Friday, July 29, 2011

She's here!!

Baby Cameron has made an appearance! She's weighs 8lbs even and is precious. Looks like brown hair but Tatiana says it's probably strawberry blonde. Tatiana was in the delivery room with Brandy so she got to witness it all!
I wish so badly that I was there, but I'll wait. That way when I see her I won't have to share holding her with others! Selfish? I don't mind. Remember y'all, I'm obsessed with babies and especially this one since it's my best friends.
This is really crazy but I lost sleep lastnight thinking of Brandy and the baby. I first woke up after having a dream that she came out a boy instead and everyone was upset since they had all girly stuff. I looked at the clock and it was only 1 am so surely the dream wasn't true since she wasn't headed to the hospital until 5am. Then I woke up almost every hour to see what time it was and wonder of she was at the hospital yet.
Now I can try to get back to work since I've been checking my phone every three minutes all day. I have a feeling not much will get done.
Get used to seeing this precious face because she'll be gracing my blog alot!
Welcome to the world Ms. Cameron Elise Brodie!
Auntie Jenn loves you oh so much!

Baby Fever

Do y'all remember my friend Brandy that I blogged about a while back. The one who is pregnant? Well the time has come and she is having the baby now!

The original due date was August 3rd, exactly one month before she is to make an appearance as a beautiful bridesmaid at my wedding, but this past Tuesday at her doctor appointment they told her that she was ready to come! So they scheduled to be induced on Monday, August 1st! I was so excited to hear the news!
Yesterday, she called to tell me that they changed it to Friday, TODAY! They originally said they could do Friday, but Friday was booked, so it was Monday. Now, I guess they aren't booked because she is there and in a room!
I am so excited that I wanted to tell the whole world so I figured this was the best way to do that!
I cannot wait to see her!
If I had it my way, I would be there with her, but I don't always get my way and I have to wait. I am headed that way next weekend for wedding planning and baby holding!
I'll update when Cameron is finally here. Please pray for Brandy, Bev, and Cameron!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This guy

I love this guys heart!

This is Mr. Hunt by the way! :)

Mystery Diagnosis

So we have a mystery on our hands here in our household. I'm praying that it's nothing major, but I have a feeling we aren't going to find out anytime soon!
So, long story short, little baby Hannah started coughing in the middle of the night last Friday night. At first I thought she was going to be sick, but nothing ever came up! Then I figured there was a blade of grass in her throat that she was trying to cough up since she was outside earlier that evening eating grass. Then she fell back to sleep! A few hours later, she did it again. This time Mr. Hunt looked up on the Internet what was going on and it basically said she had kennel cough. Kennel cough is a doggie illness that spreads at the kennel through the dogs. Most, if not all doggie daycares require that your dog is vaccinated against it, so I thought for sure that wasn't it because she had the vaccination. Well apparently the vaccine doesn't cover all strains of the virus! Then he looked up a video, and yep, that's exactly what she was doing. The website said that there is no medicine for kennel cough and that it just runs it's course and will be gone within 10 days. It also reassured me that it really isn't causing her pain, it's just like a human cough, just annoying. But I felt so bad for her because every time she would cough, she thought she was doing something bad and she would tuck her little tail between her legs and run away from us!

Besides the coughing, she was her normal Hannah. Hyper, loud, crazy, eating, drinking, and pooping Hannah!
Then Saturday night rolled around and she was up 4 or 5 times coughing. I prepared myself for this to go on for at least 10 nights. Well Sunday night nothing, Monday night nothing, Tuesday night nothing! Weird!
Well I know what your thinking, that's good right? Well not really. There were about three other reasons why a dog would be coughing and they were all very bad conditions like heart failure, tracia collapsing, and some others. Kennel cough was the easy way out.
Now I'm really worried it's an underlying thing and it wasn't kennel cough since it only lasted two nights! But we decided that since she doesn't seem sick, and doesn't have anymore symptoms, we aren't taking her to the vet. Hopefully it was a really mild case of kennel cough an it's gone already. Maybe the vaccine worked somewhat?

On another annoyed note, why do we have to vaccinate our dogs for kennel cough if they are going to get it anyway? This doesn't make sense to me at all!
Please pray for that crazy girl!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Princess for a day

Yesterday I felt like a princess!
Mr. Hunt and I decided to sleep in yesterday morning for the first time in a long far back as we can remember. We like to get up early and start our day normally, but we both realized with things planned for every weekend until the wedding, that we needed to take time to ourselves and sleep in. Thankfully the furbabies slept in too. All four of us were pretty lazy, and Hannah was sick!
At 3:30 Mr. Hunt and I had scheduled a couples massage, and it was wonderful. We needed it! This is where we went, and I recommend it. The massages are great and the prices are low!

After that we went home, took showers and headed to Ruths Chris Steakhouse for dinner. This was my first time there and it was amazing!

I didn't eat much all day since we were lazy, so I was starved by the time we got there. It was restaurant week here in Charlotte which means we got a three course meal there for $30 each! Great deal for that place at least!
The rest of the weekend was good, except for Hannah being sick!
I like being a princess every once in awhile!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Charlie Boy

This is my family's dog!

His name is Charlie, and he is the best dog ever! He is calm, but has spurts of energy, he listens, somewhat, and he stays in his invisible fence like a good boy.
Now he wasn't like this when he was a puppy though. I remember my parents and brothers going crazy because he ate EVERYTHING!!!! He loves my furbabies, and they love him, maybe a little too much. River and Hannah know his name when we say it and Charlie sometimes gets annoyed at them for being so hyper.
Davis sends me pictures of Charlie alot. Most of the time he has something on like these glasses or a hat.
I love my brothers....even the dog brother Charlie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hannah, the lapdog

Hannah loves her "grandma!" She was so tired on Saturday night after a full day of playing in Bluffton, that she decided she wanted to cuddle.
I was in the middle of having a conversation with my mom when she just climbed right up on her lap and took a small nap.

She thinks she is a small lapdog, but she's far from it! Ha!

Ball under bed

When River plays ball by himself he often puts the ball on the floor, kicks it with his front leg, chases it, catches it, and does that over again. This causes the ball to go under objects including the bed, the couch, etc.
This is what happens after the ball goes under something and he can't get it out.

He looks at me like this as if to say "my ball is under the bed and I need you to get it!"
Then he does this...

As if to say, "please mom, can you get it?"
Then after I just look at him for a second and don't move he tries this...

As if to say, "fine, I'll try to get it myself!"
Then when he still can't get it, he does the whole routine over except he cries this time.

Then, after he cries, nudges my hands, and looks at me with those sad eyes for more than 5 minutes, I finally give in and get it! Just for him to kick it right back under there!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bite the fin

While all the ladies were at the shower this Saturday, Boss Hunt took all the guys fishing! Mr. Hunt, my Dad, Dylan, and Davis left around 11am to head to Beaufort which is only 45 minutes away. This gave my mom and I some time to get ready alone before the shower.
They ended up having a BLAST!!
Everyone that fished caught something, I would assume that is a good trip.
Growing up, my family had a boat that we went out on very often. When ever we would catch a shark, my dad would take a picture of us biting the fin. It became a tradition. By the time Davis was born, we didn't have the boat anymore so we never got a picture of Davis biting the fin.
Well Davis caught his first shark (from a boat and not a dock at least) and so they had to get the famous biting the fin picture!

Little shark, but still counts!
I love family traditions! Thanks Boss Hunt for taking them out!

Wedding shower #2

I had my second wedding shower this past Saturday in Bluffton at my moms house. This was the girls only shower and we all had a great time!
We played some fun games including the wedding dress made out of toliet paler game! That was great! Mr. Hunts sister Katie called him and asked him a few questions about himself and then during the shower, while opening the gifts, I had to answer the questions. I was very surprised that I only got three wrong out of about 20 questions. Not that I don't think I know my own fiancee, it's just that he tends to be a little goofy sometimes and you could never guess what he will say! For every question I got wrong, I had to eat a huge piece of gum! I'm glad I didn't get anymore wrong because my mouth was full after the third piece.

I got a ton of great gifts and I am so thankful for every single woman there as they all mean something special to me.
My mom did such a great job putting everything together! She is so great! Speaking of great, the food was GREAT! I'm glad there were leftovers because I ate them the rest of the weekend.

Me and my mommy and mommy in law to be!

Thank you very much to everyone who came. After everyone left, I sat back and reflected on how lucky I am to have such great family and friends! I love you all!

Love you mom and grandma!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm getting irritated

There is construction going on in the garage of the building that I work in. Since I work for the bank on the trading floor I HAVE to park on the 11th floor of the garage. Crazy I know. I takes a good 5 minutes to get up there.
Anyways, so everyone got an email about the construction, but this is nuts! Some of the spots and turns in the garage are already very tight and I always think that a really big truck wouldn't be able to get through. Well now with the construction, they have roped off new paths....and they are even more tight. My explorer rubs up against the ropes.I'm not sure what these people are thinking.

These pictures don't do justice

Everyday that I come in, they have the ropes going all different ways. The size isn't getting any better.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The boys of the household.

You will find them like this more often than not....watchin the TV

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once a week

I eat this

It's Showmars small Greek salad with a side of pita bread. It's so good! I can't get enough of it! My favorite part is the pita bread! I save it for last along with most of the feta cheese and dressing from the salad. Then I dip the bread in it! Yum! I just ate this and I'm happy and full!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's worse when

Mr. Hunt is out of town. I swear the furbabies think that I am just part of the pack and he is the pack leader. The main reason I think this is because Mr. Hunt could get up and walk around the house, and they will not move if I don't get up. If I do get up though, they follow me everywhere I go! Also, they don't listen to me and they listen to him! And watching all the dog training shows that I have, there can only be one pack leader.
So anyway, sleeping in our king bed is almost impossible when Mr. Hunt is not there. You would think there would be alot more room, nope! Since I'm part of the pack, they sleep in all kinds of positions! I woke up one night to take a picture it was so bad!

Look at that! This is both if their bums and my two little legs having to squeeze in the middle (mind you I am already having to lay diagonal across the bed). I could just forget trying to get out of that blanket, or trying to move onto my side.
If you are a follower you have read before how it is almost impossible to move these babies while they are asleep too. Needless to say, I was happy the first night Mr. Hunt was back. The furbabies went back to their normal sleeping spots!

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Monday, July 11, 2011


Mr. Hunt had his bachelor party weekend this past weekend in Myrtle Beach. Sounds like they had alot of fun and they all made it home safe. I took this time while he was out to redecorate a little without spending too much money!
My family room has been driving me crazy lately because we have one really big wall and I couldn't figure out how to fill it up. Since we moved in, I've tried many ways, and I think I finally got it the way I like it!
I put up curtains on the one window, moved the mirror into the family room, de-cluttered the tables, and made and hung pictures on the wall.
Before window...

After window...

Before family room...

After family room...

I also got a new rug for underneath our kitchen table. The one we had before was too small and it was getting old. The furbabies also frayed it on the ends by chewing when they were babies!
Before kitchen table...

After kitchen table...

Lastly, I moved a picture to the loft and bought two circular mirrors to put in the loft also above the couch. I also got another curtain rod for the kitchen sliding glass door, but no curtains yet, so no picture. No pictures of the loft because I haven't put the mirrors up yet.
Mr. Hunt was so surprised and he loves it! It was alot harder to do this than I thought!
I'm not done though, I have lots of fun ideas but I've been told by many people that I need to wait until after the wedding to try and tackle all this! I say do it while I'm motivated buy tree isn't much time!

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Weekend list

There is only 5 more weekends
Until the wedding weekend! Ahhh!!!
We have something planned every weekend from now until then. Here is a little sneak peek!
July 16-17: Bluffton wedding shower
July 23-24: stuff around house done, get rings engraved
July 30-31: Augusta wedding shower
Aug 6-7: meet with pastor, hair and makeup trial, hopefully meeting Brandys baby Cameron!
Aug 13-14: my bachelorette weekend!!
Aug 20-21: last minute wedding stuff, start packing
Aug 27-28: pack and leave for
Bluffton/Hilton head
Sep3-4: GET MARRIED and get ready for honeymoon!

Whoa, this makes me tired thinking of it!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

4th weekend

Y'all, I caught a big fish, with my hands!
So here's the story. Mr. Hunt an I went out on the boat before dinner one of the nights to see if we could catch anything. For some reason Mr. Hunt brought me a left handed rod so when I was trying to reel to practice I was actually reeling it backwards!
I finally figured it out and we were on our way! I got a bite right away! While trying to reel it in the right way this time the reel snapped off! Mr. Hunt thinks while I was reeling it the wrong way, I unscrewed it!
So the fish was on the hook for about 5 minutes while we tried to fix the rod, but we couldn't figure it out! I finally just reeled it in with my hand. It took 10 times longer and I felt really bad for Mr. Fishy!

Isn't he big?
We also tie died shirts, made fudgesicles, swam in the lake, and ate lots of yummy food!

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New dog discoveries!

Mr. Hunt and I headed up to the mountain house for the three day weekend. It's only an hour and a half away so we need to go more often! We found one thing out, Hannah loves the water.
We have taken the furbabies to many bodies of water. The beach, lake, pool, etc. But it wasn't until this trip that we found out.
They both can't stay out of the water as it is if they see it. They have even swam in freezing cold water when snow was on the ground once.
The lake is about a quarter mile wide and Hannah swam there and back three different times! I could believe it! Even when she was in the shallow area, she wouldn't stand, she would swim. Whenever Mr. Hunt was on the kayak, she would follow right behind or beside him. She can even dunk her head under! She dunked her head in once and held it there for a good 5 seconds! I was so shocked!
So now we have River who loves the ball, and Hannah who loves to swim! Not a bad combination!

River taught himself a new trick for when everyone was sick of throwing him the ball over and over. He would go in the lake where he could stand, paw the ball down into the water, wait for it to pop back up, and freak out to "catch" it! It was funny, and fine with us! It gave us a break!
I love my furbabies!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love Dirt

I love dirt, you know, the dessert kind? If you haven't ever had it, I'm sorry. Go make it right now!
I first had it when I was a kid and I LOVED it! I even had it as my birthday cake a few years!
All it is is chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and whipped cream in layers! I used fat free and sugar free pudding and lite cool whip this past time, to make me feel better about eating it, but it's way better with all the real stuff!
You know how I love oreos, this is the best dessert. You are supposed to put gummy worms in the dirt, but I usually leave that part out!
Mr. Hunt and I recently went to Tony Romas for dinner and they had dirt on the kids menu! Of course I ordered it and of course the waitress made fun of me, but I don't mind.
Anyway, I made it last night and Mr. Hunt and I enjoyed it!

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Celebrating days of birth!

I want to mention a few people who had a birthday this past week!
We are finally back from our mini vacation which was amazing! I will share about it tomorrow.
Happy birthday to my sweet cousin who I love very much! Her birthday was Saturday, July 2! I hope you had a great day Mel!

Another birthday that was Saturday, is my future MIL, Kaki! We missed the birthday celebration with yummy food and good family, but we were there in our minds! Hope your day was great, (besides having to work)! Love you!

Lastly, but not least, happy 75th birthday to my grandpa who has a July 4th birthday! He was up in the mountains with us, and I think he had a great day! Love you grandpa, it was good to see you!

All of these birthdays have been coming in clumps lately!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are here

for the 4th of July weekend! We have no service but we will be back to reality soon!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad Bad Morning

Ok, y'all. I had a really bad morning this morning. And I'm here to rant, so if you don't want to hear it, skip to the next post!
It all started when I got to my parking spot at work and looked to see how much gas I had left, and it said 1 mile until empty!

I know what you are thinking..this is nobody's fault but your own, and yes you are right, but it was still awful! I remember the light coming on yesterday and it always comes on when I have 50 miles left, so I just didn't think about it. Then I didn't think to check it until I was already at work! Needless to say I will pay more attention next time.
Good news is that I made it all the way down 11 flights of the garage and to a gas station with 1 mile worth of gas! Phew!!
As I was walking into work I decided that I was going to stop by the vending machine for my breakfast.
Everyday I usually bring this...

and this...

(I never change it up, what a variety, I know) but this morning was different! I ran out of cereal bars without knowing and my coffee mug was dirty. I was running late so I decided to just get something from the vending machine. I cannot go without eating something for breakfast and some sort of caffeine in the morning or ill be very cranky! I wanted this

and this...

Which they normally have.
But on Jennifers bad day, they didn't have either of them! The vending machine guy was obviously MIA for a few days and I was upset.
I had to settle for this...

and this...

This was not what I had in mind for my breakfast at all!

So I'm hoping since my morning was pretty awful, that maybe the rest of the day will be decent. It's Friday after all!

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