Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Activities

This past weekend was relaxing but busy at the same time. Friday night after work we went straight over to Mr. Hunt's cousin's volleyball game tournament. It was fun to see them and see Allie play volleyball. I don't know much about that game, but now I do.

This is me watching the game. I was cold so I used Allie's volleyball blanket.

We tried to sleep in on Saturday but lately I cant sleep past 9:30 or 10. Mr. Hunt's mom picked us up to go back to the volleyball tournament. We were there most of the day and ate at Fuel Pizza for lunch. That night we went to a new bar in walking distance from our house, had dinner, and hung out with our friend Mike Lippard. It was a fun and interesting night :)

On Sunday morning I woke up at 9:30 again. I went straight to the bathroom and I heard Hannah hobbling towards me. When she came in the bathroom, I saw that her cast had fallen off. It really scared me because I haven't seen her paw since it has been in a cast. This time, the vet put tubes in the hole in her paw so that the infection can drain. It looked so gross and I started screaming for Mr. Hunt. We were due for a checkup that day at 4pm, but we wrapped it up as best we could and I made an appointment for noon when they opened. The rest of the morning I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so worried about her. Finally we left to take her back to the vet. By the time we got there, the tubes slid out. I felt so bad for her. Good news is that the vet said it looks like it is finally starting to heal. They say two more weeks, but we will see.

I got my stitches out yesterday afternoon. After the nurse took them out (which really hurt) the doctor proceeded to tell me that she took them out too early. I am now wearing a strip that holds the cut together. I have to wear that for three more days. The first thing I asked the doctor was "can I get my hand wet?" he said NO! I was so sad because that was what I was looking forward to the most. I cant wash my face, take a shower, or do the dishes. I need my right hand to be able to get wet again. The doctor also let me know that I cut the nerves on the tip of my finger which means that part of my finger will be numb forever.

We have had a pretty crazy few weeks and it is only going to get crazier with the move coming up in 3 weeks. I just want Hannah and I to be totally healed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pi Kappa Phi Centennial Weekend

We have been pretty busy this week with Hannah and my stitches (and having brown water throughout the house last night), but I wanted to update you on our wonderful weekend in Columbia.
Mr. Hunt's fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi is celebrating its centennial this year. For that reason, they had a weekend full of activities for everyone to get together.
Friday night there was an oyster roast. Mr. Hunt and I love oysters, but I didn't eat any that night because we had a bunch the night before. It was good to see all of our friends that have moved away and we never get to see. For those of you that don't know, most of Mr. Hunt's good friends are my good friends and most of my good friends are his good friends. That's how we met! I was around his fraternity alot and all the guys are so fun. So seeing them was very exciting. After the oyster roast we went to a bar called The Loose Cockaboose. They had a beach music band playing and people were playing corn hole. Then we went downtown to 5 points where all the bars are. That's where I (and Mr. Hunt I'm sure) realized that we were getting old. It was still very fun but I was getting tired very easily. It was a good night!
The next day we woke up and went to a BBQ at his fraternity house. It was such a nice day out, i think it was 75 degrees or something. After that we went back to the hotel to take a nap since we were out pretty late the night before, then we got ready for the banquet.
The banquet was at Mr. Hunt's old hotel that he used to work at. Everyone got dressed up and we had dinner and danced. There were alot of alumni of Pi Kappa Phi there. The oldest one was 93 years old! He was initiated in 1938! The chicken was very dry, but Mr. Hunt's dance moves made up for that. I think everyone was in tears because they were laughing so much at his dancing. He was having a good time for sure. I love to dance, anywhere, so I was having tons of fun too. We went back to 5 points that night to attend "techno night" at one of the bars. Once again there as alot of dancing. Mr. Hunt and I were still pretty tired from the night before (like I said, we are getting old) so we went to Jimmy Johns and ate a sub, then went back to our hotel.
It was a great weekend! Its nice to get away from the routine sometimes, but it can also wear you out. I loved seeing all of my friends, and I think I wished (maybe once) that I was back in college.

UPDATE: Hannah is doing good. She is still eating chicken and goldfish, but she is back to her crazy self as much as she can be. She tries to play and run but then when she realizes that she has the cast on still, she gets mad, pouts, and lays down. She is at the vet now getting x-rays to make sure that she doesn't have a bone infection. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope this doesn't take forever to heal.....River needs his friend/sister back.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the Vet

We took Hannah back to the vet last night. She still wasn't eating and she had bled through the bandages when we got home from work.

As soon as we got there they rushed her back and fixed her up. I could hear her screaming from the lobby. I had to walk away for awhile. When the Vet came out she told us that is was very important to get x-rays on Thursday to rule out bone infections. The cut was so deep in her paw that it may have hit her bone. If the bone gets infected, she may have to get her leg amputated. I was horrified when she said that. I hope that doesn't happen. We are taking her back tomorrow morning to get a check up and x-rays (that is if we don't take her tonight with a bled through bandage again).

When we got home from the vet we fed her boiled chicken that she scarfed down. We also got her to eat all four pills. I was very relieved. Mr. Hunt had to shove a few of them down her throat and do the trick that the vet taught us (shove it down the throat, hold her mouth shut, rub under her neck, and blow in her face). It seemed to work.

This morning I was awakened by Hannah talking to me with a toy in her mouth. I was so happy! She was her old self again. That didn't last that long. As soon as we tried to feed her again, she was in a bad mood.

I think she is slowly getting better. I cant wait for her to get the cast off. Mr. Hunt promised her he would play fetch with her for three hours when she gets it off.

I love you Hannah.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Monday

Yesterday was a BAD Monday. Hannah and I both had to get stitches! I got 4 and Hannah got 15! Here is the story...
Mr. Hunt and I went to Columbia this past weekend for his fraternity's centennial celebration. We left River and Hannah at Club K9. On Sunday morning Mr. Hunt got a call from Club K9 saying that Hannah woke up with a limp and that it must have been something that River did to her. River has had many limps, and it usually goes away so that is what I was hoping. When we got there to pick them up, she still had the limp. Mr. Hunt checked her paw when we got in the car and she screamed! We knew we had to take her to the vet.

The vet tried to look the best she could at Hannah without hurting her too much. She told us that it was definitely the pinkie toe and that it was either broken, bruised, or sprained and that she needed x-rays. We took home some pain and inflammatory medications for her and they told us to come back in three days if it didn't get better to go ahead and get the x-rays.
The next morning we woke up to find blood and puss (sorry I know that is gross) ALL over the couch where she slept. She couldn't stop licking her toes. I tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat. I called Mr. Hunt to get his advise and he told me to try to feed her the wet food we had. I opened the wet food can and tried to pull off the top. My finger slipped and I sliced the tip of my middle finger right open. I started freaking out right away. I tried to run water over it but it was bleeding too much. After wrapping it in paper towels and raising my hand in the air I called Mr. Hunt. He came home right away after only being at work for 20 minutes and rushed me to Urgent Care. Sure enough, I got 4 stitches. The shot they gave me to numb my whole hand hurt pretty bad, but not the stitches. Mr. Hunt asked if it hurt and I said "No, have they started yet?" He and the doctor both laughed and said "yes, Ive already put two in." Now I have a huge bandage on my right hand, so its hard to do alot that I usually do. For example: it is taking me forever to type this right now because the bandage keeps hitting random keys and I have a bunch of misspelled words.

When we got home for Urgent Care, Mr. Hunt went back to work. I had the day off so I decided to take Hannah back to the vet. Turns out that she had a huge cut in between her toes. No x-rays needed...just stitches. I had to leave her there for the day and Mr. Hunt and I picked her up at 6pm last night. She threw up all over the vet lobby and Mr. Hunt's dress pants. Her whole arm is wrapped up and needs to be wrapped for 3 weeks. Not only was it a cut...it was a 4 inch deep cut all the way up into her paw. The vet said there is no way that River could have done that, and that she definitely had to of stepped on something.
I am still very worried about her because she hasn't eaten since yesterday morning. All she does is sleep and cry. After calling the vet this morning, he said that the tranquilizer they used was very strong and she may not want to eat until tomorrow morning. The problem is is that I cant give her the pain medication without having her eat. She doesn't want to eat because she is in pain. Its a big huge circle.

I called Club K9 and they agreed to reimburse us for the boarding for the weekend and also pay all of our vet bills. That is nice of them...but I miss my old crazy Hannah.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stone is up!

Mr. Hunt and I went to go see the house last Saturday, and to our surprise they already put the stone on the front of the house. We also have a driveway now! When we walked inside, there were people working, but from a distance we saw the hard wood floors, the cabinets, the bathroom floors, the mantel on the fireplace, and the chair- rail in the living room. We are going back today after work to go see it up close and touch things. We didn't want to get in the way of the workers.

Its coming along for sure and we are starting to make plans for moving. We were trying to decide when we will paint the "Main" rooms (living, family, kitchen) before the dogs come. There is no way we will get the painting done in those rooms when we have the dogs. I think we are going to paint the same day we close. That will be a long day for sure. Ill update and take pictures today!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hannah's Interview

Hannah will be having her first Doggie Day Care Interview sometime next week. I really hope she will pass.

We are going out of town for the first time without our dogs next week to the Pi Kappa Phi Reunion/100th anniversary for the Sigma Chapter. This means the dogs will have to be boarded for the weekend. This particular place allows the dogs to run around all day and sleep in an actual room together as apposed to being in a crate all day for two days. I really like this place.
Before we had Hannah, River went there one weekend and he seemed to love it, even though I missed him a whole lot. He passed his interview with flying colors, but Hannah is another story.

Anyway, in order for them to allow the dogs to stay there, they have to go to an interview. I had to fill out four pages worth of questions about Hannah.

Some of the questions include, but are not limited to:
  • What is your dogs favorite toy?
  • Where does your dog like to be pet the most?
  • What does your dog do when they see other dogs?

Really? Some of these questions were a little strange. I don't really know, but I think all dogs get excited when they see other dogs. Right?

Hopefully Hannah will pass her interview and not get in trouble for jumping on people (we are still working on that). Sometimes it seems that she likes people more than other dogs. They might think the noises she makes when she sees other people is scary or that she is crying, but really she is just so excited.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hannah and River

Hannah and River are doing great! They are ready to move though...just like Mr. Hunt and I are. Hannah is a little shorter than River, but she is just as wide. We may have to watch what we feed her. Now that they are about the same size, they have been playing pretty rough with each other. It pretty funny actually, they will be right across from each other in the pounce position for about 30 seconds and all of the sudden they will start running up and down our one hallway in our house. Back and forth, Back and forth. Usually one will have some sort of toy in their mouth and the other is trying to get it. Then they will get so tired and lay down for a few minutes, just to turn around and get in the pounce position again. They definitely need a big fenced in backyard to do this in because in hallway is getting too small.
When I go home for lunch they have their "routine."

I let them out of the crate

They go potty and run back inside

I feed them

They run to the cabinet with the treats and sit

I give them a rawhide

They eat the rawhide while I eat my lunch in peace

I give them another treat to go in their crate

I think they like routine, they get very excited when they know what is coming next.

Hannah is still crewing alot, but she may still be in the "teething" phase. We woke up a few mornings ago and she was chewing on Mr. Hunt's golf shoes. Good thing he doesn't wear them. He says they mess up his game. She also loves chewing on blankets and pillows.

Hannah also loves birds alot more than River does. When I took them on a walk the other day River saw a bird and he lifted his head and his ears went back. As soon as Hannah saw him, she jerked forward and pulled me with her. She thought for sure she was going to catch him. She also chased a squirrel in the neighbors yard that same day.

Hannah and River bring so much joy into our lives. Everyday when we come home, they are so happy to see us and I know they love us.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I finally broke down and got an iPhone. Mr. Hunt has had one for 2 years now and I have always wanted one. When we got our phone plan together and he bought the iPhone, I didn't want to spend that much money on a phone so I got the Samsung BlackJack. I still like that phone and it was still working (which is a plus), but I cant do anything on the Internet.
Since Mr. Hunt has an iPhone, we were paying $30 each for the data plan. So basically I was paying $30 a month for Internet on my phone that doesn't even work. Not only was the screen small, it took forever to download and most of the time wouldn't download everything I needed. The camera wasn't good either. I finally would just pick up Mr. Hunts phone before even trying mine. That's when I decided to get an iPhone.
Since we have had our phones for over 2 years now, we had an upgrade. The iPhone was only $49.
I finally got it in the mail yesterday and have been playing with it non-stop. This phone can do some pretty cool stuff.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The House

Here is the house so far. They are really working hard and fast to get this house done for us. Mr. Hunt and I stopped by late Wednesday night to see what was done in the last week. We have been trying to go every weekend so that we don't miss anything, but since we were out of town last weekend, we hadn't seen it for a while. It was dark, but it looked alot different then the last time we were there.
We went again this Saturday just so that we could see everything in the light, but to our surprise, they got even more done. Between Wednesday and Saturday, they had the house house drywalled. That is impressive.
Our laptop is not wanting to cooperate with us right now so all the pictures I have taken, I cant put on here. This picture, Mr. Hunt took and sent to me so that I could update everyone.
We were told Friday that our closing date is April 23rd. We are so excited to be moving. I know I am looking forward to decorating.

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