Thursday, May 27, 2010

I miss my Girls

I was thinking this morning on the way to work about how much I miss my girlfriends. Not that I don't think about them everyday, but this morning alot. I don't think I would be who I am today without them. We have had so many good times together and I wish we lived closer.

The last time we had girls night was when we still lived in Columbia. Brandy, Adrienne, Tatiana, and I took way to many pictures (as always...especially if you are with Brandy).

Tatiana and I have known each other for a really really long time, I would say maybe since 7th grade or something (probably earlier than that). We really became friends when we were on the dance team together in high school. Now dance team memories are a whole different story, but Tatiana and I were always close. In college we were roommates for a year but pretty much roommates the whole time since we were always together. We were also on the dance team in college too together. If I were going to go through all of our times together, this would be a really long blog. Long story short, she is one of my best friends and I love her. I don't see her enough. Enough would be everyday! I miss her.

Brandy and I have known each other since we were born pretty much. We were in the same preschool class. We became close friends in high school again, especially because Brandy and Tatiana are practically sisters. Brandy will always make me laugh. She is always singing, even if its the wrong words. She will even make up songs every now and again, but I love it. Tatiana and I have tried to teach her some dance routines and we have had some fun times with that. I can always call Brandy to talk. Even if I haven't talked to her in a really long time (which I hate), it seems like we just talked yesterday. That will never change. She knows she can call me too. I love to hear about her life. I love her too.

Adrienne and I really became friends our freshman year of college. We went to high school together but didnt ever hang out then. Looking back, I wish I had been friends with her since elementary school! We would have made a good team. We are so much alike, sometimes its scary. We have been through alot together. Freshman year was crazy. She lived a few doors down from me in our dorm, and I still swear she newspapered me into my room one morning. She was on the cheerleading team, and I was on the dance team so her and I were constantly dancing. Even if we were in line for food at the Russel House, we would bust out dance moves if we liked the song. We pretty much had some sort of dance to every song ever. I lived with Adrienne my Sophomore and Junior year and I would never change that. Our rooms were right next to each other and we shared a wall. Man that was great! Again, too many memories with her. I love her to death and i miss her like crazy.

Every time I think about it, it seems so easy to just make plans to get together, but it really isn't. All four of us are so busy these days and we are all doing different things, its hard to plan something. Even picking up the phone to say "I miss you" is hard. I am horrible at remembering to call people.

Girls, if you read this: I love you and I miss you. I'm sorry for being such a bad friend. I am horrible at remembering to call people, but please don't think I forget you. I swear something reminds me of one of you everyday. I think about y'all all the time. I tell Chris our stories all of the time and he either says, "I know babe, you tell me this story ALL the time." or "I know, I was there." He misses y'all too of course. We really need to plan a time to all get together and catch up. Just remember, even though I live far away, I'm still your best friend....FOREVER!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No longer LOST

So everyone, LOST is officially over. Honestly I don't think it has hit me yet. I really don't watch too much TV and don't ever really have a favorite show, but LOST was it! Yesterday was Tuesday (when LOST came on) and it was a little weird not sitting down to watch it. Mr. Hunt and I watch Glee instead.
I'm pretty sure Mr. Hunt and I are going to watch all six seasons over one day. LOST is the type of show where you can watch it over and over and see something new every time. Something that happened in the first season, wont come back up or be talked about again until the sixth season, it really cool.
Now I'm watching Bachelorette, So you Think you can Dance, and Kate plus 8. None of which are as cool and interesting as LOST, and none of which I would be really upset if I missed an episode, but they will have to do.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What are disappointments?

I hate when I'm disappointed, as I'm sure everyone is. What are disappointments? As I'm sitting here right now, I'm disappointed. I'm trying to look at the bright side of things.

I think disappointments are little bumps in the road that make the outcome in the future that much better.

I think it is safe to say that I'm ready for the weekend. I want to sit at home and eat brownies or something.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love this guy

What is there not to love about Christopher Andrew Hunt (Mr. Hunt)? Nothing! How can someone not love such a great guy like him?
There are plenty of reasons why I love him, and sometimes he asks me what they are. Well here are just a few.....I wont bore you with all of them.
  • First and foremost, he is my best friend. I know people say that all of the time about their significant other, but for real, he is!
  • We have the same values in life
  • We laugh ALL of the time

  • He loves me for who I am

  • He does what I ask him too (most of the time. And I usually have to ask a few times before he does it, but that is a guy for you)

  • He cares about me and the decisions we make together

  • He is handsome :)

  • He likes most all the things I like (anywhere from music and movies, to food and travel)

  • We could sit together all day long, and never get bored.

  • When I'm upset or sick, he tries all of his funny tricks to make me laugh or feel better.
Enough of this mushy stuff before he gets embarrassed. But for real, I love him!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Late nights, Surprises, Shopping, Pool, and Bugs

Mr. Hunt and I went to Bluffton this weekend. This is the first time we have left our new house for the weekend. There is still alot to be done around our house, but we needed a weekend off from all of that. We had a great fun-filled weekend! Here is a brief summary of what we did.

When we arrived Friday night, my brother had a few friends over so Mr. Hunt and I joined in on some of the fun. Once my brother left with his friends for a late night snack at the Squat and Gobble (open 24 hrs.), Mr. Hunt and I went to bed.

The next morning we tried to sleep in. We didn't get out of bed until 11am which is very late for us, but believe me, we weren't sleeping in really. Hannah likes to get up around 6:30am or so. Once she is up, she tries to wake the three of us (me, Mr. Hunt, and River) up. She makes her squealing noises and steps on us. She will put her paw in our face and sniff us. I try all of my tricks (give her a bone to chew, take her outside for a minute), but none of them really work for very long.

We knew we were going to be gone most of the day, so we decided to take the dogs on a long walk. We took River, Hannah, and Charlie. Charlie doesn't have to be on a leash when he walks because he listens and stays close by. My parents live in a neighborhood that is very quiet so we decided to see what our dogs would do off leash. Surprisingly they stayed very close. Mr. Hunt rode a bike while I walked. He put Hannah on the leash and she pulled him like he was on a sleigh. He didn't even have to peddle. River didn't do so well because he learned (like a good dog) that you don't pull on the leash. They were pooped after that.

That afternoon, Dylan, Davis, Mr. Hunt and I went golfing at my cousins golf course. They played nine holes, while I watched. It is relaxing to sit in the golf cart on such a nice day. Once we were finished, we rode over to my cousins house for the surprise party. We were there pretty early, but we helped around the house. It was my Aunts 50th birthday party, and she had no idea. The party was fun. Even my Aunt from Maryland drove down. We were there the rest of the night. When we got home, I went straight to bed. Mr. Hunt stayed up with Davis and played Army of Two II on the PlayStation.

Sunday morning we tried to sleep in again. We got up around 10:30am and walked the dogs again. Mr. Hunt took Hannah right away and had her pull him to the end of the street. By the time River and I made it half way walking, they were already back. We had them both off leash, and they loved it. I wish we lived somewhere where we could do that all of the time.

My mom and I went shopping late morning/early afternoon so that I could get some clothes for work. I feel like I'm running out of stuff to wear to work. I found some cute stuff, and very good deals! Thanks Mom!!!!

When we got back, my Mom, Dad, Mr. Hunt, Davis and I went over to the pool in their neighborhood. It was very hot out, but the pool was warm enough to get in. I laid on the side of the pool with my feet in to stay cool. It was such a nice day out. Dylan met us there after he woke up. We found a tick on my Mom's towel so I was scared there was one on me again. Sure enough, there was! Mr. Hunt flicked it off of me, and then we couldn't find it. A few minutes later he saw it on his hand. I don't know what it is with Mr. Hunt and I with ticks, but they must love our sweet blood or something.

When we got back to our house, My Aunt Lisa (from Maryland) and her friend Fran we there waiting on us. She brought her dog Poppy to play. All four dogs had a blast, but it was time for us to pack up and go. We left around 6:30pm and arrived home last night around 10:30pm.

What a nice little vacation. We got to do alot in a short period of time. I'm just waiting for a longer vacation.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yesterday I worked at the NASCAR Hall of Fame Grand Opening. Man did I see alot of different people.

My job was to show people where to get their tickets. They either needed to stand in the membership line, or the regular line. Some people got very confused. I found out that I may not be as "country" as I thought I was. Some of the people I swear were speaking a different language. They were speaking country. I couldn't understand them that well, and they couldn't understand me. I think one guy spit dip on me while he was talking to me. GROSS!!

One of my co-workers was working the VIP section which I originally signed up for. She didn't have to deal with the fans. She sat the VIP people that seemed to me they may have never seen a NASCAR race in their life. Some of the VIPs were people that helped build the building, the mayors from surrounding cities and towns, hospitality managers, etc.

The ceremony was pretty cool. Richard Petty drove up in his car (one of his old ones I think). All of the fans were going crazy as he reved his engine up. I could see him or the car because people were standing in their chairs. I saw the car drive away though, it was pretty neat.

Towards the end of the ceremony, it started to rain. We put on our ponchos because we still had to do some work after people went inside. As I was walking over to get under some shelter for a bit while people were filling in, a man with a black cowboy hat brushed by me and said "Excuse me my darlin'" I just moved out of the way. Another person came up to me and said, "You do know that was Richard Petty that touched you?" Nope I didn't, but now I do. I wish I would have known it was him at the time, it would have been so much cooler.

This Friday I am working another event. The National Rifle Association is coming to Charlotte. Almost 37,000 people will be attending. I am instructed to stand outside the convention center and tell people where to go. I am also supposed to call 911 if I see a list of things

  • Someone who is not a cop with a gun hidden on them

  • Someone who is not a cop with a gun in plain view in a holster

  • Someone who is not a cop carrying a gun

  • Protesters

  • If I see homeless people bothering others

  • Anything fishy

The cop that talked to us said that it is better to call so that they can check up on things than to let it go. Apparently homeless people are allowed to beg for change. Just not at night or in a certain proximity to a bank. Weird.

I love my Mom....FOREVER

OK, so I swear that I wrote a Mother's Day Blog on Monday. I went on to write another blog today, and its GONE!?!? So now I will write another one.

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom in the world, Linley Taylor. Now I know everyone always says that their mothers are the best, but seriously, my mom is. I love her so very much. She is selfless, caring, loving, fun, etc. Although I think Mothers Day is pretty silly, I still celebrate it. Why do I think Mothers Day is silly? Because I think mothers should be celebrated everyday. We should tell them that we love them everyday. We should tell them how we appreciate what they do everyday. I guess we still need Mothers Day for the people that forget time to time to give their Mom a hug.

Right now I am transferring all of our family home videos from VHS to DVD (thank you Mrs. Hunt for the machine to do this). We love to watch the videos but we haven't been able to watch them in awhile. The only VHS player we had at our house ate one of the home videos (1999-2000) so we haven't put another in there since. I didn't mean to be doing this around Mothers Day, but its worked out perfectly. I get to see how much my Mom really loves me. Well, I already know how much she loves me, but I get to see it from times that I don't remember.

I called my Mom on Mothers Day (of course) and she couldn't talk right then because she was cutting my Grandpas hair. When I called her later that evening she told me about her day. She went over to my Grandmas house for the day, and then my brothers took her to dinner...their treat. My brothers are too sweet, I know my Mom was very happy. She said she had a wonderful day. I wish I could have been there but Mr. Hunt and I are going down there this weekend. I will just pretend it is Mothers Day again this weekend.

Mom if you read this: I love you. I'm so glad that you are my Mom. Please know that nothing that you do goes unnoticed. I know that it may seem like Dylan, Davis, and I may not be appreciative of you sometimes, but we are. You and Dad work so hard just to give us what we need. It really does mean alot to us. Thank you!

Mrs. Hunt: Happy Mothers Day to you too. I hope you had a great day even if you had to work. Dinner on Thursday with you was wonderful. Thank you for everything that you do for Mr. Hunt and I. Again, none of it goes unnoticed. I love you too!

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