Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jackson's 9 Month Update

Alrighty! Here we are with Jackson's 9 month update! Yay!

Jackson celebrated his first News Years Eve and New Years Day. Of course he wasn't awake to ring in the new year, but it still counts.

He got his first two bottom teeth this month too. One came in before the other and they both aren't all the way in yet, but its still exciting!

He can stand for very long periods of time before falling down. He loves to stand whenever he can. Its like he is over crawling and wants to walk.

He loves walking along furniture and just being in the standing position. He pulls up on everything even our legs while we are standing.

He took two steps already. Like I said, I think he really wants to walk soon.

We moved him to a convertible carseat. He was hating his baby carseat...cried everytime we put him in it. He loves the new carseat now and so do we, its a lot easier to put him in and out of it!

He loves walking behind his walker, although he doesn't know how to steer very well so we have to still help him most of the time or he will be in the wall in no time.

He thinks Jane is the best thing that ever lived. He loves her the most and she is definitely his favorite. There is no doubt. He follows her around everywhere, he could sit and watch her play, and he always tries to play with her. He laughs and smiles at her all of the time. 

He got his first real boo boo this month. Not sure how he fell but he fell and busted his lip. I think his little tooth busted his top lip a bit. It was swollen for about 24hrs and beld for a minute or two. It didnt seem to bother him much and he only cried for a few seconds.

He is showing his personality more and more each day. At first we thought he was going to be VERY laid back and quiet. Although he is laid back and easy going still, he also knows how and when to tell us he wants something. Its kind of cute. I see more of Jane's personality in him than I thought we would. I can't wait to see more of it come through.

He is very distracted with noises and he is very curious. This makes it extremely hard to feed him his bottle most of the time. He will take a few sips and then look around or try to wiggle out of our laps to get down. I know he still wants to drink the bottle, he just has better things to do. Its easiest to feed him when its quiet, but lets not kid ourselves, its rarely quiet around here.

He is trying more and eating more solid food rather than purees. The puree packets (squeeze packs) are his favorite so we feed him his solid foods first and then the squeeze pack at the end. He is a little more picky than Jane was at this age. He wont eat everything I put on his plate like Jane did.

 He learned to click his tongue this month and he likes doing it a lot. He also can do it on command if we ask him to click his cute that he is recognizing and understanding what we are saying.

He's watched or noticed the TV a few times. Our TV is mounted above the fireplace so its kind of high up. When he has noticed it or watched it, its only been a few minutes before he is off doing something else.

His two favorite things right now are the toilet paper (or bathroom in general) and the dog water. If the bathroom door is open, he crawls as fast as he can to it, and there have been many many water messes from the dog bow being tipped over.

Weight: 19lbs 9oz 48th percentile
Height: 29 inches 76th percentile 
Head: 17.5 inches 32 percentile

Tall, skinny, and a little head....just like Daddy!
We are so happy you are here with us. Its only been 9 months, but you are the perfect addition to our family. We love you so much and we can't wait to see you grow into a young little boy!
Mommy, Daddy, & Jane

Jane's Sleep

I talked about Jane's crazy sleep (or lack there of) a few posts ago, and I am happy to say that I think we are on the mend. Must have been a little phase she was going through. Side note: seems like children go through a lot of phases....fine with me as long as they are just that. I honestly think the phases have helped me to be better with Jackson when those said phases show up...this too shall pass!

Anyway, storms have been a hard thing for Jane lately. She used to be able to sleep right through them...not anymore. There will be the slightest thunder noise and she will pop right out of bed and cry. 

Ill tell you a little secret....Mr. Hunt and I actually like when Jane sleeps with us. We love it. BUT we know it can't be an every night thing, especially because we go to bed a lot later than her. It nice to share with her "special" nights that she can sleep with a treat! 

Anyway, there were a few nights in a row a few weeks ago where there was a thunder storm each night. We would bring her in our bed and she would fall right back to sleep. She also slept with us each night in Disney. We all loved that.

Doesn't she look so precious is a huge bed.

Im just happy she is staying in her room and going to bed on her own again. There was awhile there where that wasn't happening and it was very hard and it tested my patience. I will say that persistence is good...and it works.

So, having her sleep in the bed with us a few nights a month is great. She knows its just during storms or for special occasions. I know this wont happen forever...

Cant pass that up.

The little stinker is too smart sometimes! She still wears a pull up to bed at night and often wakes up with a full one. So she learned that if she takes her pull up off right before she goes to bed, at some point in the night she will wet the bed, and that means Mommy brings me into her bed. She even told Mr. Hunt that was her plan for the night. Haha! We've nipped that in the bud right away!


Jane Caught Her First Fish!

This was also a while back in the fall...but this is definitely something to document. Jane loved going fishing with her own pole with Daddy at the pond. She actually caught her own fish! 

This is Mr. Hunt's dream come true.

This next fall, Jackson with be fishing too Im sure, but for now, he just laid on a blanket and looked cute!

This is a fish that Daddy caught....little guy!

Here is Jane's first fish! Look how big it is!

Then she stuck her line back in and caught this one! She was on a roll!

Cant wait to do this again once it warms up!


Visiting Family in Edisto Beach

You guys, this was all the way in October, but I have to share it. Precious moments of my kids with my grandparents are few and far between, especially with my Dad's parents because they live in Ohio and we don't see them much. 

They try and come down once a year to Edisto Beach SC which is only 45 minutes from our house and they rent a house for a week. We always make sure to go visit while they are here. Back in October I took the kids to go see everyone just for a quick day trip. Mr. Hunt was on a business trip so he couldn't come with us. 

Here is Jackson with my Grampy. Grammy really wanted Jackson to wear his hat!

Here is my precious Grammy holding Jackson.

 We decided to go out onto the beach. It was a nice day...not too hot, not too cold.

Jane loved playing in the sand.

I'm so glad that they make a trip down here once a year (sometimes more) because otherwise we wouldn't see them very much....if at all. We need to soak in all the times with the kids great grandparents when we can.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jackson's 8 Month Update

Jackson is already 8 months old. Why does the first year of a baby's life go by so quick? MAN!

This boy is proving that he wants to be just like his sister more and more everyday. He loves to pull up on everything and will crawl wherever she is. He is grabbing all her toys and enjoys "playing" with her whenever she allows.

He sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time this month. Jane had already sat in a high chair a million times by this age, but we just don't go out to eat too much with the too kids anymore. He loved sitting in it though and was able to look around at everyone that walked by.

 Like I mentioned above, he is definitely crawling now. He skipped the whole scooting phase and is a pro crawler. It was a slow crawl at first, but he is fast now.

 Also like I mentioned above, he is pulling up to stand on everything including in his crib. It seems like he would rather walk than crawl.

He is also proving to be a dare devil too. He has let go while standing for a spilt second. Of course he falls right down, but the fact that he even wanted to try that is crazy.

He can also go from his belly or the crawling position to the sitting position. So he crawls whoever he wants, then sits up, then pulls up to stand. Such a big boy in just one month!

Since he is pulling up to stand in his crib too, we had to lower his crib mattress. We went ahead and lowered it to the lowest position. There is a middle position, but we just moved it all the way down. Saves us from having to do it again in just a few months. Thats what we did for Jane too.

 I sat him down on the scale here at home and it said 19lbs exactly. Such a big boy!

He has been eating great. We are still doing a combination of baby led weaning and purees. 

These pictures of Jackson and Jane are just the most precious thing Ive ever seen. Their friendship is growing day after day.

Mommy, Daddy, and Jane love you so much. We love to see your little personality come out. We thought you would be calm and laid back, the opposite of Jane....but you are proving to be your own little crazy kid. You just want to keep up with Jane so bad. You are so sweet and smiley all the time. Love you so so much big boy!
Mom Dad and Jane


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