every time they would hear something outside yesterday evening, they looked outside to see if it was you coming home. They laid in your spot on the bed last night. They may have been a little more comfortable then usual, but don't worry, you can have your spot back. I tried to get some stuff done last night but I was tired. I promise to try again tonight, no guarantees though. I am dreading packing the car by myself on Friday, the crates are so heavy.
I hope you enjoyed watching Man vs. Food last night in the hotel/resort. I watched Quintuplets by Surprise and the game show know, the shows you don't like.
I hate that I didn't get to talk to you this morning, but hopefully I can catch you on my lunch break today.
Anyway, I love you and cant wait to see you on Friday. Get ready for a fun filled weekend!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corn Maze, Football, and Wedding Show

This past weekend was a great one!
Friday night, Mr. Hunt and I went to the Corn Maze (Maize Maze) in Huntersville with some friends, Chris and his two girls Taylor (7) and Chandler (9). We had a great time. It was actually very hard to do. We had to search for 12 mailboxes that had a puzzle piece in each one and put them together to make the map so that we could find our way out. We ended up finding nine of the pieces before we were pooped and decided to be finished. We were being lead by the girls, so I think we went around in the same circle 3 times in a row. We kept finding the same mailboxes. Finally we got a clue from someone else and found our way into the middle of the maze. Taylor's legs were starting to hurt (mine were too, so I know hers were) and we were all hungry, so we left. We got there around 8pm and didn't leave until 10pm. we were walking around in the maze for two hours. It was alot of fun, I will certainly go back! After we left, we went to a Mexican restaurant for a LATE dinner. The girls fell asleep on my shoulders in the car on the way there, but they were hungry so they woke up when we got there.
Saturday was game day. This was a very important game for the gamecocks. We were playing the #1 ranked team, Alabama (we were ranked #19). ESPN Game day was on from 10AM-12PM and my brother Dylan was there, so Mr. Hunt and I watched for him. There were too many people there so we didn't see him. We recorded it though so we can go back and check again. The game started at 3:30PM. We were all very nervous. The gamecocks played very well in the first half which is typical of us. But what is also typical of us is to lose it in the second half. True gamecock fans know the game isn't over until the game is over. Sure I was super excited that we were doing well, but I was still super nervous. Turns out that I didn't even celebrate the win until there were 3 seconds left in the game! BUT WE WON!!! This is the first time that USC has beaten the #1 ranked team in football. Also the biggest upset EVER in college football! There were grown men crying at the stadium. I was in shock the rest of the day! I still cant believe it and its three days later. I am happy to be a gamecock and I am excited to see what happens the rest of the season. After the game we went over to Michael and Rachel's house for dinner. Rachel cooked Alfredo which was very good! We watched more football (Florida vs. LSU), then went straight to bed.
Sunday morning I went to a bridal show in downtown Charlotte with Mrs. Hunt. It was a good show. I got alot of information and ideas. I am excited for another one in January that is much bigger. I think Ill have more of an idea about everything by then. After the show we headed over to Rachel's parents house where her and the boys were watching the Panthers game. Panthers lost again! They aren't having a good season at all. Good thing I like the Redskins as well because they won!
It was a fun filled, busy, exciting weekend but now it is back to work. This coming weekend Mr. Hunt and I are taking our engagement photos. Should be alot of fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mess!

My car gets in a mess so easily. I know why, there are a few reasons. One is because I eat lunch in my car almost everyday. I try to bring things to do like magazines and wedding stuff to keep be busy and then they end up staying in my car along with trash from my lunch. Two is because when Mr. Hunt and I go anywhere, we usually drive my car. If he brings anything into the car, it will not be taken out unless I take it out! I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a point.
Last Friday before we left for Bluffton I cleaned the car out. It was mostly clothes, lunch trash, wedding stuff, and Mr. Hunts opened mail in the car. I felt much better after cleaning it out. I need to try to keep it clean so that it doesn't get that bad again!
For the trip down to Bluffton, I decided I would try a new setup for the dogs. Usually they stay in the back with the middle seat up so they cant come to the front. One of the last times we came home from Bluffton, I had the seats down already so I kept them down and put our luggage the middle to prevent them from coming up front. It worked very well, but I learned this time that it was because they were tired from the weekend. It didn't work quite as well this time around.

As soon as we got on the road, Hannah was crawling all over everything to try to get to the front. All of the sudden I heard panting in my right ear. I looked over and it was her, trying to squeeze between the door and my chair to get up to the front seat. She was also drooling on the seat over something I was eating. We ended up having to pull over because she knocked one of the bags into "their" area, so then River didn't have anywhere to sit.
We should have learned our lesson and put the seats up, but instead we just stacked the bags a different way. That didn't work again. This time she crawled up the middle and just laid on the bags. At least she didn't climb in the front. Poor River was so confused and he wished he could have been that close too. A few times, he would stretch his head as far forward as he could to get closer. Needless to say on the way home and from now on, we will have the chairs up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Golf Cart Tricks

This past weekend, Mr. Hunt and I went down to Bluffton to be with my family for a few days. We watched the Braves games (they are going to the playoffs!) and alot of football. My Aunt Laura, Uncle Dean, and Grandma came over Saturday and we ate Boston butt, wings, and appetizers all day long. We went to church Sunday morning. The boys headed to golf while my mom and I ate lunch and talked wedding talk. I took the dogs on an off leash walk! I wish I had my camera. They did so well, especially considering they only listen to Mr. Hunt and he wasn't there. Hannah found a mud puddle to roll in. She literally went under the water. River played in it too of course so I gave them baths when we got back.

The best part of the weekend for me though was the golf cart tricks! Dylan wanted to pull the boogie board on the back of the golf cart like he did with his friend JW a few days before. Davis did it once around the house when the boogie board broke. We started to look around the garage for other things to ride on, some worked, some didn't.
My mom and I had a turn on the top of the trash can lid. That was fun, but it hurt my hands to hold onto the rope. We only made it a few feet. Then my dad tried to ride the scooter on the back. I though that wouldn't work at all, but it did for a little bit. I tried to be pulled in a huge bin, but I just kept getting pulled out of the bin instead of forward in the bin.

Then Davis tried to sit in the OLD wagon that we have had since I was born. It worked about half way around the house before one of the wheels fell off and Davis went crashing down. The three of us couldn't stop laughing for awhile.

Lastly, I tried to sit on top of a rolling cooler, but the handle got yanked off after a few seconds. It was then that we decided we were finished because we were breaking too many things.

It was so much fun though. We were all laughing the whole time. Too bad Mr. Hunt was taking a nap inside with the dogs. I showed him the videos so he wouldn't be left out!
I dont know if the video uploaded....but I will upload them tomorrow!

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