Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ouch Hannah!

While watching some sort of crazy TV show lately, Mr. Hunt and I learned that Labrador Retrievers can learn up to 80 human words (or something crazy like that). We started listing all the words that we thought Hannah and River knew. When we got to "momma," Mr. Hunt started telling Hannah and River to "go get your momma!" To them that means "go attack mom!!!"

When they both came running at me, I started to run away. Now I'm not stupid, I know this makes them even more crazy and wanting to play, but I was trying to have fun! Well Hannah caught up to me and jumped up on my leg. She ended up scratching it! She has actually scratched me many times before, but never this bad. It was all my (and Mr. Hunts) fault though, because we were getting them crazy. While I thought, "Man that really hurt," and I saw that some skin was taken off, I didn't think it would turn out this bad.

Well I guess we did find out that they definitely know who "Momma" is! It actually looks alot worse in person.

Saying Bye Bye to Zeppelin

Mr. Hunt and I said bye to our first ever pet together, Zeppelin the Turtle. He was a great pet.

We first got him when one of our mutual friends decided that they didn't want him anymore. He was as small as a bottle cap. We would let him run around the room and we would watch him sun bath throughout the day. He kept getting bigger and bigger so Mr. Hunt and I got him a bigger tank with a bridge to sun bath on.

The only downside was that he was REALLY smelly if we didn't keep up with his tank. We were poor college kids and we were trying not to have to buy too much stuff for him, but we ended up having to get him a filter so that his water would stay cleaner longer.

So we have had him for some time now...maybe 6 years. His filter had broke 3 times, he didn't like to be bothered or taken out of the tank, Mr. Hunt got Salmonella from him while cleaning him one time (we think), and we kind of started to feel bad for him. Since Mr. Hunt thought he got sick from him, he decided he wasn't going to touch the tank anymore let alone him. This means that I needed to clean him by myself which was way too hard.

So in the end, his lamp and filter was broken, we needed to get him more food, and I needed to clean the tank. With all of this, we decided it was time to let him free.
It was alot harder than I thought it was going to be. We freed him in the neighborhood pond that we walk by with the dogs. We see turtles int here all the time so we thought that was a great place.

As soon as we had him packed up and we were at the pond, so many things were running through my head. The first thing was that this was Mr. Hunt and I's first pet together, but I was also wondering if he was going to be able to make it. Would he be bullied by the other turtles, would he be able to find food on your own since we had been feeding him since he was a baby? All these thoughts were too much and I got sad. Since Mr. Hunt wouldn't touch him, I let him go.

Mr. Hunt and I sat by the edge of the pond to watch him walk in, and then go under water and pop his little head out. Then we said goodbye and went home.

Dear Zeppelin,

I miss you already. Even though you were a pretty boring pet, I still have so many memories with you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for showing Mr. Hunt and I that we could take care of something together. I hope that you like your new home. I hope you are making friends. If you ever see us walking by, please come over and stick your head out so that we know you are safe. I know you didn't like River and Hannah too much, but I think they miss talking to you during the day while we were at work. I know this was the best plan for you, and I am happy now.

P.S. We forgot to tell you not to eat anything attached to a string. Someone is trying to catch a fish, not you. Stay away because those strings will hurt you.


Mr. Hunt and ME


Mr. Hunt and I gave up things this year for lent. We talked about it last year, but I think we missed the first day and decided not to do it. The main reason for doing lent for the both of us, was to realize how much Jesus gave up for us. I am so thankful for everything that he has done for us, and continues to show us through our lives.

For those of you who do not know, Mr. Hunt loves, and I mean LOVES Diet Coke. He decided that was the best thing to give up. I gave up sweets in general. I usually HAVE to have some sort of dessert before bed. Usually cookies, or ice cream. I decided that since I like and eat all sorts of sweets, I needed to give it all up.

At first 40 days and 40 nights didn't sound so long, but let me tell those of you who have never given something up for lent, the times drags on and on. Wow, it was alot harder than I thought.

The worst times for me were obviously after dinner, and then when we would be certain places where people would offer me dessert, like friends houses etc. Mr. Hunt usually drank a Diet Coke for breakfast, instead of your normal coffee, so that was the hardest thing for him.

What was different about Mr. Hunt and I during this time was that I craved sweets so much the entire time. I even had two dreams about eating cookies and being very upset with myself. I also made a list of the sweets that I wanted to eat when it was over. Mr. Hunt on the other hand, craved Diet Coke for maybe the first two weeks, but then he didn't really care about it. He had moved on which was a huge shock!

The two things that I craved the most were Reece's Eggs, and Edy's Thin Mint Ice Cream. I think that I was craving them most because I knew that they were both limited edition and if I didn't get enough, I would have to wait until next year. Heaven forbid!

On Easter morning, Mr. Hunt brought me a Reece's Egg in bed (kinda like breakfast in bed). I was so happy, I was actually laughing with joy so much that it was hard to eat. Mr. Hunt didn't have a Diet Coke until that afternoon. I'm so proud of him.

Thank you Mom in Law to be for making me an Easter basket FULL of Reece's Eggs. Mr. Hunt said I could eat his too! Ive been enjoying them ever since. Right now I am enjoying two warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven as I type. YUM

Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Additions

Mr. Hunt and I did some renovations in the house last weekend. We bought a new couch at Rooms to Go for our formal living room. We already had a plaid couch and chair with two side tables and a coffee table, but it was too much furniture for the room and it didnt match the blue on the walls. I have been very anxiuous to get something new in there, and when they had a sale I got right on it. We got a sleeper sofa so that we could have another bed in the house. Right now we only have our bed and the guest room bed. When my family comes, my parents get the guest bedroom and then my brothers dont have anywhere to sleep. Now we have an extra bed.

Mr. Hunt took the opportunity to move the old furniture into the garage to start his "man cave." We have been collecting alot of gamecock stuff and I dont neccesarily want it throughout the house, so he put it all in the garage. Mr. Hunt has been wanting a projection screen TV. We originally were going to get one in our bedroom since we have a huge empty wall, but we found out that the fan was in the way and that there would be cords everwhere. That is one of my pet peeves, cords everywhere. So now the plan is to possibly get the projection screen TV in the garage so that we can watch the football games and party in there. We will see how that goes, but Mr. Hunt is very proud of his space.

Here is the new formal living room. I made the two things hanging on the wall. Im not sure how much I like it, but for right now it works. The room looks so much better since it isnt so cramped. I love re-doing rooms!

Surprise Day Off

So today I had a surprise day off. Good Friday isn't a bank holiday, but since the market is closed, I didn't have to go to work! Sweet!
Usually when you have a day off, you know about it months in advance and you look forward to it. Not this time, I just found out yesterday morning that I didn't have to go in, so I was thinking about all the things I wanted to try to get done today.
I mainly slept in and watched TV, but I did get a few things done which is good. That means a few less things that I have to do this weekend, and more time to spend with Mr. Hunt.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Discovery

When I was little, I had perfectly straight blonde (white) hair. It was pretty much like that (besides the white, it got darker) until middle school. All of the sudden, my hair turned really frizzy and curly. I remember being so bummed out and I had no idea how to style it. This was before straighteners, and I was a little 10 year old trying to get my hair to be straight. You should see my 6th grade school picture, oh my! Anyway, I finally discovered the straightener and also discovered how to style it curly. Its been curly now since.....until now. I started to notice that when I would try to style my hair curly, it wouldnt curl as much as it did before. I didn't really think anything of it. Well, the other day I got out of the shower, brushed my hair, and let it dry naturally, and gosh darn it, my hair is pretty much straight again! Its not perfectly straight by any means, but it definitely isn't curly. I probably wouldn't even call it wavy. This is so weird how hair does this. Does this happen to anyone else?

Weekend with Friends

This past weekend we had some friends come into town, and we enjoyed hanging out with them. Haydn Campbell and Taylor Cross. Mr. Hunt and I met both of them in college, and have been friends since. I will admit that Im pretty bad at keeping up with people, but it felt like we just saw them yesterday when we finally got together.
Friday night (after P90X) they arrived and we all just hung out at our house for a little bit. We went to Hickory Tavern for a little bit for a late night snack and a few drinks. It was kareoke night. During one lady's song (a slow song at that), a fight broke out right in front of her. The two men had to be thrown out, and she didnt miss a beat! I couldnt stop laughing!

On Saturday, Haydn and Taylor headed out on the town while Mr. Hunt and I did the Yoga X (P90X), and went shopping for a few things. By the time we got home, rooms to go was right behind with our new couch. I will take a picture and post tomorrow.

We all decided to meet our other friend Mitch at Dave and Busters for dinner, drinks, and games. It was alot of fun! Haydn and Mr. Hunt love the horse racing game. They once played in college at Frankies Fun Park and have been addicted ever since. They could be there all day. I just watch and cheer them on and then play a few other games.Cheering Mr. Hunt's and Haydn's horse on. They were doing pretty good!

Haydn, Taylor, and I. Not sure why Taylor looks like he has a silver tooth!?

On Sunday, Mr. Hunt and I relaxed, ate healthy, did P90X, and created Mr. Hunt's new "man cave" (pictures to come of that too). OH, and we watched the gamecocks beat the number 1 ranked baseball team (Vandy)! Now we are #2 in the nation! OH, and we watched NASCAR (a Sunday must)!

It was a good, but busy weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Personal Monday

This past Monday I took a "Personal Day" off from work. I originally did it becuase we had people coming to our house to fix a few things before our one year warranty is up. Side Note: Can you believe we have been in this house for almost a year already?? Crazy! Anyways, the guys told me they would be here at 9am and be done by 11am. Ok great, so I can get some others things done that I need to do the rest of the day! So I woke up in enough time to take a shower and do the "dog routine." I decided to put the fur babies in their crate a little before 9am so when they rang the door bell I would be able to get the door and not have to try to get the dogs in their crate. So I waited and waited and nobody showed up! I was getting frustrated mainly because I had them in their crate and I couldnt just take them out not knowing when they would be here. So finally at 10am I called the main guy. No answer. I left a message, "Hello Mr. Fix It, I thought I recall you saying you would be here at 9am. It is now 10am and I havent seen anyone. Can you please call me because I have other things planned for the day!" 15 minuts later I hear a knock on the door. Its Mr. Fix It! He informs me that he needed to go buy the caulk (why wouldnt he have bought this ahead of time) and that the person that was going to fix the crack in the ceiling wouldnt be available until 2:30pm. Wow! So he finally came back to the house after getting the caulk and did a few things and was gone by 11am, but now I had to be back by 2:30 for the other guy. To make things worse, the electrition for the two lamps that misteriously stopped working wouldnt be available until tomorrow (Tuesday)! We had to leave our garage door unlocked so that he could turn the electricity on and off. Well that totally defeats the purpose of me taking a day off huh? So I ran around and got some of my other errands done, shopping mostly! I needed some retail therapy and I did good! I got home just in time to let the fur babies out for a bit and put them right back in for the ceiling guy to get here. He got here on time and did his thing. Once he left I had about an hour before I had to head to pre-marital counsling. All in all it was a pretty good day. It turned out better than I thought it would at first. I definatley didnt get everything done that I wanted to, but Im learning that not everything happens like you plan. I have come to the conculsion that Mr. Fix It really did forget about us. If I wouldnt have called, I dont think he would have came. To top it off, the two lamps werent fixed on Tuesday when I got home (after leaving the garage door unlocked all day)!

Getting in Shape

Mr. Hunt and I have been wanting to do the P90X since it first came out, but its so expensive! We tried to do other workout videos together, but they never lasted. Besides walking the dogs, we dont really get much exercise, which is pitiful. I tried to join the gym, but I never make it there. I know it is my fault (Im not going to say I dont have time, because I do), it is just so hard to get there for some reason.

So our friends lent us the P90X videos and we are pumped. We started lastnight and so today was the second day. Man, it is hard, but fun! Basically every week is different but you do an hour workout video 6 days a week and on the 7th day you rest. Every 4th week is a slow week which is mainly stretching and yoga. Do it for 13 weeks and you are done. I hope that we can finish it.

We even took "before" pictures so that if we do finish we can see what the before and after look like.

Right now, my arms are so sore that I can hardly move, and we did legs today so Im sure that I wont be able to move my whole body tomorrow. Great! I will have to say though, I had alot of energy today and this evening so far.

Ill let you know how this ends up going. Mr. Hunt wants to have big muscles!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Furminator

My cute little River. He is such a good boy!

The fur babies have been shedding like crazy since it has started to get a little warm outside. I cant keep up with the vacuum. River sheds a whole lot more than Hannah. Right now, if you run your hand over River's back, you will get a handful of hair. I started to get worried because he sheds so much and Hannah doesn't. I thought maybe he had a skin condition or something, but when we were at the vet last week, he said that this was totally normal. I asked him if we knew of a good brush or anything that would help and he recommended the Furminator. Mr. Hunt started laughing, and the vet didn't. Then I started laughing because the vet was serious and Mr. Hunt thought the name was ridiculous.

I decided that we might as well try it. We have a few brushes but none of them have worked very well.

This thing is expensive! $63.00 for the "large" dog brush! oh my gosh! But let me tell you, this thing works!

We brushed River for a good 5 minutes and we could have probably kept going, but I think River's skin was getting sore, and he was getting bored. We will probably have to brush him once every week if we want to keep up with it, which I certainly do.


My Football Fix

Saturday was the University of South Carolina Spring Football Game. Mr. Hunt and I and two of Mr. Hunt's friends from work headed down to Columbia Saturday morning. We tailgated for a little bit when we got there before heading into the game.

My gosh, was it hot! I forgot how hot Columbia is! It was a whole 10 degrees hotter in Columbia than it was in Charlotte! We watched the first half of the game in the sun! I was so drained and so hot by halftime. We then went to find a spot/seats in the shade. It was still alot of fun, and I got my football fix for sure. I'm really excited to see what this next year's team is like. I think we will be very good (hopefully this is "our year")!

I look tired huh and hot huh?

When we got back to Charlotte, we got cleaned up and went to the grocery store to pick some food up for a cookout at the Tate's house. All of the sudden it started hailing golf ball size hail! It was crazy. We were stuck in the grocery store for about 15minutes. Somehow we made it to the Tate's before it started hailing for a second time. I was getting scared because the sky got pitch black and the wind was blowing so hard it felt like the house was shaking. After hailing a third time, it finally cleared up. When Mr. Hunt and I got home, our power was out. Good thing I just cleaned the garage a few weeks earlier or I wouldn't have been able to find the flashlight. The power didn't come back on until 3am, and we talked to our neighbor the next day and they said it had been out since 5pm! Geez!

All in all, it was a good day. We went from being so hot, to hail. Interesting!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Very Bad Day

So yesterday a very bad day for me. It was one of those days that just started wrong. I always do my makeup on the car on the way to work (mom, I know you don't like this, but i already told you once that I do it at the stop light). Yesterday, as I was putting on my makeup, I looked down to get more powder and my nose just started gushing blood (ewww I know. Sorry). I was so shocked and by this time, the light was green and I was trying to turn while looking for napkins. I couldn't find any napkins but I remembered that I had some black dance pants in the back, so I grabbed those and held it to my nose while trying to drive. By this time, there was blood everywhere. My makeup, me, the steering wheel, the car door, my cell phone, everywhere. I was so upset. Good thing (somehow) it didn't get on my clothes. Once I got to work the only thing I had in my car were car wipes and hand sanitizer. I sanitized my hands and face so that the blood would come off as best as I could and I wiped the car with the car wipes. A little later in the morning after I got my coffee, I headed to the restroom. While washing my hands I noticed a whole in my shirt! Where did this come from! good thing I had a cardigan to cover up for the rest of the day, but I was so self conscious, and sad because I liked that shirt. The day went on and I got up from my desk again. I felt like my right pant leg was rubbing on my foot weird. I looked down to realize that the whole hem came out of the bottom of this pant leg! I was a mess. You would have thought I got dressed in the dark! To top it off, I was having a bad hair day too. Towards the end of the day (after trying to forget the earlier part of the day, and my horrible wardrobe) things got a little better. Nope, I had two more nose bleeds last night to top the day off! One at 11:30pm and one at 3:30am. Needless to say, Mr. Hunt and I didn't get much sleep. P.S. I am happy to report that my day was a little better today, minus feeling nauseous from swallowing so much blood.

Mr. Hunt and I

I found this little questionnaire online and thought it would fun to share this information with y'all about Mr. Hunt and I.

What are your middle names?

My middle name is Rayne and Mr. Hunt's middle name is Andrew

How long have you been together?

Mr. Hunt and I have been dating for 5 years and will be getting married in 5 months

How long did you know each other before you started dating?

We pretty much started dating right away, but we knew each other for a few months before it was official.

Who asked who out?

Mr. Hunt asked me out, with a little guidance from me though :)

How old are you?

I am 24 and Mr. Hunt is 25. We are 8 months apart

Did you go to the same school?

High school: No, I went to Hilton Head High School, and Mr. Hunt went to Providence High School in Charlotte

College: Yes, The University of South Carolina

Are you from the same home town?

No, I am from Hilton Head and Mr. Hunt grew up in Charlotte. Fun Fact: Mr. Hunt's family has a beach house in Beaufort which is only 45 minutes from Hilton Head. They both spent their summers only 45 minutes apart growing up.

Who is the smartest?

Sadly I would have to say Mr. Hunt is the smartest. He likes to learn knew things and will constantly be looking things up on the Internet and teaching me new things.

What did you major in at college?

We both majored in Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management. We shared alot of the same classes and studied together.

Who is most sensitive?

Definitely me! I have no shame. Aren't all women?

Where is the furthest you have traveled together?

I would have to say Las Vegas NV. That was fun!

Who has the worst temper?

I would have to say Mr. Hunt. He is very stubborn and can "lose it" very easily. I will have to say though, that I have no patience, so sometimes that can cause me to lose my temper.

How many children do you want?

We both agree that we want 3 children. We both grew up with three children in the family and we think that is a good number. Hopefully I will have my baby fix by number three or I might go for four!

Who cooks?

If you ask Mr. Hunt this question, he will say him. But I think we share this task. When I cook, it is easy stuff during the week. When he cooks, it is a big to do like ribs or something that takes all day (the weekend cooking).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My enemy right now.

I have an enemy right now. No, its not really a person, its a business. The United States Postal Service!

I recently ordered something and have been waiting for it in the mail. Finally about a week ago, I received a slip on the door saying they tried to deliver it, but I wasn't there. On the slip, it clearly says, "we can either redelivery this or you can sign this slip and leave it somewhere for the mailman to see and we will leave it." Ok, great! So I signed the slip and left it in the door.

Two whole days went by and the slip was still in the door, and no package. Ugh! What the heck! So the next day, I went online and I signed up for the redelivery. I asked for it to be redelivered on Saturday (this past Saturday) and in the comment box I wrote, "Please leave the package on the door step if I am not there, I will leave the signed slip in the door."

Well no sooner did I get a call from them saying for whatever reason they couldn't just leave it there, I had to be there. After asking why the slip said what it did if it wasn't true and arguing for a few minutes with the man that I couldn't even understand really, I knew that I wasn't going to be around all day Saturday so I just said that I would come pick it up when I could.

This next part is my fault and I'm going to go ahead and admit it. On Saturday morning, Mr. Hunt and I took River to the vet in the morning and I was going to stop by the post office on the way back, but I forgot. By the time we headed out of the house again, it was past 12pm when the post office closes. Yes this was my fault, but I'm still mad because the post office has stupid hours. Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm (When most people are at work, not able to come pick things up that they cant deliver), and Saturday from 8:30am-12pm (most normal people are just getting out of the house by then, or if they are up early, it is because they have things to do, not be at the post office).

So after pouting about that, Mr. Hunt offered to stop by this morning to pick it up for me since he knew that I wouldn't be able to get there until Saturday. I gave Mr. Hunt the signed slip and thanked him. He called me a little later to say that they wouldn't give him the package because I didn't sign the slip in the correct spot. Let me repeat myself....I did sign and print my name on the slip......just in the wrong spot! WHAT? And I had to write his name on the slip too, which i didnt.

Ok, now this is really getting ridiculous. I know that they need to be cautious of where they leave packages and who they let pick random stuff up, but this is going way overboard.

So here I am, still no package, still mad, and 1 new enemy. I will never order anything online every again unless it is UPS or FedEx.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. Thanks guys!

What does classic even mean?

Mr. Hunt and I had a quick dinner today at the Panda Express (Chinese...I think). I was very hungry and not in the mood to cook. I was in the mood for some crafts which I did and I like how they turned out. I will take pictures and show y'all tomorrow.

Anyway, I love getting fortune cookies. Even though I don't believe what they say, only God knows my fortune, I still like to pretend. My favorite one was a while back and it said "you will soon be on the water in the sun!" oooo I can go for that!

Tonight I opened my fortune cookie and it said, "You are a classic." What does that even mean really? I have used the saying "That's classic" a few times before, but in my fortune? really? I looked up online what it meant and of course there were a million different definitions. Ill go with this one....."The first or highest quality of work, class, or rank."

When I asked Mr. Hunt he said "It means that you are old." haha.....Thanks babe!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I cant see....

I really need to go to the eye doctor and get a pair of these...

or contacts I suppose. I have a pair of glasses now that I got back in high school or college, but I cant really see out of those either. I was told that I just needed to wear them when I'm on the computer (not wearing them now) or when I'm reading. I tried to listen and do that, but I got horrible headaches from it. My eyes would first have to adjust when I put them on to read, and then they would have to adjust again when I took them off to do everything else. I guess my eyes are sensitive because I got headaches every time.

So I stopped wearing them and now I don't even think they are the right prescription. I get headaches alot these days, but I don't think it is just my eyes. I do think that my eyes cause them sometimes like today.

I was on the computer all day yesterday (like everyday at work) and then on the computer all night last night when I was updating this thing (the blog). I woke up with a huge headache this morning and it hasn't gone away yet. Why are you on the computer again you ask after a whole days work? well I'm determined to be a good blogger so I had to update.

I know it is an "eye headache" because the aching is right behind my eyes and when I press on them the pain goes away.

So I will be setting an appointment ASAP. I guess the only way this will work is if I get glasses to wear 24/7 or contacts. We will see I guess. In the meantime I got to go so that I don't have this headache tomorrow too.

My weakness.....Mexican Food!

I really do think that my weakness if Mexican food, or maybe its just the queso! I dont know. All I do know is that I usually have to have it once a week. Nothing planned really but I get the craving.

Its not really a good thing because Mexican food is obviously not very good for me, but it is cheap so thats good (except if you get a margarita).

So today at work I decided that I wanted Mexican food for dinner. Mr. Hunt likes Mexican food too, but not as much as me. I tried to call him during work to see if he would want it too, but he was very busy today and couldnt answer. Mr. Hunt and I get off work at the same time (usually) and so I tried calling again, but no answer.

I decided to just go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and wait for him to call me and cross my fingers that he will be in the mexican mood. When he finally got off work and called me he asked the same question he does every evening "whats for dinner?" I said "well im at Salsas right now, do you wanna meet me!?" "sure" Phew!! so glad he wanted it. Got my fix tonight and now im full!

Not such a mess today!

Hey yall! I'm back, and I'm not a mess today. I finally found my camera cord and the upload button for the pictures decided to work. I am super pumped. I found the cord in the baskets in our living room that I usually throw random stuff in so its no laying around. I guess I threw it in there not thinking one day while I was cleaning. Any whoo! Here is a picture of our front yard. I planted those bushes (azaleas) this weekend. Man it was hard work. Also notice our grass. What the heck? Its growing in patches and its growing fast! we have had to mow once every week now. But the grass wont grow in the patches. Very frustrating!
Here are the before and after pictures of our patio that my dad and uncles built for Mr. Hunt and I. They did such a great job! It turned out way better than we thought.

Now all we need is our grill which we are picking up sometime this week. And grass of course which we are getting sod soon too. Then we will be all set for the backyard and the fur babies can run around all they want! Look how nice the patio turned out to be. It even matches the house!

Ok. Now that I have this all figured out, all better check this blog everyday because I have alot to say!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yard is Looking Good

Mr. Hunt and I have been working really hard to get our yard to look good this year. Our one year anniversary for living in our house is coming up in a few weeks and we didn't have much time last year to get the yard started before it was too hot and then fall. The big thing is trying to grow grass in the backyard. Yeah well, we quit. we are having someone come out and lay sod down. We have probably spread three bags of different grass seed back there and watered it like crazy and only weeds and patches of grass come up. Its very frustrating. My dad and uncles came up to Charlotte three weekends ago and built Mr. Hunt and I a patio. It turned out better than we thought it would. I have pictures so as soon as I find the cord and the upload button decides to work, then Ill show you the patio (I know, I'm a mess). We also bought new patio furniture and are buying a new grill sometime this week. The front yard is what I worked on this weekend. I have a habit of thinking tasks are easy in my head and then when I go to do them, they are way to hard. Well I pretty much dug a trench in our front yard where the "plants" were before. I quickly found out why the plants always died. All there is is a bunch of rocks and clumps of cement down there. It was miserable trying to dig them up. I planted two azalea shrubs and left my hydrangeas there. I wanted to finish all of this before Mr. Hunt got home so that he would be proud of all my hard work, but I ended up needing his help. We also laid pine straw down in the yard and around the trees. Ahhhh, it looks much better, now if only I can keep it up. My soon to be MIL bought me a lemon tree. I really wanted one but Mr. Hunt told me that they wouldn't last here. On her way back from Florida (she was on a cruise) she bought me a lemon tree. I planted it in a huge pot in hopes that it will stay alive. I even see little lemons growing already. pictures to come.

I need help!

Hey followers that are also bloggers. This one is for you! I am trying to do a new layout for my blog. I don't necessarily like the ones that they have on here for you to choose and I know you can go to different places and upload new designs. The problem is is that I cant figure it out. I did it once before and now it wont let me upload another one. Do I have to erase the old one? Also I need some suggestions on where to go to get new designs. and let me know how to upload it as best you can. Oh and guess what else is happeneing? When I click the upload picture button, it doesnt do anythinhg. I cant upload pictures, how weird is that? The video button works fine! Ugh! Please help!

1 month too long

hey y'all! I know its been awhile. Two things, one is I cant find my cord that hooks my camera to my computer so that I can upload pictures. I'm really kinda sad about it. I have alot of new pictures to upload and even print out. I wonder if I can buy a new cord? And two is that Mr. Hunt and I are still sharing a computer. This is how it usually goes. I go out to Mr. Hunt's car every evening and bring in his suitcase (it always has the laptop in it) thinking that I will get to it. Well by the time we settle in and eat dinner, I'm not in the blogging mood. Then the next morning, Mr. Hunt takes the laptop back to work with him. So, a solution would be to get another laptop right? Well we are waiting to hear from Mr. Hunts work to see if his office won Ipads. That is what Mr. Hunt wants anyways. That way I can have this laptop to myself. So, since (once again) I haven't been on in awhile, how are we you ask? We are good! The fur babies are good. When I say good, I mean we have only had a few hiccups. River had an accident in the middle of the night last night. He loves his raw hides, but it makes him so thirsty. Well last night we were upstairs and all of the sudden we hear him drinking the guest bathroom toilet water. I let him outside right after that but I guess all the water hadn't gone through his system. I swear he was tee teeing for at least two minutes last night. I wasn't happy getting up and cleaning that at 1am. Can we guess what Hannah's hiccup was? She has always kicked out the mat of her crate when we are gone so that she can lay on the carpet. awww how sweet! Well about a week ago she decided she was bored and she chewed a hole in the carpet all the way down to the wood. So now we have to put her in her crate and face the door toward the wall so that she cant kick out the mat. Mr. Hunt and I are good too, no hiccups here! We are actually in the middle of taking our pre-marital counseling classes for when we get married. I actually like it! Other than that we are just working and trying to do our best to relax on the weekends. Here I go again but I solemnly swear to keep up with my blog. If not for you but for myself. I like to go back and read all my posts and if I'm not posting things, then how will I remember them. I'm off to try to find the camera cord now. Wish me luck!

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