Monday, June 25, 2012

Second Appointment 11 weeks 2 days

I was so sad when Mr. Hunt got caught up in a meeting and couldn't make it to our second appointment. I was mostly sad because he would miss seeing the baby on the ultrasound. Our doctor said we only get to see the baby on the first visit and second visit. The third visit is just hearing the heartbeat (which is still amazing), and the forth we would see him/her to decide if its a him or her. Thats it. Then we would only see the baby on ultrasound if there were complications, and I don't want complications. So, with there only being three times we get to actually see the baby, I was hoping he would be there.
I decided to video tape the entire thing (4 minutes) on my phone so that Mr. Hunt didn't miss anything. Im so glad that I did too. First of all, the baby looked much more human than the last time we saw him/her. Last time it looked like a little bean, this time he/she had a profile, arms and legs, etc. Then the best moment happened. The baby started jumping and moving around. I couldn't stop saying awwww. It was weird to think that was inside me since I couldn't feel a thing, but I guess since its only 2 inches long inside a uterus the size of a grapefruit, I really wouldn't feel it. The baby was waving and kicking its feet everywhere. Then we waited and just watched him/her move around. The ultrasound lady needed more measurements and she couldn't get them until the baby stopped moving.

Once that was over, the rest of the appointment was pretty boring and fast. I had to get my finger pricked so that they could test for the likelihood of downs syndrome and a few other things. I won't know the results of that for another 7-10 days. Then I just talked to the doctor about the last 3 weeks since I had seen her last. Ill spare you the details.
My next appointment is July 10th and Ill be 15 weeks and 2 days. This time is when we will only hear the heartbeat. Im not sure what else we will do. There is supposed to be another test done, but she said its for 16 weeks and later so we will push that to the next appointment, so not even sure what else we will do. Ill be fine with just hearing the heartbeat though, I love hearing it!

UPDATE: All the bloodwork and the measurements of the fluid behind Baby Hunt's neck came back normal. We are cleared from Down's Syndrome. Of course, its only testing the likelihood and we won't know for sure until the baby is born, but the tests came back that we are not likely and they feel that no further tests need to be done.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Appointment 8 weeks and 2 days

Originally written May 23, 2012

Mr. Hunt and I finally went to our first pregnancy appointment. When I first found out I was pregnant, I called the doctor right away, but they informed me that they didn't want to see me until I was 8 weeks pregnant. At that point I wasn't even 4 weeks yet, how was I going to be able to wait for more than 4 weeks to see if this baby was OK and even in there?
So for the past 4 weeks, Ive been constantly thinking about whether the baby is OK, if its growing OK, if its even in there (hey, Ive read some crazy things online), or if I was healthy. The 4 weeks flew by (kinda), and then yesterday (the day of the appointment) went SO SLOW. In order for Mr. Hunt to be able to come with me, we had to have the appointment in the afternoon so he could take some time off work. So all day, I was sitting and staring at the clock.
When it was finally time, I had to drink 20oz of water, 20 minutes before the appointment. This was hard. I drank it on the way there, and halfway through it was making me feel sick because I had a bunch of water swishing around in my stomach. I waited until I got to the parking lot and chugged the rest, I didn't want to mess anything up by not drinking it all. In order to see the baby clearest on the ultrasound, I had to have a full bladder. The waves bounce off the water in the bladder to make a better picture.
When they called us in, the lady said "OK, lets do your ultrasound and see the baby." I was so shocked that this was going to be the VERY first thing we did. I guess it makes sense, but Ive been waiting for so long to do this, and the time was finally here! I laid down on the bed thing and Mr. Hunt sat right next to me. They had a flat screen TV in front of us so that we could see what she was looking at on a larger scale. She asked me a few questions to determine how far along I was and she said "So you are 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant today." Then she put the little wand on my stomach and moved it around. Finally I saw a little blob and she said "there's your baby!" It was the best thing ever! It was so cool. She zoomed in a little so that we could see the heart actually beating. It was so cool. Then she turned up the volume so we could hear the heart. It was beating so fast. "167 beats per minute" the lady said. I asked if that was good, and she said it was the best they have seen that day. Phew! For a minute there, I thought that was my heart beating since I knew my heart had to be going pretty fast too. The last laughed at me when I asked and said that the baby's heart is going twice as fast as mine. Then she measured the baby from its head to its feet (or tail right now) to determine if it was growing at the right pace. "Yep, its 8 weeks and 2 days exactly to its size, right on track." I was so relieved! Our baby was healthy! I could finally breath and enjoy some of this pregnancy stuff.

After that was just a normal check up and talk with the doctor and have 12 tubes of blood taken for various tests. Nothing too special or fun.
Now I cannot wait to see the baby again in 3 weeks for our next appointment. It should look more like a baby than just a little bean this next time.

UPDATE: The 12 tubes of blood tests all came back normal. I can't name everything that they tested of because I don't know, but I do know that the baby is healthy and so am I. To me, that's all that matters right now.

Momma to be

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

So I guess Mr. Hunt is a Father now right? I think yes!

Yesterday morning, we woke up and had a slow morning. Around 10am, I asked Mr. Hunt if he wanted to go to the lake or the pool with me to get some sun and some fresh air. He didn't want to. Mr. Hunt takes his weekends pretty seriously. Its hard to get him out of the house. All he wants to do is sit around and relax. I don't blame him since all he does all week long is run around like a chicken with his head chopped off. Sometimes, I need to get out of the house though since Ive been in here all week. We try to have a little of both on the weekends, but as soon as I looked at Mr. Hunt and said Happy Fathers Day, he took that and ran with it. He said "Oh, I forgot it was Fathers Day, that means I get to do nothing at all, all day, whatever I want, and I want to do nothing." I couldn't argue with that. Thats just what we did. Nothing. I went out to grab us some lunch, but besides that, we just sat around. Finally I convinced Mr. Hunt to at least go out to dinner with me so we did really early. With this pregnancy, when I'm hungry, I'M HUNGRY!!! Its quite annoying actually, but I need to eat right then or I'll get nauseous and then not be able to do anything. Anyway, we had a nice day, a perfect day in Mr. Hunts eyes, and that's what matters since its his day.

We also made calls to our daddies. Its always nice to talk to them on the phone about whats going on, but something about talking to them on Fathers Day makes it a little better. I'm trying hard not to sound like every other person on Fathers Day, but I truly do believe I have THE BEST dad and father in law. I know Ive talked about it before on previous Father's Days, but Mr. Hunt and I have everything we need in a dad in the two of them. They don't know it, but they are the perfect combination! We always know which dad to call for which ever situation, its awesome.

Happy Father's Day! We love you both and are so lucky to have you as our dads.....and soon to be Grandads!


How I broke the NEWS with Mr. Hunt

For so long I have been wanting to be a mommy, and Mr. Hunt surprisingly has wanted to be a daddy. I say surprisingly because a lot of men his age get freaked out when you mention children. So, I knew we were going to start our family soon after we got married, and ever since I knew this, Ive always tried to think of the best way to surprise Mr. Hunt when I finally became pregnant. The ideas started flowing more once we were actually trying to get pregnant.
I never really thought of the right thing which I think is why it didn't really turn out the way I pictured when the time actually came. When I finally got that positive pregnancy test on that Friday morning, my heart started racing. I don't even remember what I thought, and I swear my body just took over, walked me over to my phone, and called Mr. Hunt. Thank goodness he didn't answer because I would have told him right there despite the idea of surprising him. After he didn't answer, I still don't really know what I did or thought, I kinda walked around like a zombie for a bit and then finally got on the computer to look up doctors, and took these pictures.

See? Still in my pajamas, walking around like a zombie. This is the day I found out, about 3 and a half weeks pregnant.

I don't ever remember thinking anymore about surprising Mr. Hunt, the last thing I wanted to do was think of something and have to go get stuff.....I was glued to the computer all day. A few hours went by and Mr. Hunt called me back. I thought about not answering it knowing that I would spill the beans, but again something took over my body and I answered. To tell you the truth, I have NO CLUE what we talked about, all I was thinking about was that I was talking to my baby daddy! Then the subject of what we wanted for dinner came up. I said "We should go out to celebrate." "celebrate what?" Mr. Hunt said. "Oh I don't know, just celebrate." and I'm sure Mr. Hunt could hear my permanent smile (you know when you can tell someone is smiling while they are talking)? There was a little pause, "Are you pregnant" Mr. Hunt asked. Again there was silence because I really did want to surprise him a different way, but I just said "yeah..." Then Mr. Hunt didn't believe me. After that I don't remember what we talked about again, but I know there were some screams, lots of laughing, and happiness.
Mr. Hunt was on his way to get some lunch so he had to go. I was hoping he would be able to come home early that day to celebrate with me, but it was Friday which means he had to stay all day of meetings.
As soon as we hung up, I was so happy he knew and he was happy, but I was sad that I didn't surprise him like I always imagined. Lets face it, I'm not good at keeping secrets. Heck, I can't even keep Christmas gifts from Mr. Hunt until Christmas, how was I going to keep the fact that I had his baby inside me from him?
Now, weeks later, Mr. Hunt complains that I didn't tell him in the ideal situation. He was at work, on the way to get lunch and he couldn't be with me. He is upset that I didn't take the test while he was standing right there with me. I tried to explain the situation to him and the WHOLE reason I took it while he was gone every time was to be able to surprise him. Of course, he really isn't THAT mad, he just wishes if I were going to surprise him, then I should have so that we could have hugged and been together. Of course, we did have a good evening once Mr. Hunt finally got home that night. He just likes to tease me because he knows I can't keep a secret.

Next time, and there will be a next time (we want three kids, if we are so lucky), I will have the surprise planned out, that way when I get that positive test, Ill already know what to do. Or maybe, Ill take the test with him there with me so that we can jump up and down and be happy together right then.

I don't regret a thing that has happened so far in this pregnancy, not even the way I broke the news to Mr. Hunt. We will always remember this and he will always remember that he was on his way to lunch, sitting in his car. The most important part is that we finally have a healthy little baby that we created together about to come into this world in 6 short months. Amen!

Woman who can't keep secrets

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh My Gosh! Im Pregnant!!!

So most of you (well maybe only some because I know a lot of you that read this are family and already knew the news) were probably wondering why I was in such a writing slump. Well, to be honest, it was SO hard to think of anything else to write about than this HUGE secret I was keeping from the world. Lucky for you (I would assume), Ive still been writing about everything since the day I found out (April 20th) and just haven't posted them. So now, we will go into the catch up phase and start this new journey of being pregnant together (kinda).

One more thing before you read about THE day. I mention that Ive waited 6 months for that positive test. Mr. Hunt and I decided to start trying in November, but we really didn't try, just didn't prevent anything. Of course in my head, I wanted to be pregnant right then. It wasn't until a few months had past that I really started to look up the different ways to "help" and then got frustrated when those didn't work either. I would say that we really only tried 3 months out of the 6, but I was super excited to see that positive for sure!
**Also a little warning. depending on what you think is too much information, you may want to proceed with caution. There isn't anything too un called for in this post, but you could probably marine what things I might be talking about with pregnancy. I promise never to be too gross on here because I don't want to scare people away, but I also write this blog for my memory and don't want to skip things either.**

Originally written April 20th, 2012
Yes, today is THE DAY I found out! I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I'm so glad that I didn't have to go anywhere today like a job or I wouldn't have gotten anything done! I'm not even getting anything done today here at home! I have a lot on my to do list, but I just keep finding myself back at the computer looking up EVERYTHING baby related, I just can't help it.
So, the past few days, Ive felt a little weird. In the back of my mind, I thought for sure I was pregnant, but didn't want to get my hopes up like I have been for the past 6 months. The past six months while I was waiting to see if I was pregnant or not, I would make up little symptoms that obviously ended up not being pregnancy symptoms, but this time was different.
The first thing I noticed was little tingling feelings in my lower belly, and even sometimes a quick shooting pain. I didn't get these before. I still didn't want to jump to conclusions, because it could have been mind over matter and I was just thinking my lower belly was tingly, so I just waited. Plus it was still WAY too early to take a test.
Then 6 days before my "monthly girly visit" was due, Wednesday April 18th, I took a test that morning. For those of you that don't know about these tests, they have early detection tests that can detect pregnancy up to 6 days before your "monthly girly visit." I couldn't wait any longer, but it came back negative. I was so bummed. Besides me not being able to wait much longer to take the test, I also took it because it was my last one in the pack that I bought. This way, I wouldn't buy another test until I missed my "monthly girly visit" as not to waste anymore tests like I have in the past few months.
After getting a negative on Wednesday, I really was upset. Of course I did what I had done the other 6 months and started researching things online to make myself feel better. Mostly I would look at the websites that showed that some people took a test 6 days out and got a negative, but they were still pregnant.  I won't go into all the details of this crazy thing, but basically your body produces hCG when you are pregnant and the more days you are pregnant, the more hCG is produced. hCG is what the test detects so if their isn't much in your body at the time you take it, you get a negative.
Anyways, on Wednesday, the day I got the negative, I once again had the two voices inside my head going back and forth like they had been for so long. "You can still be pregnant, isn't that great?" and "No, you just got a negative, don't get excited, you probably aren't pregnant."
Something came over me at the grocery store that day, and despite me intentionally taking the last test so not to waste anymore, I bought another box of three tests! I know, I'm crazy! That night, I became very bloated, sorry if this is too much info. My belly was huge compared to what it normally looks like. I put it off as something I mast have ate since I just got a negative test that morning.
So the next day, Thursday the 19th, I started to get really tired. A tired that wasn't normal at all. Since being here in Texas and not working, I still put myself on a schedule, because if I don't, then I would never get anything done. Since on the new schedule, I'm never tired, I always have energy and my days are great! So, being tired was a little weird. Again, I assumed pregnancy, but didn't get my hopes up. I also had some small cramps and lower back pain, but put that off as "pre monthly girly visit." Towards the middle of the day, I was so bloated that I couldn't think of anything else. Is this TMI? Anyway, I almost looked pregnant I was so bloated, and this has NEVER happened before. It was very strange. So, I thought for sure, I HAD to be pregnant. With all the research I have done in the past, I know that in order to know for sure you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test (obviously), but people have also taken ovulation tests too and got positives. I had some left, so I took one. (This is where you probably think I'm really crazy now). I just didn't want to waste the pregnancy tests since I had just got a negative 24 hours before this. I was waiting for the smiley face to pop up on the ovulation test, and I didn't get it. Again, SO bummed.
OK, this is getting to be a really LONG story. Sorry. But I have to write it so that I always remember. So after getting a negative on the ovulation test, I immediately told myself that I wasn't pregnant. I couldn't have been, this was two negatives, one on 6 days out and the other on 5 days out. But again, I also told myself that it was just an ovulation test, not a pregnancy test, so maybe it was wrong. Who knows? That night, I was still so bloated. Mr. Hunt even said that he had never seen my stomach so pooched out before (and I didn't even mention being bloated to him, he was just being a sweet husband and pointed out my pooched belly). It was then that I wanted to make an excuse for having a big belly so I finally told Mr. Hunt that I thought I was pregnant (even though I had just taken a test a few hours ago that was negative).  You heard that right? I hadn't really mentioned to Mr. Hunt about thinking I was pregnant yet, only because he had heard it so many times before and it was never true. So as soon as I mentioned it he asked when I would be able to take a test and as I told him all the corresponding dates, he said "So you can take one now then, right?" I told him that I couldn't take one then because it was best to take the test in the morning, especially this early out, and the conversation ended. Even though that is true, I really just didn't want to take one since I just had a negative hours before.
The next morning (THIS MORNING), I woke up and had small cramps and lower back pain again. Ive never experienced this much though with my "monthly girly visit" so again the idea of being pregnant was in my head. The tests were calling my name and if I were to test today, now was the time since it was as soon as I woke up. I hurried and ripped the box open and took the test. Usually when I take them, I walk away since it takes up to three minutes to get an answer, but this morning was different. I decided to sit there and wait. Three minutes later, it said "PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!"
I didn't know what to do. My heart was racing!

To be continued.....

So here we are a few months later. Im almost 12 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. I have a lot written about each week that has gone by and the two doctor visits Ive already been on. Mr. Hunt and I are so excited about this next chapter in our lives. Its funny how Ive always dreamed of this, and now its coming true. We couldn't be happier. Thank you everyone for all the support so far. The ones that have been there from the beginning (mostly family), its been a little rough, but I hope these next few weeks will be a lot better.

I love you all.

Jennifer (mommy to be)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Technology

As some of you may have seen, I ranted a little on Facebook a few days ago about technology, or more importantly, my iPhone. I was honestly in shock with how much I relied on that little thing.
Let me back up to try to explain why I was so shocked. Growing up, and even now, I'm not really the type of person who is really into technology. Anything technology related that I know, is from Mr. Hunt. I remember when Mr. Hunt and I decided to get a phone plan together, the first iPhone had just came out. I wasn't really interested in it at all. Mr. Hunt got the iPhone, and I got some other samsung phone. Of course after playing with his iPhone constantly, I wanted one, but I waited a year or two until the samsung died.
Even when I first got the iPhone, I only used it to text, call, take pictures, and play games. I had no clue or desire really to use the email, the Internet, or the GPS that it provided. I never used it or needed it on other phones, so why would I need it now? It wasn't until Mr. Hunt would show me how to use those things that I started to use them. He would see me printing or writing down directions somewhere, or see me get on the laptop to check email and ask why I wasn't using the iPhone.

Fast forward to today and I literally use the iPhone for EVERYTHING! Text, call, pictures, games, notes, reminders, calendar, planner, GPS, Internet, etc. It wasn't until my phone decided to die the other day that I sadly realized my life kinda revolves around this phone.
Mr. Hunt was out of town in Dallas for work and he asked if he could take the laptop. I hesitated since I knew I wouldn't be able to blog, but since I haven't had much to say lately, I let him take it. Oh yeah, Mr. Hunt and I lost our iPad in Puerto Rico, we think on the bus to the airport. We actually went to go buy another one a few days before he left, but realized the only time we ever used it was when we went out of town, which really wasn't much, so we decided to wait. So a few nights into Mr. Hunt being gone, I was laying in bed and realized the phone only had 10% battery left so I plugged it in. About 10 minutes later, my phone buzzed with a Facebook message and when I checked it, it said 7%. That was weird. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in. It made the noise that it does when you plug it in, but it would show that it was charging. I panicked. I called Mr. Hunt, but he didn't answer. I texted him that I only had 7% battery left and that my phone wasn't charging. If he couldn't get ahold of me, that was why. Then I turned the phone off so that I could use the 7% the next day to find an AT&T store since I had no clue where one was.
That night I was so scared. Again, probably from all the mystery murder shows and scary movies I watch, but I honestly didn't have any form of communication if something happened. We don't have a house phone, and Mr. Hunt had our only other laptop. I didn't get much sleep, and as soon as the sun came up, I checked my phone to find an AT&T store. Looked like there was one by the mall, so I quickly turned it off again and headed there.
I found it in the mall, but the guy told me that I had to go to the Apple store to see if they could fix it. I had been there before and had a general idea of how to get there, so I headed that way. But, I started out going the wrong way on the highway and didn't realize it until about 15 minutes of driving. Turning around and finding my way, I got lost about 5 more times. My phone didn't turn back on even though I turned it off at 5% so I had no way of looking at a map. Once I got there, it was 11:15am and of course they couldn't see me until 12:30pm. I headed to eat something for lunch and then realized that I had no clue what time it was. I don't normally wear a watch, I always use my phone, so I had to ask a few people a few times what time it was. Who does that these days? Also, eating lunch by yourself is already awkward, add not having a phone to call someone or distract you from being by yourself, and I was just staring off into space for an hour and a half.
Long story short, the Apple guy said that I had liquid damage on one of the four sensors (which I never recall my phone getting wet), and I had to buy a new phone. But from the time the phone "died" at 10pm that night before, until 2pm that afternoon when I got the new phone, I was seriously lost. No telling what time it was, no checking the Internet or Facebook, no directions, and no way of telling Mr. Hunt I was OK. I was honestly mad at myself and the world for letting technology get like this. I mean, I'm happy that I have these things and it does make life easier, but watch out if you are found without your technology. The world is going SO FAST! I feel like we need to slow down! I'm still a little annoyed that I let things get like that. Maybe we do need a land line, or just another laptop, but that's just giving in to the technology more. Mr. Hunt and I decided that once a week, most likely either Saturday or Sunday, we should not touch technology, or really just our phones or the laptop.
In the meantime, I try not to check my phone constantly and see if I can learn my way around Austin without looking at the phone every single time I go somewhere. If I get lost, Ill have the phone, but I need to learn my way around.


Friday, June 1, 2012

We Went Camping

This past weekend ended up being pretty fun if I do say so myself. I was so super excited that Mr. Hunt had Monday off so we could have three whole days to do stuff.
Saturday, we didn't do all....but lay on the couch. Sometimes those are the good days right? Towards the end of the day I started feeling lazy and bad for sitting around all day long so I suggested to Mr. Hunt that we go to the pool for the first time being in this neighborhood. Ive been excited to get out in the sun for awhile now.
So Sunday morning, we slept in a little and put our bathing suits on. We headed over to Jersey Mike's to get our favorite subs (Tuna) and took a short trip to Best Buy to look at TVs. Yes, Mr. Hunt wants a newer, bigger TV. I'm still on the fence since the one we have is perfectly fine. Anyway, then we headed back to the pool. On our way there, I suggested maybe we should go look at the lake access right down the street from our house first to see if it would be a good place to lay by the lake in the future. It was. I was so jealous of everyone on their jet skis and boats, but we had fun sitting on the rocks and soaking in some sun for a little bit. Then we got to talking. The lake access was at a place called Sandy Creek Park which ended up being a campground and there were a lot of people camping. It looked so fun. Mr. Hunt and I have never been camping together and we registered for a lot of camping equipment for our wedding, but still haven't gone. While laying in the sun, we decided to camp that night. As we were leaving, we paid the $15 for overnight so that we HAD to come back and not make any excuses once we got home.
We made a list of things we needed, headed to Target to get all the supplies we didn't already have, tested out putting the tent up since Ive never done that before, and packed the car. We headed 5 minutes back down the street from our house and started our camping!
The rules were to keep the fur babies on a leash so we bought really long rope and tied them to the picnic table and a tree. At first they were confused because they have never been on a long rope. They kept getting tangled with each other and the table and getting frustrated. Then, we put the tent up. I'm happy to announce that we put that thing up so fast without an argument. Now that's awesome! By this time, we noticed there weren't any people around and we decided that we could let the dogs off the rope. We had two tennis balls to occupy River, and we just had to keep an eye on Hannah. They did so good off leash even when a few people walked by, they stayed with us.

This was our little spot. We had two picnic tables, a fire pit, and a little spot for the tent. It was great!

Mr. Hunt insisted on putting up the gamecock flag. We wondered what people thought when they came by. Its not like the gamecocks were playing any sport at the time. First, we played fetch for awhile with the fur babies. We wanted them to get tired before starting a fire.

Once they were tired out, Mr. Hunt sent me to look for sticks. I did a pretty good job. Mr. Hunt started the fire. I was nervous about the dogs. We have never had them near a fire before so I wasn't sure if they would know not to go by it. After all, the beginning of the trip, they were running right through the fire pit. Luckily, when they got close, they felt the heat and backed off.

Then we played a few games of UNO and ate some chips. Right when I wanted to take the picture, Mr. Hunt put down the draw 2 and thought that was hilarious.

Then it was time to cook. Mr. Hunt decided to use coals for the cooking so that we could use the pot without burning the bottom of it. We cooked some hot dogs and chili in the pot. Ive never done this before so I wasn't sure if the chili would turn out good, but it did.

Hannah LOVES being outside. She was in heaven.

She was also in heaven, hoping for some of the hot dog. I think they may have gotten some off Mr. Hunt's plate.

By the time we were done eating, the sun was going down fast! We decided to take a small walk just to look around the camp ground. The dogs were loving all the smells and sounds. When we got back, we put some more sticks on the fire and got ready to make S'mores. What is camping without S'mores?

I like to catch my marshmallow on fire and then blow it out. That way its burned and nice and gooey.

This picture cracks me up. Right before Mr. Hunt snapped the picture, we heard a very scary scream. Then he snapped the picture, this was the face I was making. I was also saying "What was that?" Mr. Hunt was scared too, you just can't see him. There was only one other couple a few spaces down from us, and its wasn't from them. It might be all the scary movies, and murder mystery's I watch, but I was spooked when it was dark.

Even the fur babies were roughing it. They got to eat their dinner from paper plates.

Finished product. YUM!

We played a few more rounds of UNO in the dark with a lantern and then headed into the tent. We played some music and just looked up at the stars. It took awhile for the dogs to realize what was happening since they have never been in a tent. We were in there for about an hour before we finally went to sleep. Ill admit, I didn't sleep very well, mostly because I kept playing all the murder mysteries in my head. I kept listening for someone to walk up to our tent. Silly I know, but you never can be too safe. It was pretty hot when we first got in the tent and we fell asleep with no blanket. By the middle of the night, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped to about 70, so we put a sheet on and we were comfortable.

The next morning there wasn't really any sleeping in. One, because it wasn't the most comfortable spot to sleep in, two, because it was getting more and more hot, and three, the dogs were getting restless. We got up at around 8:30am. I started packing up a little and Mr. Hunt got the fire going again. He was determined to make pancakes. I didn't get a picture because it didn't work. The pan wasn't hot enough and the pancake wasn't cooking. If we were staying another day and had time a patience, Im sure we could have got it to work. By this time, we were ready to head home, so we packed everything else up, and headed 5 minutes back home.

That was my first trip camping and I really did have fun. So many people have told me it isn't fun. To me, it was so much more fun then our normal everyday thing which is watch TV, be in the computer and hardly talk to each other. We got to spend a lot of time together, talk, play games, pay attention to the dogs, etc. It was just refreshing. I will definitely do that again, for sure!

Outdoorsy Person

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