Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Think My Baby is an Elf

Jane Audrey, our little Christmas baby. Now after seeing her little ears, I'm convinced she is one of Santa's helpers. What do you think?

Curious Mommy

Our First and Second Outing

The Pediatrician told us to wait until Jane was 4 weeks old to take her out of the house and if we could to wait until 6 weeks since its cold and flu season.
As soon as 4 weeks was up, I had to get out of the house. Just one time. I couldn't stand it anymore. Now, Ive gone out a few places already but it was without Jane, but it wasn't enough.
Can you guess where I went? Yep, TARGET of course. I had a bunch of things that I wanted to get for Jane and myself. I had a whole list of things and there was no way I could send Mr. Hunt to get them all successfully, especially a nursing bra.
So, how did it go you ask? Not well! Right now, Jane eats for an hour, then I change her diaper, then she is awake for about 15-45 minutes before she take a nap until her next feeding. I thought the perfect time would be after her first morning feed. I fed her, and while she was in her awake stage, I washed up and got dressed. I strapped her in the car seat and got her in the car without a peep....success. She was still awake, but I knew that the motion of the car would definitely put her to sleep since every other time it has. (We have taken her on a few car rides before, but never into a store or anything) Sure enough she was quiet the entire car ride so I was for sure she fell asleep. I decided that I would treat myself to a coffee from Starbucks so I went through the drive through before parking in the Target parking lot.
I parked right next to the place where you return your carts. (If you cant tell already, taking a baby out in public requires alot of premeditation and planning) I got out and grabbed a cart so that I didn't have to carry the car seat into the store and then put it on a cart.
I realized then that I had no idea how to put a car seat onto a cart. I attached it how I would assume it was done, but it didn't seem very sturdy and it was making me nervous. This whole time she was sleeping....or so I thought.
As soon as I walked into Target, I decided that I couldn't walk around with the seat on the cart like that so I transferred it into the actual cart which then made NO room for anything I was going to get. Oh well, Id find a spot.
Sure enough after grabbing one out of the 15 things I needed, she started screaming. I tried the paci and it would only quiet her for 2 minutes before she started screaming again. I'm sure people in Target were wondering what I was doing because I would walk/run up and down the aisles to try to make a motion to put her to sleep. When I had to stop to look at something I would jerk the cart back and forth. Nothing was working. I looked at her and thought that maybe she was hot. I certainly was in my jacket. I was sweating in there, but probably because I was anxious. I took her blanket off and tried to see if that worked. NOPE!
At this point, I thought real hard about just leaving with nothing. Oh, this whole time I had ONE sip of my coffee and it finally fell off my cart and spilled everywhere. Then I threw the rest away. So much for a coffee treat. There were a few things that I REALLY needed to get while I was there and a few things that could wait, but nothing really seemed that important while I was standing there in the plunger aisle with a screaming baby.
I finally picked her up out of the seat and she stopped crying. OK, so maybe I can finish shopping while holding her. Man, this girl was HEAVY. Now I really WAS sweating. I was carrying her with one arm and pushing the cart with another, it was crazy. All the while things were piling out of the cart since the seat was taking all the room.
I somehow got everything I needed and I also got a few strange looks from people, but who cares? Its all apart of being a mom, whatever gets them to stop crying right? The cashier lady felt bad for me as I dropped something out of the cart and I clearly had my hands (or arms) full. She asked nicely if I needed help out to my car. I told her no, I just needed to get out of there.
I finally made it out into the parking lot where I unloaded the car with one arm, got her into her seat, and strapped her into the car to leave.
As I was getting into the car I said out load "I guess errands will be alot different from here on out."

Whats the lesson I learned? Well, for now, Ill just bring my Baby Bjorn and carry her around in that, hopefully she wont cry then.

Our second outing was a short little trip to the bank to get something  notarized. I thought about our trip to Target, but realized it was silly to being the Bjorn for one quick thing. Once again I waited until after she ate and was awake for a bit to leave. This time though, Jane screamed the entire time I put her in the seat and all the way to the bank. I almost decided to turn around and go home for the fear of being totally embarrassed at the quiet bank, but as soon as I parked she stopped crying.
I walked around to her side of the car and took her out, she was awake, but quiet. I walked into the bank hoping that I wouldn't have to wait. Thank goodness I didn't. I made sure to rock her seat back and forth the entire time I was getting it notarized and she was a great baby.
She was quiet the whole way home and took a nap once we got home. Totally different experience.

What's the lesson I learned this time? Well, that no trip will be the same and to expect anything right now. Ill just have to make sure I'm prepared for anything.

Ill get the hang of it soon and I learn not to get so frazzled every time she starts to fuss.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Daddy's Little Angel

I saw this pose on Pinterest and knew I had to do this with Mr. Hunt and Jane. I also had the perfect little onesie for it too.

She really is his little angel!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Husband the Duck Hunter

Since I met Mr. Hunt WAY back in 2005, he's always talked about hunting. He never really had many stories or never went that I know of, but he was always interested.
I'm not really sure what put him over the edge this time, Id like to think it was the Duck Dynasty show that we love to watch, but I'm pretty sure he started research before that. I think he finally took the plunge when he decided that he needed/wanted a hobby. Since we moved here to Texas and we've only made a few friends, I'm glad that he is finding something that he loves to do.
The timing could have been a little better since he started going right when Jane was born, but its duck hunting season, so he really couldn't have started earlier or later anyway.
There was alot that he had to buy initially before he could even go hunting for the first time. Of course he bought the very minimum, but that was even alot of stuff. I was crossing my fingers that he would like it so that we didn't waste any money on a bunch of camo stuff that we couldn't use otherwise. I wasn't too worried though since I know that he has always wanted to go hunting for something.
Well, the verdict? He LOVES it. I might even use the word obsessed. He now continues to buy more and more stuff. I'm wondering when he will officially have everything you could need. Our house is turning into a camo store....seriously. I finally had to tell Mr. Hunt that he needs to designate a place in the garage for everything.
One of the good things about duck hunting is that he has to go REALLY early in the morning, like 4am, and then he gets home around 10am or so depending on how far he has to go. Besides him being really tired for the remainder of the day, I still get to see him for pretty much the whole day. Having a tired husband is better than having him gone all day.
I'm not sure how many times hes gone but he's getting better and better and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES it. Every time he gets home from hunting, he cant stop talking abut how much fun he has.

My favorite part is that I get to go skeet shooting. That is how Mr. Hunt practices and I get to tag along. Now that Jane is here though, its hard for me to go, but I did get to go when Mr. Hunt's parents were in town. Mimi watched Jane for a few hours while I shot the gun. Fun times for sure.

The other good thing is that we get to eat duck! yum!

Its delicious and Mr. Hunt likes knowing that he is eating something that he killed himself.

Now that duck season is over after this week, Mr. Hunt has moved on to bow hunting. He has bought a bow and taken and lesson on how to shoot it. What is he planning on shooting? Hogs! Oh boy, this is going to be an adventure.

Hunters Wife

Trying to Catch the Smile

Jane smiles alot these days and I cannot get a picture of it to save my life. Her smiles are really cute, but very fast and then I cant seem to get her to smile again once I have the camera out. She stares at the camera like shes camera shy or something.

I have got a few funny pictures while trying to capture the smile. Some are half smiles, others are stares like "what is this thing you are putting in front of my face"

This one was at the end of a smile. haha

So was this one

and this one

This was when I was just trying to get her to smile again. I touched her cheek and she did this

She really likes making that face

Half smile

Then this was the stare like "get the camera out of my face, I was having fun just playing with you"

I will be sure to post her smile as soon as I get the real thing on camera!

Momma waiting for a milestone

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look at My Mom!

Can you tell which on my mom is? 

Looking at this picture is like looking at myself in the mirror. Its strange. If you couldn't tell, she is the one on the top right. 
Everyone always said that I looked like my Dad growing up and I can definitely see it, and now they say Jane looks like him. But looking at this picture makes me think I'm starting to look more and more like my beautiful mom. I don't mind, look how pretty she was/is!!!


I love baby feet

I cannot get enough of Jane's little feet and toes. They are so cute! Apparently (according to people shes seen) she has big feet. They look tiny and so so cute to me. I find myself kissing them and taking pictures of them all the time. I didn't realize how many pictures I take of them until I look at the camera on my phone and see nothing but little baby feet. ENJOY!

Look at the leg rolls! OMG!

Then I tried to do the famous "wedding rings on the baby's feet" picture. Ummm I not really sure how professionals do it, but I couldn't get her feet to stay still. They probably do it once the baby is sleeping, but I hate to bother her while she is asleep. Anyway, that's why they are professionals, because mine turn out something like this. haha

I tried!

baby feet lover

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Me

My mom gave me this picture of me when I was a sweet little baby.

At my baby shower, she gifted me with those same shoes for Jane. She also gave me a onesie that I wore when I was a baby. Not the outfit in the picture, but a different one.
I decided that I would try to take a similar picture of Jane wearing the shoes. I put the onesie on her that she gave me as well. I wasn't going to wait until Jane was asleep to take the picture because she doesn't sleep on her tummy like I did.

I obviously look alot more peaceful than Jane does. Also, her big blue cloth diaper is kind of in the way. You get the idea right? Also, the blanket was mine when I was little too. My mom gave it to me before we even knew Jane was going to be a girl. Mother's intuition?

I also flipped her around to take some pictures of the front of the onsie. One day Jane will look back and see this and hopefully get a kick out of it like I do.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Wearing

When we received the Baby Bjorn for a baby shower gift I thought for sure Mr. Hunt would never wear Jane. I'm pretty sure he even said once that he would never "wear" a baby.
Well that has changed and I'm here to show you. Ive used the Bjorn a few times. Right now its the easiest way for me to take the fur babies on a walk. I'm too afraid to take them with the stroller in fear that the stroller will tip over if they pull me too much. I'm determined to teach them to walk with the stroller though, but it will take time and Mr. Hunt has to walk with me the first few (hundred) times.
Anyway, so Ive worn her for a few walks and she really likes it.

Ive also worn her like this around the house on the days she refuses to be put down. As soon as I wear her she stops crying. She just wants to be close to me I guess. I certainly cant get everything I need to get done with her strapped to me and sometimes a few crumbs fall on her head while I eat, but its better than sitting on the couch all day and getting absolutely NOTHING done. It also starts to hurt by back after awhile and she doesn't want me to ever sit down while she is in there. I have to constantly move around.
So when I told Mr. Hunt that she liked being held in it, he decided he wanted to try it one evening while he was trying to calm her down.

It will be more fun when she can face forward. I think she will like it more too since she will be able to look around at everything.
Now thats a #1 Daddy right there!



Crazy Hair Day Everyday

Jane was born with BROWN hair and blue eyes (like her Aunt Katie). We were very surprised. In fact, when I was pushing her out the nurse mentioned her dark hair and I was temporarily distracted from my goal of getting her out, I couldn't believe it. 
I know most babies lose the hair they are born with, so we will see what color it turns out to really be. We also found out when my parents came to visit and brought a picture of me when I was a baby, that I had dark hair too when I was born. It must have fell out because then I had WHITE hair it was so blonde and has been blonde ever since. 
Her hair is already starting to fall out on the top. She currently looks like she has a mullet. I also cannot tame it. It sticks up every which way and even getting it wet and trying to lay it flat wont work. She has three calics just like her Uncle Michael so we will see how her hair grows back in, we might have a crazy haired girl on our hands. 

Such a sweet crazy haired baby.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy One Month Sweet Girl

Dear Jane,

I cant believe you are already a month old. When they told me time will fly, I believed them, but its going by alot faster than I expected. You have brought so many emotions to your Daddy and I. Life sure is different with you here. You and I are just now starting to get into a routine and you are starting to really get the hang of being out in the world. You still sleep most of the day, but you are just now starting to stay awake more and more. You really like to be held most of the day, but you are a great sleeper at night and I can put you down awake and you put yourself to sleep. During the day though, you want to be held and rocked to sleep. You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room for now, but we will transfer you soon.
You love your dogs River and Hannah very much. You don't mind when they lay their head on you or lick your face. When they come close to you, you stare at them. I cant wait to see you grow up with them.
You aren't picky at all with anything. You take a pacifier, you breastfeed, and you take a bottle. You don't mind if the bottle is warm or cold, you will take either. You also only cry if you are hungry, you haven't really cried much from anything else except when you want to be held. I have to constantly check your diaper because you don't cry if its dirty, you would sit in it all day if I never checked it. No noise bothers you, in fact the louder the better. You don't really like silence.
You and I both got a small cold this month. I felt horrible for giving you a cold when you were only 2 weeks old, but it wasnt too bad and now you have immunities for it. I like to look on the bright side of things.
Breastfeeding has been our only speed bump. Its my fault though, its just a little harder than I expected and I don't have patience. I'm working on it though and we are getting better at it each and every day. I'm taking it one small goal at a time. Good news is that we made the first goal which was to breastfeed for at least the first month. Now the next goal is to breastfeed for the first three months. I know we can do it.
Its so fun to learn more and more about you each day. Your Daddy and I love you so much.

Mom and Dad

Here is her one month photo shoot. I know there are alot of pictures, but I tried to get every little expression that she likes to make at one month old so we can always remember what she was like. Believe me, this isn't even half the ones I took.
The little bear was Mr. Hunt's when he was little. He wanted Jane to have it. It will be fun to see how much she grows next to Teddy.

This one looks like she's saying "You better get ready for a bunch of photos Teddy, Mom is crazy about pictures."

Still working on holding our head up for long periods of time.

"Oh gosh, MORE pictures?"

"OK, enough already!!!"

"Seriously, I just want to be finished please."

Her famous kiss face.

Long skinny legs

Sweet Innocence.

The Mom of a One Month Old

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