Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jane's First Ice Cream Cone

We made a summer to do list when we first moved here and we've been slowly checking things off. Unfortunately some things have to wait until next summer because we waited too long and things are already closing for the fall. book

But we did give Jane her first ice cream cone. She had her first popsicle at the beginning of the summer and she's definitely had ice cream before. But we wanted her to experience the messy goodness of an ice cream cone on her own. 

She loved it y'all! Who doesn't?

What a great treat after a long summer day.

Im so glad that I still document these fun times with her. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jane with her Cousins

Actually its Mr. Hunt's cousin's what does that make them? I'm not sure, so I just say cousins.

Anyway, we went to Mimi and Papa's beach house a few weekends ago because we knew the cousins would be there and we wanted Jane to be able to play with them. It rare that Jane gets to play with other kids (even though they are much older) in a home setting. She only ever plays with other kids at gymnastics, church, or the playground.

Here they are sitting on the boat while we were crabbing. I love how Kayden is holding Jane. Jane of course wasn't ever shy, and hither were the other girls.

Jane cheesed so hard her eyes closed. haha

When they all cuddled on the couch to watch Tangled, it was the cutest thing. Of course Jane didn't stay there for long, but the pictures are good enough.

Even though they were much older than Jane, they all still had fun. The big girls loved changing her diaper, changing her clothes, giving her a bath and basically treating her like their own personal live baby doll. Don't worry, Jane loved the attention. She of course wanted to do everything the big girls were doing as well. I can't wait until Jane has more cousins to play with in the future. Hint Hint to any siblings reading this.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blogging Through The Bible

OK, so this is a BIG BIG challenge that I'm going to start September 1st. But its a challenge that I'm super excited about and I already feel the benefits while I'm prepping and getting ready. 


What is it you ask? Well, I'm going to be blogging through the Bible with the ladies. Basically starting September 1st, we will read one chapter of the Bible a day until we finish the Bible. Yes, this will be a multi year challenge, and its not strict if you miss a few days. We are also not reading it from front to back, the leader Courtney has picked which books we will start with first. 

Do you want to do this with me? You don't have to have a blog. But basically I'm going to try and link up with her ever Friday to talk about what Ive read that week. Whether it be one thing specific I read that spoke to me, or a little bit of everything I read, I will share something. 
So, who wants to do it? Anyone? I'm probably going to join a group on her website so that I can talk about what I read with them (kinda like a small group on the Internet that also keeps you accountable for reading if you are slacking) and I can also learn from what they got out of the readings as well. 
I understand that everyone is busy and this may seem like a lot. But think of it this way.....ONE chapter a day! That's not a lot at all. And if you already read a bunch of other blogs, just add hers to yours as well and you can do a quick review whenever you read your blogs. Even if you are super busy, reading one chapter right before you go to sleep won't take very long I promise. 

If you aren't a Christian, I still encourage you to do this. The Bible in itself is very interesting and maybe just maybe you will find interest in it. 

OK, that's it. Back to my regular blogs.... expect Fridays I will do updates. 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brother's Engagement Party

My brother and his Fiance Jenn had their Engagement Party this past weekend and it was so fun. It was at an area country club and it was very beautiful out there. Thanks goodness there was an indoor area because it POURED at the beginning of the party. I'm kind of glad it did because it cooled everything off and we still got to enjoy the outdoors once the storm blew by. 

For some reason these pictures all got out of order so Ill just explain them as they come. 

This was the first true time (actually second if you include the 4th of July fireworks) that we kept Jane up purposely past her bedtime. Since everyone we knew in the area was at the party, we just made sure she was happy and not getting over tired. Mr. Hunt finally took her home around 9:30 (her bedtime is 8) while I stayed to help clean up. She of course still woke up at her normal 7:30am time. This was her after a morning of running around, already tired....

When Jane gets sleepy she often tries her best to keep going. She has however laid on the ground at places for a quick pause. That's how I know she really is tired. She did this a few times at the party, but her facial expression in this one is one I couldn't not show y'all. Its hilarious!

This dock was beautiful and if you look close there is a small rainbow!

Jane and Mr. Hunt walking ahead

We tried for about 5 minutes to get a picture of Jane and I but she was more interested in looking at the boys fishing off the dock. Also, my hair was a huge mess from the rain earlier.

Here is another picture of her taking a short rest.

Posing in front of the cake

Jane's Aunt and Uncle

Cutting the cake

Jane ate an entire piece of cake...and lots of other sweets at the party. I guess once in a while its good to indulge

My little brothers! Love them so so much!

Jenn and I. Love her

So Davis and Jane have been taking pictures like this since she was born. Soon she will be too big to pick up like this, but we try to get a picture like this every once in a while.

The night of the party was a super moon and I tried to get a picture, but it didn't turn out any good.

Some of the decor....

Love these two

 Jane played a little crochet

Jane and Aunt Jenn

Of course after a rain storm, so splash in puddles

Once the storm passed, we played some corn hole

Jane danced a lot

The cake...

My beauty sitting still for a few seconds.

It was a great time with friends and family. I'm so happy for my brother and Jenn and I wish them the best. They deserve it. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growing Up

Its no secret I'm a HUGE picture fan. Ive always been. Even growing up and in college, I loved having pictures to look back on the good times. I especially love going through my baby pictures and times that I don't remember with the pictures my parents have. So, when it comes to taking pictures of Jane, I don't hesitate. 
Lately Ive been feeling like I want to hire a pro to take some pictures of us as a family. First, Jane is just growing so fast, second is that the last time we had a good family picture was back in October and Jane was 10 months old, and third are Jane's hair curls. Yes, I would hire someone just to take pictures of her hair. 
Sometimes (especially when I'm looking back at pictures of her and realize how different she looks)  I look at Jane and think this stage won't last long. Then I get the itch and have to grab the camera. 
This day was no exception. Her outfit was cute and she was having a decent hair day. So off we went with the camera in tow. 

She was mesmerized by the guy on the riding lawn mower.

"Jane where's your tongue?"

Lawn mower was getting closer!

There it goes! And I got those curls!

Not sure what promoted this....guess she wanted a laugh out of me

This is one of my favorite ones

This face!

So they aren't professional and Mr. Hunt and I aren't in them, but they capture a moment in time that I can't wait to look back on later.

Love that little stinker.



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