Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding Feature

I'm am pleased to announce that Mr. Hunt and I's wedding is featured today on A Lowcountry Wedding! Erin contacted us after seeing the beautiful pictures that my friend Amanda Mooney (Amanda Joy Photography) took of our day.
She asked me a few questions and got pictures from Amanda. I'm so excited and everything looks great!
Go check it out already....

The Celebrity for the Day :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surprise Y'all

Mr. Hunt left the laptop for me this time! How sweet of him!

So, here we go!

Tuesday October 25th, 2011
Preciousness (is that a word?)

Wednesday October 26th, 2011
Pretty sunset down our street

Thursday October 27th, 2011
Ive been working on "project kitchen." All I keep telling myself is that is has to get worse before it gets better. Everything is coming along and I will hopefully reveal it all on Sunday.

Now for a fun little laugh (for the second time today). If you haven't ever seen or met Hannah in person, you may not know this, but she "talks." She gets SO excited randomly, (but especially when others come over) that she howls and makes a lot of strange noises. Sometime people think she is crying, but she's not. She used to only do this when people came over, but recently she does it now randomly. If we ask her anything or say something to her she will do it. If she is doing something bad, and we yell at her, she will do it. Its like she is talking back, which is how she got her new nickname Sassy. It fits her well. Anyway, Mr. Hunt was playing with the camera, and got some great pictures of her howling, and her crazy rockstar mohawk!

Now that is a very special child puppy. And and very sassy one at that.

Until next time,
Sassy's Mommy

While My Husband is Out

Mr. Hunt is headed to Dallas today for manager training that they have every quarter. Usually they do this during the week, but since this is "selling season," they don't want to take them away from the sales field during the week. Therefore he is leaving this evening and wont be back until late Saturday night.
I think Mr. Hunt might be more upset than me this time. Not because he will miss me though, its because he will be missing the South Carlina, Tennessee game on Saturday, he will be on a plane. Hopefully the plane with have wireless Internet so that he can watch on his computer or ipad. We will see.
So what are my plans then? Well duh....craft time. Remember last time Mr. Hunt went out of town and I redid the whole family room and hung curtains? I seem to get alot done while he is gone. I think its because I have no distractions. I tend to get part of a craft or project done and then feel bad that I'm not spending time with my dear husband. No need to feel this way while he is gone.
October is almost over, so I hope to have my kitchen update to you soon. I realized after a few weeks of starting this that I will always be updating different rooms at different times as I see things go on sale or whatever. So even after I reveal the newly organized kitchen, I will for sure be back with little things here and there.
I have some projects planned for tonight, Friday night, and Saturday and I hope to get most of them done. I put the kitchen related projects first so that at least those will be done for next weeks reveal. Then we will be onto the family room and coat closet.
Bad news is that I'm pretty sure Mr. Hunt will be taking the laptop with him to Dallas which means that your next post for the "photo a day" wont be updated until Sunday. I originally thought Mr. Hunt wasn't leaving until Friday, so I planned on updating today, but no such luck. Who knows, maybe he will bring the ipad instead since its not so big, or maybe he will bring both!
Enough of the rambling, I am just getting excited for my girls weekend (any friends want to come over)?
Here is a little something that will make you chuckle a little. At least my mom and I did.
While on the phone with my mom a few days ago, all of the sudden, she starts laughing out loud. Well, I didn't say anything funny, who could she be laughing at? After she composed herself, she told me what was so funny. Davis was wearing one of my American Girl Doll skirts on his head like a beanie hat! My mom said she was cleaning, organizing, and putting things up in the attic (wait a second, does that sound familiar? Its no surprise that we are both into organizing and cleaning, I got it from her for sure) when the skirt somehow fell out of a bag. She set it out on the table to remember to bring up to the attic for her next trip. When she got home, Davis was outside wearing it as a hat. She told him what it was and he was surprised. She asked if he thought it was weird that it has a hole in it (to go around the dolls waist), and he said that "I thought someone just cut a whole in the top for some reason." Wow.
The only thing that made it better was when my mom took pictures and sent them to me.

See? How funny is this? That is a boy for you. My dear brother who I love so much. He really does make me laugh daily, and we live 3 hours apart. Now thats pretty good.

Davis' Sister

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trying to Crack the Code

Hello Friends. I'm here to give an update on my health. It may sound weird, but this is a huge change that has to happen at this moment, so I'm here to share and am looking for some support.
Back when I was in middle school I was diagnosed with anemia. Anemia is when you don't have enough red blood cells in your body/ low iron. Everything I ate tasted different. Some foods that I used to love started tasting nasty and vise versa. I was tired and weak all the time. I had to take these little red pills (iron pills) everyday for a long time until I was healthy again. Then, also in middle school, I got mono. NO FUN! I was tired, sick, weak, etc for two months. I also suffered from minor headaches all the time. Certain smells would trigger a headache including the bus and Bath and Body Works. Weird sounding I know, but even walking by these two things gave me an instant headache. I don't think I ever suffered from migraines, but who knows. Even though I was a very active child with dance, flute, choir, church activities (something EVERY NIGHT), I still got sick all the time.
Since then, I have had random times where I feel sick or weak, but nothing too bad. I still have headaches all the time and recently I'm starting to think they are migraines by the pain that they give me. I tried for a while to figure out what was triggering the headaches so that I could stop them, but I still havent been able to pin point what it is.
1. Maybe I need more caffeine? Nope
2. Maybe I need more water? Nope
3. Maybe I need to eat healthier? Nope
4. Maybe I need glasses? Still havent tried this one. I cant find a time where both Mr. Hunt and I can go together so that he can drive me home. He also needs to go to the eye doctor, so we are in a bind here.
So, the headaches still come and when they come now days, they come bad. I can hardly function.
So very recently, I have started to feel worse. I am ALWAYS tired. No matter how much sleep I try to get, I try to go to bed earlier, I try to take naps on the weekends etc, I'm still tired and weak. When I see other people my age with energy and going going going it makes me sad, because I physically cant.
I decided to go to the doctor to see if they could help. I thought maybe I had anemia again, or mono. Well, they took my blood and told me that I had reactivated mono. This is not contagious, but would explain why I was so tired and weak. There is no cure for this either but to just rest. Well honestly, besides work, that's all I do, and I cant really not work. This was during the all the wedding planning that I was told this so I was doing a little extra wedding activities on the weekends, but I couldn't just stop all that.
So fast forward to yesterday. I am still feeling sick. I never went back to the doctor to see if the mono went away, but they told me I really didn't need to go back. I am starting to have a headache almost everyday and it comes with nausea now. The nauseousness comes and goes. Nauseous for 10 minutes (real bad) and then fine for 30 minutes. by the way, NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! Ive already been asked this question when sharing my symptoms.
So here I am, taking things into my own hands. I am taking my mothers advice and I'm going gluten free. My mom did a little research awhile back because she was worried about me. I always call her when I'm feeling sick, so its been alot recently. She found out that people that have a gluten allergy will not really have symptoms at first, and then the symptoms get worse and worse as the days go. This would definitley explain why all of the sudden I'm nauseous and I feel like I'm getting more and more sick everyday. It also says that the symptoms are tired, weak, no energy along with others, but that is definitely me too. When she originally told me about this, I thought it would be too hard to do the gluten free diet so I brushed off the idea. Finally yesterday after complaining to Mr. Hunt about not feeling well, he said that we were starting the gluten free diet whether I liked it or not.
A guy at my work's wife just found out that she is allergic to gluten too and she is now feeling 10Xs better since changing her diet.
The only problem is, almost everything that I like has gluten in it. I'm a little nervous and don't really know where to start, but from eating a gluten free dinner last night and gluten free all day today, Ive been feeling GREAT! I know this is probably mind over matter at this point, because it probably doesn't work right away, but I'm optimistic.
Part of me wishes this is not it so that I can eat bread again, but I truly hope that this is it so that I can start to feel better and go on with my life. Right now I feel stuck and sad that I'm always sick. I promise I'm not making this stuff up like most people seem to think for some reason.
Sorry for rambling, but I just have to share. I don't really know what else to do at this point. If I find that after a month of the gluten free diet is not working, I will be coming to y'all for help!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Recap

See, I told you I wouldn't make it on here every single day. Man am I glad that I didn't promise anything outrageous. But, I did keep the promise of taking at least one picture a day.
So without further adieu, here are the photos from the past few days along with a recap of the weekend.

Friday October 21, 2011

You guessed it right! These are my birthday cupcakes. Why are they the picture of the day three days later? Well I wanted to have them on my actual birthday, but didn't have eggs when I went to make them. Bummer. So I made them late Thursday night and was way too full to eat them and way too tired to frost them. So here we are on Friday, icing and eating them. Yummy!

Saturday October 22, 2011

Even though this isn't the best picture in the world, it was too cute to pass up for the photo of the day. This is me, taking a Saturday afternoon nap on the couch, and Hannah using my feet as a head rest. This happens quite often, but hard to capture the picture since she is now obsessed with the camera. She must have been as tired as me. Thanks to Mr. Hunt for taking this special picture. Why am I so tired? Well we got up on Saturday and headed over to the in laws house to watch some college football. After watching for awhile, Kaki and I headed out for some craft shopping. There are so many more different craft stores near her, so it was fun to go from store to store. We also went into a new accessories store by her house which I love. We were both overwhelmed, but spent quite awhile looking at all the shiny stuff. 

Sunday October 23, 2011

Here we are for the Sunday picture. You can probably guess why I took this funny picture, but I'll explain anyway. Growing up, I have always been a Washington Redskins fan. I definitely don't like NFL as much as I like college football, but if I had to choose a team, it would be the Redskins. After meeting Mr. Hunt and moving to Charlotte, its only right that I also root for the Carolina Panthers. A lot of people around here (in the Carolinas) like the Redskins because before the Panthers were started, the only somewhat close team was the Redskins and the Falcons. Anyway, I'm getting off subject. Every week I root for the Redskins and the Panthers. This Sunday, they played each other....dilemma. I thought long and hard about it, and I just couldn't see myself rooting against the Redskins. I can easily root against the Panthers because to be perfectly honest, I just don't like Cam Newton. I'm so mad that he joined the Panthers. Most people have gotten over the Cam Newton thing, and I have too, but something about him really gets to me. I just don't like him, and as much as I try to, I can't. I know it sounds horrible, but its the truth. So for those facts, and the fact that it would be fun to root against Mr. Hunt for once in my life, I cheered on my Redskins.....and they did awful! Well, I won't say awful. They did OK for having a first time quarterback and a brand new player on the O line, but they could have beat Cam Newton. I got these cute little guys at Target and have them out for football season. Mr. Hunt was a little upset that the panther none was smaller, but that's how they came. We put both out in the dining room and let the fur babies go to see which one they were going to root for, and they both ran to the Redskins one! haha! Anyway, we had fun watching the game and rooting against each other.

Monday October 24, 2011
Happy One Year Anniversary to me at Bank of America. Well, not until November 15th, so maybe I should have waited for this picture, but I got this pin today at work. Everyone gets one of these on their one year anniversary. So tiny, but nice gesture. Do people still wear pins like this anymore? It was been a good year with this company. I finally found something that I enjoy doing, being an assistant. Most people don't really like waiting on someone, but I enjoy organizing and planning, and that's exactly what I do everyday. I'm thankful to have a job, I'm thankful that I enjoy it, and I'm thankful that I get along with everyone that I work with.

OK, we are all caught up. I will leave you with some more pictures that have been taken with the new camera.
See ya,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wedding Bands

Mr. Hunt took my wedding band, engagement ring, and his wedding band to our ring store for a few things today. His ring was a little too big and he took it off a lot because he was afraid that it would fly off his hand. So he got his sized. I got my two rings sautered together. Not only do I think rings look better like this, it was also for the better. My wedding band would always slide around and the two were never lined up correctly. Also, the diamonds on each band would rub against each other and I didn't want any damage to occur.
So after being very excited about this (because I think it looks great), and for the fact that I could never get a good picture of my ring/rings with other cameras. Here is today's picture.

Thursday October 20th, 2011

And just for the heck of it, here are some fur baby pictures. I can't get Hannah to stay still for the life of me. Everytime I point the camera at her, she gets excited and jumps around and trys to lick the camera.

As always, I love these two!

Fur Baby Lover

A Photo A Day for Year 25

Hey y'all. I wanted to come back and just explain my rules for this photo a day thing.
I'm really excited about it and I look forward to getting to know my camera more and taking some amazing pictures to share with everyone. I also think it will be fun to look back at all the 365 pictures on my next birthday and see what has changed, because alot can in one year.
So, this project is going to be a little laid back, again, I'm just trying to capture my year. The pictures aren't all going to be captured by me. Although I will be learning along the way and taking most of them, Mr. Hunt takes some pretty good pictures too and I will want to be in some of the pictures myself. The pictures aren't going to be of one certain thing either. There will be artistic pictures, pictures of family and friends, pictures of the furbabies (duh), pictures of crafts that I'm doing, etc. Nothing specific.
Lastly, as much as I would like to promise to post a picture every single day, I'm going to be realistic and guess that this will not happen for all 365 days. I will promise to take at least one picture a day though, no cheating, I swear. I will make sure to post the date with each picture. That way if I have to post more than one picture at a time, you will know what day each picture is from.
I hope you all are as excited as I am about this. Probably not AS excited, but at least a little. At least you will be looking at some good quality pictures now days.
OK y'all, Ill be back tonight after playing with the camera some more tonight and coming up with the picture of the day.

Camera Lady

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great 25th Birthday

Why Yes! It is my birthday today, and yes, it was full of greatness!
So when I got home yesterday from work, Mr. Hunt had a few gifts wrapped (like a boy would wrap) and he of course couldn't wait for me to open them. Let me just let you know that the both of us are horrible at waiting for each other to open gifts. This is why, even at Christmas, I try to wait until the last minute to get him gifts. Between him questioning me about what I got, shaking and feeling the wrapped packages, and me not being able to wait for him to be surprised, we always end up opening all sorts of gifts early. Oh well.
So anyway, I opened my birthday gifts yesterday evening and I couldn't be happier. He bought me Just Dance for the Wii and also a Just Dance Country Version game too. Does that not scream my name? I haven't played it yet, but I am so excited to! I'm also excited because it will be SOME sort of workout...and FUN! He also got me a haunted house candy kit. Like a gingerbread house, but Halloween style. He was going to get me a cake, but his exact words were, "since you are being crafty these days, I decided this would be more fun." I'm so excited to do this too, probably this weekend.
Last but NOT least, Mr. Hunt took me to Best Buy to buy me a new camera. Can you believe it? I can't. I have the best husband. Seeing as he JUST bought me one a few months ago, he turns around and buys me another. I think he as sick of me constant saying how I wanted another one. The best part is that its an upgrade from the stolen one! YES! I can't be happier. You know why?
Because I have been planning this surprise for a few months now. I got an idea from another blog to do a picture a day. I think it would be cool to have and be able to see what my year was like and all the seasons changing and what not. I decided awhile back that I would start day one on my birthday (TODAY). I was a little upset since my phone camera hasn't been pulling its weight, but now....not to worry. The day one picture is from the new camera. I'm so happy! Ive had the best birthday.
Thanks to everyone who has made my birthday special. I got a sewing machine, a red scarf (which I have been wanting for awhile), some moola, tons of cards, two Wii games, some craftiness, a brand new camera, and a whole bunch more.
So without further adieu, here is Day One of Project Photo of my 25th year! (more details on this tomorrow)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sew: What have you been up to?

I know I know...pretty pathetic title....just deal with it.
So I have been going crazy with the sewing machine. I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head that sometimes I drive myself crazy. As I said before, I'm trying to tackle one room of the house at a time and October is the kitchen. Well, I went out of the kitchen this weekend, but I truly am trying to just write my ideas down so when that month comes around, I can do it then.
Anyway, so I have a little dilemma. There are no good fabric or craft stores near me! There is a Michael's about 15 minutes from my house, but I can only go there on the weekends because the traffic on weekdays to get there is a nightmare. The Michael's has most of my craft supplies, but not really fabric. They do have some fabric which I grabbed last time I was there, but nothing in huge amounts, and its pretty expensive.
The only fabric store that a few people have told me about it in Gastonia, which is probably 30 minutes away. I haven't made it there yet, but from what I hear, they have everything! Ikea also has fabric, but again, not too much to choose from. They have crazy patterns and there are even further away!
So my sewing options are pretty limited right now until I get my hands on some fabric. Want to know a little secret? Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I'm taking off work so that I can go to the DMV to change my last name (finally) and I plan on going to the fabric store too! I'm super excited!
Here is a little peak at some projects that I did finish with and without the sewing machine.
The first was with the sewing machine.

I made these two bags for my pantry. We needed somewhere to keep all of our bread and chip clips. I originally had them in the kitchen drawer, but they were flying around everywhere and getting in the way and lost. So I made a bag. Now they hang nicely in the bag and everyone knows where they are. The second bag is for our MyCokeRewards items. Mr. Hunt and I save our coke bottle caps and box tops for the MyCokeRewards program. You enter in the codes online and you can buy things with your points. Again, I originally had them in a big plastic bag, but that was ugly and the plastic bag was getting old and worn looking. Now they stay in this pretty bag until we are ready to put the codes in online. I love the bags. They give a nice splash of color to the pantry. Note: Coming soon is the story behind the bins you see in the pantry picture. This girl is getting organized!
The next "craft" I did was in honor of fall. I want to start collecting different holiday items for our house because right now, we have nothing really. We have a few Christmas decorations and that's about it. The thing that bothers me most is only have one or two little items for a holiday because then the item just looks out of place in the house. I want to walk in my house and feel like whatever holiday or season it is. This can get expensive, so I decided to start making my own things and then each year, I can bring out my handmade holiday crafts. So I made these for fall and I love them. I think I will make more!

They started like this.

I got these little pumpkin, gourd, and squash at the dollar store, so $3 total. All I did was take some fabric scraps and cut them into little squares.

Then I hot glued them onto the object...and that's it! I love them. Mr. Hunt does too, he wants me to make him one for his desk at work. This made me smile. The best part is that they only cost $3, AND you can do this for any holiday really! What about little eggs for Easter. Yes, I'm going to do that!

Look how cute these two boys are.

River wanted to help Mr. Hunt build this....You will see what this is soon. Its not quite finished.
Last but not least, my biggest project so far. I made my first pair of curtains and I think they turned out amazing, especially for my first time. I sat down on Sunday while Mr. Hunt watched football and tackled these babies! I decided to do our master bedroom curtains first for a few reasons. Besides us being the only ones who live in the house, and we needed curtains, I decided that even if they didn't turn out perfect, it was OK that they were in our room. I want to make sure the ones that I do for the rest of the house are perfect, so the master bedroom curtains were the Guinea pigs.
Here is the before picture of our windows in our room (Oh how I miss my camera. These pictures are horrid! I am so embarrassed. But I promise once I get my new camera, I will take millions of pictures of my house and post them!)

And here is the after

See how the pictures turned pink? Not really sure how this happened, but it wasn't a one time thing. I tried to take this picture about 10 times and they all turned pink. It probably doesn't help that out of the three light bulbs on the fan, two burned out a few days ago, so there is only one light on. Here is a closer look so you can see the pattern.

I know I know....these aren't in the kitchen. I just HAD to do this. I have been waiting so long!
Sew, that's it! hehe! What do you think? Pretty good for my first few things huh?
I will update again on all the crafts I plan to do on my birthday day off tomorrow. As long as the DMV doesn't take all day!

Love Y'all!

Mrs. Hunt

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My New Love

No I didn't replace Mr. Hunt, I would never do that, but I got one of these~
Yep, I got a sewing machine!! It was an early birthday gift from my MIL!
Here is the story. She saw on this ole' blog here that I wanted to sew. Also, Mr. Hunt, knowing that his mom had a sewing machine, called her to ask her if I could learn on hers before I bought one. She told him that it was too old and a part was broken (not a good one to learn on). So they both told me that we would go look at some sewing machines last Friday evening and go out to dinner. I was so excited, but Mr. Hunt still said no sewing machine was to be bought until I learned.
I was told to meet everyone (MIL, Boss Hunt, and Mr. Hunt) at the in-laws house and we were going to go eat first, then go shopping. To my surprise, when I got there, there it was! I was so excited!
That night, she taught me to basics like how to sew a straight line and how to thread it. It seemed pretty easy. She also left me with some pretty pointsetta fabric and some stuffing to make my first pillow.
I took my new treasure home with me and couldn't wait to get started. With life as busy as its been though, I didn't actually get to making the pillow until Monday evening.
First things first, thread the machine with the red thread. Easy, because I already did this once with the MIL. NOPE! I was wrong. I remembered all the steps, but for some reason, it was working. I was getting so frustrated. I would finally think I had it, and when I would push the pedal to start sewing, the thread would clump up into a big messy ball. That is not sewing! All I wanted was to sew this pillow.
After calming down, eating dinner, and starting over, I finally fixed it. The problem here is that I still have NO CLUE what I did wrong OR how I fixed it. So we will see next time I go to thread the machine again. Keep your fingers crossed.
I finally got to sewing the pillow and Mr. Hunt was right there cheering me on the whole time. I was so excited!
Without further adieu....

I think it looks pretty good for the first time ever sewing with a machine. Don't you think? Mr. Hunt used it right away while he was sitting at the kitchen table for a back rest and loved it.
Now, what else can I make you ask? Well, I haven't made anything else yet, but I do have a list of things that I want to attempt.
Wish me luck, and in the meantime, at least I'm having some fun!


Jennifer H

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some New Information

This title doesn't really mean anything. I just didn't know what else to call it.
First things first, I went couponing at Harris Teeter yesterday and I saved more than I spent. I think Ive only done this one other time, so I was pretty excited. I think the reason this doesn't happen more often is because I usually mix the coupon shopping with shopping for things that we need too that aren't necessarily on sale. So anyway, look what I got!
I got 5 boxes of pasta, 4 rolls of toilet paper, a frozen supreme yummy pizza, 4 cans of the fur babies favorite canned food, two boxes of broth (one chicken and one beef), feta cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese.

That felt good. Now who wants some spaghetti (no seriously, good thing I love pasta)

In other news, remember how I said that I wanted to become more artsy (I guess that's what we can call it). Well I'm starting out a little slow because I don't have many supplies. Once I buy tools and fabric and materials though, then Ill be set and the crafts will become cheaper and cheaper. For now, I am spreading out the spending so that Mr. Hunt doesn't have a heart attack. I don't think he is really on board yet with my craftiness. I will prove him wrong though.
So, I decided that in order to be able to get the things done that I really want to, I need to SLOW DOWN and take one room on at a time. I have been racking my brain and going crazy (crazier than before if you can believe that) with the sticky notes writing down all my ideas. I just need to do one room at a time.
So my first room is the room that doesn't need much help, the kitchen. The kitchen is already painted a color that I approve of, and everything is pretty much in place (remember I got a new rug a few months back?), but there are a few things missing and the cabinets and pantry need some help with organization. With all the wonderful gifts that we have got from the wedding, we were running out of space, so I need to reorganize.
Besides that, there is one more project that I'm going to try to take on myself. Mr. Hunt is VERY scared for me to do this, but I know I can. If I work slow and do my best, it will turn out great. You, on the other hand, will have to be surprised.
Oh yeah, and we have this really ugly (what I call school) light fixture that I want to change out. I definitely need my dad for this, so when he comes up here next, we will work on that too.
My goal is to spend just one month on each room. If it takes a little longer or a little shorter than that's OK too, this is just a guideline.
So to the kitchen I go. I will update along the way. Hopefully by the end of October, the kitchen will be finished. Fingers Crossed.

Love, JRH

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jaws Will Drop

So I have news! You wont be so surprised that I did this, but you WILL be surprised that Mr. Hunt joined in.
You want to know? Maybe this picture will help you out....

Yep! You guessed it. We babysat on Saturday night, and man did we have fun. We watched over 5 little kids, from age one to three so they were all pretty young. Mr. Hunt's boss' (who got promoted, so its actually now his boss' boss) wife called me to see if we could babysit 5 children and I jumped at the chance. I love their two kids and I met the other kids at their house once, so I knew them all. They had a last minute birthday party to go to and their regular babysitter wasn't available.
I really wanted Mr. Hunt to come with me, and I thought I would have to beg and plead him to come with me. Mainly because the football game was on at 3:30pm that day, and so we would have to leave the house at halftime to head over there. For some reason, he said yes right away! I was so shocked. Now, don't let me fool you. He didn't jump for joy like I did, and I did have to ask him sweetly, but I certainly didn't have to beg.
Anyway, when we got there, their dinner was already made, I just had to feed them. They all ate on their own except for the one year old who I had to look over. After eating, they played and ran around the house while Mr. Hunt finished watching the game (which ended horribly). Then we sang songs, cleaned up, and put on a movie.
They all sat on the couch like sweet angels and I was so surprised. I thought for sure it was because they must have been tired. Well after I took these pictures of them sitting so nicely.....

It didn't last long. They were soon up and about taking out all the toys that we just cleaned up. Yep, that's kids for you.
Look how sweet little H is...

Don't worry, his boo boo on his nose did not happen while I was watching him.
Mr. Hunt did awesome! I thought for sure he would just sit there and let me take care of everything, but he didn't. He cleaned up the dinner, sang songs with them, danced, and talked to them. I guess it helped that they weren't scared of him like most children are for some reason. They were definitely more comfortable with me first though. One of the girls came up to me and said "what is your boys name?" Then a little later in the night Mr. Hunt when to the bathroom. I asked them, "Hey where did Chris go?" They all ran around the house yelling "Chrisssss....Where are youuuuuu!" They weren't shy at all.
When we got home, one of the first things Mr. Hunt asked me after telling me he was pooped was, "Am I ever going to get to rest when we have kids?"
I reassured him that it would be like that everyday obviously because we wouldnt have 5 kids all under the age of 3 (knock on wood), but he definitely wouldn't be resting all the time.
After our babysitting adventure, I'm pretty sure we are ready for a kid of our own. YAY!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Liking Taget

I'm not liking Target at the moment.
If you are wanting to open a registry there, I would think twice. I have had the WORST time with them. I cant believe how horrible this experience has been. I will make this short, because the story is actually quite long.
So first things first, I'm not even going to complain about how SLOW the website is. When we came home from the honeymoon, I had three UPS notices saying that they tried to deliver a package from Target that required a signature. One said 1st notice, one said 2nd notice, and one said sent back. When I looked over my registry there was only one thing that was bought off my registry that I hadn't received yet, the full length mirror. So I thought that had to be what was trying to be delivered.
When I tried to contact Target to have them resend it, they first told me that they couldn't resend it because once something is sent back, the person who initially bought the item would be refunded. OK, fine. I understand. So then I asked if they could at least let me know who bought it so that I could let them know that I didn't receive their gift, or at least to be able to write a thank you note and tell them then. NOPE! They cant do that. They cant look anything up without the order or tracking number. Well Target, I obviously don't have that info, because I didn't buy the item. So after 5 phone calls, being hung up on 3 times, and being on the phone for at least 3 hours total, I now don't have the full length mirror and someone isn't getting a thank you note who deserves one.
SIDE NOTE**: I guess this could be good. If you are the person who bought the mirror, or you know who did, please let them know that I never got it. THANKS!
Now, onto the next thing. Target advertises that after your wedding, you can buy things off your registry that are still on there and get 10% off. Its called the completion code. So after waiting a few weeks and never receiving the promo code, I called and they informed me that they forgot to send it to me. When I finally received it, I tried to use it online, and it didn't work. I thought maybe because I had one item in my cart that wasn't on my registry that maybe it was getting confused, so I called. Again, I was on the phone for 45 minutes for them to tell me that since one of the items in my cart was free shipping (only one item, not all),  I couldn't use the promo code. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I got free shipping, that I didn't ask for, and it got me $5.00 off my total for that item, rather than the $21.00 or more that I would have received with the 10% off. So after being on the phone and on hold, I just hung up. I decided to take the item out of my cart that was advertised as free shipping to then be able to use the code, but NO, it still didn't work.
So long story short, the promo code doesn't work. Ha, such a joke! I am so angry at them!
So sorry for the rant (remember I said these would come around sometimes).
In some good news, its Mr. Hunt and I's one month anniversary! We have been married for one whole month. The time had FLOWN! I cant believe its been one month already. It was a great month though for sure. We are so blessed with such great friends and family. We couldn't have asked for a better celebration of love!

My Big Ricky

On Tuesday September 13th, the day Mr. Hunt and I were headed back from our honeymoon, my "Uncle Ricky" passed away.
He was my Dad's best friend in the whole world, that is why we called him "Uncle." We also called him Big Ricky, or Chuck (he had alot of nick names).
He was very involved in me and my brothers lives, especially Dylan's. He would go to ALL of Dylan's baseball games, even ones that were out of town. He was always over at our families house and was there since I was born. He even went to Eleuthera with my family for Thanksgiving one year.
He worked for my dad when he had his own company, and they truly were the best of friends.
His wife, Sharon was diagnosed with cancer recently and so he spent alot of time taking care of her. That, as well as me living further away, made it so I didn't get to see him very often in the past few years.
The last time I was home before the wedding, he came over to hang out for awhile and talk about the wedding. He got to meet Mr. Hunt and he told me that he and Sharon were very excited about the wedding.
They ended up not being able to make the wedding, as Sharon was not feeling very well.
I truly believe in my heart that God planned for Ricky to come over that day so that I could see him one last time. I will never forget talking to him in the garage that day. I only wish I could go back and give him a bigger hug.
My brother Dylan (and my dad of course) took the news the worst. I felt so bad that I couldn't be there for them as I had to hurry home and get back to work after being gone so long. I called home every day to get the updates. My mom and dad were by Sharon's side the whole time especially while she waited for family to get into town.
My mom spoke at the funeral for my dad and my family. I'm so glad she was able to talk about how he was such a big part of our family, but I'm so sad I missed it. When the funereal was over, each person walked to the water (the funeral was on the beach at Ricky's favorite fishing spot), and dropped a flower into the water and watched it wash away. When my mom told me that Davis had a very hard time throwing his, I almost cried.
On a lighter note, I know that I will see my Uncle Ricky again in heaven and I know that he is watching over my family.
Dylan put this picture of him above his bed and told me that he was happy that he had another guardian angel. Ricky loved fishing, especially shark fishing. Dylan learned a few good tricks from him and my dad.

Uncle Ricky,
I am so blessed to have you in my life. I cant even begin to go through all of the good times we had together. Thanks for being such a great friend to my dad, he loves you very much! You two were great together. Thank you are coaching Dylan to be the best baseball player that he became. It wouldn't have been the same without you. I love you very much. I miss you very much knowing that I wont see you for awhile, but I know it will be great when I see you one day in heaven. Please watch over us!
I love you,

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