Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jane's Sleep

I talked about Jane's crazy sleep (or lack there of) a few posts ago, and I am happy to say that I think we are on the mend. Must have been a little phase she was going through. Side note: seems like children go through a lot of phases....fine with me as long as they are just that. I honestly think the phases have helped me to be better with Jackson when those said phases show up...this too shall pass!

Anyway, storms have been a hard thing for Jane lately. She used to be able to sleep right through them...not anymore. There will be the slightest thunder noise and she will pop right out of bed and cry. 

Ill tell you a little secret....Mr. Hunt and I actually like when Jane sleeps with us. We love it. BUT we know it can't be an every night thing, especially because we go to bed a lot later than her. It nice to share with her "special" nights that she can sleep with a treat! 

Anyway, there were a few nights in a row a few weeks ago where there was a thunder storm each night. We would bring her in our bed and she would fall right back to sleep. She also slept with us each night in Disney. We all loved that.

Doesn't she look so precious is a huge bed.

Im just happy she is staying in her room and going to bed on her own again. There was awhile there where that wasn't happening and it was very hard and it tested my patience. I will say that persistence is good...and it works.

So, having her sleep in the bed with us a few nights a month is great. She knows its just during storms or for special occasions. I know this wont happen forever...

Cant pass that up.

The little stinker is too smart sometimes! She still wears a pull up to bed at night and often wakes up with a full one. So she learned that if she takes her pull up off right before she goes to bed, at some point in the night she will wet the bed, and that means Mommy brings me into her bed. She even told Mr. Hunt that was her plan for the night. Haha! We've nipped that in the bud right away!


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