Thursday, November 13, 2014

13-15 Weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Ive gained one pound since the beginning
Maternity Clothes?: Umm yeah...Its starting to get cold here. I thought for sure Id be able to wear my non-maternity leggings for awhile and get away with it. It was wrong. I tried on three different pairs the other day and all three were digging into my growing belly and I couldn't do it. The one pair of leggings I had from Jane's pregnancy have a hole in it. Great. I can still wear non-maternity shirts though.
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: not sick anymore. Thank goodness. BUT I am still tired. Very tired. I think I was actually more tired this week than any other week so far. Not sure if its just because we have a lot going on or its just because Im pregnant. You never know
Best Moment This Week: Seeing my Aunt and other family members I haven't seen in awhile. Jane is so happy and loving and NOT shy. Its fun to see her with the people you love.
Food Cravings?: nothing really this week. 
Gender?: Don't know yet
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: energy energy energy. That it all
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My next appointment. I feel like my last one wasn't good enough. I had intentions on seeing little baby on the ultrasound since I did at my second appointment with Jane, but instead we just heard the heartbeat on the doppler. That was fine and all but it took her forever to find it (which was scary) and then when she finally found it, I was flustered and we only heard it for like 2 seconds. That was it. Now I have to wait 4 more weeks. Since I can't feel the baby move quite yet, I just feel detached or something. 
Anything Else?: Like I say every week. We have A LOT going on. Are you sick of me saying that? Who doesn't have a lot going on ever right? But, we are moving in ONE month and we will only be home for one weekend. That means packing needs to start right now. And remember.....I don't have energy. At least Im not feeling sick right? Knock on wood.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 4lbs oops I may have eaten too much Halloween Candy
Maternity Clothes?: Bottoms yes. Anything not maternity for bottoms is just way too uncomfortable. I can get away with regular shirts still. I need to go shopping
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: I felt like I was getting better but then I had a few waves of nauseous this week. Wasn't very bad, but it was disappointing. Also, I was a lot more tired this week than any other week. Maybe I just over did it this week or something. 
Best Moment This Week:  Trick or Treating with Jane for the first time. She loved it
Food Cravings?: Not really having any
Gender?: Don't know yet, but thinking boy still
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: Being comfortable. I can't get comfortable and Im not even big yet. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My next appointment and getting this move over with
Anything Else?: My belly popped out major this week. Maybe that would explain the alb weight gain. (or the candy)


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 5lbs. So i guess the albs last week wasn't just the Halloween candy
Maternity Clothes?: I finally went shopping and got some things. I definitely have to wear maternity pants, or REALLY stretchy yoga pants (some are still too tight). I definitely have a little belly now too so some shirts are starting not to fit so good
Stretch Marks?: No. I didn't get any last time so Im hoping to stay in the clear
Feeling Sick?: Feeling ok. I had some pretty bad headaches this week but Im not sure it was because Im pregnant. Maybe, just maybe my energy is coming back a little, but I need to knock on wood
Best Moment This Week:  Although I missed them very very much, Mr. Hunt and Jane left for three days so that I could rest and pack. Its hard to pack when Jane is awake so that only leaves a small window of time to pack during the day. I also got some good rest. 
Food Cravings?: Ice cream this week. 
Gender?: Hopefully we will find out in about a month
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: I think for once Im not missing anything too much
What I'm Looking Forward To?: I have an appointment on Thursday. I always look forward to those
Anything Else?: Im so ready to be moved into our new home and getting into the Christmas spirit. We have a lot of fun things planned for the rest of November, but Im just stressed. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Better late than never, but here are some of our Halloween pictures from this year.

Last year, Jane was 10 months old and just learned to walk, so we didn't take her trick or treating. So this year was the first year she got to go, and she LOVED it. Im not sure why I thought she wouldn't get it, but oh, did she get it.

We went in my parents neighborhood where pretty much everyone participates and makes a big deal of Halloween. Most people actually sit in lawn chairs in their driveway and hand out candy there. So the first few times, Jane didn't even go to a door.

This got her a little confused though because then she kept going up to random people who were trick or treating themselves and saying "trick or treat" and expecting candy. haha

Then the few times we did go to a door, she tried to walk into the houses. Besides all that though, she really enjoyed it. She was also interested in all the scary things. She wanted to get close to scary things and look at them, but she made sure she was holding her Daddy's hand and repeating "its ok" the whole time.

She loved trick or treating so much, at one point, she wouldn't stop skipping down the street. She also got very concerned when Mr. Hunt took out some of her candy from her pumpkin. He wanted to make sure it wasn't too heavy, but she thought he was stealing it.

So, I originally wanted Jane to be dressed as an elephant since she loves them right now, but I couldn't find a costume that I like or wasn't $50 or more. So, I resorted to the mouse costume. It was actually pretty cheap because I just bought grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt (something she can wear again) and bought the ears, tail, and nose (which she didn't wear) separate. I felt a little bad for "skimping out" on her costume, but I also know that starting next year, I wont have much say on what she will want to dress up as for Halloween.

Enjoy some cute pictures of our cute little mouse.

the tail....too cute

Before we went trick or treating, Jane found some candy that her Nana was planning on handing out. We told her she couldn't eat any quite yet because we hadn't eaten dinner. So she resorted to licking each and very piece, over and over. I think she was hoping it would eventually unwrap itself or something.

This is blurry, but here she is looking and inspecting the scary things.

Inspecting her candy. I thought we would only make it to a few houses, but she didn't want to stop. She got a lot more candy than I expected her to.

Hope y'all had a great Halloween as well.


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