Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25 Years

My parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! I feel very lucky to have such great, loving, selfless, fun, dedicated parents. They have shown my brothers and I how a marriage should be. Celebrating with them this past weekend made me that more excited to be getting married to Mr. Hunt. I can only hope that Mr. Hunt and I's marriage will be just as good as theirs.

For their anniversary my brothers and I decided that we would do a photo shoot at the church they got married in and make a book with the pictures and a few saying and quotes about family. Mr. Hunt was the photographer. He did such a good job. My Mom and Dad loved the book! You should check the photo books out on shutterfly.com. They are awesome and not very expensive at all. It makes for a very thoughtful, but reasonable gift.

Saturday night, my grandmother put together a little party for my parents at a restaurant in Bluffton. Our family got a private room. We shared appetizers, looked at my parents wedding albums, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed each other very much.

After the party, my Mom, Dad, Mr. Hunt and I went out for a few drinks. We met up with my cousin at a little outside bar that had a band playing. It was a perfect night.

I said it in my toast at the party, but Ill say it again. HERE'S TO 25 MORE YEARS!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Dirty

This past weekend, Mr. Hunt and I went down to Bluffton again to be with my family. We celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary (more on that tomorrow) and had a great time.
Sunday morning/afternoon I was getting very antsy and was annoyed because the boys (Mr. Hunt, Dylan, and Davis) had been playing video games all morning. I get so bored when they do that, so I told them to "turn it off, and lets do something fun!" We decided to play wiffle ball!
At first we had the dogs outside with us, but that didn't work as you could imagine. If River caught the ball he would run away so we couldn't get the runner out. If Charlie got the ball, it was history. He never gives the ball/toy back! Hannah was just laying in outfield eating grass. We decided we were going to get serious about the game so we put the dogs inside.
It was The Fiances vs. The Brothers. It ended with Dylan hitting a walk-off home run to win the game. They celebrated at home plate like it was a "real" serious game or something. We played another game for a while until we had to stop for a water break. Once we got inside, we never made it back out. Lets just say that my team (me and Dylan) won that time.
All four of us were covered in dirt. We played barefoot of course so our feet were black (dirt and some people stepped in dog poo too), we had bug bites all over, and we were sweating like crazy. Sometimes it feels good to just have a good sweat. It reminded me of when I was growing up. I played outside all day everyday and would come home just like that. For some reason I never wore shoes when I was little. My Mom and Dad never made me.
A little while after that, the dogs had their turn. They ran in the creek behind my parents house. They were covered in mud! River's was up to his chest, and Hannah's was up to her neck. They loved that too.
This is what country living is about. You never wear shoes, you get dirty, you take golf cart rides with dogs, and you enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.
I actually really like getting dirty like that. Lets do that again boys.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What goes on while Mr. Hunt watches football

Don't get me wrong. I love football. It is my favorite sport (besides dance)! I'm really not liking this pre-season stuff though. I told Mr. Hunt that I only enjoy watching NFL on Sundays and Mondays. He still proceeds to watch it though, like last night for example. It's OK though, because then I just go outside and play with the dogs.

It is getting to be nice outside at night. I wasn't sweating by the time I came in from playing for 30 minutes.

As everyone knows, River loves his tennis balls. We have inside tennis balls and outside tennis balls because the outside ones getting really gross. He loves the gross ones though because even with clean ones inside, sometimes he will lay in front of the sliding glass door and look outside at his dirty ball and cry.

Hannah likes fetch too but she doesn't like to play when River is playing. She already knows that she cant get it if he is playing. Most of the time she just eats grass when we are outside. Sometimes she thinks its funny to pretend like she is going to go get the ball. When I throw it she jumps on top of River instead to slow him down. She really gets a kick out of this, you can tell.

Here are some pictures of us playing last night. Please excuse our grass. It is still trying to grow in the backyard and it is in patches. Hopefully we can get the grass growing better this fall.

Eating the grass (what she really enjoys doing while we play fetch)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


7 out of the 14 people in my office were sick last week. I get sick very easily for some reason, so I knew as soon as they were all getting sick I had it coming. I even tried to stay away from everyone and use hand sanitizer. Didn't work.
Last Friday afternoon I just felt out of it. I was not focused at all. I knew something was up. Sure enough, Saturday night my throat was killing me. For some reason, anytime I get sick, my throat hurts first. No matter what kind of sickness I am getting.
My throat continued to hurt all of Sunday but no other symptoms yet. Sunday night was when they started. I didn't sleep that whole night. I was tossing and turning and couldn't breathe. I woke up and tried to take a shower to clear up before work, but it didn't help. I was a mess at work. Monday is my busiest day at work because I have to do sales reports from the week before. My boss told me to get them done and leave so that I didn't get everyone else sick. Too many people were already sick as it was. I left work around 2 and was still miserable. I couldn't even take a nap because I could breathe anytime I sat down or laid down.
Mr. Hunt came home and made me dinner. He brought me decongestant which ended up working very well. When I went to bed on Monday night I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to make it to work Tuesday.
It was a miracle! I slept like a baby on Monday night (not sure how). Mr. Hunt even woke me up to say "your breathing out of your nose!" I woke up Tuesday morning with no sore throat! I was still very clogged up and I sounded horrible, but I felt ten times better! Also, every time I get a cold, it comes with a cold sore! I have one of those too now!
Now today, I feel ten times better than yesterday, but now I have the cough. At least I'm getting the mucus out!! Usually this process for me takes weeks. The cough is always the last thing to come. I'm glad its only been three days.
I expect the cough to be here for awhile. BUMMER!

Other than the cold coming, my brothers were here this weekend again. Since last time we tried to go to Carowinds and we got rained out, they decided to come and try again. We made it to Carowinds and we had a blast! The rest of the time we spent at home watching football and playing card games. I hope they had as much fun as I did! I love them.

P.S. My brothers are so pumped to have Mr. Hunt as their brother soon. They cant stop talking about it. They don't even call him their brother in law....just "my brother!" The whole weekend they were talking about how they were brothers now! Michael and Rachel came over for a little bit on Saturday night and when they left they both were asking if that was their brother and sister too! I said yes, but there isn't really a title for that. I'm so glad that they are just as excited as I am about the wedding and me being married. They will tell anyone the engagement story over and over if you ask them. I will say it again....They are the best brothers in the world! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creeped OUT

Mr. Hunt and I have been finding spiders all over our house. To me, spiders are the worst. I can deal with palmetto bugs (kind of) and flies and other things...but not spiders. I haven't seen one palmetto bug yet (crossing my fingers), but we have flies like crazy, and a trillion crickets outside. We may need to get a pest control or something, because its getting out of hand. Most of the spiders we have seen so far are really small or daddy long legs (ewww). I figured it was from the house being built or something. Hannah (surprise) likes to eat ALL the bugs. If it moves, she wants to eat it. Sometimes she will sit at the sliding glass door and stare at the bugs going by outside.

When Dylan and Davis were here last, we saw the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life. It was in the cooler that we had for drinks! It was floating around, still alive. I was very creeped out that that big of a spider is near my house! We poured the water from the cooler and he started to crawl away. Dylan's friend squished it...thanks God, but it only gets worse!

Last Friday I was running very late for work. I ran down the steps with my shoes in my hand. Hannah and River ran down after me, and they usually continue to follow me. When I realized Hannah wasn't following, I looked to see what she was doing. She was batting around a HUGE spider in the empty living room. I couldn't see how big it was from where I was standing, but I could tell it was big. She would bat it around with her paws, put it in her mouth, spit it out, and repeat. I yelled at her to stop because I am always afraid there is going to be a poisonous and hurt her. As soon as I yelled she dropped the spider from her mouth, yelped, shook her head, and ran towards me crying. She got bit! I looked over at the spider...it was bigger than the one in the cooler! Now this is the biggest spider I have ever seen! Since I was running very late, I took the shoe in my hand and squished it! I hate even doing that with bugs so I left it on the floor squished all day. I didnt want to squish it, but I didnt want it to roam around the house either.

I called Mr. Hunt on my way to work to tell him that Hannah got bit by the biggest spider I have ever seen. He was disappointed that I didn't take a picture. I'm sorry, but I wasn't going to get close enough to that thing to take a picture. Mr. Hunt told me to look up brown recluse spider when I get to work to see if it was one because they are poisonous.

When I got to work, that was the first thing I did. I looked up poisonous spiders in North Carolina. Only two came up, Brown Recluse and Black Widow. I looked at pictures of both and came to the conclusion that it was neither. PHEWW! The rest of the day I was sick to my stomach and itchy. I kept thinking there was a spider on me.

When I got home, I started packing the car (for the best weekend ever). Mr. Hunt was running late from work, so I was trying to get everything packed up before he got there so that we could just leave when he got home. When I grabbed the golf bag (with the RING in it), something in the corner of the garage caught my eye. When I looked, I realized it was a black widow! I couldn't believe it. If I hadn't looked online that day for the poisonous spiders, I would have never known that was a black widow. To make it worse, she had an egg sack on her nest. I wanted to cry I was go grossed out. I was even talking to myself around the house. I kept checking on the spider to make sure it didn't get away. I needed Mr. Hunt to kill it. Of course his phone was out of batteries so I couldn't even call him to tell him. One of Mr. Hunts friends called me to see what we were doing for the weekend, and I asked him what to do. He didn't believe me that it was a black widow, he thought I was exaggerating. I prove it to him, I told him that it was black, round, and had a red hourglass figure on its back. He still didn't believe me.

When Mr. Hunt finally got home, I told him right away that I had bad news. He sure didn't believe me either. He said I was probably scared because I was looking up the spiders online that day. When he saw it, he freaked! Sure enough, it was a big fat black widow with eggs. I'm getting itchy and uncomfortable thinking about it. Black widows can kill you!

We looked up online how to get rid of the spider and it said to vacuum it up. Are you kidding me? Then what do I do with the container with a black widow in it? The only bug spray we had was for roaches and ants. Mr. Hunt stood far away and sprayed the spider. He sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. She wouldn't die. Right away she crawled onto the sack of eggs to protect it. After he sprayed and she didn't die, Mr. Hunt got a lighter (the long ones for the grill) and lit her on fire. I didn't think this was a good idea, because he just sprayed flammable spray on it. Nothing bad happened, but we did kill her. He did the same thing to the eggs, then squished both (after I got a picture).
I wish I would have put it next to something so you can see how big it is! Its HUGE!

After this, the rest of the day I was even more itchy! I kept thinking...what if I wouldn't have seen it and she laid her eggs or the eggs hatched? What if there are more black widows around my house? What are we going to do?

I can live with the flies and the crickets all day long, but not spiders, and especially NOT black widows.

Bottom line is that I need to get pest control....this has gone to far!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WE ARE ENGAGED (100th Post)!!!!!!!!!

Wow! This is crazy! First of all, this is my 100th post! I love blogging. I cant wait to look back and read everything. This really helps me remember and keep all of my best moments in life together.
The most important news I have for this 100th post is that Mr. Hunt and I are ENGAGED! Can you believe it? I cant! This may be a long post, but I want to share with everyone how the best weekend of my life so far went.

Mr. Hunt was the one who initially suggested going down to Bluffton for the weekend. Little did I know, it was for a specific reason. We packed up and headed down south Friday evening after work. When we got there, it was getting pretty late. We chatted for a little bit, and headed to bed.
Saturday morning the boys (Mr. Hunt, Dylan, and Davis) wanted to play their usual round of golf. I always join so that I can sit in the cart and relax. This time was especially relaxing because it wasn't as hot as the last few times Ive been. It was cloudy and there was a little breeze. When we finished golf, we headed over to a new Mexican Restaurant for lunch. I love Mexican food! We then took a trip over to Wal-mart to buy a new fishing rod and some bait to go shark fishing.
When we got back to my house, the dogs were pooped. My mom and dad had them running around outside all day. We rigged the rest of the poles, and drove the gold cart across the street to the dock off of the May River which connects to the ocean. The boardwalk was the longest boardwalk I have ever been on. It seemed like we walked a mile before we got to the dock. I could just sit all day with a fishing pole in my hand on a dock with a breeze and the best boys in the world to talk to. We were trying to catch the shark as the tide was going out, but I think we were too late. We didn't catch any shark so we turned our attention to the crabs. I cant count how many crabs we caught with the fishing poles, way too many. It was alot of fun trying to scoop them up in the bucket while they were attached to the bait by their claws. I tried and tried to get one in the bucket...it was hard.

Waking up the crab from his quick slumber

I could do this all day everyday

Getting ready to scoop a crab

As we were hanging out on the dock, there was a huge storm coming. It was actually very pretty to look at. Right when I scooped my first crab in the bucket, it started pouring rain. It was so much fun,running back to the golf cart in the warm rain (remember the boardwalk is very long, so it took awhile).

When we got back home, my dad was getting ready to put steaks on the grill so I hopped in the shower to clean off all the bait and salt water. I found out later that this was when Mr. Hunt asked my dad for my hand in marriage! He said my dad was so excited!

After dinner we were all planning on watching a movie. Mr. Hunt told me that he had a bad headache and that he wanted to go to the store to get some Gatorade. I wasn't too happy about going, because the store is far from my house. He finally convinced me to go with him but I didn't put shoes on and I was in my PJs. As we were driving I was trying to give Mr. Hunt the directions to the store, but he kept making the opposite turns that I was telling him to. I know what you are thinking....did you not think that something was up? No, I didn't, because Mr. Hunt does this in real life. Sometimes he doesn't think I know where I am going (even at my own house) so he goes the way he thinks he should. I started fussing at him because he wasn't listening to me and I had a headache. After about 5 wrong turns, passing 2 gas stations, and him explaining that he wanted to see the "Bluffton Nightlife" before getting the Gatorade, he pulled up to the church that my parents got married in (and where I want to get married). I thought for a second that he was going to make a U-turn but he parked instead. He walked me out to the lawn which over looks the May River and asked me to marry him.

After all of this, I was still in shock. I had NO CLUE this was coming. I have always thought that I would know when it was coming and that I wouldn't be surprised, but I was more than surprised. We both started to get eaten by bugs and I'm pretty sure Mr. Hunt knelt down in an ant pile so I said YES and we headed back home.

When we got back I rushed inside, yelled that I was engaged and started jumping up and down. I thought my dad would have told my mom when we left the house what was going on, but he didn't. It was a total surprise to her and both my brothers. I was still shaking like a leaf and had a permanent smile on my face. I kept looking over at Mr. Hunt and telling myself that this was REAL! We ended up not watching the movie, and talking/celebrating the rest of the night.

You cant see the ring that well. It look a million times better in person. In fact, its perfect!

I couldn't have asked for Mr. Hunt to propose a better way. What he did was absolutely perfect! I knew this day was coming, I am so happy!

I have no idea where to start but I don't care. I am going to enjoy this whole process because this only happens once. I have been waiting for this time with Mr. Hunt and it is here now.

I will soon be Mrs. Hunt!

This blog is about to get so much more interesting. Here's to 100 more posts!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Here are some things that I was thankful for yesterday.

1. I am thankful for my lunch hour: Mr Hunt came and took me to lunch yesterday! Nothing fancy, just Jimmy John's, but it was very sweet of him. We ate and then sat in the car for the rest of the hour and just goofed off and talked.

(This is us goofing off; but seriously why would the drivers side seat even go up like this! Nobody can drive like that. This shouldn't be possible!)
2. I am thankful for worn out dogs: Worn out dogs are the best! Usually when they are very tired, they lay on the floor like this and just pant for about 30 minutes. Sometimes they cant even get up for water. Yesterday, they plopped down right here. They were so tired, they could hardly move. Of course, Hannah still wanted to play so she started pawing River in the face over and over. River didn't even care and certainly didn't move. He let her do this for about 5 minutes. After Hannah realized he wasn't going to play, she got up for some water. River laid there for another 15 minutes before he got up.

3. I am thankful for football season: Yesterday was the Carolina Panthers first pre-season game. They lost, but it was still fun to watch. I cant wait to see the Redskins play because they are going to be REALLY good this year. But most of all, I cant wait for Gamecock football!! I hope Mr. Hunt and I can make it to some games this year4. I am thankful for Mr. Hunt's motivation: After whining about the house needing its weekly vacuum and how I didn't want to do it, Mr. Hunt volunteered! It was amazing, I had to get a picture! This is the first time he has vacuumed in our new house. Actually, this is the first time he has vacuumed with that vacuum because he wasn't sure how to use it (we've had the vacuum for almost a year)! Actually, I don't think I ever recall him vacuuming before! There is a first for everything. I don't think he mined it. I did find myself coaching him through it though. "You missed over here." "You probably need to empty the can because of all the hair." He was a good sport about it though. I love him.

We are headed to Bluffton for the weekend today after work. I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and dad because I haven't seen them in awhile!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mystery Blob

Both Hannah and River love to eat Mr. Hunt's business socks. They must love the smell or something, whether clean or dirty, if they see them, they will want them. Usually they just play keep away with each other and don't ever really eat the sock though.
Hannah on the other hand loves to eat my underwear. I know this is gross..but its a good story...I promise. When I say eat, I mean eat. I will find my underwear in the middle of the floor with chunks missing from them and I have to throw them away. Mr. Hunt and I know that this happens to both my underwear and his socks, so we make sure we keep them away from them as much as possible. When I do laundry, I even put all the underwear and socks on the very bottom of the dirty or clean clothes piles. If I don't pay attention Hannah and River will dig their heads down to the bottom for what they want. I have caught them both with their whole heads in the clothes pile, when I yell at them, they come out with something in their mouth.
Anyway, when Hannah eats my underwear, she can never keep it down, she will always throw it up. I will see little patterns and colors and know that it was a piece of my underwear.
So, yesterday afternoon when I returned home from work, I let the dogs out of their crates, not before noticing a blob of throw up in Hannah crate. It looked to me like she ate some of her blanket that is in her crate and she threw it up. I left it there so I could let the dogs outside and then totally forgot about it until this morning.
When I was putting the dogs back in their crates for the day, I saw it again, and remembered that I had to take it out before Hannah got it. When I got it out of the crate I looked closer at it to see what it really was. You wont believe this. It was an entire pair of underwear...still intact! No holes or anything! I couldn't believe this. Hannah ate and entire pair of underwear, it went down her stomach a little, then back out, and is still in one piece! I don't ever remember her eating it, but she must have had it in her mouth and them she swallowed it whole.
I cant believe that girl!
Don't worry, I'm not thinking about wearing them ever again, but I certainly could if I wanted to.

Weekend of Nothing

Our weekend of nothing was pretty great! The house was semi clean from last weekend and doing stuff during the week, so all we did was relax.

Friday night was our date night. We ended up going to a fine dining restaurant called Saffron (Indian Food). I'm not sure how much Indian people eat, but they gave us way too much food. We ordered the romantic dinner for two which came with an appetizer, another appetizer thing, two entrees, and two desserts. I tried to eat as much as I could because we couldn't take it home since we were going to a movie right after. The food was very good though. I took a picture of Mr. Hunt with all of the food. This is how we left the table, so we were already finished eating all that we could. Then Mr. Hunt took a picture of me. He told me to look full, I think I just look stupid.

After we ate, we saw Inception. It was a VERY good movie. I was hearing from people that the movie was good so I suggested that we go see it. Mr. Hunt hadn't heard anything about it. The whole time during the movie he kept looking at me and saying, "good choice, this movie is awesome." I know he likes those kind of movies, and so do I. Even though the movie was extremely long, it was still very good. Mr. Hunt says its his favorite movie of all time now.

We had a wonderful date night. I'm glad we had one because we were due for a good one.

The next day we went over to Mr. Hunt's parent's house to hang out around their pool. We were going to head over to our neighborhood pool, but we decided to be nice and take our dogs since they love the pool. Hannah is getting alot better at swimming and jumping in. Sometimes she would just get in a swim around. I kept thinking that she was looking for the side to get out so I would show her where, but she would look and just turn around and keep swimming. Mr .Hunt cut up a watermelon for me because I have been begging him for some for awhile now. I thought I could eat the whole thing I was craving it so much. We ended up having to give some to the dogs to try to finish it, but we still threw half away.

That night we went to dinner again, this time to a place called Fish Market in Fort Mill. It was very good, but a little on the expensive side. We rented a movie after and believe it or not, I stayed up for the whole thing!

**I repeat: I stayed awake for an entire movie on Saturday night 8/7/2010**

Mr. Hunt was shocked to say the least!

Sunday we went to our neighborhood pool and relaxed for awhile. One of my friends from my previous job came by with her husband and 9 month old baby boy, Eli. We were going to see if he liked the pool, and sure enough, he loved it. I love playing with Eli. He was pooped after that. He fell asleep as soon as he got out of the water.

Weekends of nothing are very enjoyable. I found myself in a better mood when I thought about nothing all weekend. I know there are times when things need to get done, but every once in awhile there needs to be a weekend of nothing. You should try it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Mistake

I forgot the sweet picture of Rachel and I.

This is at one of the Panthers games we went to awhile ago. We were trying to get the stadium in the background, but it didn't really work. Still a cute picture :)

Birthday Girl


Yesterday was Rachel's (Mr. Hunts twin brother's wife) birthday! We had a little celebration at our house last night. They went to Beaufort for the weekend, so when they got back they came over for dinner.

We ordered pizza (way too much) and garlic knots from Luigi's (really good). I made Rachel's (and mine) favorite cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I put a few spinkles on the top but I wasnt sure if she liked them. She does, but Michael doesnt...sorry Mike.

I love to make cake, and I always seem to find a reason to make some. It was very good.

Rachel: you deserve a perfect birthday! I hope you had a great day, even though you spent some of it in the car (which I hate). I hope you had fun at our house, even though it was just a small celebration. Im sure Hannah made you feel special. I hope to spend plenty of more birthdays with you in the future. Love you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Date Night

This is Mr. Hunt when he first got his new car. We were on a date. He thinks he looks good in this car. (HE DOES)

My Mr. Hunt and I decided that we we're going to have a "date night" tonight. It has been awhile since we have been able to do this. Every weekend in July was packed full of activities, projects, visits, and company. This is the first weekend we have nothing planned. We made sure to plan nothing too. There are plenty of things that we want to do or could have done this weekend, but we said no.

So to start off this weekend of nothing, we are going to dinner and a movie. When Mr. Hunt and I first started dating five years ago, we went to the movies ALL the time. If we didn't go to the movie theater, we were watching a movie at home. I remember my mom got us blockbuster gift cards one year and asked us "haven't you seen all the movies out by now?" At one point, we were on a scary movie kick. I think we saw every scary movie there is. I don't remember the last time we went to the movie theater now, and when we watch movies at home, I fall asleep.

We haven't decided which movie, or where we are going to go for dinner, but I think this makes it more exciting.

Since I have a half day at work (Fridays) today, I am going to go home and make those puppies very tired so that they will just sleep during our date.

What are we doing the rest of the weekend you ask? We are going tot he pool both Saturday and Sunday. We are going to relax, soak up the sun, eat watermelon, and make sure Mr. Hunt's stitches don't get too wet. We are also going to take the puppies to the lake so that they can swim too. This makes them VERY VERY tired, so that Mr. Hunt and I can continue to relax at home without feeling bad for them.

Let the weekend of nothing begin.....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Proof she is a daddy's girl! This is how I find them ALOT these days.

Dead Weight

I know that dogs have extra sensitive noses and ears, but I think my Hannah might be a little different. During the day, she can hear the smallest noises and smell a bug from another room, but when she falls asleep, it becomes a different story. She doesn't do this every night, maybe once every few nights or so. Last night was the worst, so I have to share.

I woke up at 4am. I was about to fall off the bed. I looked down and saw River laying in his usual spot right next to me on the floor. Then I realized what was right next to me in the bed and I immediately let out a grown. It was Hannah, laying on her back with all four of her paws in the air, right in the middle of Mr. Hunt and I. Mr. Hunt was already practically in the middle of the bed.

I know what you are thinking, move Hannah and tell Mr. Hunt to scoot over. Well its not that easy. Not at all. When Hannah is asleep, especially on her back, she doesn't hear or feel anything. If I couldn't hear her snoring loudly, I would probably think she wasn't alive. I woke Mr. Hunt up and asked him to move over. Right at that moment, River thought he was missing out on something and jumped up on the bed (right onto me...remember, I'm on the edge of the bed). So I took this time to use the restroom, thinking that maybe the dogs would follow me like they usually do and then I could beat them to the bed on the way back. No such luck.

When I came back, I got River to move to the bottom of the bed so I could at least get in the bed. Now I knew I had to get serious because it was time to move Hannah. The worst part is that she lays on the top of the blankets so I cant get under them. There are a few steps that I take to try to move her:

1. I try to push her but she weighs 72lbs. Its not that easy. She is dead asleep so I am trying to move her and she is just dead weight.

2. I try to wake her up. I call her name, shake her, blow in her face, pat her, etc. Nothing works.

3. Lastly I huff and puff to see if Mr. Hunt will wake up to help me. He can move her better than I can.

River is nothing like this. I rarely have to wake him up. If he hears us moving at all, he will wake up. If I ever do have to wake him up, all I have to do is put my hand on him and he will be awake instantly.

It is so strange that she doesn't wake up after all of this. If you know Hannah, you know that she is the one who never wants to miss a thing. You would think after I call her name and shake her that she would wake up, but NO.

When this does happen, every night's outcome is a little different. Finally last night Mr. Hunt woke up again (mad this time) and covered her nose to see if she would wake up after not being able to breathe. Sure enough (I thought that was scary) she woke up, quickly moved down to the bottom of the bed, sneezed, laid down, and went straight back to sleep. I finally, after 30 minutes, had blankets and room to go back to sleep.

It is so strange when she does this. I remember the first time, Mr. Hunt thought she wasn't alive and woke me up in a panic. I put my head no her chest and she was still breathing, just not responding what so ever. Once again, she is a strange one.

Hannah has turned into a daddy's girl for sure. She loves to cuddle him now when she gets tired. When she was little, she didn't want to cuddle anyone and I thought she was going to be very independent. While she is still way more independent than River, she is cuddling us (Mr. Hunt more than me) now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad Guys with Mr. Hunt's Credit Card

Mr. Hunt got a call this morning saying that someone had charged ALOT of money on his credit card. Guess where it was charged. You got it! In a bar in Australia. How crazy is that. Apparently they had all the information to make a makeshift card and use it. There are many ways that this could have happened, and it's pretty scary. A person at my work told me that a waitress once took a picture of the front and back of his credit card and sold his information to someone. Since this happened all the way in Australia, we think that someone hacked into a major store like Best Buy, Target, etc. and got his information from that. Even though I thought we were both being careful already with who we give our credit card info too, we will be sure to be extra careful now. This is a pain already and it just happened.
Mr. Hunt has had a bad week (except he did sign a deal this week at work) so far. I will continue to tell him to keep his head up.
Now he has to go through and do a bunch of fraud protection procedures tonight.

To the bad guys (or girls) who have Mr. Hunt's credit card information and are going out to bars in Australia and treating yourself to whatever you want with his hard earned money: you will get pay back one day. I'm sorry that you are unstable and don't want or don't have any of your own money, but please lay off my man.

Homemade Ice Cream and Head Injury

So Mr. Hunt is doing fine. He got three stitches in his head, and he brought home a whole bunch of cleaning materials. Since he cant see the stitches on his head, I get to be the nurse. It's kind of fun because the stuff he brought back from the hospital is real nurse tools like long q-tips and cool bandages. (I know that is silly of me, but this kind of stuff is fun to me).

The doctor made Mr. Hunt take a test to make sure that he didn't have a concussion. He said it was like a sobriety test. He failed! Mr. Hunt reassured the doctor that he was just uncoordinated and that he was fine. I guess he didn't fail that bad because they would have kept him there. The doctor said if he started acting "funny" to go back immediately. Well I'm not going to be able to tell if he is acting funny, because he is always funny. He asked me last night if he was acting funny, and I said yes. He is supposed to go for a checkup today and to get them out next week sometime.

Mr. Hunt likes to use the stitches to get his way. Every time I ask him if his head hurts he says "No" and everything is fine. Then when he wants something, he says that it hurts. For example: (Katie, you will appreciate this). Last night he wanted to watch "Always Sunny in Philadelphia." He has been recording them all. I wanted him to go on a walk with me and the dogs before he turned it on. He made a pouty face and said "My arm and my head hurts, I'm going to stay home and watch my show." I had to let him stay home. By the way, he had to get a tetanus shot also, that is why his arm hurts. Ill give him credit for that one because I had to get one too, and my arm was sore for a few days after.

Of course I feel bad for him for having to get stitches, and I have been really worried (you know me), but when he says it doesn't hurt all day long and every time I ask him, and then when he wants something, all of the sudden it starts to hurt a little, I think there is something going on here.

To prove that I felt bad (which I really did), I made Mr. Hunt some homemade chocolate ice cream. Even though we are technically trying to be on a diet, I thought that would be a nice gesture. He even wanted to help and ended up doing most of the work, but it was fun. We got the machine from Katie about a year ago. We tried it once when we first got it and it didn't turn into ice cream, it was still liquid. We thought maybe it was because we used regular salt instead of rock salt. Sure enough, we used rock salt this time and it turned out perfect. I'm excited now because there are endless possibilities on what kind of ice cream I can make now.

Next time I will make something fruity, Mr. Hunt likes fruity more than chocolate.

Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Stitches to the Head!

What a way to start our Monday morning. Mr. Hunt had to go to Urgent Care and get three stitches! Ouch!! A few months ago when I got my stitches in my finger, it was a Monday morning also. hmmmm....that's a little weird.
Mr. Hunt woke up this morning, just like every other Monday morning. The first thing he did was let the dogs out and feed them. Hannah was really thirsty and tried to drink some of the water out of the dirty dog bowl outside with rain water in it. Mr. Hunt didn't want her to drink out of it so he said "NO" and bent down to grab it from her. When he stood back up, he hit his head on the light fixture attached to the house. The bottom is very pointy and went straight through his head. He rushed upstairs because he noticed it was bleeding. He woke me up and I checked it out. Of course I have no idea what I'm looking for but to me it seemed pretty bad. He hopped in the shower to clean it off and I got a better look at it when he got out. It looked more deep than wide. EWWWWW. I suggested Urgent Care after it wouldn't stop bleeding for 30 minutes.
Now that I think of it, Hannah caused the both of us to get stitches. With mine, she wouldn't eat, so I opened up the wet food can and sliced my finger open. Now she was trying to drink the dirty water and caused Mr. Hunt and hit his head. Man that Hannah girl....I told you she was a wild one.
So Mr. Hunt is there by himself getting three stitches in his knocker. I wish I were with him right now. I know he has a bad headache.

I hate this.

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