Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Sunday Best

Its kind of sad that the only times the both Jane and I are dressed nice enough for pictures is when we head to church. Well, at least we dress nicely for church right?

Other times I just wear around the house clothes and NO makeup. But I often tell Mr. Hunt to take pictures of us before or after church if we look decent.

These pictures were taken way back in July when Jane was just 6 months old.

Look at that smile!

These were more recent. This awesome dress is from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Adams. She was the talk of the nursery.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I tell Mr. Hunt to entertain Jane for a few minutes while I get ready to go out of the house. What does he do? 

Well he knows how much Jane loves to look at herself in the mirror, so he turned the camera on the phone to face them and they took selfies!


I don't think she really understood that she was seeing herself. The first few pictures she has the same expression like "what in the world is my daddy doing?"

Proud Wife/Mom

Monday, September 23, 2013

Poor River

I'm not really sure where I left off with River's situation. Honestly, I'm not even sure y'all really even know whats going on with him....because we don't either.

Here's the thing. River is going to be 5 years old in December and for the whole 5 years hes been alive, the poor guy has always had something wrong. From skin, to ear, to stomach problems, it is always something.

When we lived in Charlotte, poor River went through one phase when his skin turned almost black. It wasn't itchy or anything crazy, but it wasn't right. The vet simply told us to change his food over to a more sensitive (expensive brand) so we did and his skin cleared up. So we immediately thought he must have been allergic to some sort of food and as long as we keep him on that food he should be good.

He also gets ear infections all the time. Its not out of the ordinary for dogs with floppy ears who swim alot (that's River) to get them if their ears don't dry out enough, but he sure was getting them alot more often than Hannah. We got a special cleaner for his ears and used it often and again that seemed to work.

Also River has always had some weird sort of stomach problem where he throws up often. We never figured out what it was because it didn't seem like a huge problem. I know what you're thinking..."ummm hes throwing up and its not a problem?" Well he would throw up and just be perfectly fine afterwards. He wasn't throwing up food either, it was always yellow foamy stuff, so we always figured he was just hungry and would feed him. So it seemed we had his "condition" under control in Charlotte....somewhat.

Fast forward to moving here to Austin and the situation just got worse. We didn't notice anything major at our first home here, except that his skin did get a little irritated and he was alot more itchy than normal. Also if you remember, he had that weird allergic reaction to something where his face puffed up.

Then we moved to this new house downtown and his situation got SO BAD y'all. First he was just itchy all the time, then he was itching so much that his skin got an infection. We treated it once and hoped that we could keep it under control, but we were wrong. Usually when I'm home with him all day I can distract him from itching, but when we went out of town a month or two ago, we came back and it was so bad. I'm really surprised that the doggie daycare people didn't say anything (kind of mad about it actually).

Many people have mentioned just giving him Benedryl to clear up the itching, but the thing is, the itching is all the time and I dont want him to always be on Benedryl, it makes him sleepy and not himself. Id rather figure out what is wrong than cover it up with Benedryl.

When we pet him we could feel scabs all over his body, but it never looked like this....

So I immediately took him back to the vet. They shaved him and look what his poor body looked like under all that fur.

Poor guy! He was miserable. So again he got a steroid shot and some antibiotics since he had a skin infection from scratching so much and bacteria getting into the cuts. He also had a severe ear infection which I was surprised about because usually we know when his ears are bothering him, he will constantly itch them which he wasn't doing.

The vet also suggested that we finally take River to the animal dermatologist. Its pretty expensive but since we obviously couldn't get it under control, he is clearly allergic to something. She also mentioned that Austin is known for severe allergies in humans and animals and they see this alot which would explain why it wasn't like this in Charlotte.

Before we took him to the dermatologist, River had a reaction to the antibiotics. I'm telling y'all, he/we don't get a break. I just feel so bad for this little boy.

So I took the boy to the dermatologist and from all his symptoms I explained, the vet seems to think he has both a food and environmental allergy and we are going to try to figure it all out. Obviously there is no cure for allergies, but once we know what he is allergic to we can do preventative care instead of treating him after he is already miserable.

Its already been pretty expensive but at this point, we really just need to figure it out because treating him is just as expensive. Right now he is on a strict diet to find out what food allergy he has and I also have to give him a bath once every other day with a special shampoo. Its hard work to wash him every other day, but Ive decided I'm going to do everything I can for this poor boy to figure out whats going on with him.

I'm not sure what the dermatologist plan is as far as the food diet, I just do what she asks and then the environmental test will be done with injections and seeing if his skin reacts (kind of like the test they do for humans)

So for now, that's it. Hes been on his new diet for about two weeks and Ive kept up with the bathing every other day and his skin seems to be good. He also seems to have alot more energy than normal trying to mess with Hannah 24/7. Ill keep y'all updated on this journey.

Rivers Mom

Friday, September 20, 2013

NFL Baby

So as y'all know, we are HUGE gamecock fans here in the Hunt house, but when it comes to NFL we are a house divided. 

Its not too crazy actually because to be honest, I wouldn't be mad if we skipped a few Sundays of watching football. I'm a HUGE college football fan, I could (and do) watch other college football games that aren't the gamecocks. When it comes to NFL though, I really only watch if its the Carolina Panthers or the Washington Redskins, and unless its a really big important game, then I'm not glued to the TV like I am the gamecocks. 

Anyway, Mr. Hunt loves the Carolina Panthers, and I love the Washington Redskins. Its not a house divided like you would imagine. We both actually like the other team, I even have a Panthers Jersey, but if they play each other, then watch out!

Also, since I'm not a huge fan of NFL, if they are playing at the same time, we are usually watching the Panthers and we switch to the Redskins during commercials. We often say that we are glad that we both like the same college team, it might be bad if we didn't.

BUT.....when it comes to Jane's attire, theres a pretty big controversy here. If we luck out and one of the teams plays on a Thursday night or Monday night, or even just a different time then there is no problem, but if they are playing at the same time, we have a little dispute about what she wears. 

We actually had to agree that she would just switch off outfits each week. 

Here she is in her Carolina Panthers outfit!

 Thanks Mimi for the outfit, its so cute with the skirt and everything!

And here is the precious Washington Redskins outfit.

It doesn't help that both teams aren't very good this year. Who cares, the baby looks good in both!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

9 Months

Jane is 9 months old today. Holy Moly! Time is flying y'all....I'm serious! Mr. Hunt and I were just saying last night how it seems like we just had her, but on the other hand thinking back to when we were in the hospital with her seems like a life time ago.

Instead of saying how much Jane has changed this month and how crazy it is, I'm just going to jump right into things this month. Here we go!

 Our family friends the Tate's came to visit at the beginning of the month. It was a big deal for Jane because she got to meet Madelyn who is 3 weeks older. This was the first real time that she interacted with a baby her age and believe me, it was the cutest thing. They had a blast.

Jane tried meat for the first time this month. She likes turkey, chicken, and ground beef so far. Pretty much, she likes all food we give her so far.

Jane went to her first birthday party for her friend Malachi who was turning two. She had a great time and played in the bounce house.

Jane started to hold onto things with one hand and walk along furniture. She wants to always be on the go.

We got a new gate to block her from going into the kitchen and sunroom. At first I was apposed to baby gates (not really sure why), but now I love them. After chasing after her for going into the sunroom after the dog bowl of water 31 times in 30 minutes (yes I counted), this gate is a God send. But now if the gate is ever open and she sees a way to escape, she squeals with excitement and is off. Don't worry, she loves playing in the living room and doesn't really notice the gate is there, unless its open. Plus I'm in the living room with her most of the time playing.

Her first two bottom teeth finally popped out. Remember last month I said I wasn't going to mention the whole teething thing until I saw some? Yeah, I thought she was teething since 3 months old and now here during her 9th month, they finally came out and they are the cutest thing ever, but man are they sharp!

I seriously have a hard time keeping her in the chair for those pictures. Shes a wild child!

We sat Jane at the diner table for the first time She still sat in the high chair of course, but instead of using the tray on the high chair we let her use the actual table. That lasted all but 3 minutes one night. She just liked to smear all the food everywhere and brush it off the table to the dogs. Not sure why she doesn't do that with the tray, but we are sticking with the tray for awhile.

Jane loves cartoons. Mainly the baby learning development channel (not sure if its just a direct tv thing). If I want her to stay in the living room while I cook a quick meal or go to the bathroom, I click them on and shes hooked. She loves to dance to the music and sing to the songs. Shes so into it that I have to turn it off in order to get her to play with me on the floor.

We bought Jane her first Barbie. Its Ballet Barbie. We got the $5 one that is basically plastic, not the rubber stuff the expensive ones are. Oh, I didn't know Barbies were like $20 each. Holy Cow! Anyway, she might be a little young for Barbie but we made sure there wasn't anything small that could fall off of her and into Jane's mouth. Jane loves her, but she just holds her and flings her around.

Jane is getting alot better at eating solid food (non puree). Usually I give her a puree and then a few pieces of something else to feed herself. She loves to feed herself. This month though, she had her first meal with no puree. She had a whole grilled cheese sandwich and a half of a banana. She was in heaven feeding herself like a big girl and I was in heaven being able to enjoy my meal without having to shovel purees at her face.

I still cant believe this one but Jane can stand all by herself now. Not holding on at all. Its crazy! Of course right now its just for a few seconds, but she can also slowly lower herself down to the sitting position from standing.

She can also walk everywhere with her push walker toy. She loves to go up and down the halls with it. She's still getting the hang of the steering thing and she often runs into the fur babies.

Look at this face y'all!

Jane is finally starting to be more independent. She's never really been clingy, but she wouldn't really ever play by herself until this month. When she was really little, she would cry if someone wasn't sitting right there, and then when she learned to sit, she still would get fussy quickly if we weren't right there. Now, (I think because she can move around more) she doesnt really care if we are there or not. She goes through her toy box and gets what she wants and plays. She likes to talk to herself also. I always wonder what shes saying.

She kept trying to get out to get a book so I had to give her a book to sit still.....

Jane had her first kids meal at a restaurant. We ordered her a grilled cheese sandwich. We still gave her some puree I brought and some veggies I brought too. I was surprised that the only sides this place had for kids was all unhealthy. I know a grilled cheese isn't healthy, but there were no fruits or veggie sides. She loved the grilled cheese though.

Speaking of grilled cheese. Jane LOVES cheese! Who knew? I'm not surprised because I LOVE cheese as well. She loves grilled cheese sandwichs, mac and cheese, and just plain cheese.

Jane talks alot. When we were at the birthday party, someone asked us if she was always that happy and always so chatty. Yep, pretty much. To be honest, I didn't really know if it was normal, if all babies talked this much. Until weve been to the church nursery a few times and this birthday party. All the other kids don't make a sound. Maybe they talk at home and are just shy? I have no clue, but Jane makes it known that she is there.

She is also very determined. I have a feeling we are going to have a hard time when she gets a little older. Shes like her daddy in that if she wants something or is trying to do something, she will continue to try until she gets it.

I honestly hate to say this in fear that I may jinx something, but she is back to sleeping great again. Once she goes to sleep around 8pm, she sleeps until 8 or 8:30am, with no waking up. Its so nice to sleep all night in a deep sleep. Knock on wood.

Jane got a new car seat this month. We switched her out to a convertible car seat still rear facing right now. Her legs were just getting so long in the infant car seat and she looks so much more comfy in the new seat. We spent a long time researching good seats and eventually got the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible Carseat. It was a little on the expensive side but it will last until she is ready to be out of a seat at 70lbs. That's big!

Jane does a regular crawl now on her hands and knees instead of her little scoot/drag thing she was doing before. If shes trying to go really fast, sometimes the scoot will come back out, but she is mainly doing the regular crawl now.

In general Jane is just starting to show us that she understands us more and is so smart. For example, we only let Jane have her paci while she is in her crib or in the car. So every morning or after her nap, when I pick her up out of the crib, I take the paci out and throw it in the crib, then we wave bye bye to the paci. Just this morning, when I picked her up, she grabbed the paci out of her mouth, threw it in the crib by herself, and waved bye bye to it. I was amazed!

Lastly, we went to the doctor today, had to get two shots and a finger prick. But we did get some official stats for the first time since 6 months.

Height: 29 and 1/4 inches long which is the 95th percentile. She is now 10 inches taller than when she was born
Weight: 21pounds 10 ounces which is the 90th percentile. Doctor said she isn't overweight since she is proportional to her height. She is just tall!
Head: 44 and 3/5 cm which is 75th percentile.

Baby girl is big and healthy. What more could we ask?

You are amazing. You are such a happy little girl. While you are mostly wild, talkative, and on the move, there are times when you love to sit on our laps, cuddle, and love on us. You are the perfect combination of what a baby is. Thank you for making our lives greater than ever.

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ariel Feliz

Its kind of a long story how we got here, but Mr. Hunt, Jane, the dogs and I are sponsoring a boy in the Dominican Republic. His name is Ariel.

When I was growing up, my family sponsored multiple children at a time. It was always fun to write them letters and send them stuff, and get letters and drawings in return. Our parents taught us lessons and told us that not everyone is as fortunate as us and that we need to be thankful for everything we have, and to share our blessings. 

Ive wanted to sponsor a child for awhile now and I brought it up to Mr. Hunt. We didn't know which company we wanted to sponsor a child through until one day it became clear. I believe it was God giving us a sign but an old friend for when I was growing up was actually going to Malawi Africa to teach little kids about Jesus through The Children of The Nations. I felt a strong urge to donate her some money since she was taking donations for her trip. In order for me to be able to donate, I had to sign up for The Children of The Nations website. Then of course I received emails and stuff in the mail. One day while going through the mail, it hit me, this is where we should sponsor a child. So Mr. Hunt and I looked through the website and did our research on how everything worked and then picked our kid. 

It was so fun reading about all the kids and seeing their precious faces. We started to feel bad about picking and choosing which one we wanted to sponsor so we decided to do a random pick. We looked to see how many pages of kids there were and we went to and let it choose which page for us. Then we saw that there were 9 kids on a page and we did the random selection again which brought us to Ariel. 

We are waiting right now for some pictures of us that I printed to come in the mail so that we can write him our first letter and send some pictures of us. We cant wait to hear from him and learn more about him. I'm hoping that this relationship will be fulfilling for him and also us. I believe that we will both find benefits from this. 

I like that The Children of The Nations also offers trips to go meet your child in person. I think that's awesome! Right now though, we are just excited to see where God leads us in this journey. I think our hearts will be full and I hope that Ariel's will be too. 

I hope to share more info about him soon on here, but like I said, we don't know much either at this point and we just cant wait to hear from him. 

The Hunts

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Morning

I cant stand it! Like Ive said before, I think one of the cutest things in the world is a baby in his/her pajamas. Something about it makes me wanna squeeze em. Make it my OWN baby....yeah I pretty much go crazy. I wonder what would happen if I let her wear jammies all day? I bet my love for them will diminish....actually maybe not.

Anyway, as a mom now, Ive also come to find out that its also the most precious thing to go in and wake up your baby. Most of the time she's already awake, but how she looks all sleepy eyed and tired when I walk in and turn on the lights is the best thing in the world. What makes it even better is the sleepy smile she gives me, most of the time through her paci.

So I decided to take the camera in with me a few times to try to capture the moment and not ever forget. I know when shes older she will probably be giving me the stink eye and getting mad that I'm waking her up.

This was one afternoon after a nap. Look at her!

She always finds and grabs her lovie.

Gotta taste everything

 Being silly

She has started to touch everything with one finger instead of her whole hand, even River's nose.

They love each other y'all.

Do you see her two new teeth?

Now shes just excited and ready to get out. The whole sleepy mood doesn't last long.

This was actually in the morning. I walked in and she was sleeping like this. She always wants to be in the corner.

Look at those sleepy eyes trying to climb to stand up.

and a small smile

looking at the fur babies because they always have to come in to wake her up too.

Peek a boo

Finding her lovie

Grabbed her lovie

Am I the only one? I could just squeeze her!

Jane's Mom


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