Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Lot Happening Over Here

Sorry Ive been MIA this week. I/we have a lot on our minds lately. We have a lot going on and have some big decisions to make coming up pretty soon. Its kind of taking all the mental capacity I have right now and thinking and writing blog posts is not really on my mind at all.
Really there are a few things on my mind that I don't feel comfortable sharing at the moment and that's what this blog is about....sharing whats on my mind. So its a little difficult to do that, and there isn't much else on my mind. Understand?

In other quick news, I'm loving my Brother SE400 embroidery machine that Mr. Hunt got me for my birthday.

This was the first thing I did, Jane's monogram. This is a cheap onsie that I got in a pack for when I do her monthly pictures. The onsie is very thin and see through actually, but I wasn't sure if I was going to mess it up the first time so I didn't want to waste a good onsie. I think it turned out pretty good. At least you can tell what it is. I only wish the monogram was a little bigger and higher up on the onsie. Right now the monogram is on her belly instead of her chest. (you can see it in Mondays post from the pumpkin patch)

 I mainly like to monogram stuff, but I did make Jane a onsie with the gamecock Block C on it. This one I didn't expect to be so big and Mr. Hunt wanted to help me on this one. This was the first time we did more than one color. It was pretty easy, but it took a LONG time. This was a onsie that doesn't even fit Jane anymore, again worrying that I would mess up a good onsie. Now that it turned out so good we are kind of sad she can't wear it. Maybe Ill have another girl and she can wear it.

I can't wait to do more stuff. I think I feel comfortable enough to monogram and embroider real stuff now and not be afraid to mess something up.
Ill be back later to share whats on our minds as soon as we feel comfortable sharing. But I will have Halloween on my mind tomorrow so maybe you'll see a post then, or wait until Friday to see Jane's costume.

Talk to y'all soon.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Little Pumpkin

We had a great weekend! First, the gamecocks pulled off a crazy win against Missouri who was undefeated and ranked #5, plus it was an away game. It was very nerve wracking, but it was fun to watch!

Then we went to the pumpkin patch! Ive been looking forward to this since before fall started. 

It had rained here the night before we went so the hay was a little wet. Jane wasn't fond.

But she was VERY fond of the goats. As we walked up, I mentioned to Mr. Hunt that I hoped Jane would like the goats and wouldn't be scared. He quickly reminded me that these goats were smaller than our two dogs and she is obsessed with the dogs. I will say now that I'm not sure if she loves the dogs or the goats better.

She went right up to them and wasn't scared one bit. She was squealing and laughing the entire time.

She even had an audience behind us laughing at how happy she was about these goats. When they would walk away, she reached through for them....

Mr. Hunt and I were saying how we were glad that these goats were nice. Ive come across some goats a few times that weren't so know, they eat clothes and stuff. Seeing as there were no signs about petting them or employees around to warn anyone, we knew they had to of been OK. Most kids around were Jane's age or a little older.

Then this happened.....Jane open mouth kissed the goat. Yeah, if it were up to me, I wouldn't have allowed it, but it happened in a blink of an eye. Then there was nothing I could do. I surprised Mr. Hunt got a picture of it...great timing! Jane enjoyed it, and I know the goat enjoyed it, because they tried to kiss each other a few times after this as well.

The goat licked her nose as well. She must of had some left over breakfast on her face.

Then she grabbed this ones face and slapped it and pulled his ears like she does with River. That's when I was worried the goat would go crazy, but he didn't care a bit.

After washing her hands very well, we went over to the sand box ship. Mr. Hunt and I didn't want her to play in the sand though because it was more like mud since it had rained.

Sorry for the blur in the corner of every picture. We didn't realize there was a fingerprint not the lens until halfway through our trip.

This was a jumping pillow. Its like an open moon bounce. It was fun watching all the kids on it, but Jane was a little too young.

We relaxed on a little swing for a bit. The weather was great. It wasn't too hot or too cold and it was cloudy so we weren't going to get sunburned.

They are best buds.

Then a nice lady came over to offer to take our picture. She had the same camera as me and she changed the settings. The picture is way over exposed if you ask me, but I didn't ask her to take it again.

Then Mr. Hunt didn't notice what she had done and took a few pictures of Jane and I.


Then we went over to the pumpkins. Jane LOVES pumpkins....who knew? She liked to try to eat the stem a lot.

Still wasn't fond of the wet hay.

These are all too good not to share. Mr. Hunt really knows how to make Jane laugh.

Jane is a pro at standing by herself now and she's been taking 4 and 5 steps in a row too.

There was also a corn maze which we didn't do and a train that we didn't ride.

We had some lunch there and listened to the live band. Jane danced a lot and crawled around in the grass while attracting attention from everyone around with her dance moves and singing.

I really really wanted to take pictures of Jane inside a pumpkin like almost everyone else does. Ive wanted to do that even before I was pregnant. I just think its the cutest thing. So I went out and got a pumpkin that I thought was big enough and carved two little holes for her legs.

Turns out she is just too big for it. Mr. Hunt even cut out the back so that she could still fit, but even then she is towering over the pumpkin and it looks weird. Oh well, maybe the next baby.

I still took pictures of her with her two pumpkins though.

The smaller pumpkin was one we bought her at the grocery store while we were shopping to distract her. I really don't know what it is, but she loves pumpkins.

The bigger one is hers that I was going to monogram, but ended up with just an h. Yeah, I basically had two pumpkin fails.

I really don't mind because I can't wait for y'all to see her in her Halloween costume.

I think Jane is enjoying the fall season as much as we are too. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So if you were to ask me on Saturday afternoon how my birthday was going, I probably would have gave you a glare and a smart answer. The Gamecocks had the nerve to LOSE a game that should have been an easy WIN on MY birthday. Yes, I'm a baby and selfish about it. I made a joke about how if they lost, it would ruin my birthday thinking there was no way they would really lose. I also made a joke assuming the gamecocks would win that if Clemson lost, it would make my birthday even better. I ate my words....cocks lost and for a few minutes, I really did believe my 27th birthday was over. I even text my Dad saying that I was considering celebrating it next weekend until I remembered that we are playing the ranked Mizzou. If we cant beat an unranked Tennessee than I'm not counting on a win this next weekend.
Enough about that. I'm over it....for real..... kind of
We woke up and got our morning started. The game was coming on at 11am our time, so we had stuff to do before it started. Mr. Hunt went out and got Subway for lunch and some of my favorite cupcakes from the bakery near our house.
We ate the subs and then enjoyed the cupcakes. Mr. Hunt forgot the candles so he made one out of a toothpick and paper towel.

Here is Jane and I at halftime, see we still have smiles on our faces. 

Mr. Hunt sang Happy Birthday to me.....

 Then I decided I wanted the other cupcake. I shared with Jane.

First I gave her a little sample. She's never had cake and didn't really know what was going on.

But once she had a taste, she was addicted. Look at the grip!

Then I tried to get a kiss, but she was more interested in the cake.

Sprinkle Lips

Then we had one more bite together before I decided she shouldn't have anymore sugar.

Then the next hour was brutal while I watched my birthday wither away in the game. I seriously almost shed a tear. If you don't know how much I am serious about my gamecock football, maybe now you know. Yeah, it was that bad.

We took our jerseys off, Mr. Hunt took a nap in hopes to wake up in a better mood, Jane took a nap as well, and I worked on Jane's birthday video which puts me in a good mood watching all the videos we have of her. 

After finding out that both Georgia and Florida lost as well, we were in better spirits (told you its makes or breaks our moods). We got showers and cleaned up for our family Christmas photo shoot. 

The pictures turned out amazing! Ill just leave you with this for now before I share the rest later. 

Then our friends (also the girl who took our pictures) scooped up Jane and took her to their house while Mr. Hunt and I went on our first date in Austin since having Jane. 

We went to a place called Trulucks which was super yummy seafood. They also brought me this yummy dessert. 

Dinner was great. It was different to be on a date. We used to go on them all the time before Jane. We kept having to remind ourselves that we didn't have to rush through dinner wondering if Jane was going to blow up any second. We could eat slow and enjoy ourselves...and that's what we did.

Jane had a great time at the Will's house. Apparently she had some pizza and was just as hyper and all over the place like she is a home. She's not shy.

When we got home, these beautiful flowers were on our porch. From my Mom and Dad. How sweet and fall like. 

Then we watched as Clemson's dreams of the National Championship quickly flew out the door. It was a good end to my questionable beginning of a day. 

Oh, and Mr. Hunt bought me this embroidery machine that Ive wanted for a few years now. I was so surprised and I cant wait to learn how to use it. Thankfully its a lot like a sewing machine as far as threading it and stuff and my mother in law taught me how to do all that. 

Looking back now, my day really was great.....minus the game. We had a great time taking pictures, going on a date, and watching Clemson lose. The rest of the weekend was wonderful as well. 

Especially because Jane officially loves giving kisses and she is really into it. 

We've been getting a lot of these in the past few days and I'm constantly having to pick up my melted heart off the floor every time.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special. Mr. Hunt, my parents and in laws,  the Wills, and Clemson to name a few. Gamecocks....y'all better get your act together, you are not on my good side right now.

the birthday girl

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