Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Outside Baby

I think a lot of baby/kids are like this, but Jane LOVES to be outside. If ever she is grumpy or whiny, we pack her up in the stroller, walk around the block, and she is a new kid. As much as I always say that she is all go-go-go, she will actually sit still for a long long period of time if she is in the stroller. The catch though is that is HAS to be moving in order for her to be content.

We recently discovered this little dog park a black away from our house. The reason we've never noticed it is because its actually a school yard that we are allowed to bring our dogs to when it isn't school hours. I was shocked at first, but Im thankful its there.

We walk by during every walk just to see if it is crowded. If it isn't, we go in and play. If its too crowded, we don't want Jane running around with a bunch of dogs, Im afraid she will get knocked down. Plus, the girl isn't scared of any dog....ever. I have to be careful of certain dogs she runs up to and tries to hug and pet.

Our backyard isn't the best for her to run around. There isn't much grass, and there are a ton of sticks that she loves to pick up. Then I freak out that she will fall and poke her eye out of something. Not to mention the fur babies go potty out there.

I really don't blame her, sometimes you just need some fresh air.

This picture below was an accidental miracle. I was trying to snap a picture of her huge smile (see above all the attempts), but I got all my loves in this one picture. Jane, her Daddy, and her two fur babies, not to mention those curls on the back of her head...OMG!

Do your babies like to be outside?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Dress

I didn't buy Jane a special Easter Dress this year (or last year for that matter). I just looked through her millions of dresses in her closet and picked the one that looked the most "springy" which was the H&M dress she is wearing the the previous post. 

BUT-my Mom sent Jane an Easter Dress that I wore when I was her age and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pictures. Im going to have to ask my Mom for a picture of me in the dress too. 

The dress is super cute, but it was a little short on Jane. If you can't tell from all the pictures I post, she is SUPER TALL! She was in the 100th percentile for height last month at her 15 month appointment. She is 33 inches tall and most people think she is 2 or 2 and a half already. She isn't even a year and a half yet! Yikes!

Anyway, I don't know if I was tall at her age, but the dress was more like a shirt on her. haha! I also didn't want her to wear it all day because it is mostly white and I didn't want Jane to ruin it like she does any other white outfit Ive ever put on her. 

So, a photoshoot happened instead and I put some white pants on her as well. 

This is the face I get when I use the flash! haha

She looks so different to me here

Cutest thing ever that smile


Don know what face this is

Clap clap

she loves the bunny that the Easter bunny brought


Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We did! Its so fun to do holidays now that Jane is getting older and understanding somewhat whats going on.

We didn't do an egg hunt or anything. I didn't think she would really get it, but MAN did she LOVE the Easter eggs!

When we woke up I did want to dress Jane in her Easter dress right away because I knew it would be dirty by church, so she went through her Easter basket in her pjs. Last year she wasnt old enough to get it so we just dressed her and gave it to her right before church. I figured next year we could actually hide the basket and she could go try to find it with her dress on.

Ok so here is all the Easter loot. It may look like a lot but really the only thing from Mr. Hunt and I is in the middle basket, everything else is from Grandparents.

Jane got some cards from her grandparents. The cute stuffed bunny is from my parents. My parents also sent her a dress that I wore on Easter. I will make a separate post of those cute pictures. The water guns are from Mr. Hunts parents. I also just poured all the eggs onto the table and put Jane's bunny ears that she picked out at Target there too.

I got Mr. Hunt those mini cadberry eggs. The beaver looking thing is for Hannah.

This is the basket from us.

These baskets are from Mr. Hunts parents. and the balls are for River.

Cutest bunny ever.

I still wanted some pictures of Jane in her dress with her basket so I just put all the eggs in there. I had no idea that Jane was eating when I started taking pictures. haha!


This is a rare family picture.

After church we met up with my cousin and her family for lunch. They live about an hour away so it was nice to see them. 

Jane loved her Eater bunny ears but only wanted to wear them like this....

I hope everyone had a great Easter. With all the Easter Bunny fun, we still made sure we told Jane about the real reason we celebrate Easter. We also watched the Veggie Tales DVD that explained it (it was in her Easter Basket).

We are so blessed that God sent his Son to come to this earth only to be tortured, spit on, mocked, and nailed to a cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we could live an everlasting life with Him. Praise be to Him. He lives!

The Hunts

Monday, April 14, 2014


For those of you who aren't from Texas, you may not know about Texas bluebonnets.

Let me just say that they are 100 times prettier in person. They are just wild flowers that bloom like crazy here in the spring. Sometimes fields just look purple instead of green there are so many of them. Its a "thing" here to take pictures of your family, kids, pets, etc in the bluebonnets.

Of course I don't pass up any opportunity to take a picture of Jane, so enjoy these wonderful pictures. PS: these didn't turn out how I wanted them to but who am I kidding. Jane didn't stay seated for more than 2 seconds for me to snap a picture. Nothing new there.

First lets take a walk down memory lane to April 2013........shall we?

We waiting until it was almost too late last year so there weren't many bluebonnets left. BUT look at how much this baby has changed! I can't believe it!

Here is this year....

I love these next few where she was sitting still in the high bluebonnets

I wanted to get some sweet pictures of her with her lovie. We don't ever take him out of the house because we are terrified to lose him, but we wanted him to make a special appearance in these pictures. They didn't turn out quite like I pictured in my head though.

Mr. Hunt just learned how to do Jane's hair and he likes doing it now. Here he is fixing her hair, see her little leg coming out below?


She was confused why we kept sitting her down in the flowers.

I didn't really like this one because there were a bunch of people in the background, but her fax wis priceless.

pure joy

Im so glad I got these to look back on. 



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