Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jackson JULY

Im back with my random pictures of Jackson during July. This kid loves to smile and laugh and I just can't help but take a million pictures. Here are just some!

Mid laugh...

Mommy/son bonding time

He doesn't recognize himself yet

His head looks LARGE in this picture....but its too cute!

Theres that famous smile of his

First day in cloth diapers

I just can't handle the cuteness, especially with the drool bubbles on his chin and the little hairs sticking straight up !

Jane loves him so much!

Maybe a little too much! Poor guy!

I tried to teach Jane Eskimo kisses so that she didn't smother him too much, but I don't think it helped!

First beach day

Getting ready for bed

With Uncle Dylan in his fireman pjs

Hot at the beach!

Snuggles with big sister in her bed

It was the cutest when he grabbed onto her arm...even if it was on accident

Then Jane decided to tickle him and he wouldn't stop laughing!


He's just too precious.

This little man's Mom

Harbor Town

One of the things I really wanted to do this summer was to go to Harbor Town in Hilton Head. My Grandma lives right down the road (walking distance) and I grew up going there all the time, especially to the playground. 
So two weekends ago we took the whole day Saturday to go to Harbor Town. We first visited with my Grandma at her house and Jane got to swim in her pool. Then we walked down to Harbor Town. 
Jane loved the playground, which they have updated since I was little. We also walked through the toy store where we got Jane a Peppa Pig stuffed animal that she lost before we left Harbor Town. Then we walked around, looked at the boats, rocked on the "famous" red rocking chairs, at ice cream, looked at the lighthouse, and walked on the dock. 
It was so fun to just relax and explore the entire day. 


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Refusing to Nap

This was about a month ago but I still wanted to share it because I ran across the pictures, and its still so funny to me. 

Jane went through a week long (or even longer) of refusing to take a nap. I almost thought that naps were over for her. Turns out now, that it was just a phase...thank goodness. BUT even when she refused to nap, I still made her stay in her room the entire nap time, usually from 1-4. It may sound crazy, but I needed the "quiet time." 

She was really good about it. She never cried (or I would have gone in there) and was just content playing with her toys and reading books by herself in her room. Our video monitor scans her entire room as well so I could make sure she wasn't getting into trouble. Most days she would go in her room around 1pm, refuse to nap, finally fall asleep around 3pm, and sleep until I had to wake her up around 430pm. 

Anyway, one particular day she REALLY was refusing to nap. Fine with me because this is what she was doing for the past week. I heard her on the monitor the entire nap time just talking and playing. Finally around 4pm I noticed that she was quiet for a few minutes, I looked at the monitor and saw this....

If you can't tell, that's her in the top right laying on her back on the floor.....asleep! HAHA! She passed out on the FLOOR! This was so funny to me because no matter where or how much she played before, she always made it into her bed and comfortably under the blankets before she would fall asleep. This time....not so much.

We were supposed to meet our friends at the pool around 5pm so I had to go wake her up. Plus I didn't want her to sleep any longer or she would have never gone to bed. Usually when I open her door she wakes right up....shes normally a light sleeper. She had moved positions by this time and grabbed her lovie, but still didn't try to get into bed. But I was able to open the door and take this picture without her even budging. 

Then I tried to wake her up and it just wasn't happening. She would open one eye and then go right back to sleep. So I felt bad and tucked her into her bed. Then I continued to try to wake her up.

I couldn't believe that she wouldn't wake up. This is NOT like her at all. I even told her we were going to the pool and she didn't move. Then I decided to tuck Jackson in the bed with her. Thats when my heart started to melt. I rarely get a picture of Jane sleeping, but to get a picture of them snuggling together? ahhhhhh

Then not even three minutes later, Jackson fell asleep.

Im sure in the future they will want to have sleepovers together (I know my brothers and I did), and Ill be able to take many more pictures. BUT this was just right! Thank goodness for my toddler refusing her nap! haha! I never thought Id say that!

Oh, and after about 15 minutes of trying to wake her up, she finally got up and we made it to the pool late.



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