Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Day at Church

Since Jane couldn't leave the house for the first 4-6 weeks of her life, our attendance at church went out the window. Even once she was 6 weeks and we got the go ahead, we still didn't have a great routine or schedule and I was so scared to go anywhere where we would be in public too long. I was also breastfeeding still and she ate right at church time. Anyway....enough of the excuses why we didn't go to church for the first 3 months of her life. The good news we are BACK!

We dressed her up all nice in the outfit she got from Uncle Michael and Aunt Rachel. The hair bow is from our old neighbors the Wills.

She did great at church. She sat in her stroller the whole time and played with a toy. She was awake until the very end and didn't make a peep.

Soon we will put her in the nursery. Ive never left her with a stranger so this should be interesting.


Outfit From Kelly

When Jane was real small it was just easier to put onsies on her. Also, with the weather being cold while she was small it was important for us to keep her bundled up, so her outfits werent really a priority. I would just put a onsie on, some pants, a jacket, socks, and a hat....none of which really ever matched, just to keep her warm.

Now that she is getting bigger and the weather is warming up here in Texas, I am able to dress her up more in fun outfits. Most of the time its on the weekends when I know we will be going out of the house as to not waste any good outfits on a day staying at home. So I make sure to take lots of pictures of her in cute outfits since I know she may only wear it once...she has alot of clothes to wear so the likely hood of her wearing something twice is small.

This cute outfit is from my good friend Kelly. So adorable!

She liked the outfit if you couldn't tell. It also came with a blanket that we use ALOT.

Thanks so much Kelly!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Fur Baby Update

Jane has really taken over this blog. Honestly I cant help it. She does new things every single day and I want to document it all. Plus, I take a trillion pictures a day and they are all cute, so I want to share with the world (or everyone that read this blog). But, We haven't forgot about the fur babies. They are still here and we still love them I promise. 

They are actually enjoying the new home more than us humans in this house. Why? Because we walk everywhere, and they get to come almost every time. We joked that they are going to turn into city dogs. Oh boy! We worried at first since they are super hyper when seeing people and other dogs. How in the world were we going to be able to eat, hold them, and take care of Jane at the same time? 

I'm not going to lie, the first few times were interesting, but we had to do it if we wanted to ever get them used to everything. Now, its been about a month, and we have definitely seen a change. They both ignore pretty much all people unless the people come up to them and talk to them. Other dogs are still a slight problem. Here in Austin, people bring there dogs everywhere. Almost every restaurant that has outside seating welcomes dogs, so they are everywhere. But we are still working on their behavior in public. 

Once Jane gets older and more mobile, I know the fur babies will get even more attention then they have ever had. She LOVES them. Every time they get in her sight, she looks right at them and either smiles or sometimes even laughs.

One downside of this new house is that they got FLEAS! YUCK! They have only had fleas one other time in their life and it was when we lived in Charlotte. We gave them a pill to kill them and within hours they were gone.

This time has been a small challenge and with a baby here Ive been paranoid. We gave them the pill now twice and they still seemed itchy. We also gave them a flea treatment and flea collars. We can't find anymore fleas so I'm thinking that they just have bites now that are still itching them. I have a bad feeling that the fleas are in the yard since they seem to keep coming back. Its been a week now and they both aren't itching as much, but they definitely still are some.  I have cleaned this house inside and out and there are no fleas in our house. Hopefully we nipped that in the bud.

Oh the joys of having puppies.


Playing Airplane

I remember always playing airplane when I was little and playing it with my brothers too. Jane is still super small, but she already loves it. Its funny because her head doesn't look over my legs yet, so she likes to peek through them instead. She of course doest go all the way up on my feet yet, just my legs.

Beautiful SMILE!

....aaaaannnndddd here comes the drool......


I love this little bean. We play and interact more and more everyday.


Jane's Mom

Thursday, March 28, 2013

She Grabs

Jane learned a few weeks ago that her hands are useful! She like to grab at things now, including my face! She hasn't mastered the task yet, but she definitely knows what she's doing when she tries to get things.

We can brush a toy against her hand and eventually she will grab it.

Half of the time I don't think she even knows that something is in her hand because she will accidentally hit herself in the face with the toy or just wave her arms around and eventually drop the toy.

Other times she looks at the toy in her hand in amazement like she thinking "Am I holding this toy??"

When I talk to her now, she likes to grab my face and lips. Its funny, but sometimes it hurts. Gotta keep her nails trimmed.



Since Jane cant sit up yet on her own, I find it hard to entertain her for long periods of time. She loves her play mat, but after about 10 minutes, shes totally bored. She also likes her swing, but again, after awhile shes over it.

She is pretty good at sitting up in her bumbo, but I have to be right there.

Most of the time, this happens....

Her head falls back a little. That's when we've had enough and I cant tell her neck is getting tired.

And she likes to watch the TV. No matter where I put her in the room, she will find the TV if its on. This means alot of the day the TV goes off so that she isn't watching it all the time, but its a nice change of scenery for her every once in awhile. She loves Nick Jr. or the cooking channel.

Sweet little (HUGE) River was loving on Jane this day. I promise none of these doggie pictures are ever staged. They are just that loving, its incredible.

I can and cant wait until Jane is more active. I know my life will be a lot tougher if I have to follow her around all day, but I will feel better about her being entertained. For now we will stick to the bumbo, play mat, swing, and boppy.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodbye Cedar Park Home!

We moved!

We now live in downtown Austin and we can walk to pretty much anything we need to. Grocery store, dry cleaners, restaurants, gas station, parks, etc. We love it! I will post more about the house once I get some good pictures of it, but moving was hectic.

It wasn't as hectic as moving here to Austin (obviously since we moved 20 hours away as apposed to just 40 minutes away this time), but with a was challenging. I tried my hardest to keep Jane on her normal schedule, all while going back and forth several times to get everything.

We hired movers for our big stuff and moved all the little stuff on our own, but we had alot more little things than we realized, even after getting rid of a TON since moving here the first time.

Jane spent alot of her afternoons like this...

Which she didn't mind, but at her age (2 months then), she needed someone to still entertain her a little. The mat didn't always cut it. 

Anyway, long story short, we've moved and we are loving our new location. Jane has adjusted great to her new room, and the house is almost all the way put together, unlike last time when it took me months!

Ill be back with pictures of the house soon.


Baby Blues

Nope, not me being depressed after having a baby....Im talking about my baby's blue blue eyes.

My day can never be bad when looking at this face.


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