Thursday, June 30, 2011

The things I remember in the weirdest places

God made my brain be able to work really really fast. But he left out the memory part. I can't remember hardly anything, ever!
It's kind of scary! That's why I use these...

And alot of them!
It might not help that I am obsessed with being organized, but I write everything down. I will have sticky note after sticky note, and when they get too out of control, I rewrite them and
condense them to fewer notes.
Its weird the places that I remember things and need to write them down. In the car, in the shower, right before I fall asleep, while on a walk with the furbabies...etc. I need to invent the portable sticky not holder or something. But for now, I will continue remembering weird things to write down in weird places.

Ps. I finally went to bed early last night, I'm feeling refreshed...kinda!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are....

The CWS 2011 champions!! Not only did we win back to back championships, we also broke the record for the most consecutive wins in the CWS and we are still going!

I am so proud to be a gamecock! I'm also happy that the game ended in 9 innings because I stayed up way too late as it was. It's not summer vacation for all of us! I'm pooped...but pumped!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Late night

These certain boys kept me awake lastnight way past my bedtime! You know who they are right? Yep, those gamecock baseball players! Once again they almost gave me a few heart attacks in the first game of the 3 series world series finals against the gators. If you were at our house you would have seen a whole lot of different emotions throughout the game.

Sometimes I looked like this...

And other times I was like this...

The game once again went into extra innings and we pulled off a win in the 11th inning!

The best part is texting my little brothers throughout the games! Sometimes it can get crazy with me texting both and Mr. Hunt texting both also. Here is a little feel for what the texts look like...

Dear gamecock baseball players- y'all rock! I love watching you play, but maybe just maybe we can win tonight without having to go into extra innings. You had me up way past my bedtime lastnight and I'm a little cranky today. But don't worry, at 8pm tonight, I won't be cranky anymore, I'll be cheering for you again.



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Monday, June 27, 2011

I've got it!

Ok everyone! I have finally figured it out! I got a blogger app on my iPhone and now I can load pictures! Wow! You guys are in for a real treat now! You better be ready to check this thing everyday! Bye for now!

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Nothing was good!

This past weekend was so relaxing. It was the last weekend in a few that we had nothing really planned so we had to take advantage of it. On Friday night we watched the crazy baseball game. It wasn't over until after midnight so we went to bed after that. Saturday morning we slept in and I headed to my first wedding dress fitting. I'm starting to get more and more excited! We had the rest of the day planned to do house work and go to the pool, but that didn't happen, and it's ok! I came home with lunch, we ate, made a bed on the family room floor, took naps and watched tv until around 7pm! We haven't done that in a very very long time, but it felt good. I sometimes forget that we need to just do nothing, and get refreshed. At 7pm we got up, got ready and went to a fancy restaurant in south park for dinner. We sat outside and it was so relaxing.
After dinner we went home, watched a movie, and went to bed. Sunday morning we slept in again, but we knew we had to get a few things done so that the weekend wasn't a total waste. We took Mr. Hunts car in to be inspected and for an oil change, went to eat, and went to the pool for a few hours. We sat around the house again for the rest of the day and grilled fish for dinner.
I felt very refreshed about the weekend, now it's time to have busyness until the wedding!
Thank you Hannah and River for being lazy with us all weekend. I think you two slept more than dad and I, if that was possible!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Boy

So I was reviewing some of my older posts and I realized that I had a ton of posts about Hannah, and hardly any about River. Now I do know why this has happened. Its because Hannah is alot more interesting, she does more things, she gets into more trouble, etc. River is just laid back and goes with the flow.

So I decided that I was going to dedicate this blog post to him and write a few facts about him.

One is that River is scared of scary movies. I really mean it! Every time we watch a scary movie, he puts his tail under his bum and shakes and runs and hides. Its crazy that he knows that its a scary moment. He does watch TV sometimes, but I don't ever think that he really can see whats going on, but I guess he can. Hannah has NEVER acknowledged that the TV is even there. We think that maybe he can just hear the scary music and sense that we are scared or tense too. I don't know what it is exactly, but he definitely is scared of scary movies.

River also has a bad gas problem. He toots more than any human I know. I know its gross, but I had to share. I even get a little worried sometimes about how much he does, but I am reassured by vets that he is just gassy. As much as it is gross, its funny most of the time because he will toot, and then turn around and look at his bum like "what was that?"

I know that I have said this before too, and most people know this, but River is obsessed with any ball. preferably a small one that can fit in his mouth. He will go and go as long as you throw it, he will play fetch. We have recently learned that he wont stop even when he is tired. He has ran so much before that his paws bled, and recently he almost fainted.

We went out into a field that we just discovered in our neighborhood and played fetch for less that ten minutes. It was extremely hot outside though and the field has no shade and we didn't bring water. Hannah played for the first few throws, but then laid down in the grass while River kept wanting to play.

Finally after one of the throws, he fetched it and then tried to walk home. So we figured he was ready to go. On the walk home, he started to stumble over his own legs and was walking like he was drunk and really slow. I kept trying to call him name to see what was wrong, but he wouldn't even look at me, he was staring into space.

Mr. Hunt took his shirt off, made him lay down, and fanned his face while I ran home with Hannah to go get water. On my way back with the water, they were walking home. He was still panting pretty hard and walking very slow.

We finally got him home, and made him drink some water, he didn't stop panting for 4 hours! I was so scared! Now we know that we need to watch him when there is a ball involved, because he wont just stop if he is tired.

So, there are a few facts about our big boy. He is just so laid back, goes with the flow, thinks he is a lap dog, and is a mommas boy! We love him very very much!

Gamecock Baseball

The Gamecocks are in the finals of the College World Series. I hope everyone reading this knows that we won it all last year, and we are hoping for a repeat. They are looking great out on the field.

The game on this past Friday night was INTENSE! We were playing the number one seed Virginia. We had already beat them once on Tuesday night and we only had to beat them one more time. The game was finally ended at the bottom of the 13th inning, and WE WON! I have never seen a game so crazy! Mr. Hunt says that's the craziest game he has ever seen too.

So now we are playing Florida for the championship game. Its best out of three series. Since Florida is in the SEC just like we are, we have already played them three times this year. We actually beat them two out of the three games. So on Monday at 8pm, we hope to get a good start and win the first game.

On Sunday night when my parent and brother were still in town from the weekend, we watched the first game together and we won! After the game during all the interviews, we all started noticing that the players and the coaches kept saying "battle" over and over in all of there sentences and interviews. We were all bracking up. We starting to think that they planned that, to see how many times they could say it. It was crazy how many times they fit it in. Then the next few games they only said it once or twice. It had to of been something that they planned. Now, we say battle alot!

You should watch it!

Reasons to Celebrate

We have been very busy the past few weeks. The wedding is coming up so fast and the weeks are going by faster.

Last weekend, all we did was celebrate! My parents and brother Davis came in town on Friday night, and Mr. Hunt went to the Phish concert. My dad wast feeling to well the drive up and it only got worse when they finally arrived. He had some sort of cold in the summer. On Saturday we went to the pool for awhile and then laid around the house until we got ready to go to our first wedding shower.

Mr. Hunt's family friends, the Butlers threw the first party and they did a great job. There was great food, great people, and actually great weather too. It was extremely hot all day long, but as soon as we were getting ready to leave our house, a huge storm came through and cooled everything off. We got alot of great presents too that we are very excited about.

The next day was Fathers Day. My dad still wasn't feeling too good, but he was feeling better than he was the day before. He sat around all day and watched baseball while Mr. Hunt grilled some ribs. They decided to spend the night again Sunday night and then left on Monday morning.

Dad-Thanks for being the best dad out there. I'm sorry you weren't felling good on "your day" but you looked like you were pretty relaxed. You laid on the couch, read a funny book, ate some yummy ribs and corn, and watched some quality baseball. I would say that's your kind of day (besides the not feeling well of course). You really "battled" through the day. I'm so glad that you were here for fathers day this year too. I love you so very much, and I'm glad to call you my daddy.

Boss Hunt-I really hope you had a good day too. From what I remember, you said you were going to cook some ribs on the grill too. I'm thinking that Harris Teeter made the ribs buy one get one free for fathers day on purpose. Many fathers probably had that. Thank you for always saving me some chocolate when its in the house, or at least saying that you were saving it for me. You know how much I love chocolate. You and be both I think.

Lastly, Boss Hunt also had a birthday on the 22nd. If you ask him how old he turned, he will tell you 26, so we will just say Happy 26th Birthday Boss Hunt. You don't look a day over 26 for sure! Hope you had a great birthday even though you were in training at work all day. The next night at 131 Main for dinner made up for it I hope.

So the celebrations that we have had the past few weeks have been great. There is alot more celebrating to come, we are ready! Happy wedding shower, Fathers Day, and Birthday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Grass is good!

YES! We finally got sod put in the backyard! Im so happy that the dogs can finally go out there and I dont have to worry as much about them tracking in dirt! As some of you know, we have been trying to grow grass back there since we moved in over a year ago. It didnt happen. We just arent home enough to remember to water it 5 times a day...
Right now it still looks patchy as you can see on the picture, but looks a ton better than it did as dirt!

Wedding filled weekend

Mr. Hunt and I went down to Bluffton this past weekend. Now my parents and brother Davis are headed here to Charlotte now for the bridal shower on Saturday. We have done alot of wedding things in the past week.

We have had to squeeze in everything into a few weekends since everything including all of our vendors are in the bluffton, hilton head area. Last weekend we met with our pastor (very nice guy), tasted and picked the wedding food, tasted and picked the cake flavor and what the cake is going to look like, and met with the flower guy. Not to mention all the other things we talked about and made decisions on.

The cake lady brought so much cake, we are still eating it!

While we were there, we also went to visit one of my best friends Brandy and her boyfriend, Bev. They are the couple who is expecting a baby that I mentioned in another post. I sadly missed the baby shower so I brought her all my cool gifts then. It was fun to see her getting so big! Im so excited for the baby.

Ill let you know how this weekend goes as it will also be filled with alot of wedding talk....and fathers day of course!

Hannah Sky's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Hannah's 2nd birthday! Mr. Hunt and I made a tradition of singing happy birthday to the dogs as soon as we wake up on their birthdays. We did it to Hannah yesterday morning and she loved it. She even sang along!
I cant believe she is already two, but she has enough energy for a two year old dog, that's for sure.
I hope your birthday yesterday was great. Your dad was nice enough to come home on his lunch break to let you out for a bit. You then laid in the backyard in the sun (our favorite thing). You are a great dog, even though we complain that you have too much energy. One day you will calm down and we will miss the hyperness I'm sure. Thanks for being such a good girl. We love you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Shout Outs!

There were two special birthdays this past weekend. Both on Saturday, June 4.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandmother, Carol Adams, and my soon to be Sister in Law, Katie Hunt!

Grandma- I hope you had a great day! I hope to see you soon! Thank you for everything you do, and thank you for everything you are doing for the wedding too. I love you so very very much!

Katie- Im glad I got to spend some birthday time with you on Sunday. I cannot wait for you to be here for the summer. We will have a summer of fun (on weekends since we both work weekdays). I hope you had a great birthday, which I pretty sure you did. Love you so very very much too! Thanks so being a great big sister already! By the way, I think I have said this before, but we need to take more pictures together. Im sure we will get enough with the wedding festivities coming soon!



A Few Key Points

Here are a few key points from this past month or so...

1. Mr. Hunt and I got a new grill. My Grammy and Grampy sent us some money to buy one for an early wedding gift. They thought we could use it all summer (which we can). Mr. Hunt LOVES it! He has been grilling everything!

2. Speaking of grilling. We have found out that Hannah LOVES lamb. Her food is lamb, but that's dog food, YUCK! Last night, Mr. Hunt was grilling lamb chops on the grill and Hannah started to freak out. At first, we thought it was the new grill cover hanging over the chair because she was acting scared. It also looked like she was trying to smell something because she had her nose in the air. Once Mr. Hunt took the lamb chops off the grill and onto his plate, Hannah started to cry and run laps around the kitchen table like a crazy dog! He held the plate lower to see if that's what it was, and it was! she almost knocked the plate over. He fed her some, and for the rest of the night, she was licking everything that came in contact with the lamb. She even put her head int he trashcan which she has never done before. She licked the same spot on the floor that Mr. Hunt put the lamb for her for a good 5 minutes and kept going back to see if the taste was still there. That night, Mr. Hunt googled to see if dogs like lamb, and there was a video of another dog doing the same thing over a lamb chop. Running around, barking like it was hurt or something. Iver never seen her like that, but now we know her favorite food. She has expensive taste!

3. Our neighborhood pool opened on Memorial Day weekend. It was been pretty hot here in Charlotte, but I have a nice raft that I float in so that I can still get a tan. Mr. Hunt and I are both burned from this past Saturday. the first burn of the summer is always the worse!

Right now we are watching the movie "True Grit." It was Mr. Hunts pick. Its a Country Western, not as bad as I thought it would be. I wanted to watch "Just go With It," with Adam Sandler. Both movies came out on DVD today, so we flipped a coin. Mr. Hunt won!

"Sports" Girl I am Not!

So within the years of my life, I have slowly realized that I'm not a very "sportsy" girl. I tried, I really did try!

When I was younger, I was always involved in dance, which was pretty much a year round thing, but I also tried a few other sports. One was soccer. I'm not sure but I think I wanted to try that because my friend Tatiana was really good, and I thought I could be too. We were the green team that year, and sadly, we didn't win one game. That put a bad taste in my mouth for soccer, and I didn't play another year. All I can really remember were the snacks at the end of the game, thinking I was cool with shin guards, and this "manly" looking girl on one of the teams. She was the goaly, and everyone, I mean EVERYONE was scared of her. So that was that with soccer.

Then I thought that I wanted to play basketball. Really I think I just wanted a basketball goal in my driveway and if I remember, I think my dad said that he would only get me one if I played basketball. It only made sense too because I am/was tall. That year we were the grey team. I remember being so upset that i was on the grey team. It was such a boring color. It was the grey that is so light, it almost looks white. The other teams were green, yellow, and colors. Sadly (again), we didn't win one game (again). So that was that with basketball.

I'm not sure if I tried an other sports, but my team would probably not win any games, so it probably didn't matter.

I grew up watching baseball. I think I know everything there is to know about that sport. My younger brother Dylan was/ is an awesome player! His team even went to the little league world series and WON! They were also so good that they went to Coopers Town NY where they played another tournament and got second place. Anyway, baseball looks alot easier than it is.

Mr. Hunt and I, along with Rachel and Michael went to the batting cages on this past Friday. I actually thought I was going to be alot worse than I ended up being, but out of the 4 of us, I was the worst. Rachel played softball in high school so she was good. I don't even think she got one strike! I got alot of strikes! Mr. Hunt was getting nervous too that I was going to get hurt. He kept saying that I was in the "box." Still don't really know what that means! Oops!

It was a fun, cheap thing to do so we will probably do it again. Maybe I will get better.

For now, I will remain a dancer. I'm good at that!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Swamp Girl

Mr. Hunt and I have been doing pretty good on the P90X! I can't wait to update our results. I'm not going to lie and say we have done every single day, because we haven't, but we are keeping up.
On Wednesday our workout of the day was supposed to be chest, back, and triceps. I really don't like that one. I know it is good to tone your arms and back, but doing it everyweek is getting old. I like the cardio, ab, and leg workouts the best. So anyway, I told Mr. Hunt that i was going to walk the dogs instead at a fast pace. Well I don't really know who I was kidding.
I like to bring my phone with me so that I can listen to a little music, but I don't have anywhere to put the phone usually because my shorts don't have pockets(this was my first mistake). Also, I have to carry two grocery bags incase the dogs poo, I have to pick it up.
So, I headed out. I'm not sure why I thought I was going to be able to walk very fast because the fur babies like to sniff everything. It's alot easier when Mr. Hunt is with me because we can both walk one and prevent them from sniffing so much, and therefore walk faster. When it is just me, it's hard to control both when one walks one way and the other walks the otherway.
My second mistake was answering the phone when my mom called. As I said in an earlier post, I talk to her alot, and I tell her everything! I couldn't help but pick up the phone when it was ringing. So at this point I was trying to balance the phone between my ear and my shoulder. I can't hold the phone with one hand and two leashes in the other cause when they do go two different ways, the leashes can break my hand in two, literally.
Then the dogs decide to poo, so I had to balance the phone, hold two leashes in one hand(don't like this), pick up the poo, control the dogs so that they don't pull me onto the poo, and still have a conversation with my mom. You could probably imagine that I'm not walking very fast.
Another thing is that I have to avoid other people walking on the sidewalks when I'm by myself. I cannot control one 76 lb and one 95lb dog from wanting to meet everyone they see.
So while struggling the entire walk we were finally on our way back to the house, still talking to my mom (who by the way was walking Charlie, the family dog too). I decided to make the walk a little longer since I didn't walk very fast and go around the neighborhood pond. Well this didn't turn out very good. At this point I had two full bags of poo, two leashes, and a phone to juggle.
We walked by the edge of the pond and before I knew it, Hannah jumped in! I quickly tried to pull her out but she jumped right back in and laid in the water and dunked her head under. She must have been hot. It was all my fault I know because i was trying to do too much. She always wants to get in the pond, but normally we can control her. The main problem was that we have the retractable leashes, so with everything else in my hands, I couldn't push the button for the leash to stop her from going any further.
Wow, it was a mess! She had all that green mossy gook all over her, but she loved it. I did wear out the fur babies, they were pooped when we finally made it home. When I told Mr. Hunt what happened and complained that I couldn't walk them by myself anymore, he said "well there is one thing you could have done to make it not so hard." "what is that" I said. "call your mom when the walk was over."
We have been calling Hannah swamp girl ever since. Where was River this whole time? Oh, you know, being a good dog and listening to me!

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