Friday, October 24, 2014

My Sweet Jane

Every once in awhile (or pretty much every day) Jane does something, or says something that just melts my heart. She's the sweetest loving little kid ever.

So last night was no exception and this time I just had to document it. 

Mr. Hunt gives Jane a bath every night and I put her jammies on, read a book, and put her to bed. I know with this new baby coming, we may need to change up our little routine a bit, but Im loving putting her to bed right now. Also, its becoming harder already for me to lift her into her crib, but that's for another post. 

Anyway, so every night after we read, I turn the light off and the noise machine on and I say the prayer. 

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
God bless Mommy Daddy River Hannah and Me
God Bless all my friends and family. 

Jane knows exactly when to say Amen and its the cutest thing. It wont be long before she knows all the words to the prayer. 

Last night she did something a little different that caught me by surprise. Instead of saying "Amen," she said...

"and Mimi?" and I said "yes, and mimi"
Then she said "and Papa?" and I told her yes
"and Nana?" "yes"
"and Pappy?" yes"
"and Gram-daddy?" "yes, Jane...and grandaddy"

You see, I was already melting from her realizing that I name our family members in the prayer and she didn't want to leave out her grandparents. She named each one. BUT when I really could have fell into a puddle was when she said "gram-daddy" which is grandaddy. She has met him a few times quickly, but a few weekends ago, we spent the weekend with him and grandmama and Jane learned to say their names. She had  great time with them. She honestly hasn't mentioned them since then, so I was super shocked when she said gram-daddy in the prayer. Normally I would have thought she would have gone on to say "uncle and aunt" since she is always talking about them around here.

That sweet girl of mine and shocking me everyday with the things she remembers and the love she has for everyone. Grandaddy got a special prayer last night. God bless him. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

First Trimester Baby #2: Weeks 9-12


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Lost 1lb from starting weight
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: yep. This week I was actually starting to feel better a few days and I thought maybe it was starting to go away....nope. It came back. Basically if I don't eat ALL. THE. TIME. I feel nauseous. But then no matter what I eat, I get indigestion which then makes me feel sick as well. Still also super tired. 
Best Moment This Week: We went to visit my family this weekend which is always fun
Food Cravings?: mini m&ms and Im happy that my little bro Dylan picked some up for me. 
Gender?: Don't know yet
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: My energy and turkey sandwiches. I really feel like if I can eat a turkey sandwich I wont get such bad indigestion, but I may be making that up in my head
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My next appointment and telling more people Im pregnant
Anything Else?: We have a TON going on in the next three months. Halloween, Thanksgiving, MOVING, Jane's birthday, Christmas. I really hope I can start feeling better soon. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Lost 2lbs from starting weight
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: Starting to feel better actually. Still pretty tired and can't do much without feeling like a need lots of breaks. Still a little indigestion ever once in awhile and nauseous if I get too hungry
Best Moment This Week: We went to the beach this weekend to see Jane's Mimi, Papa, as well as Grandmama and Grandaddy. We had a great time
Food Cravings?: Salty in general
Gender?: Don't know yet, thinking boy still though
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: Energy. Im counting down the days until I have it back. I have lots to do in the next few weeks
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Moving. Its coming up fast. Im ready to be moved and get settled in and get ready for this next baby
Anything Else?: Just have lots going on, so Im trying to keep up with everything while also being kind to my body growing another human being.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: Feeling better. Still some bouts of being sick and especially tired, but Im see the light at the end of the tunnel
Best Moment This Week: Going to the Pumpkin Patch with Jane
Food Cravings?: Burgers with extra pickles
Gender?: Dont know
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: Cold turkey subs.....oh what I would do just for a bite
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Announcing the pregnancy on this blog as well as social media with a cute video I made of Jane
Anything Else?: Just getting by each day with the energy. But soon Im going to have to push through with the move and just be extra tired I guess


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 2 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: Well my pants are getting pretty tight and uncomfortable, even the stretchy ones, but I haven't broke out the maternity clothes yet
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: Feeling much better this week. Still small indigestion (but rare). This week though I had horrible lower back pain. Not sure what it was from because its gone now. But that wasn't fun
Best Moment This Week: Going to my 2nd appointment. They tried to find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler and it took a very long time which freaked me out. But they finally found it and it was in the 150s...such a great sound. I asked why it took so long and they said usually at this stage its rare to find it on the doppler, but since Im on the skinny side they decided to try. The baby is only an inch long so there is a lot of room to look. Also, it was my 28th birthday this week. My mom came to help us start packing for our move and she of course spoiled me for my birthday
Food Cravings?: CAKE for my birthday, and my mom made a wonderful chocolate one that was amazing!
Gender?: Don't know, but thinking boy still
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: My energy. Now that Im feeling better, I just need energy and Ill be good to go
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Seeing the baby again on the ultrasound. With Jane we got to see her at the 1st and the 2nd appointment. This time I didn't so I was a little bummed out but I know every practice does things differently. 
Anything Else?: I had a great birthday. Im so glad I was starting to feel better for it. That would have been stinky if I was sick on my birthday.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Trimester Baby #2: Weeks 4-8

Since we found out we were pregnant at 4 weeks 3 days, I never got a chance to dig out the dry erase board and take a picture. But I do have this picture that I took right when we found out. (except you can't see that it says 'pregnant' so thats a fail.

But, I still wanted to do the questions. I thought about maybe doing a totally different set of questions this time around, but then I thought it would be cool to do the same and then compare. This time around, I'm also doing YouTube. I will have weekly updates on there that will probably say the same things, but will also show my belly in person (well on video, instead of a picture).

Here we go:


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: After finding out we were for sure pregnant, I kept having bouts of nauseousness but that could have just been my jitters, or my mind making it up. 
Best Moment This Week: finding out we are pregnant and then celebrating our 3 year anniversary in downtown Charleston on an overnight date
Food Cravings?: No
Gender?: No idea. If its a boy we may be done having kids, if its another girl, we may try again for a boy
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: Nothing yet
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Everything this pregnancy has to hold and seeing how different or the same it will be compared to Jane's
Anything Else?: I have been nothing but STARVING this week. No matter how much I eat, I'm starved 20 minutes later. Also, I was just starting a new diet and work out routine to get ready for my brother's wedding in April. There goes that idea, although I'm still going to TRY to be active this time around. I wasn't very active at all last time.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: Nauseous here and there but mainly just SUPER SUPER tired! I can't get enough sleep and I can't stand up for longer than 10 minutes without having to sit down. Kinda hard with a toddler
Best Moment This Week: Spending quality time with Jane. I definitely look at her different. She's going to be a big sister :) Mr. Hunt and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary. My parents came up and watched Jane for us so we had an overnight date. 
Food Cravings?: No, just hungry a lot 
Gender?: I'm thinking boy only because I'm having different symptoms so far. I know its stiller early early though
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: Definitely my daily turkey at lunch. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Telling everyone!
Anything Else?: We've told a few people and everyone seems very shocked (just like we are) and happy at the same time. 


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: OK Ive had a revelation and I'm really sad I didn't realize this earlier. BUT, After every meal, about 20 minus after I eat, I get (what I thought) was a super hungry feeling. Its different than my regular hungry feeling. And I was confused because I just ate. Well after almost two weeks of this, I just found out that its in fact indigestion...and BAD! SO, I'm hoping some medicine can help, or some TUMS. Otherwise I feel fine. Still SUPER tired, maybe even more tired than last week. But I just keep telling myself this will all pass soon. 
Best Moment This Week: Visiting family and friends for a day
Food Cravings?: french fries (but I learned fried foods aren't good for indigestion)
Gender?: Still thinking boy
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: ENERGY for my sweet Jane 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: Taking care of this indigestion. Its taking over!
Anything Else?: I have my first appointment next Thursday. Cant wait


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: Yep, still feeling gross. Mostly super tired to where I can hardly stand up for more than 5 minutes before having to sit for an hour to recuperate. This is TMI but I need to remember (maybe if there is a next time), but I didnt have this with Jane, but Im having diarrhea everyday. Most people I think have constipation, mine is opposite. Also, still get pretty nauseous if Im slightly hungry which I feel like is all the time
Best Moment This Week: Having Dylan and Jenn come in town for the weekend and we beat Georgia!!!
Food Cravings?: I don't remember having so many cravings with Jane but this time I am. Cheeseburgers, olives, french fries, chocolate cake, yellow cake, and more. Im also not having any food aversions. I had that big time with Jane
Gender?: Since a lot of my symptoms so far seem different, Im still thinking boy
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: I miss energy still. Of course I miss feeling normal, but I hardly have enough energy to play with Jane during the day. I used to take her out at least once a day, but we've been staying in a lot lately. I keep telling myself that its just temporary and hopefully my energy will be back soon
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My first appointment. Seems like this pregnancy isn't real yet since I haven't been to the doctor yet. Hopefully everything is going well with baby #2
Anything Else?: We still hvaent told Mr. Hunt's parent yet because they've been in London with his sister and brother in law. So basically we haven't told any one on his side of the family. We can't wait to get in touch with them and tell them.


Total Weight Gain/Loss?: Lost 2lbs
Maternity Clothes?: No
Stretch Marks?: No
Feeling Sick?: YES! Im so ready to feel better. If its not one thing, its the other. Diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, major headache, super tired......etc. 
Best Moment This Week: Going to our first appointment and seeing a healthy (tiny) baby on the ultrasound machine. We got to see (not hear because its too early) his/her heartbeat too. We also finally got to tell all the family on Mr. Hunt's side about the new baby and they were all happy!
Food Cravings?: Mainly salty stuff, although I had a major craving for GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Deli Turkey. 
Gender?: Don't know yet, but Im still thinking boy
Labor Signs?: No
Belly Button In or Out?: In
Wedding Ring On or Off?:  On
What I Miss?: I miss feeling normal. I just want my energy back and not have to have indigestion after eating each meal. It doesn't matter what I eat. 
What I'm Looking Forward To?: My next appointment and actually hearing the baby's heartbeat
Anything Else?: Im kind of surprised that Ive lost 2 lbs. Im not throwing up or anything, but I am having diarrhea. Im eating a normal amount, but don't really have an appetite, besides a few cravings. BUT, I know if I don't eat then I will feel nausea, so no skipping meals (and I even snack a lot too)

OK! I have weeks 9-12 ready too but I figured Id split this up so it wasn't so much to read at once. This time around, Im setting up the camera on my own and just taking a picture with whatever I have on at the time. It was pretty easy last time to change into my white pants and white tank top and do a bare belly picture since it was just Mr. Hunt and I. This time, Im just trying to go the easy route. I will still show some bare belly too, maybe once the belly gets a little bigger.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

OK so I may end up sounding like broken record, but we are (and have been) really busy the past month and the months coming up. We knew we wanted to take Jane to the pumpkin patch, but there was only one weekend that we didn't have plans. Of course it was the hottest weekend for a pumpkin patch. 
Normally I would have wait for a nice cool fall weather kind of weekend to get the full effect, but since this was the only weekend, we (tried to) dress appropriately and we went anyway. It was only supposed to be 80 degrees, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky and for some reason it seemed MUCH hotter. 

OK, enough with the complaining, because we really did have fun! Jane has been obsess with pumpkins this year. When she saw her first one at the grocery store she called it an apple, I corrected her and she hasn't stopped loving pumpkins since. 

Its getting increasingly more difficult to take this girls picture, but thats ok. I asked her to sit down (I meant in the hay) but she sat right on top of the pumpkin. Then it took a lot of yelling and calling her name to get her to even look at the camera.

The pumpkin patch was actually free, but there was another event that cost $10 per person. We were tempted to not even do the other stuff because we couldn't pry Jane away from the pumpkins. Im sure she would have had just as much fun just running around trying to pick them all up.

Jane is loving to leaner new words. I showed her this tractor and she kept yelling "looooook, track" the rest of the time. She's so enthusiastic.

Poor Mr. Hunt. I told him he would be hot. He didn't want to listen.

So funny enough, I didn't even get pictures inside the event. Its hard to juggle the camera and the video camera. I video recorded everything we did inside if you want to check it out on my YouTube Channel. Jane got to jump on the big bubble, a jump house, and she loved the petting zoo.

Even though it was hot, I'm glad we went. I love making memories like this. Now every time Jane sees a pumpkin she says "pumpkin patch!"


Friday, October 17, 2014

Here We Go Again!

**This was written a few day after we found out I was pregnant which was on August 29th 2014**

So most of you know from my last post that we are PREGNANT again!

Lets just say that this time, we were totally shocked.

When we got pregnant with Jane, we had been trying for 6 months and we were ready (or as ready as we could be). Each month would go by, and then we finally got a positive pregnancy test. It was a very happy, exciting, "finally" kind of feeling.

THIS TIME....was different.

Before we had any kids, we never had any idea how close in age we would want our kids. Once we had Jane, we have gone back and forth. You see, if you don't know Jane very well, let me tell you a little bit about her. She is happy, independent, on the go all the time, hyper, and a huge hand full. Every baby is different and I definitely know some other kids her age that are more calm and quiet.

So with that said, Mr. Hunt and I have mentioned that maybe we needed to wait a little bit before having another baby. Just for the simple fact that we still feel like our hands are pretty full with Jane.

Also, since we are moving at the end of November, this wasn't an ideal time to get pregnant. Nobody likes to move while pregnant. We had mentioned maybe waiting until after we are moved and settled in. Also, my little brother is getting married in April, so maybe after that.

BUT, God only knows what he has planned for us. His plan is good. I learned that quickly when I got pregnant with Jane. So this means, we will just have to go with his plan and embrace it.

You are probably wondering if I was on birth control, or how it was such a big surprise. Well, after I stopped breast feeding Jane, I got on birth control and it made me feel super sick. I knew we wanted to have another kid at some point, and I felt like I knew a lot about cycles since we tried to get pregnant for 6 months. So, I got off of it.

For the first 6 months or so we were very very careful, but then we weren't. So maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was.

After my period was 3 days late, I decided to take a test one afternoon while Mr. Hunt was home from work for lunch. He always told me that he wanted to be there the next time I took a test since with Jane I was by myself and then called and told him.

The test said to wait 3 minutes for the result, but the result popped up right away. "pregnant"
We laughed, smiled, stared at each other, laughed some more, and were totally shocked. Even a few days later, we were still shocked, it didn't seem real. Obviously when you aren't expected something so life changing, its hard to take it all in.

Everything is changed right then and there. No, there isn't a baby here yet, but one is coming. Are we ready? We still need to move, Ill be 8 months pregnant at my brother wedding, BUT its all OK because this was Gods plan.

Maybe it sounds like I'm really upset about this. Its hard to convey your emotions over the Internet. Now a few days later (I wrote this only 4 days after finding out) I'm really excited now. I'm over the moon. I can't wait to do this whole pregnancy thing all over. I can't wait to find out if its a girl or boy. I can't wait for Jane to have a baby sibling. I'm happy....and so is Mr. Hunt.

But, I'm also scared to death this time. You would think that when I was first pregnant with Jane I would be more scared since it was my first pregnancy, but I wasn't. I was not working since we had just moved to Texas, so I planned to just go one day at a time and go with the flow.

This time though I'm scared.

I'm scared of morning sickness while still taking care of Jane
I'm scared of the dreaded energey loss. Do you understand how much enegery I need to keep up with Jane? A LOT!! I hardly had enough while not pregnant
Then the main thing I'm scared of is not being able to give Jane the same love and attention once the new baby gets here. Its like I'm not ready to replace her. Ugh, that sounds so bad. But I honestly cried for about 5 minutes straight the day we found out. I cried thinking about Jane.

Alright. Well that's it for today. I have a ton more emotions about this time around, but this is happening so I need to get my act together. One day at a time is all I can do. The first trimester will come and go, I will (hopefully) get energy back, we will move, my brother will get married, and this baby will come.

Thank you Lord for your happy surprises. You truly have the best plan for our lives and I thank you for your perfect timing even if we don't understand it right now. Please help this baby be healthy and happy, just like our first baby Jane. Thank you for getting us back closer to our family for this go around. Amen.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby #2 On the Way

Yep, that's right! Were having another baby!!!

Watch this cute video of Jane

Pregnancy Announcement

We are really excited BUT have a ton going on so Ill be back soon with the updates from the first trimester.


Monday, October 6, 2014


Once again, Its been awhile. This time I'm not going to promise anything. We have a TON going on around here. 

Guess what? Were moving again!!! 

Long story short, when we moved here from Texas, we basically had to rent because we were moving so fast. So we signed a year lease. Our originally intentions were to rent the entire year, get to know the area, and then buy a home here because we don't want to rent forever. 

Little fun fact....Mr. Hunt and I have lived in 6 different houses in 6 years. This new home will be 7. Lets just say I'm ready to be moved in and STAY in one place for more than one year. 

When we moved here and settled in, of course I became obsessed with finding the perfect home. Well, I found it. And we have to build it. We didn't think we would ever build again (we built our home in Charlotte which we still own as well). So one thing lead to another and we just decided to start building early and get the last move (for awhile) over with. 

Well, we may have messed up a tiny tiny bit because now we are scheduled to close on the house at the end of November. We've been so busy around here lately with other things and we tend to leave every single weekend to go be with our family, that we haven't packed or started to plan one thing.

This isn't our home obviously, but this is basically what it will look like. Cute huh?

Since the home is new construction, there are things that we will need to pick ourselves and buy ourselves that didn't come with the house. A refrigerator, blinds, paint, fans, fence for the dogs, etc. We also need to decide how we will move all of our stuff. 

So, with Halloween just around the corner and less than two months now before we close....we are going to very busy (not that we haven't already). 

Jane's Birthday

Those are just the big events happening in the next three months. That's not counting there small trips we have planned. 

So, if I go missing again. You know where I am. But I may have some good posts coming soon with some good pictures of all our adventures. 

See ya soon!


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