Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jackson's 8 Month Update

Jackson is already 8 months old. Why does the first year of a baby's life go by so quick? MAN!

This boy is proving that he wants to be just like his sister more and more everyday. He loves to pull up on everything and will crawl wherever she is. He is grabbing all her toys and enjoys "playing" with her whenever she allows.

He sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time this month. Jane had already sat in a high chair a million times by this age, but we just don't go out to eat too much with the too kids anymore. He loved sitting in it though and was able to look around at everyone that walked by.

 Like I mentioned above, he is definitely crawling now. He skipped the whole scooting phase and is a pro crawler. It was a slow crawl at first, but he is fast now.

 Also like I mentioned above, he is pulling up to stand on everything including in his crib. It seems like he would rather walk than crawl.

He is also proving to be a dare devil too. He has let go while standing for a spilt second. Of course he falls right down, but the fact that he even wanted to try that is crazy.

He can also go from his belly or the crawling position to the sitting position. So he crawls whoever he wants, then sits up, then pulls up to stand. Such a big boy in just one month!

Since he is pulling up to stand in his crib too, we had to lower his crib mattress. We went ahead and lowered it to the lowest position. There is a middle position, but we just moved it all the way down. Saves us from having to do it again in just a few months. Thats what we did for Jane too.

 I sat him down on the scale here at home and it said 19lbs exactly. Such a big boy!

He has been eating great. We are still doing a combination of baby led weaning and purees. 

These pictures of Jackson and Jane are just the most precious thing Ive ever seen. Their friendship is growing day after day.

Mommy, Daddy, and Jane love you so much. We love to see your little personality come out. We thought you would be calm and laid back, the opposite of Jane....but you are proving to be your own little crazy kid. You just want to keep up with Jane so bad. You are so sweet and smiley all the time. Love you so so much big boy!
Mom Dad and Jane

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