Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Creative

So since I have been back to reality from the wedding, I have been kind of bored. I don't really have anything to constantly be looking over, doing, thinking about, etc. So I have thought about a new hobby.
Now, let me tell you one thing. I don't necessarily have the time for another hobby, so I had to choose wisely. This doesn't mean that what I chose will work out, or that I will definitely have time for it, but we will see. Working Monday through Friday and being away from home all those days from 7am to 6pm, doesn't really give me any extra time.
I have decided to be more crafty! I want to make things of my own. I absolutley cannot draw and I wouldnt really call myself artistic by all means, but whenever I take part in crafts (every other blue moon), I end up LOVING it.
So, I want to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. When I brought the idea up to Mr. Hunt, he said that I couldnt buy one until I learned how to use it. Well, how am I supposed to learn how to use one, if I dont have one? I guess I will have to come up with something. Now, I do understand where he is coming from, only becausee I have, on many occassions, thought I really wanted something. Come to find out, once I got it, I only used it a few times. I dont think that will be the case with the sewing machine though. Apparently, it isnt too hard to learn how to use, and there are endless things that I could create!

I also want to continue to save my family money. I have been doing a great OK job with the couponing, but I think I can do more.
Mr. Hunt and I have alot of random pieces of furniture and other items around the house that we arent using at the moment. Mainly because we dont have a use for it or it doesnt match any color scheme in any room. Well, I have a plan. Im going to revamp some of these items, and put them to use, incuding a table for my crafts.

Im very excited for my little adventure and I really hope it turns into a fun hobby. Ill keep you updated on the things I try to accomplish. I already have some plans for this weekend.
In the meantime, if you happen to have a sewing machine that you arent currently using, can I borrow it, and maybe even eventually buy it from you? That would be amazing!

See you around,
J. Hunt

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So after posting the last blog from my iPhone. I came onto the computer to see it on a larger screen. You see, since my camera was stolen, I take all my pictures with my iPhone. The pictures look great on the phone itself.
In order to put the pictures I take on my phone to my blog, I use the app BlogPress. It is so easy to use and fast. This way I don't have to transfer all the pictures from my phone to the computer, and then to the blog.
Anyway, so when I came to look at the post, I realized that the pictures looked too small, so I went to edit it and made them bigger.
EWWWW, the picture quality is horrible. I want to apologize for the blurry pictures. You cant hardly tell what the picture is of they are so bad!
So I tried this...I sent the picture from my phone, to the computer, then the computer to the blog and LOOK! clear right? It must be the app then.
Well I am here to say that I learned my lesson. I will from now on, do it this way so that you can see what Im posting pictures of, and not have to guess. I still really want my camera back though!

Mrs. H

The update post

So honestly I have been posting all these wedding posts, that I feel like I have fallen behind on my regular updating. So here is a quick update and some very very random things.
After getting the acrylic nails on for my wedding, and after they chipped away, I tried to get my nails back to new. In the meantime I found these great nails and they were only $5.99 and very easy to put on.

They are Kiss nails and I got mine at Harris Teeter. All you do is put the glue on the correct size nail, hold it on for a few seconds, and you are ready to go. Beware though, make sure you get the right ones. There are different lengths and different shape nails. I love them! I might not wear these all the time, but if something special is coming, I will definitely wear these instead of spending 30-40 dollars on the other ones!
Also, gamecock football season has been underway. Did you know that I love football season? Only college football though. I will watch any college football game, NFL, not so much. NFL is boring. The players don't try as hard because they are already getting paid. I do love the Redskins and my local Panthers though.
Anyway, Mr. Hunt went to the game last weekend with some friends. He had a great time with the boys, especially since we beat Vandy! He sent me this while he was tailgating.

I sent him this.

Hannah loves her gamecock bandana. When we are home for the games, you can find Mr. Hunt like this.

He rarely sits! We are 4-0 right now. Very good start! We got tickets to the Citadel game on November 19th for us, Rachel, Michael, Katie, my mom, dad, and Davis! It's going to be crazy! Our friend Haydn bought us a tailgate spot this year for our wedding gift so we will go to other games this year also, even if it's just to tailgate.
So random (and kind of creepy I know) but I was at Chandler's (flower girl) soccer game this past Saturday and I saw this.

Is this not adorable? I want kids. I wish they could be born this age!
We have received, and brought home so many amazing gifts from our wedding. We are so thankful for everything, except now our garage looks like this

Too many boxes! The recycling guy only takes on little recycle box full of things every Thursday. This is going to take a while unless we take it somewhere. It also left our kitchen so messy!

Good thing for our maid. She was coming so I HAD to clean and organize everything!
It even made a mess on my desk at work.

Onto another note. I am currently obsessed with Marshalls and ETSY! What stores are you hooked to right now?
Now I will leave you with this

And I decided that I will now end all of my posts with some sort of sign off. Sooooooo.....

Mrs. Hunt :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Amazing Photographer

Our photographer for the wedding was an old friend of mine.
I met Amanda the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college when we both worked at Scotts Fish Market. We were good friends for two fun filled summers.
Amanda moved back to New Jersey where she was from and that's when she started her photography business.
I have always followed her blog and thought how great all of her pictures were all the time.
When Mr. Hunt and I got engaged, it was a no brainer that I was going to contact her.
We finally booked her and then she ended up moving to Atlanta in the meantime which means that she is even closer now, which I love.
So the pictures turned out way better than I thought they would! Not that I thought they weren't going to be good, they just turned out to be way way better. I can't stop looking at the pictures. Mr. Hunt is actually starting to get annoyed with me constantly looking and showing them to him.
So go to her blog at and look at all her stuff. I just loaded most of the pictures to Facebook too so if we are friends so you see them there.
I can't wait to be pregnant, have babies, and family stuff so that I can have her take more pictures. Especially since she is closer now.
If you are looking for a photographer for something, please consider her. She really is amazing!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Furbabies at grandparents

My parents were so helpful to take our furbabies and watch them while we were on our honeymoon.
I wasn't worried because the furbabies love Bluffton. I knew they wouldn't be too much of a handful only because they are usually so tired just from a two day weekend, that I knew they wouldnt be as hyper as they are when they first get there. As it was, we were in Bluffton for almost a whole week before we left anyway, and when we did leave, they were already exhausted!
A few funny stories:
My family knows that the furbabies sleep with us so they said they would take turns sleeping with them so that they didn't get sad.
My dad spent one night with them and said he would never do that again. He said that they laid ontop of the blankets and he felt like a burrito and couldn't move. Also that any small movement, they would wake up and move around thinking it was time to wake up!
Davis thought he would try to have them sleep in his room with him and Charlie (family furbaby). He quickly said that wasn't a good idea, especially for a school night. He said that Hannah kept trying to drink out of the toilet. She also somehow escaped and ran into my patents room in the middle of the night. When my mom brought her back upstairs, she saw River had escaped too. He was in Dylans room, sitting patiently by his bed while he was sleeping and staring at the cookie he had on the night stand! I laughed when I heard that because I totally believe it all.
So my mom ended up having to sleep with them the other nights, and she said she actually got some good sleep. I was happy to hear that.
Besides that, and them constantly wanting to swim in the marsh and track marsh mud everywhere, and Hannah eating a whole bush, they were good!
The way home was a different story. We had the car packed to the gills with luggage and gifts. We had to leave alot of gifts in Bluffton because they wouldn't all fit. Somehow someway Hannah still got to the front! Mr. Hunt even tried tying her leash to something in the back, and she broke free!

Looks like we will need to buy one of those gates that block the back from the front!
When we finally got home, exhausted doesn't even come close to explaining how tired the furbabies were. I actually got a little worried that they were sick or something because they just laid there.
After a small treat

They were done!

I have never seen River in this position. He must have been so tired...poor guy!
All in all, I know they had a good time at their grandparents. I thought that they would be excited to see us when we got home, but they weren't. That goes to show you how much fun they must have had.
Thanks mom and dad for keeping them with you for so long and loving them like we do. They can't wait to come back to Bluffton next time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Few Things that Made Our Honeymoon Wonderful

  • helicopter ride to the resort
  • swim-up Suite half the trip and private house second half
  • at least one nap a day
  • being able to leave food around without worrying about the furbabies eating it
  • being able to sleep in and not have to worry about feeding the furbabies
  • midnight swims
  • zip-lining
  • horseback riding
  • couples massage
  • amazing cheese sticks every night
  • 24 hour room service
  • pirate ship sunset cruise
  • Indian Restaurant
  • being able to order way too much food and not feel bad you are wasting money
  • being able to try new drinks and not worry that they will taste bad, just order another!
  • climbing to the top of Pigeon Island
  • finally being married
  • spending quality time together
  • laughing for hours straight
  • seeing a stingray jump right behind me in the ocean
  • looking at Mr. Hunt wearing a ring!
AND alot more!

Honeymoon Part II

After the whole camera incident, we had two more days of fun!
Somehow someway, we were asked if we wanted to have a room upgrade halfway through the trip for free. Of course we did! We had no idea that they would upgrade us to the individual houses with our own private house, pool, hottub, hammock, and much more. Now we really wanted to stay in our room 24/7!

Mr. Hunt has some really good pictures of this house, but look them up! They are called Rondovals and they were amazing! Again, very quiet, secluded, romantic, and relaxing!
I surprised Mr. Hunt with a pirate sunset cruise. We went on a pirate ship to watch the sun go down. They actually almost forgot to pick us up from our resort, but we made it and they ended up feeling so bad that they gave us a free bottle of champagne! We don't have any pictures because we were in a rush to get on the ship since we were late, and by the time we made it off, it was too dark to take a picture with our phones.
We ate at two local restaurants throughout our stay. Both were so delicious, but surprisingly, one was an Indian restaurant. It was named best restaurant in St. Lucia, and I totally agree from what I ate!
Mr. Hunt loved that they had Cuban cigars for sale there. He had one almost everynight accompanied by a white Russian drink or two!

My favorite thing was the cheese sticks at the pub! I know it sounds crazy, but they were so good. I don't know why!
On our very last day we decided to climb a mountain called Pigeon Island. It was in walking distance from the resort and many people said we should do it.

See the mountain in the above picture? That's what we climbed!

We had to stop halfway up for some water.

This was the halfway point. Such a pretty view from there so I was excited to see the views from the very very top!

There were a few steps but mainly this rocky path that was so steep. If I had children doing this, I would have been a nervous reck!

We finally made it! So worth it!

Here is the resort from the very top, amazing. The pictures don't do it justice!

Ready to go to our a last nights dinner. So very sad!

We wanted to stay!
We did so much more in the 8 nights that we were there, but these posts would be 3Xs as long so I'll spare you. Just know we had such a good time! We enjoyed eachothers company as newly weds. Isn't that what honeymoons are for? We also were pretty lazy and you could find us like this 60% of the time. The other 40% in our bathing suits!

This is Mr. Hunt in his robe, eating room service, reading articles on the iPad, and watching tv all at once. If that doesn't say relaxation, I'm not sure what does!

The Stolen Camera

So I have been wanting a really good camera for a while now. I told Mr. Hunt that I definitely wanted one before we have kids so that I could have the best quality pictures of them from the day they are born. Mr. Hunt used to work at Best Buy for a little bit in college in the camera department so he knows which ones are good. All I knew is that I wanted a digital SLR.
Well long story short, Mr. Hunt surprised me with one on our wedding night! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited! Even a little nervous, because once I opened that camera and took my first picture, I was a little scared that I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself on the honeymoon because I would be constantly taking pictures!
So for more than half of the trip, I was taking amazing pictures. Mr. Hunt and I would look through them almost every night before we went to bed and talk about how good they turned out and how good the quality was.
On Saturday night, 2 days before we were supposed to leave, I accidentally left the camera on a ledge in one of the restaurants. We were there until the restaurant closed, and I still wanted dessert, so we ordered our dessert to go. I was so concentrated on the yummy dessert, that I carried both plates away, and left the camera.
When I finally noticed that it was gone, I panicked. I tore the room apart looking for it and almost started to cry when I couldn't find it. I remembered that I left it on that ledge a the restaurant because I even said to Mr. Hunt, "don't let me forget the camera," as I set it down, I just couldnt remember if I carried it back with me with the desserts or not, that was the question.
We went straight to the restaurant and asked if they found the camera and they said no. I even went over the the ledge thinking that maybe they didn't see it and it wasn't there. Again, I was almost in tears. After checking with the front desk and the concierge and have them say, "usually those things are turned in right away," I finally broke down.
I was so upset. So many things were making me sad. The fact that I have wanted that camera for so long and Mr. Hunt finally bought it for me. The fact that Mr. Hunt surprised me with it on our wedding night. Most importantly out honeymoon pictures were now lost!
The pictures we lost include:
Fur babies on the red couch from the wedding
Zip-lining in the jungle
Horse back riding in the ocean
Mr. Hunt and I every night out to dinner
The kitten I met at a restaurant
amazing pictures of the resort
and many many more
As I kept thinking about all the pictures we lost, I kept getting more and more sad. I remember thinking I havent been this sad in a very long time. It seems so silly to literally cry for 2 hours straight over a stupid camera, but MY HONEYMOON cant get those back! Mr. Hunt didn't even get mad at me for being upset that long. For a whole 2 hours I didn't want to do anything but look for the camera. I couldn't relax and have a good time thinking about who would do such a thing. At one point, Mr. Hunt called and just said he wanted the camera chip back, and that was it. He just wanted the pictures.
How did I finally get over it you ask? Well, one, I couldn't cry and pout for the rest of my honeymoon, that wouldn't be fun to look back on. But the main thing was when I thought about the people Mr. Hunt and I met on the plane down there.
We met a couple on the plane that were headed to the same resort as us, and got married on thesame day as us, but the past few days had been very rough for them. At a time where you are supposed to be most happy in your life, they had some things happen to them that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, let alone a couple who had just got married.
They shared with us that the grooms dad got stabbed by their cow in the leg the Wednesday before their wedding, but miraculously he was able to make it to the wedding. Then the day after the wedding, they had only ONE HOUR to collect everything valuable from their house along with both of their parents houses and siblings houses, and let their cattle free before all of their houses burned down in the Texas fire. Yes, you heard me right, they were on the plane with us on their way to their honeymoon, and their house, along with their parents and siblings houses, all burned down the day before.
I know this is awful, but when I would get sad about my camera, I would just think about all that they lost, and I would feel better that it was JUST a camera, and not my house and everything in it. Yes, they were having fun on their honeymoon, but they had something horrible to go home to at some point.
Also, my awesome, loving, husband ran around the resort and tried to retake all the pictures he could remember that I had (besides the excursions that we couldn't re-do) with his camera on the iPhone.
So, when you see our pictures from the honeymoon, they aren't great quality, but at least we have something. I am thankful for that. I still have tons of pictures from his phone nad our iPad to upload onto facebook. Mine are already on there. I am also happy to think that whoever stole the camera will have something coming to them, especially because after viewing the pictures, it was very obvious we were on our honeymoon, and they still were OK with stealing those away from someone.

Honeymoon Part I

It was time for the honeymoon! Mr. Hunt and I were headed to St. Lucia! We have never been there so we were very excited! We were also excited to be staying at the Sandals Grande St. Lucia. We have had some friends and co-workers who have said nothing but good things about Sandals so we were ready to try it out on our own!
When we arrived we hopped off the plane and onto a helicopter. The helicopter took us to our resort! It was AMAZING! We could see everything! We even had to wear the little earmuffs! Mr. Hunt looked so cute!
Our room was a swim-up suite which meant that our suite backed right up to a private pool only for those who had a swim-up suite also.

This was our patio. We even had our own rafts!

This is the other section of the swim-up suite pool. It was very relaxing because the other pools were crowded with loud music. That's fun, but it was nice to be able to come back to a calm, quiet, relaxing pool too.
Mr. Hunt and I joked that we might have been in our room more than we were out and about. The first few days we were both still exhausted from everything wedding and traveling down there that we took naps throughout the day.

You could find me like this daily!
On Wednesday we went zip-lining! That was so much fun! The only downside was that we had to drive for an hour and a half up very windy roads, and the people there don't drive very smoothly. The zipping itself though was very worth the ride. We zipped on 12 lines through the jungle. That was my exercise for the day because we had to climb alot of stairs to get to each line!
The other excursion we did was the horseback ride and swim. We rose horses down a very steep hill to the beach where we rode them in the water. It was Mr. Hunt and I's favorite thing of the whole trip. My horse had a little attitude and Mr. Hunts horse wanted to always be in the front of the pack! It was so much fun!
The resort was so nice. There were plenty of restaurants to choose from and the food was delicious!

We hardly sun bathed because we couldn't sit still. We were constantly wanting to explore everything.

And when we were ready to sit still, it was in the room for a nap!


Our reception was one of a kind. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time (I would hope). But from what I remember and all the pictures, I am assuming my thoughts are correct.
After the ceremony, Mr. Hunt and I and the bridal party rode over in a limo to and took a whole bunch of pictures while everyone else enjoyed the cocktail hour.
I will blog about this later, but just wanted to mention that I had the best bridal party in the world! Everyone got along so well, and the boys were a silly mess!

(I love my (new) sister)
Then once everyone was seated we were all announced and danced our way into the reception. Immediately following was Mr. Hunt and I's first dance.

Then we sat down to eat. While everyone was eating we had the toasts, which were very touching and made me cry of course! I love my maids of honor and my brother-in-law!

Then we had the father/daughter and mother/son dances. Again, very sweet.

Then we cut the very yummy cake that had our furbabies on the top as cake toppers.

Finally after all the mushy, yet very nice stuff, it was time to party.
I think it is safe to say that at least 98% of the people at the reception danced at one point, and most the whole time. You know I loved that. There is nothing else that can make me more happy than to see our friends and family all on the dance floor having a blast and that's exactly what I saw.

One thing that I am noticing more now after seeing all different peoples pictures is that both families were mingling so well. There are pictures of members of my family dancing with members of Mr. Hunts family, and every single one of those makes my heart melt! I even danced with my new brother! We tried to remember all the dance steps we learned from taking lessons for his wedding two years ago.

I love my friends!

And have I mentioned before how much I love love love my little flower girls?

In the middle of all the fun, we did the bouquet and grader toss. I almost took Katies head off with the bouquet I think. Sorry Katie!

My cousin Jamie caught the bouquet, and her brother Chad caught the garder....kind of strange, but funny!

Then after dancing the night away, it was time to go! I remember being so sad! But we ran through and tunnel of sparklers which made me a little happier!
On a side note: my Mom and Dad busted their busts for a whole year putting this wedding together. I will blog more about this later, but it isn't easy to beautify a blank empty pavilion. It's alot easier to decorate a pretty ballroom. They pulled it off. Over half the decor was a total surprise to me and I loved every single detail!
I wish we could go back to that night again, because like the ceremony, it went by too fast!

The Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful. I know I'm bias, but it was one of the best ceremonies I've ever been too. It was so personal and tailored to fit Mr. Hunt and I perfectly.
Our pastor, Mr. Lindsey wanted to make sure we met with him a few times before the wedding so that he could get to know us. At first 4 meeting sounded like alot, but I'm glad we did because we felt we all knew eachother pretty well. He even took us to the boat house for lunch the Thursday before the wedding.
Our ceremony wasn't like all others I've been too. Our bridal party even stood in two different spots throughout. After I walked down the aisle with my dad, and he gave me away, we all sat down, bridal party and us included. I've never seen anyone sit down like that but I actually liked it. It made it so we could really concentrate and listen to the readings and what Mr. Lindsey had to say.
After that we exchanged the rings like normal. My favorite thing was that we didn't say the same exact vows. We didn't make up our own, we used the ones in the book of common prayer, but what Mr. Hunt said and what I said was totally different. It seemed more real like that and not so robotic.

(we don't have many good ceremony pictures until we get ones from the photographer)
After the rings, we actually kneeled down and Mr. Lindsey said a prayer and blessed our rings. It was very special.

Then he pronounced us and we kissed! Wooooooo! "I now present Mr. And Mrs. Christopher Hunt!!!" yayyyyy!!!

Then we ran off into the sunset...not really but that's what it felt like!
Our ceremony was perfect for us, we wouldn't have done it any other way.
When people say that it goes by fast, they really mean it!


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