Wednesday, April 29, 2015

39 Weeks Pregnant, LAST UPDATE


As you can see in the pictures, this is my LAST UPDATE! I am being induced on Thursday, April 30th at 7am. At my 39 week appointment, I was measuring 1cm dilated, so my doctor agreed to an elective induction. I probably wont be back to update until he is here! BUT, if you want to see him soon, you can follow me on instagram as well as my YouTube channel. I will link both here. 



Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 33lbs still. I think I may have gained a half a pound. Mr. Hunt is on a diet so our dinners have been pretty healthy. Other than that, Im not eating so healthy, but Im glad to still be under my 35b mark.
Maternity Clothes?: If you could call it that. I only wear maternity pants if I am going out of the house, otherwise, its RIGHT back into pj pants. I only have a few shirts left that parents long sleeve and its been hot here, so I recycle through the week. Also, my belly even pops right out of the bottom of some of Mr. Hunt's shirts. You know its time for this baby to get here if you can't even fit in your large shirts anymore. I just feel so claustrophobic in all clothes to be honest.
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: thankfully no since Im feeling all sorts of other things right now
Best Moment This Week: As much as I really want to have this baby, I was very grateful to have a good relaxing weekend with Jane as an only child. We went to the beach for the first time this season and we had a BLAST! It was a lot different than last year. 
Food Cravings?: This week has been all over the place with food. I haven't been as hungry as I was last week, but anything I see, I want to eat it. We went to the grocery store, and Ive never had so many impulse buys. Chocolate milk anymore? (I never buy that)
Gender?: baby boy Jackson
Labor Signs?: I finally started to get some Braxton Hicks (or maybe even some real contractions) a few days ago. I think they might be the real thing because my Braxton Hicks have never been that painful. They weren't too painful, but more painful than Ive ever had before. Also not regular, so.....
Belly Button In or Out?: Outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off
What I'm Looking Forward To?: You know what? I don't even know what I want anymore. One hour, Im almost in tears wanting him out right now. Im in so much pain and so uncomfortable. I also really want to meet him and start our little family of four so bad. Then the next hour, I feel totally different. I like our routine with Jane. I get down time while she naps, and she gets all of my attention while she's awake. Im so nervous about the change. My hormones are everywhere y'all. 
Anything Else?: Nothing much. You want to hear me complain? Im tired, energized, nesting, uncomfortable, can't find anything to wear, having headaches, having contractions, can't stop peeing, wants to eat everything I see, excited, nervous, scared, worried, happy, sad, and a lot of other feelings. I guess that explains what 39 weeks is like. Ive never been here before!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Maternity Pictures

I got maternity pictures done when I was pregnant with Jane by my good friend who happens to also be a photographer. That was when we lived in Texas, so obviously its a little hard to get her to do them again this time. Photography can be so expensive these days, so Mr. Hunt and I decided against the maternity pictures this time. It would have been fun to get some family of three pictures done since we haven't done that in a very long time and never will again, but I wasn't so worried about getting belly pictures of me. I love the ones I have when I was pregnant with Jane, but its not worth all the money that any photographer was asking around here. 

In return, I asked Mr. Hunt if he would take a few pictures of Jane and I and also of my belly and if we could get family/newborn pictures professionally done when Jackson gets here. He agreed. I have been documenting my belly growth this whole time through pictures and also on my YouTube so if I ever feel like looking at what my belly was like, I could go through those. But I thought it would be good to get a few really good ones at the end of the pregnancy as well. 

It was very hard to get Jane to cooperate for the first few pictures. We even bribed her with candy, and it wasn't working. 

Then somehow Daddy got her to cooperate.

I think Mr. Hunt did a good job on these next ones. Even the shadow looks good. He said he purposely did some with me in the center and then some off center.

Jane didn't want to cooperate with kissing Jackson either. She would kiss him super quick and Mr. Hunt would miss the shot. Then she was over it and ran away to go play with her toys.

We finally gave up on her participating and when we walked out to put the camera away, she asked to take another picture of her kissing Jackson. So we got a few more.

These are definitely good enough for me to have to look back on. I can't wait to get some family/newborn pictures done when Jackson gets here though.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

38 Week Doctor Appointment

So Ive been down to one appointment per week until Jackson gets here since week 36. Ive been looking forward to my 38 week appointment the most though because that is when they said they would start to check me for dilation.

Let me back up a bit. My 38 week appointment with Jane was the one when they told me to go STRAIGHT over to the hospital to get induced. They also told me I was 3cm dilated at that point too. 

So, I knew that I wouldn't be sent over to the hospital this time around because there were no signs of pre-eclampsia this time. I was having signs with Jane for about 2 weeks prior. BUT, I was excited to be checked for dilation because my doctor told me that normally if you were dilated already at 38 weeks with your first, you usually start dilating around the same time with subsequent pregnancies. So, I was fully expecting to be at least a centimeter or two dilated when I went in. 

You are probably wondering why I was hoping to be dilated. Well, contrary to other people's opinions, Im hoping to be induced. Im terrified to go into labor on my own....for a few reasons, but that can be saved for another post. I understand that I could go into labor at anytime really now so I may go into labor on my own anyway, but my doctor has been telling me that if Im dilated at 39 weeks, then we could talk about being induced. 

So in my mind, I was thinking, "oh, no biggie! I was 3 cm at 38 weeks, I will definitely be dilated by 39 weeks!" 

Sure enough, I went in to my 38 week appointment, everything went smoothly, then he checked me. ZERO centimeters, cervix still thick, and Jackson is still very high up. NOT the news I wanted. I was really bummed out all day to be honest. He said again that he wouldn't induce me until I was dilated some, and to be honest, I wouldn't want to go in and be induced if I was at this stage because clearly my body isn't ready and I don't want to have my chances of a c-section be higher than needed. 

Some of you may be reading this with your jaw on the floor....for a few reasons. 
  • She should be thankful for a healthy pregnancy
  • She should just wait until her body is ready and go into labor on her own
  • She should just be glad that Jackson is healthy
  • It will eventually happen!
I understand all of this. I really do. BUT I was just bummed out because it was something I didn't expect at all. I also know that just because I was zero centimeters, doesn't meant that I wont go into labor today. I also know that just because someone is 3 cm at 38 weeks, doesn't mean they will go into labor sooner than someone who was zero centimeters at 38 weeks. Really, everybody is different. I know that my Mom was late with me and that kind of thing runs in the family. 

Anyway. I guess I just wanted to document this appointment since I really was bummed out. I know that I only have two more weeks until my due date and he will be here very SOON! It just seems like eternity when Im super uncomfortable. I also hate the waiting game and I PLAN EVERYTHING, so the unknown is slowly killing me I think. 

Thanks for listening y'all. This was all over the place, but thats honestly how I feel right now. Im going to go and take a LONG WALK!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 33lbs. Not surprised really though. I read that the baby continues to grow after 37 weeks but you're about as big as you'll get. BUT, I have been SO HUNGRY these past few days. Nothing I eat satisfies me and I am hungry a few hours later. SO, Ive been eating everything, and nothing really healthy either.
Maternity Clothes?: Yeah, so over it. I feel claustrophobic in clothes these days. As soon as I get home from anywhere, the first thing I do is take off my clothes and get in pjs. I can't wait until I can wear cute spring/summer clothes all day and feel comfortable
Stretch Marks?: No, not yet and if this is as big as I get, I may have dodged it again. 
Feeling Sick?: Not really. Im not feeling the greatest, but I have random indigestion and acid reflux still even though I think he has dropped. 
Best Moment This Week: Having a relaxing weekend. We didn't even leave he house on Sunday. I was actually a little antsy and wanted to go out and do something, but then again, I was glad I never had to get dressed. It was nice to spend one on one time with Jane too since I know that will be less and less soon for her
Food Cravings?: PICKLES! Then this week since Ive been constantly hungry, I vaguely remember telling Chris I wanted a pizza, cheeseburger, dumplings, and a few other non-healthy really random things. I feel bad because he is on a diet! BUT he did get me a cheeseburger last night and it hit the spot, until just an hour later when I was hungry again! ugh!
Gender?: BOY
Labor Signs?: No. Im not even sure Ive had many braxton hicks contractions this week. 
Belly Button In or Out?: Outie
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Jackson being here. Im so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I know life will instantly be harder and more crazy as soon as he gets here, but its got to happen at some point (no turning back now) and I just don't like being pregnant. Especially at this stage. Im just SO uncomfortable and Im a planner, so the unknown is killing me slowly. 
Anything Else?: We got the diaper station put together in our room for when he decides to show up, also his bassinet. We also installed the carseat which took two seconds (and Ive been making a huge deal about getting it in NOW). I have to pee everything I move. Then when I go to pee, one drip comes out. I get up, and instantly feel like I still have to go....very frustrating. So most of the time, I ignore it, then I tend to wait to long to go and almost pee my pants! Im getting a lot of charlie horses in my calves at night. They aren't too bad, but they are annoying. Im still trying to drink lots of water so that I don't swell up too much, but I think that's what helps charlie horses too. Lastly, Im trying to stay on top of my cleaning schedule and constantly have everything clean in the house in case he decides to come anytime. When I went to be induced with Jane, the house was a MESS and I was so embarrassed when our neighbor cleaned our entire house for us before we brought Jane home. BUT who am I kidding, I can hardly walk around, let alone vacuum the entire house. So Im also trying not to beat myself up if things get behind.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

36-37 Weeks Pregnant


Jane has started to pick up me holding my belly in each picture. Look above, she's copying. How cute?

Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 30lbs So happy that I didn't gain 6 lbs in one week like I did at this same week with Jane's pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia was starting
Maternity Clothes?: Yep. I actually went through my closet this week to get out all the spring/summer clothes. I left all my maternity (very little) clothes out in front but I was excited to see all the cute clothes that I forgot I had and hopefully I fit into them by the end of summer
Stretch Marks?: Nope. I never got them with Jane either. But man, my tummy is stretched to the max
Feeling Sick?: Well, Ive been battling a runny nose. Hopefully its just allergies or something. As far as feeling sick for the pregnancy, Im doing fine besides the acid reflux that seems to make an appearance no matter what I eat
Best Moment This Week: Spending our last holiday as a family of three together. Jane had a great Easter, and so did we. Im excited to add Jackson into the mix next year, but I kept thinking about how this was it, the last one. We are almost a family of four!
Food Cravings?: Still just cold things, fruity things, pickles, and hard boiled eggs. 
Gender?: BOY
Labor Signs?: Nope, just braxton hicks here and there.
Belly Button In or Out?: outie, it even sticks through some of my tighter shirts 
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off, but Im definitely not as swollen as I was with Jane at this point. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My brother's wedding is this weekend. I can't wait to see family and friends. I know that I will be worn out by the end of it all, but its so worth it. 
Anything Else?: Ive been still buying last minute things for Jackson. If he were to decide to come today, I have all the essentials, I just feel like I should get him at least a few things that aren't pink or purple. But if he comes, he can use a pink burp cloth until we get him a blue one :)


There she goes again, holding her belly!

Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 30.5lbs. A lot better than the 38lbs I gained with Jane by this point
Maternity Clothes?: So ready to be OUT of maternity clothes. 
Stretch Marks?: Still no. I think Ill be able to dodge this bullet again
Feeling Sick?: Just very light acid reflux
Best Moment This Week: Seeing my little brother marry his best friend and gaining another sister in law. The wedding was so fun and Im glad everything went well as far as me being super pregnant
Food Cravings?: Same as usual. Pickles, COLD anything, fruity things.... 
Gender?: BOY
Labor Signs?: No.
Belly Button In or Out?: outie for sure
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Since the wedding is over, its truly baby time. Im considered FULL TERM now so he can make his appearance whenever. Im just looking forward to seeing what he looks like and getting our family of 4 started
Anything Else?: The wedding went great, but I may have over done it a little. My ligament pain has turned from just being really sore, to feeling like I actually have a torn muscle. Not even Tylenol helps at this point. I just keep telling myself that he will be here soon and I will be able to walk again. Also, the day after the wedding, I was SO swollen. I was getting nervous that pre-eclampsia was starting because that was the first sign last time. On Monday I drank a TON of water and now Im not so puffy. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter: Last Holiday as a Family of Three

We had a great Easter. It was the last holiday we will celebrate as a family of three so we tried to spoil Jane and take it all in. 

The Easter Bunny came and left Jane a basket outside in the backyard filled with a lot of toys and candy! When we woke her up in the morning to tell her what day it was, she thought we were headed to the neighborhood egg hunt that we went to a few weekends ago to SEE the Easter Bunny. Its so cute to see their minds work. One of these Easters, she will really get it!

We brought the basket inside and she looked through everything. There were a lot of new things so she wasn't as excited for those things. Play-doh is one. She has never played with play-doh, and she got a lot of those. I think she looked the eggs best because each one had a piece of candy in it.

After that, I made a big breakfast. Usually we go to the 9:30am church service, but we decided to have a slow morning, enjoy breakfast, and go to the 11:15 service instead. I made bunny cinnamon rolls. They burned a little but they were still good.

Somehow we still managed to be in a huge rush and almost late to church, so we waited to take pictures until after we got home from church. Church was great, but for some reason, Jane didn't have a good time in nursery. Usually she is fine and loves going in. Apparently she cried almost the whole time for us. Im not sure what happened. The good thing, it that I had no idea until we picked her up. She was crying so hard, she could hardly breath, Ive never seen her cry so hard, it was heartbreaking. Now overtime I take her in there Im going to be worried the whole time.

Its almost impossible to take a picture of Jane these days. Mr. Hunt picked her a flower (weed) and asked her to sit down. At least she was sitting still for some pictures....even if she didn't look at the camera.

Im looking very swollen these days, so this isn't my favorite picture of Mr. Hunt and I, but I realized that I don't have many of these anymore. Im always taking pictures of Jane and forgetting to get good ones of us. This wasn't planned though. I was setting up the trip-pod, this was a test Jane refused to come over.

After she say us take one together though, she ran right over.

After nap, we went to the outlet mall and bought Mr. Hunt some much needed sun glasses and ate dinner at Outback. It was a nice Easter dinner that I didn't have to cook or clean up.

When we got home, Mr. Hunt hid some Easter eggs in the backyard for Jane to have an egg hunt. She had a blast with that. Then we dyed eggs.

Once again it was fun to see her little brain working. At times it looked like she was very confused as to why we were coloring these eggs.

But she got the hang of it and loved it.

We of course talked to her about the real meaning of Eater. Our redeemer lives! I think next year that part will really click too. Next year, we will have two kids! Holidays are about to get even more fun!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

34-35 Weeks Pregnant!


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 27lbs still. Im kind of surprised because I didn't eat that healthy. Mr. Hunt was out of town and I didn't feel like cooking. BUT I did get a lot done so maybe the walking and being on my feet for a long time helped there
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, and Mr. Hunt informed me last night that he saw a hole in one of my favorite yoga pants (the only ones that still fit) in the bum! Good thing he told me instead of someone else! Haha!
Stretch Marks?: No, but my skin is starting to feel really tight. I don't remember that with Jane
Feeling Sick?: Not sick. BUT my ligament pain is HORRIBLE! Its getting worse. I feel it 24/7 but any little move it gets worse. 
Best Moment This Week: I went downtown to eat lunch with my sister in law for her bachelorette party. My Mom came in town to help watch Jane and she helped me with things around the house as well as just had some fun with Jane and I.
Food Cravings?: Anything COLD and FRUITY! If there was a smoothie place around here, I guarantee Id be there every single day. 
Gender?: baby boy
Labor Signs?: No, just some braxton hicks contractions
Belly Button In or Out?: outie, it even sticks through some of my tighter shirts 
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off BOOOOOO
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Im looking forward to the next few weeks when we start to get ready for Jackson.
Anything Else?: I got my bridesmaid dress and it fits OK. Hopefully a few alterations can fix it and I will feel better about how I will look at my brothers wedding


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 29lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Yep. Now even Mr. Hunt's shirts are starting to get smaller by the day, you know, my tummy hanging out the bottom? UGH! 
Stretch Marks?:Nope
Feeling Sick?: Not sick which Im very happy about. BUT, my ligament pain is at its worse. It gets worse day by day and I feel it with every single move. I even woke up this morning with back pain now. I don't remember being in this much pain with Jane. Its starting to worry me a little big like my muscles are about to rip apart!
Best Moment This Week: Having a very relaxing weekend with just Jane and Mr. Hunt. I started to realize that these are the last few weekends that we will be just a family of 3 (or 5 if you count the puppies). We have some busy weekends coming up so cherishing the slow relaxing ones are good.
Food Cravings?: Still cold, fruity things. Since we don't have a smoothie place around here, I bought more stuff to make some smoothies and Im going to try my best to make them perfect. Im also still obsessed with pickles and Ive noticed that a day doesn't go by that I don't eat a hard boiled egg with lots of salt and pepper on it. 
Gender?: baby boy Jax
Labor Signs?: I could have SWORN I was in labor last night. EVERYTHING hurt. But it was probably in my half sleep confusion and nothing was really too bad. I haven't really had too many braxton hicks this week, but the ligament/back pain just makes everything so bad
Belly Button In or Out?: outie 
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  Off, but I don't feel AS puffy as I did with Jane....yet
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My brother's wedding in two weekends and seeing lots of family
Anything Else?: We are getting so close to meeting Jackson! We went to a hospital tour this past week. We probably could have skipped it because they spent most of the time talking about what was going to happen, and what to pack (which was more for first time pregnant people), but it was fun to see the rooms and get to know the Women's Care Area better for the big day.

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